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From Romania With Love Ch. 1

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(Based On A True story)

It was another one of those boring Saturday mornings when the weather is great, there’s lots of sunshine, and nothing exciting was on the agenda. How, pray tell, could a man be fortunate enough to be in Southern England, when it’s having a record summer, girls everywhere you look, and still be so bored?

That’s the question young Chevy was asking himself as he grabbed his car keys and decided to go for a ride around the city. There had to be something (or someone) he could get into. After all, if an American Serviceman had any reputation at all in England, it was that of being over-sexed, overpaid, and over here, right?

It was the over-sexed part that 23 year old Chevy was concentrating on at the time he rounded the bend in Colchester Road and saw an unbelievable sight in a Rose Garden situated on the left side of the street. He could not believe his own eyes! Was there really a pretty blond girl with exquisite long hair squatting in the roses taking a piss? He applied the brake gently to slow the car. As he approached the roses, the girl’s ass cheeks were hidden from sight due to the angle of approach, but she was there. It was probably due to his angle of approach turning the bend that he was able to see her at all. There was another young lady standing on the sidewalk in front of the one squatting in the roses. She was a rather tall brunette with a pretty face and rather robust figure. Robust, but very shapely.

As Chevy pulled over and came to a stop right in front of the two women, they seemed to be at a loss for words. Considering the nature of their actions I don’t suppose you could blame them. The brunette tried to hide her friend’s activity by somehow expanding her own presence, but Chevy just peered around her at the lovely blond girl finishing up her bladder release in the roses. The little blond smiled sheepishly, revealing the loveliest dimples he’d ever seen (and he loved dimples). Then she stood, pulling up her panties and slowly releasing her skirt so that it fell down, covering her shapely hips and hiding that luscious mound of golden pubic hair that he only caught the slightest glimpse of. She deftly picked one of the nicest of the red blooms and stuck it in her hair, then stepped out of the roses and joined her tall friend on the sidewalk. The blond was shorter, about 5′ 6″ and the brunette was around 5″10″ or so.

“Morning, ladies,” Chevy greeted them, smiling as he licked his lips. They both looked at each other and smiled when they heard his American accent. Not wasting any time, they picked up their back packs and just got into the car with Chevy. The brunette sat up front and the blond got in the back seat, both all smiles. They seemed to have some purpose in mind, and Chevy sensed that, but didn’t quite know what to make of their sudden actions. They seemed friendly enough, so he asked, “What can I do to help you beautiful ladies along today?”

Pulling away from the curb, he was already having fantasies of what he would like to do with them. It was like some kind of omen to Chevy, that he should run into these two like this. He decided to see what was up with them.

The brunette exchanged some words with the blond in what sounded like Polish or some Eastern European language. Then she turned to Chevy and smiled broadly.

“Hello,” she said, in thickly accented English, “I am Yvette. My friend in back you can call Beth. We’re Romanian, and on holiday here.”

Hi,” Chevy returned, smiling that smile of his, “you can call me Chevy.” Yvette chuckled and said something to Beth that had Chevy Chase in it, then they both chuckled.

“We like Chevy Chase, the American comedian.” She explained. Chevy then chuckled too.

“Do you have flat around here someplace, how you say, apartment, yes?” she asked him in her heavy accent. “If you can let us, we take shower, clean up, yes?” she continued, smiling. Looking into those bright hazel eyes, and that pretty face, Chevy couldn’t turn her down, not that he wanted to anyway. This was too good to be true! Two girls wanting to get into his shower without him having to ask was a rare treat. The question was, could he join them?

“Sure ladies, ” Chevy almost sang, “I’ll be happy to show it to you!” He came to the Spring Road turning and entered the street leading up to his flat. He parked in his space and they all got out and went inside. He showed the women in and got them seated. He then put on some music and poured drinks for everyone and sat down. After a few minutes he showed them to the bathroom and he went back into the lounging area and sat down. He wondered if they were both going to shower at the same time. It would make sense, seeing as they could save time and water that way, and could wash each others backs. He’d gotten used to some of the things some European women were accustomed to doing.

Yvette entering the lounge area interrupted his musings about the girls showering, and dispelled his theory of whether or not they would shower together.

“Such a nice place you have,” casino şirketleri Yvette said to Chevy as she surveyed his flat. “so much room for one person.” she continued, smiling gleefully as she sat down on the sofa next to him.

“How do you know that it’s only for one person?” asked Chevy, setting his drink down.

“Easy answer to that one,” said Yvette, “no pictures of family, and needs a woman’s touch here.” she finished as she turned those lovely hazel eyes directly into his. Chevy wondered if she was Sherlock Holmes reincarnated or something. But he had to agree, those were great observances. He never even saw them look that close when they entered. But then, these girls were from a country where it paid to be overly observant. Their lives and fortunes could depend on it.

“Good guess,” Chevy said, then followed up with, “Where are you ladies going, I see back packs so you must be traveling some place.”

“We are ending up holiday which started out in Spain,” she said. “We go to University, you know, and this was part educational.”

“I see,” said Chevy, “so, you said you’re finishing up today. Does that mean you are leaving England today, or can I persuade you to stay around a little longer? I think I’d like to get to know the two of, well, get to know you better.”

Yvette smiled widely. She let her body relax loosely as she leaned back into the folds of the couch. “Well, Chevy,” she teased in a sultry voice, “I make prediction. You will get to know us both very much better before day is gone. Then maybe I need to ask you for favor, yes?” With a gleam in his eyes, he replied, “Certainly you can ask a favor, whatever you want.”

“Maybe I ask it now,” said Yvette, “but first, tell me which you like best, me or Beth?”

Chevy thought for a moment. Although he was partial to brunettes, and this one was definitely very much to his liking, he was thinking more or less about jumping them both.

“Can’t I like you both just the same? I mean, I just met you two and I can’t choose. You’re both so . . . . exquisite.” With a coy little smile, she got up and started for the bath room. What could this be?

“When I tell you to, please cover your eyes and don’t peak until I say you can look, yes?” she tossed over her shoulder. Then she disappeared into the bathroom and closed the door. Chevy wondered what this was all about while he finished off his drink and poured another. “You can cover your eyes now!” he heard Yvette call from the bathroom. Reluctantly, he sat his drink down and covered both eyes with his hands. Several seconds passed before he heard Yvette’s accented, “You may look now.” Chevy slowly removed his hands and was dumbfounded at the sight that greeted him. The both of them were standing side by side less than five feet from him, stark naked! Both were exquisite, Yvette with her long brunette tresses hanging loosely, firm, jutting breasts, nice shapely and curvy body. Beth was equally nice, but just a little bit more perfect, just enough to make her a little more attractive to me. “Well,” said Yvette, “which of us appeals to you more?”

Chevy was standing there with the biggest hardon he’d ever had. They both were equally exquisite, and he told them so. That didn’t solve the problem, so Yvette wanted to take the matter further. Chevy couldn’t figure out why it was so important to her that he choose one of them over the other for a first fuck. What difference did it make anyway? It was clear that they were both going to fuck his brains out and leave the next day.

“Ok, now we do one more test. But you must choose one of us to make love to.” said Yvette.

“But why!?” asked Chevy, “why do I just have to choose? Why can’t we just have a threesome? You know, we can all do it together.” Yvette looked at him and said patiently, “Because you have to. This is only about sex,” she said, “and you can only have us for no more than one day, you see? We won’t share you more than once, and we won’t have orgy, how you say, threesome. So you must choose one of us which you will fuck first, it does not matter which one. We both like you.”

The girls conferred in Romanian for a moment, then Yvette got into the shower. Beth left the bathroom and went to my bedroom. Following, Chevy stood in the doorway observing that exquisite body lying on his bed with its splendid curves and secret places. That nice little protruding mound and those very thick outer cunt lips were very inviting.

“Yvette takes shower now.” she said. Reaching her hand toward him she bade him come, and lie down with her. As Chevy came near the bed he didn’t care which one it was. His boner was stiff to the point of pain, and he couldn’t get out of his pants fast enough. But he was an adept lover, and instinct took over. Gently he went, taking his time, caressing, arousing. Soon she was responding to his every ministration. His hot mouth sought her succulent pink nipples for a gentle feast as his hand fluttered down to her pubic mound and started to gently massage it, moving forward slowly, to that secret fold casino firmaları that hid her moist love bud. A gasp of pleasure escaped her lips. Chevy increased his massaging as he found that moist split at the edge of her mound. She was so very wet! Had she cum already? He withdrew his hand and kissed her.

With that she reached up and took the red rose from her hair. Spreading her legs slightly, she placed the rose upon her protruding little hump of a mound with its golden pubes as a background. She was smiling, showing off those fabulous dimples. Chevy removed his shirt as he watched her start massaging her own clit. He’d figured out that she didn’t speak much English by now, so he didn’t try talking to her. Moving back to the bed he reached out and started to caress her leg above the knee, the skin so soft and hot to the touch. She slowly relaxed her legs, stretching out on the bed and enjoying his touch. His fingers still moved along her inner thigh and up to her juicy wetness. Here he paused, feeling the heat from her pouting vagina radiate out against his hand. Sticking two fingers into her moist hole, he probed gently and deeply as she winced and jerked her hips back. Surprised registered on Chevy’s face. Had he really felt a hymen there? This woman had to be in her early 20’s. Was she still a virgin? Realizing the question in his eyes, she said, “I am still maiden. I never do this before now.”

He kissed his way down her neck to her breasts, stopping to suck on her nipples again. He licked her stomach, tonguing her naval, and was soon on his knees in front of her widespread, unprotected vagina, his nose inhaling the feminine aroma of her, while his fingers squeezed and rubbed her soft, creamy ass. He moved forward and sucked her left labia into his mouth, all the while exploring her tight asshole with his finger. He ran his tongue up and down her moist virginal slit while his steel-hard black dick stood at attention, ready for duty.

He then re-inserted two fingers of his left hand into her pussy and started to gently probe around until he found her magic spot. Once he found her spot, he sucked her clit into his mouth and pushed upward on her spot at the same time. After 5 minutes of that she squealed and bucked like she was being electrocuted. “Oh, oh, oh” she said, gripping the bed covers, then a stream of something in Romanian. Chevy was enjoying a closeup of her coming and splashes of hot pussy juice gushed out, covering his chin and left hand. Suddenly he moved back from her to watch her have what seemed like a multiple orgasm, heightening his own arousal. He took his dick in his hand and started to gently pump it, still massaging her clit. Soon her orgasm subsided.

He now joined her on the bed, taking her into his arms and kissing her gently as she moved closer to him. She felt his male hardness against her pubic mound. Breaking the kiss to look down at his dick, she mumbled something in Romanian and looked up at Chevy with big concerned eyes. Chevy started to kiss her again and reached down to shove two fingers into her pussy. This worked. She was getting aroused again. In just a few seconds she was moaning and instinctively grinding against him. It was now time to do the deed.

Chevy maneuvered her onto her back and, rolling over between her legs, used his knees to spread her wider apart. Balancing himself over her torso and looking down upon her exquisite anatomy caused a surge in his lions and his already painfully stiff cock seemed to get even harder. Lowering his face to hers as she reached up to clasp her hands behind his neck, he kissed her hard on the lips, forcing them apart with his searching tongue while he reached down with his free hand and guided his monster cock to her waiting slit. He felt the initial hot contact as he pressed, gently and easily, the head of his cock forcing her drenching wet labia apart seeking the entrance to her love tunnel. Still kissing her demandingly, he felt the head of his cock start to stretch her inner cunt lips apart, meeting some little resistance. He didn’t want to hurt her any more than necessary, so he proceeded slowly. Afterall, Beth was a virgin, and Chevy was quite well endowed. His cock was just under 8″ long, and about 3/4 of the circumference of your average American beer can! He was hoping she would break easy.

Pushing forward firmly, Chevy felt the pressure of Beth’s hymen against his cock head, and felt the membrane burst apart to allow his dick to stretch her insides to fit him. Her small his was muffled as she grit her teeth from the pain. He sunk about 5 inches of his massive dick into her with that one push. The poor girl gasped, then released a guttural sound of displeasure while pushing against Chevy’s shoulders and trying to jerk her hips back, trying to get a little relief from the initial pain. Her fresh virginal hole was stuffed, and even her thick pussy lips were stretched thin trying to accommodate Chevy’s thickness. “It’s going to be alright Beth,” Chevy whispered. “God, you’re tight, girl! Sheeeiiiit!!” The initial pain of güvenilir casino getting her delicate hymen shattered by his large dick invading her virgin pussy was a bit overwhelming for her. He kept assuring her, “It won’t hurt for but a minute, I promise Beth. Then girl, what a feeling you will experience.” Even though Beth was in misery, Chevy was enjoying the sensation caused by her bucking and twitching to get away from his dick. When she found that she was indeed impaled on his cock, the pain made her pound on his shoulders and kick her feet in vain while shouting something in Romanian and allowing the tears of her misery to fall from her eyes. Chevy knew that it would all start to come together in a few seconds, and the pain would turn to pleasure, so he held her down, shoving a little more of his dick into her throbbing, tight tunnel. He managed to avoid her flailing fists and keep his dick inside her despite her kicking and jerking. In fact, Chevy pulled out about two inches, then pushed in as much as would fit. When she felt herself being stuffed to the limit, Beth’s eyes bulged and her mouth flew open. She arched her back and placed her elbows on the bed, and started to pull herself backward to force herself free of his large dick, but he went with her until her head hit the headboard and she could go no further. Chevy was relentless, and caught up in his own pleasure at this point and raised himself enough to see his cock plunged almost to the hilt in this virgin pussy. Her labia was stretched thin around the circumference of his rock hard cock, and he could feel her juices, so liquid and hot around his submersed length. He just couldn’t resist slowly pumping in and out while grinding against her clit a few times right then. She seemed to be calming down some now and he started kissing her face, neck and tits, still pumping her slowly. She was getting very gooey now, and his in and out motion got easier. She was also now responding to his ministrations. Chevy stopped pumping her and paid more attentions to kissing, fondling her breasts, and caressing her body all over. She was returning his arduous ministrations with great tenacity and equal enjoyment. One thing was certain, they were both building up a passionate head of steam to be released very soon. With each passionate kiss Beth murmured something he couldn’t understand. She hugged him to her and spread her legs wide to allow him entry.

Chevy had no more restraint left, he had to go ahead and do justice to the piece. “Oh, Beth,” he breathed, “let it go sweetheart, let it go.”

Lifting her left leg and placing it over his shoulder, he pulled his cock all the way out and reinserted it slowly, pushing in until the base of his dick was flush with her pubic mound. She was a bit nervous, and this caused her to make a little “Umphf” sound. He started to pump and grind her slowly, making her take every inch. On each down stroke, he purposely tried to make her repeat that little “Umphf” sound. He was increasing the speed and intensity of his pumping slowly. Her pussy had adjusted nicely to his length and thickness. She was well lubricated and enjoying her first real fuck. He pulled out to about 5 inches and started pumping faster. “Oh, YES,” shouted Chevy, “what a pussy!!” He lost it then and started fucking her hard and fast, the way he liked it. “Oh SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!!” he cried as he went with all abandon, making her take it all in again. Beth’s little Umphf sounds increased in volume until she was cooing, “Unnmmm, Unnmmmphf, Unnmmm.”

She gripped the bedspread with both hands while humming and making those “Umphf, Umphf, Umphf,” sounds from very low in her throat. She was taking a reaming from Chevy, her tits jiggling with each powerful stroke. Then Chevy changed position so he could actually see his huge dick piston in and out of her. This turned him on immensely, as he saw how his dick pulled her pussy lips into a pout when he pulled out, and pushed them inside her completely when he pushed in. Goodness she was tight! She was now starting to thrash her hips against his pelvis and moan loudly while clenching her teeth sporadically. She kept up a steady stream of Romanian while Chevy pile drived her pussy ruthlessly. He could tell she was nearing the point of no return for an orgasm. He too was feeling a surge in his balls, so he pulled out completely, and put her on her hands and knees. He diligently showed her how to do doggie style, and reinserted his cock.

As he hammered at her unprotected snatch from behind, she slowly sunk down onto the bed surface. Chevy was now pistoning her with reckless abandon, and she was taking every inch of his massive dick deep inside her wet, slippery pussy. She’d never felt so stuffed and full before in her life!! Although getting fucked from the rear was beginning to have its appeal for her, she found herself wanting him to change positions again. An audible moan escaped her lips as she flopped onto the surface of the bed and started to whimper silently from the pleasure she was feeling. With one last very deep thrust, Chevy pulled his rock hard glistening wet dick out of her mercilessly stretched pussy and laid on his back on the bed, pulling her down on top of him. She slowly positioned herself to sit on the massive shaft, which was showing no signs of weakening yet.

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