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Friends Loving Friends

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Isabella got out of the hot tub, and started to dry herself off in the warm, summer sun. She laid back on the deck chair, put her feet up, and closed her eyes. I couldn’t help but stare at her. She was simply beautiful.

Isabella had just moved to the States after living in Italy for most of her life. She was very well traveled as she had visited all of Europe and much of the United States. She was very lucky because she got to travel for her job and she learned to speak very good English. I met her at a conference in Atlanta and we hit it off from the start.

As she was drying in the afternoon sun, I watched her. She had very dark eyes, and her face was framed with long, straight, dark brown hair. Isabella had a strong and lean figure. That was a result of her daily trips to the gym to work out. She always looked great. It didn’t matter if she was in jeans and a t-shirt, work out clothes, or a formal gown. She was meticulous about her make-up, her hair and her clothes. Isabella took very good care of herself.

I decided it was time to get out of the hot tub too. I was getting hungry and wanted to get dinner started. I had made some Italian spaghetti the day before so I wouldn’t have to spend much time in the kitchen. It was quick and easy to put on the table. I told Isabella to go take her shower and put on something comfy as we were going to watch a movie after dinner. She went into my bathroom while I got dinner started. I told her I would be in to take my shower in a few minutes when she was done.

When I finished in the kitchen, I walked into my bedroom to get to my bathroom. I saw that she was still in the shower, using one of the two showerheads that I had. I tried not to look at her as I passed through to my closet but it was difficult. She yelled to me to join her. I hadn’t planned on us taking a shower together but decided it would be okay. I grabbed a towel and took off my swimsuit. I noticed Isabella watching me. I walked into the shower and she smiled at me. She told me that she had always admired my body but had never seen me naked. She said she liked what she saw. I shampooed my hair and started to lather my body. Isabella asked if I would like her to do that. I said sure as it is always hard to scrub my back. She grabbed the soap and rubbed my back, sometimes lightly scratching it. My senses were coming alive at this point. The vanilla fragrance of the soap, the steam from the hot water, and just feeling her hands touch me on my back and shoulders felt stimulating. I do love to be touched!

She turned me around and smiled at me as to ask if she could soap the front of my body. This was all new to me as I had never had another woman touch me all over. But I am a pretty open and librated woman so I thought “What the hell!”. I said okay. She started at my shoulders, down my arms and then stopped. She wanted to make sure I was okay with this. I loved feeling her touch. She sensed that. She then touched my chest, massaging each of my breasts. My nipples suddenly hardened. Her hands lightly brushed over them. She and I both realized how much this was turning me on. She continued to rub my breasts and my nipples and I moaned. I loved this! She continued down my body, she reached around and grabbed my ass in both of her hands. I think she wanted to touch me between my legs but instead continued down my left leg, massaging it as she went down. She then started on my right ankle and continued going up. She got to my upper thigh and looked up at me, asking with her eyes if she should stop or continue. I wasn’t sure what to say.

This was feeling so nice. I love it when a man touches me between my casino şirketleri legs and I allow myself to out rightly enjoy it. But this was different…or was it? A woman, a great friend, someone who really cares about me. Someone who I really admire, would this ruin things for our friendship? I decided that I need to digest this. I told her that I needed to finish warming up dinner so we could watch our movie. She understood. She stood up and we both rinsed off, then dried each other with our towels. She then gave me a hug, rubbing our naked bodies together. This sent a surge of electricity though me. She then kiss me on each cheek, looked at me, then kiss me on my mouth. I was surprised, mostly because I responded by kissing her back. This really wasn’t a sexual kiss as much as just letting each other know we were okay with all that had just happened.

We each had a sexy summer dress to put on. These dresses didn’t require that we were bras, so we just slid them on over our heads. I then left the bathroom to go finish dinner. After I got to the kitchen, I realized I failed to put on some panties. Oh well, I love to feel the air on my shaven pussy.

We sat down to eat our meal and we talked about our jobs and our families. It was just general conversation, nothing was said about our shower together. She did ask if I had any men in my life at the moment. I told her no, I hadn’t dating in almost 7 months. She said she found that hard to believe. But then Isabella admitted that she had not been with anyone for 5 months herself. She said she missed the contact of another body against hers, the touching, kissing, and feelings that stir in her when she is with someone. She commented about my body, how soft and smooth it was. She said that while we were in the shower, she noticed that I had a shaved pussy. I told her I shaved about 3 years ago and just love that feeling. She told me she trimmed herself but had never been shaven. She asked me if I would do this for her. I said “Well, I have never done that to another woman but I guess if you don’t mind me touching you there, I would be happy to do it later.” Her response was ” Not at all, might be fun”. About this time, I stood up and started to clear the table of our dishes. She finished her glass of wine, and poured herself another and topped off my glass. I did the dishes quickly, there were just a few.

I told Isabella to put in the movie, I would be there in a minute. She did, and was sitting on one side of my L-shaped sectional. When I finished in the kitchen, I sat down on the other part of the couch. I was feeling very relaxed and a movie was a nice way to end the evening. We watched about 20 minutes of the movie and then I grabbed a pillow and laid down, my head closet to Isabella. She did the same, with her head almost touching mine. The movie was great, had a few good laughs and some romance.

After a few minutes, I started to stroke Isabella’s long, beautiful hair. I had always loved having my hair touched and I loved her hair. When I did touch her, she seemed to love it. I ran my fingers though it, I massaged her head, and then just stroked it. After about 5 minutes of doing this, Isabella turned towards me and drew her face to mine. Our lips met. They lightly touched. And then we kissed. And kissed longer. I am not sure what came over both of us. But this felt so absolutely natural. She stopped, got off the couch and took my hand. Not a word was spoken but we both knew.

Isabella led me to my bed. She stopped and smiled at me, then she lifted her dress over her head and it fell to the floor. I did the same. We both laid on the my bed facing each other, casino firmaları naked. She realized I was okay with this now. She wasn’t sure when we were in the shower but since I had followed her lead, we both knew this was okay. Her lips found mine once again and we kissed lightly for about a minute. Then her tongue reached for mine and the kissed turned very passionate while her hands touched my face, my shoulders and then down my body. She ran her hands down across my tummy and down my hip. She quietly whispered in my ear asking me if I was okay with all of this. I said “Yes, oh yes, please” and then told her ” I love how your touch feels, don’t stop.” At this point, I was laying on my back, naked, and drew up my legs so my feet were flat on the bed. Isabella continued to caress my body.

I felt like I was on fire as I had a burning desire for her body. I had never been intimate with another woman but this felt so right. And of course, I was curious! I laid there and thought about what was happening and decided I was okay with all of this. A new experience! My heart started to race with excitement. Right then I felt her tongue on my erect nipple and she slowly swirled it around as she started to moan. I could tell she was really enjoying this, as I was. I reached for her breast and started to fondle her. Her right hand then reached down and spread my legs. As I felt this, I just dropped each leg to either side and exposed my very moist pussy. I do love to spread my legs, there is something very sexy about exposing such a private area!

Isabella then moved her tongue down my body. As she was doing this, her finger was lightly touching my pussy. This touching was so sensuous, I was loving this so much. I just laid back and enjoyed every thing that was happening. Her middle finger found my moistness and slid right into my pussy. She was very gentle and slow. She knew. She knew what it was feeling like for me. She understood what a woman wants to feel. Her finger continued to slide in and out of me. She was making me so wet! All of a sudden, I felt my clit being touched. I looked down and saw her tongue on it. So slowly, it circled around my button and her finger started to go faster in and out of me. I started to moan as I felt the tension building inside of me. I had never been with another woman before but did sometimes fantasize about it. This was so much better than my fantasy!

Isabella could feel my pussy contracting and slowed for a bit. I told her how great this was feeling and she told me to lay back and enjoy it. She wanted me to have an orgasm like never before! She continued to finger me, sometimes rubbing my clit with her thumb. She then told me that she loved to lick a sweet pussy like mine. I asked her if she was wet and she said “Oh yes!, Touch me and see.” She then turned her body so I could touch her. I moved my hand to her pussy and could see the moistness on the inside of her legs. She then begged me to touch her pussy. She asked me to insert my middle finger in her so I did. Oh my, she was soaking wet. I started to stroke her pussy and she moaned so loudly. Then she told me to taste her, to lick my finger. She tasted so sweet! I then started to move my hand to her wetness again but she stopped me. She said she wanted, no, needed to make me cum. So I laid back and she spread my legs, licked her lips and stroked her tongue against my wet pussy. I couldn’t believe how intense this felt. She continued to do this for about a minute, then slid her finger in me and licked. I could feel my pussy squeeze her finger and pull it further in me. She then started to finger me faster and lightly lick me from my clit güvenilir casino down to my ass. Back and forth, in and out. I wanted to cum so badly but held back as I loved how this was feeling.

Isabella got up to move her body around. I was laying flat on my king size bed and she decided to straddle me, upside down, of course! She lowered her pussy down to my waiting tongue and quivered when my tongue touched her. She then lowered her hot, wet lips to my hot wet lips, my pussy lips. She had sensed that I loved the long, slow strokes from before so she continued with doing that to me.

My tongue loved the warmth and wetness of her pussy. She was so turned on, it was amazing! This in turn made me so much more aroused. Here I was, laying underneath my friend, both of us pleasing the other. We could both feel the intenseness of this moment. She sucked on my clit, I licked her lips, she swirled her tongue on me, I flicked my tongue on her clit. All of a sudden, Isabella got off of me and repositioned herself next to me. She lay on my right side and kissed me while fondling my nipples. This really turned me on! She then whispered in my ear that she was going to give me a great orgasm. Wow, I loved the sound of that! She then kissed me again, and slid her finger in me. I was so wet and so hot! She rubbed my clit, then slid in and out of me so tenderly. She had such a rhythm of doing this I could hardly stand it. I was going to cum soon, I could feel it. She sensed it too so she moved down between my legs and I looked down. She was going to lick me again. And then I felt her tongue on me and this wave of warmth came all over me. She slid her tongue on my clit, then sucked it, then licked it again. She did this about 7 or 8 times and I started to cum. It was so intense, so warm, and I didn’t want it to stop! Isabella was very talented. She knew how to make a woman feel! I came for about a minute and she slowed down and then kissed each of my inner thighs. She then laid next to me and kissed me. She asked how it was and I gave her a big grin! I told her it was fabulous!

I told her I wanted to make her feel that way…later, after I shaved her pussy! I wanted to feel my tongue on that wet smoothness of hers. She laughed and asked how long she had to wait for that, she wanted it soon! I told her to dream about it and tomorrow her dream would come true. She kissed me, and snuggled up to my warm body to sleep. I laid next to her, thinking about what had just happened. I had just fulfilled another desire in my life, to be with a woman.

Isabella was asleep but restless. She rolled away from me, and lay on her back. I looked at her, she was so beautiful. She was so unselfish, she wanted to make me feel so good and yet she had been so turned. I decided that seemed so unfair! Since it had been a warm night, we didn’t have any covers on us so her naked body was just laying there next to me. Her nipples were hard and her legs were slightly spread. I could see the dampness still on her. I needed to please this woman!

I moved between her legs, and my tongue found her button. I just lightly licked it, then sucked on it. I loved how it tasted! Isabella moved a little but I think she was still asleep. I just continued to lick and suck her. I was able to reach down and finger myself while I was tasting her. I did this for a few minutes. I could tell I was arousing her. I then spread her pussy lips and my tongue darted into her hole. With this, she moaned and tensed up. Then she came. But I didn’t stop, she arched up to my face telling me she wanted more. I let her control the situation. I knew she was awake, there was no way she could sleep through this. I heard moaning, panting, and her movements told me how good this was feeling to her. She finally pulled away from me and took a deep breath. She put her arm around me, kissed me, and said “Thank you”. We both fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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