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Fucked by Hostel Strangers

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At the end of his first year of college, a 19-year-old Jack was starting a solo backpacking trip around Europe. Jack was a tall, skinny, and slightly muscular guy with short, dark hair. He was extremely innocent. Although he had started to come out to his friends over the previous school year, he had never been fucked. For that matter, he had never even been in a relationship with another dude.

Jack arrived in the first city on his adventure, Prague, where he had booked a hostel in the central district of the city. The hostel was relatively big, with over 50 rooms. He had very little funds, so every penny counted. To that end, he booked the cheapest room in the place, a shared, guys-only room with 6 bunks. Luckily, after checking-in, he found that only two of the mattresses had luggage on them. Jack threw his backpack on one of the remaining beds and departed for a day of sightseeing.

He walked around all day, taking in the historic sights of the city. After having some dinner and a few beers at a nearby bar, he returned to the hostel around 9pm, exhausted from the jet-lag and a day of wondering. He was sweaty from the summertime heat, with a slight musky odor coming from his body. Since this was a boys-only space, he started to strip down, haphazardly throwing his clothes into a pile next to the bed.

Jack had just started removing his shirt and pants when he heard keys outside the room and saw the lock turn. His roommates had come back. They barged in, clearly intoxicated, to see Jack standing next to bed in just his underwear, a small pair of black briefs. They two guys were a bit older than Jack, in their mid-thirties, and tall with blond hair. Even though they had slight dad-bods, you could tell they had some muscle too. They quickly introduced themselves as Derek and Tom, who were friends from London on a boys weekend vacation.

Quickly, Tom and Derek started getting ready for bed. As they took off their shirts, Jack smelled a thick, manly scent coming from their sweaty bodies. They were clearly comfortable with each other – without hesitating, they both took off their pants and underwear to sleep fully nude. Jack was struck by their cocks. Tom’s was easily 6 inches soft, hanging down over a huge set of balls and surrounded by a little bush of blond pubes. Derek on the other hand, was a little smaller but the thickest cock Jack had ever seen, even in porn.

Soon they started casino şirketleri talking about the women they had seen at the pub that night. Apparently some Czech girl with huge tits had been flirting with them both all night, which made them think she wanted to fuck them both. When they suggested they all go back to her place though, she bailed and left the bar.

“Hey Jack, you meet any hot chicks tonight?” asked Derek jocularly.

“Nah, dudes, I was pretty wiped from all the travel. Plus, I wouldn’t know where to find the gay bars around here.”

“Aw fuck man,” said Tom with his British accent, “we didn’t realize you were gay.”

There was an uncomfortable moment of silence, when Jack didn’t know how his roommates would respond. They had, after all, been fully nude in the same room together. However, Tom and Derek soon broke the silence by offering some suggestions for gay bars nearby, which instantly made Jack feel more comfortable. These dudes were cool.

“Fuck man, I’m so fucking horny right now,” said Derek. “That girl was so fucking hot, I wanted to bang her all night.”

Tom replied, “Dude, you would’ve never been able to fuck her anyway, she would have been too focused on my big-ass dick to give you any attention.”

As they were talking, Jack looked across the room to see the two guys, both naked, getting hard as rocks. They couldn’t see each other from the top and bottom bunk, but both had their hands on their cocks, slowly stroking. As if on cue, they both turned their heads towards Jack, seeing how he was staring at them. Jack looked away quickly, but the damage had been done. He had been caught peeking.

Derek spoke up first. “Surprised by these big cocks dude? Who knew some blokes from England could have such fat pieces?”

Suddenly nervous, Jack stammered out, “N.. N.. nah duh…duh..dude… I’ve just never seen dicks that big in real life.” Jack’s own cock was getting hard now, which was apparent in his little black briefs. Soon, his cock was popping out from his underwear, revealing his 7 inch dick.

Tom peaked over the top bunk to the lower bunk where was Derek was laying. “Dude, we could have some fun tonight with this little guy. You in?”

“Fuck yeah, dude!” Derek replied.

Without asking, they hopped out of their bunks and went over to Jack’s bed, both fully nude, still hard, and a little sweaty. Derek got on the bed casino firmaları first and ripped off Jack’s underwear, breaking them completely. These guys weren’t messing around. They were going to use Jack all night long. And even though Jack didn’t say anything to consent, he was completely into it. The two older guys had the hottest cocks he’d ever seen, and he wanted to be used.

Jack, now fully nude, sat at the edge of the bed when Tom shoved his cock into Jack’s mouth. Jack sucked on Tom’s long dick, starting with the tip and slowly working his mouth lower and lower on the shaft. Tom let out a huge moan in pleasure, grabbing Jack by the back of the head and forcing his dick deeper and deeper down Jack’s throat. Jack started to choke on Tom’s dick as it hit the back of his mouth.

Derek wanted the same. He pushed his friend out of the way and slammed his thick cock into Jack’s mouth. Jack could smell his odor from his dick and balls, which reeked from a long day of partying. He popped Derek’s cock out of his mouth and licked up and down his huge testicles, which made Derek groan in pleasure.

Tom, feeling left out, started stroking his cock, spitting on it for some lube. “Let’s have some real fun now,” he said to Derek. They pushed Jack stomach-down on the bed, exposing his muscular, virgin bubble-butt to the air.

“This hot thing must’ve had some good use. How many loads have you taken in there, Jack?” asked Derek.

“Actually, I’m a virgin,” Jack responded meekly. He wasn’t sure how these cocky dudes would respond.

“Fuck yeah,” they said in unison. Derek added, “we’ll show him how it’s done.”

Without missing a beat, Tom got on top of Jack’s ass and started to slide his wet dick along Jack’s virgin, pink hole. Tom didn’t go slow. He was just trying to fuck this 19-year-old’s ass good for the first time.

Jack felt a singe of pain as Tom started to break through his sphincter with his long cock. He let out a gasp, which only made Tom and Derek laugh to each other, knowing how hard they would be fucking Jack. Soon, Tom had his whole cock in Jack’s tight ass. Tom held down Jack’s lower back, which pushed up his ass so Tom really sink in deep. He pounded in and out, in and out, as Jack slowly became accustomed to the feeling of a long, older dick inside him.

“You like my raw dick in your virgin ass, Jack?” Tom taunted.

Derek was stroking güvenilir casino his cock, watching his buddy fuck this untouched hole. He then got on his knees on the bed and put his cock inside Jack’s mouth. He started slow, thrusting back and forth with his hands on his own butt. But soon, he sped up, holding Jack’s head as he fucked Jack’s mouth fast with his girthy dick. Jack was in heaven, loving the feeling of two dudes fucking him at the same time.

Tom knew he was going to cum soon. He started pounding Jack’s ass harder and harder. Jack started moaning loudly, his ass getting wrecked by this long cock. He was screaming just as Tom pushed his cock one last time deep into Jack’s ass, yelling “FUCKKK” as he dumped his load. Jack could feel Tom’s dick pulsing in his ass, each time pushing and more semen inside him.

“You like my seed deep inside you, Jack?” Tom whispered in Jack’s ear.

Tom eventually pulled his cock out of Jack’s ass, his cum oozing out onto the bed. Derek then moved around, flipping Jack onto his back, and started to put his dick inside of Jack’s gaping hole. Even though his ass was lubed up with Tom’s semen, Derek’s dick was so thick that he had to push it hard to get inside Jack’s ass.

Jack let out a scream of pain as Derek shoved his dick in, which made Derek and Tom laugh together again. “You won’t take another dick like this for a while,” said Derek.

“You’ll hardly be able to walk tomorrow!” yelled Tom.

Derek pounded Jack’s ass, as Tom started to get hard again and shove his dick into Jack’s mouth. Now on his back, Jack could stroke his cock at the same time. The feeling of two hot older men dominating his little tight asshole made him so hard, he could feel himself getting ready to cum.

“Fuck fuck fuck!!” Derek screamed, just as he thrust his cock into Jack’s ass. Jack could feel two huge spurts of cum enter his ass, just as Derek pulled out his cock and sprayed Jack’s chest with 4 more massive wads.

Seeing Derek cum put both Jack and Tom over the edge. Jack started spraying his own load, cumming so hard that his semen hit himself on the neck and chest. Tom then pulled his dick out of Jack’s mouth and sprayed a second load down Jack’s chest, running down his abs and into his pubes.

Jack was covered in semen, all three loads mixing together in one sticky mess. Tom and Derek smiled at each other, giving each other a congratulatory slap on the ass after they got off the bed.

“Bet you never thought your first time would be like that, did you?” said Tom.

The answer was so obvious, Jack didn’t even have to answer. All he could think was, “how can I get fucked like that again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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