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“Some guy named Joe called and I told him you were out to lunch.” Phil said when I returned to work.

“Did he say what he wanted?”

“He said he wanted to take you out. I thought you were engaged?” Phil continued.

“I’m not getting married for another three months and Rick is out of town for two weeks!” I replied.

“Well I jotted down his number there.” Phil answered casually.

I had met Joe at a party a couple of months ago. I had been drinking quite a bit and we necked a little with Joe’s hand under my dress. In a state of passion I had gave him my work phone number.

I had forgotten about the big, black stud but it all came rushing back. How good his big hands felt caressing my ass and the monstrous bulge in his trousers as I aroused him. I also love the way he had kissed me with his thick lips.

“Hi Joe, Michelle here.” I said when I heard his familiar voice I the phone.

“Sure I am available tonight, I can meet you about nine o’clock.”

We arranged a rendezvous for that night.

We met at a local Dunkin Donut shop and exchanged small talk over coffee. We both knew why we were there and soon were in Joe’s pickup truck heading to the banks of the Grand River.

The Grand was a favorite make-out spot. Meandering through the countryside just outside of town it was the local lovers’ lane. On any given night there would be a dozen vehicles parked along the banks after sunset. Tonight Joe’s pickup was going to be one of them.

It was just getting dark casino şirketleri and already it was getting crowded. Joe parked about a hundred feet from another car and we got started necking.

We were kissing and my panties quickly came off. Joe was finger-fucking me under my skirt and I was getting really wet and horny.

In less than half-an-hour I was naked and Joe was sucking on my tits and mauling my body like a little boy in a candy store.

“Fuck me!” I asked my big black buck.

“Outside.” Joe answered.

“What?” I asked in disbelief.

“Let’s fuck outside!” Joe repeated.

It was a nice warm evening but just getting dark, everyone else would be able to see us in he twilight.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

Without waiting for his answer I was out of the cab as naked as a J-bird.

The occupants of half-a-dozen parked cars looked to see why the interior light had suddenly come on in Joe’s truck. They were treated to see a totally naked female prancing around to the driver’s door.

I can only imagine what they thought when they saw a black guy getting out of the truck. Joe had also got naked and was holding me with a beautiful black erection pressed against my bare belly.

We moved about ten feet to a patch of grass where I got on my knees and took Joe into my mouth. While our audience watched ten inches of black cock entered my throat.

There was something about knowing I was being watched that made it so exciting. I begin sucking Joe’s cock casino firmaları like it was an all-day lollipop.

I was hoping there was no one who knew me or my fiancé in any of the other cars watching as I put on a show of sucking the big black one.

I knew some of the guys in the other cars wished it were their girlfriends with their mouth full of black dick.

For maximum effect I pulled Joe’s cock out and let him splatter my face with his jism when he cum.

The occupant of one car had turned their headlamps on so they had a better look at my performance. The blare of horns applauded my messy finale.

It was time for the main event. I assumed the “doggy” position on the grass and waited for Joe to mount me.

Incredibly Joe required no refractory time for his cock to enter me. I felt his hands grip my hips and the head of his erection pries between my labia. I rocked backwards to start him into me.

Boldly Joe’s black shaft began its journey into me before the eyes of my unknown audience. Every white guy watching was wishing it were his white girlfriend taking the black monster into her. From the look on my face they could tell I was in ecstasy as Joe stretched my cunt to new limits. I was about to have a black cock cum in me one more time before I married a white guy.

Some guys had got out of their cars and moved closer so they could hear my moans as Joe’s cock ravished my cunt.

Joe slapped my ass as he rode me like his favorite mare. Ten inches of rock hard cock güvenilir casino piston in and out of my fuck hole as he serviced me.

The group standing around got larger and they could easily hear our bodies slapping together and Joe’s cock squishing in my cunt. The were a couple of females in the group watching Joe’s black dick sliding in and out of me.

My orgasm took control of my body and I trembled as I cried out.

“Oh fuck! Yes! Yes!”

Everyone watched amazed as I endured the throes of an incredible climax.

Joe pulled his cock out of me and as I was about to get up another cock abruptly took his place. An unknown bystander was fucking me again.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Joe burying his cock in some little blonde bimbo. We had started a fuckfest.

I had no idea whose cock was in me, likely the blonde’s boyfriend, but he was keeping me in la la land. I gyrated my cunt on the unknown cock trying for yet another orgasm.

I don’t think Joe had cum in me but my pussy was dripping with my own juice. The anonymous cock slipped in and out of me effortlessly. My cunt began to spasm as my second orgasm took me.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” I screamed as hot cum spilled into me.

There was no break as cock after cock filled me. I didn’t realize my audience was that large as over half-a-dozen cocks dumped their jism into my now drenched pussy. My fuck hole was getting sore fro the continuous abuse.

Finally Joe rescued me and returned me to the cab of his pickup. He had the “Levi Edition” and the seats were covered with blue denim. Where I sat an ever-increasing dark spot formed under my crotch as my reservoir of cum began to leak out.

“Don’t worry, cum doesn’t stain.” Joe laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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