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Fun at Drs. Dinner with Friends

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Fun at the Doctor’s; Then Dinner with Alice and Robert

Do you want to taste us again?” Doctor Sharon asked Rosa. She was referring to her now dripping pussy along with her co-conspirator, Cindy’s foaming cunt.

Rosa was almost exhausted from all the sexual hi-jinx they’d put her through after telling her the test results indicated Rosa was clean as the driven snow. Still she was ready to continue with whatever they had planned for her.

“Do I want to taste you again?” Her voice was weak after expending so much energy in devouring the two luscious pussies that had been presented to her. “Of course I do.”

She was ready for more, but lay back and watched as Cindy’s extraordinary tongue probed in and out of Sharon’s wide open cunt, lapping and sucking in a frenzied fashion. In a few minutes Sharon came for the zillionth time and Cindy lay back to rest her tired jaws.

Sharon shook her blonde mane, and smiled contentedly before looking directly into Rosa’s eyes. “Can I fuck you?” she asked. Rosa smiled back and nodded. Sharon got up and walked to the cabinet on the opposite side of the room. Cindy also rose up and propped herself up on her elbow in order to see them better. Sharon returned to Rosa carrying a small box which she promptly opened and took out what appeared to be a large black cock.

“It’s my favorite strap-on,” she said wryly.

Rosa nodded and licked her lips in anticipation, then lay back in the examining table and spread her legs. Sharon climbed upon the table and knelt between her legs, shook her head causing her long hair to hang over her face. Then bent forward and her tresses were tickling Rosa’s breasts.

“That tickles,” she giggled.

“That’s the general idea,” Sharon smiled down at her as she zeroed in on Rosa’s slit with the prodigious 12″ ebony phallus.

“Ever had a black cock before?”

“Not that I recall,” Rosa giggled, wondering if there would be a problem getting that thick thing inside her. ‘Probably not,’ she told herself, ‘she knows her business, and so far she’s been wonderful.’

“I think you’re wet enough to accept an army tank right now, so here we go.” With that, Sharon slowly eased the long, thick penis into Rosa.


“Does it hurt?”

“No, it feels great. How much are you going to insert?”

Cindy laughed from her vantage point next to Rosa’s face. “You’re going to take the whole thing, love.”

“No!” Rosa said, for the first time showing alarm.

Cindy leaned close and licked Rosa’s left nipple.

“Like that?”

“Yes, yes I do.”

The ebony schlong moved inward as though drawn by a magnet. Rosa’s body stiffened as she felt herself being opened wider than Dutch had ever had her. There was no pain, but still she remained rigidly tense. Only the sweet thrills caused by Cindy’s gentle manipulations to her nipple kept her from trying to escape the huge pole ramming inexorably deeper into her.

Suddenly she was uplifted into a high level of pleasure as the massive cock, applied at a different angle began pressing against her “G”-spot.

“Coming!” She cried, and Sharon increased her tempo.

“Feelin’ better?” Cindy asked, looking at Sharon’s sweat soaked face.

“Uhhh,” was all Rosa could manage. What she was thinking was that she had died and gone to heaven as the number of orgasms mounted. She tried to count them, but after the fifth she was swept into a nether land from which she only felt wondrous, orgasmic sensations.

Rosa moaned softly as Sharon plunged the gigantic dildo in and out. At this juncture the entire length was in her.

“Oh yeah . . . oh, yeah . . . oh, yeah . . .” was the mantra Rosa was using to carry her forward.

Sharon signaled Cindy that she needed a break and slowly eased the great prick from Rosa’s sodden cunt.

Half delirious from her orgasms, Rosa called out, “My ass . . . will it go into my ass?”

Cindy strapped the belt around her waist and picked up a tube of KY jelly.

“Why not?” she said and began lubing Rosa’s asshole. Then she helped Rosa dismount the table and helped walk her to the examining chair. Sharon positioned the chair so that Rosa could lay face forward with some modicum of comfort. Then Cindy took aim and rubbed the big black dick against her anus. Rosa wiggled her ass indicating her readiness and said, “Okay, put it in, just don’t let me bleed to death.”

Her rectum was so tight she could, or thought she could feel the very veins of the dildo as it entered her anal canal.

Rosa screamed with the excruciating pain, but stammered out, “Keep going. I can take it, I know I can.”

Cindy had done this before, and Sharon had done it to her as well, so she had an intuitive sense of when to push and when to ease off. This helped things move quickly and soon Rosa was grunting and gritting her teeth with each thrust, but managed to contain the pain it caused, for the pleasure reverberating through her entire being was truly magnificent.




Rosa casino şirketleri grunted in satisfaction as Cindy plowed into her, with Sharon observing in what was partly a clinical fashion, partly pure sexual interest, almost unbearable stretching of Rosa’s anal ring by the colossal cock being rammed into her.

‘How can Cindy fuck so hard and so long,’ the doctor wondered and reached for a towel, then applied it to both women’s faces in turn, ensuring to get the sweat before it burned their eyes.

Now the only sound in the room was that of the two women panting and the suction sound caused by the giant phallus as it backed out her Rosa’s shit chute. Fifteen minutes had elapsed, Cindy was tiring. Sharon thought about replacing her, but then considered Rosa. It might be too much, she didn’t want to ruin what was obviously a good thing, ‘no,’ she told herself, ‘it was a great thing,’ and she backed away from the two fornicating women.

Finally Cindy withdrew the long cock from Rosa.

Rosa slumped forward and lay still.

Cindy’s knees buckled after she placed her feet on the floor and Sharon had to catch her before she collapsed on the hard tile floor. Cindy was led to another chair and sat down. Her hair was matted and sticking to parts of her face and neck.

“Let’s call it a day girls,” Sharon said, and while both woman agreed with her, neither had the energy to respond. Thirty minutes passed before Cindy struggled to her feet and began to don her uniform. Sharon followed moments later, but Rosa had to be coaxed to her feet by the other two. Only when Rosa was slipping her breast into her bra did she manage to look at the others.

Suddenly all three were smiling.

“You two can fuck me anytime,” Rosa said her voice low.

Sharon nodded, “maybe we can get together on a regular basis, you know, like kind of a therapy session.”

“I’d like that,” Rosa answered and took a deep breath. “I’d like to feel that huge cock up my ass again. But I don’t know when I’m gonna let Dutch screw me again. I’m gonna be sore in both holes for at least a week.”

Sharon went to a white cabinet on the opposite side of the room and came back with a small jar. “Here, use this when you get home, you’ll be fine by tomorrow afternoon.”

“Well . . . thank you, Doctor.’

“It’s Sharon, remember?”

“Right, and thank you too, Cindy, I really enjoyed our session here today. I hope we do it again and again.”

Cindy laughed, “Nothing like ladies day.”

They all laughed and hugged one another.

Rosa went home, took a long soothing bath and made dinner for Dutch and Kathy. Then feigning a need for sleep, she retired early, fearing before Dutch might get horny and want some.

The next morning over breakfast Dutch told her they’d be having dinner with the Rourk’s, who were among his best friends. Rosa happily agreed; she was anxious to meet some of his friends, especially if they were as interesting as his doctor.

Dinner with Alice and Robert

Less than a block away Rosa rolled the short hem of her skirt up past the tops of her new stockings revealing her bare thighs. She saw his glance and to provoke him further, moved the skirt several more inches. He glanced again and saw her exposed pussy.

“Nice,” he said, watching the road again. “I like a girl who dates sans underwear.”

Reaching for his right hand, she brought it down to touch her bare pussy. Although he left it there he didn’t bother to dig into her, instead he told her coolly that their reservation was for 9:30, and if they were late it was going to the next party asking for a table.

She was not put off by this, saying, “It will always be there and wet for you, Dutch.” And to herself she thought, ‘Thank you Sharon, that cream certainly did its job. I’m looking forward to having his big cock in me and the sooner the better.’

“That’s great,” he said with a grin on his face.

“Can I ask you a serious question?”

“Sure,” he said.

“What’s your real name, Dutch?”

He laughed and moved his finger along her moist slit. “My name’s really Bob, but I prefer Dutch. I got it while in the Navy a few years back.”

Rose slid forward on the car seat and captured part of his finger in her cunt. She tried using some kegels on it, but didn’t succeed.

“You’re too much,” he laughed, and rearranged his cock in his pants. “We’re almost there, better cover up I don’t want the kid parking the car to have a heart attack.”


The restaurant was filled to capacity when they arrived. “Rosa, I’d like you to meet two very good friend of mine, Alice and Robert Ruark.”

“I’m very pleased to meet you, Rosa Thorenson,” Rosa said shaking Alice’s hand and taking in the black woman’s beautiful features. Alice, for her part, was dissecting Rosa’s body with a view toward ravishing her. ‘The sooner the better,’ she told herself, as she made complementary remarks about Rosa’s dress.

Robert remained standing while the women continued light a conversation casino firmaları while they evaluated each other. Then he took her hand in his and kissed it. Rosa felt a slight tingle, imagining his mouth elsewhere and found she was very impressed with Dutch’s friends.

Dutch told Rosa. “For your information and not because I’m bragging about them, Alice is an attorney here in town and Robert is a doctor, a surgeon actually. We go back to when we were both in the navy together.”

“I’ve known Alice for several years now. I guess we met just before they were married. Is that about right Alice?”

“Um, absolutely,” she took a sip from her drink, then added, “just before the wedding actually. Dutch had another dear friend who unfortunately for everyone concerned passed away shortly after our wedding.”

“A woman?” Rosa asked, and kicked herself for doing so.

“Oh, no, Marty . . . he was a wonderful guy, a wonderful guy.”

Another round of drinks was ordered, and quiet prevailed as they perused their menus. The drinks arrived and general conversation about the stock market and recent movies ensued.

While discussing the merits of a particular blue chip stock with Robert, Dutch felt a hand on his lap. It took a second for him to determine it was Rosa’s hand and by then his fly was open and he felt the cooler air surround his swollen glans. In a flash her hand was discretely pumping his fat cock.

He looked at her but she paid scant attention to him, seemingly engrossed in a conversation with Alice. He had to struggle to continue his own conversation with his friend. A moment later, Rosa was whispering in his ear.

“I’m going to make you come.”

“Excuse me?” He managed to say.

“Yes,” she whispered just loud enough for him to hear, “I’m going to make you shoot on the floor.”

“Oh, yes,” he said. “I’m thinking about it.”

“Hey, you two, no fair with the secret talk stuff already. You hardly know each other.” That was Robert.

Alice knew something was going on, but hadn’t zeroed in on it.

“We’re just touching on a subject from earlier in the day,” Rosa said smiling broadly. And having diverted everyone, she quickened her pace, while Dutch struggled not to let his friend in on their secret.

He let his hand drop off the table an onto Rosa’s lap.

“Hey!” Rosa cried out, “No funny stuff, at least not in public!”

The black couple looked knowingly at each other and politely laughed while Dutch flushed, embarrassed more by Rosa’s deft handling of the situation then of his prick, which was now full blown and throbbing enroute to ejaculating.

“You are so sweet though,” Rosa squeaked and kissed him on the cheek and then on the neck. Dutch used this as an excuse to return his hand to her lap and groped her pussy, searching in vain for her clit.

“But still a little fresh,” she said and slapped his hand away again. Alice chuckled, but wished it were her hand on Rosa’s lap. Robert had formed a mental image of Rosa tied to his bed spread-eagled as he and Alice devoured her. Neither suspected what was actually going on.

Rosa had cupped his testicles and when her fingers walked along his scrotum and neared his asshole, Dutch erupted, gushing long ropes of jizm on the bottom of the tablecloth, the floor, and his shoes. Rosa slyly placed her hand back on the table and tried to jerk it away when Alice grabbed it and gave it a lick.

“What?” Rosa gasped.

“You had some wine on your hand. I was only fooling around. Please don’t be offended.”

Robert had a puzzled expression on his face. Dutch had to fight off a big smile. And even with her dusky complexion it was evident to everyone that Rosa was blushing. While at the same time Dutch was discretely trying to put his member back in his shorts and zip up without calling attention to himself.

Gulping her drink down, Rosa got up from the table. “Dutch, order me another drink please. I have to go to the powder room.”

He watched her walk across the room, his mind on her utter wantonness. He caught the waiter’s eye and ordered the drink, then excused himself to follow her.

With his long strides he easily overtook her.

“Dutch!” she cried as he came up behind her, pushing her into the bathroom and locking the door behind them.

“What are you doing?”

“What do you think I’m doing?” He grinned, undoing his pants. “You’re a fucking tease tonight aren’t you?” With a sigh, he released his swollen cock. “Come and get this,” he said in a hoarse voice.

She shook her head. “Someone might come by . . .”

But she was fascinated by the rapid recovery his turgid cock had made as it jerked nervously in front of her. She swallowed hard, her own desires threatening to overwhelm her.

“We shouldn’t.”

Even as she spoke the words she was raising her dress. He pushed her up against the sink,

and after raising her short skirt over her ass, ran his hands over her plump cheeks. Then he entered her. She moaned, closing her eyes as he began güvenilir casino to pump in and out of her. He ran his hands under her breasts, cupping them through the fabric of her dress. He watched her face in the mirror over the sink, watched his hands roaming across her body. Her lovely eyes fluttered open and joined his in watching the mirror. He watched and pounded into her harder, feeling her pussy muscles clench and refuse to release his shaft. Looking up quickly into her eyes, he watched as she began to come.

“Dutch . . . oh God . . . Dutch . . . fuck . . .”

“Come!” he growled and then leaned down and whispered in her ear. “Come, Rosa . . . let me feel you come, baby . . . you’re so fucking hot . . . come for me!”

Rosa arched and then screamed as her body, which had become so tense, finally let go and inside she exploded in a sensual release. Her body shook hard, and she reached out to hold onto him, digging her nails brutally into his forearms. Rosa’s breathing changed, her body began to shake and shudder as she continued to come. Grabbing the hand towel off the towel rack, he folded it lengthwise into fourths, sliding it between her teeth to muffle her cries. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he held her through the orgasm, then started pumping into even her harder, faster, using a finger to stroke her clit, making her squirm and groan even more.

She began to relax and he moaned softly in her ear, kissing her cheek as her pussy released his cock enough so he could move again. She wiggled a little, and he moved his arms, letting her legs go. Immediately, she wrapped them back around his waist, and she was thrusting her whole body against his.

“Your turn,” she said smiling as her fingertips traced his nipples through his shirt.

“You’re so hot and wet,” he mumbled as he slowly found himself getting lost in the feelings.

“Feels so good . . . I don’t want to stop this feeling . . .”

She playfully pinched one of his nipples as her other hand moved down to her sopping pussy, reaching to touch his cock as if to reassure herself that it was still firmly lodged inside her. She felt him shiver, and smiled.

Dutch pulled back until only the head of his cock was inside her – planning on driving himself back into her – when he felt her hand surround his cock. He looked at her and moaned loudly when she squeezed the head inside of her pussy and stroked his cock quickly with her hand. He tried to remain still as she jerked him into her pussy, and with each upward stroke; her knuckles banged into his balls, sending shock waves through him. Her grip, both on the outside and inside became tighter, and he closed his eyes. His cock twitched as she pulled it out of her hot pussy and rubbed it up and down her slit, stopping to slap it against her swollen clit.

“Fuck, Oh . . . Rosa,” he growled and bent his head down, burying it in her neck as he started to come in convulsive movements.

Rosa stroked him, wishing she could see what she was feeling–his hot, thick come hitting her hand and stomach. She rubbed her palm over his swollen head, spreading his seed against his smooth skin as she enjoyed his hot breath against her neck. His body moved heavily against hers, and she wrapped her arms around him, rubbing his back with her wet hand as he pushed his arms under her and held her tight before rolling onto his side.

She smiled at him, and he leaned forward and kissed her softly, still trying to catch his breath. Their bodies were stuck together by their combined juices and entwined limbs as they kissed each other lightly, tasting and enjoying their closeness.

“Wow,” she said as she stroked his cheek.

“Yeah, wow.” His fingers were in her hair, but his eyes were lost in hers, “Multo wow!”

“I knew we were awesome together, but still, this was . . . wow!” she said as she snuggled against him, her cheek against his.

“Awesome doesn’t quite describe what we’ve got.”

“Oh, shit!”

“What’s wrong baby?” he asked.

“Alice and Robert . . . they’ll be wondering what the hell’s going on.”

He laughed and picked her up by her waist. “Naw, they know me. And I’ll bet they know exactly what happened in here.”

“You know them that well?”

“I know them very well.” He said still smiling.

“Have . . . you slept with her?”

“Is that a problem?”

“”Well, no. But I wish I’d known. I wouldn’t have fooled around at the table.”

“I’m glad you did.”

“Yes, but . . . “Rosa was smoothing her dress down against her thighs. “She probably knew exactly what I was doing.” She turned to examine herself in the mirror.

Dutch put his arm around her. “I know one thing about her.”

She had her lipstick out and was carefully tracing it over the earlier coating. “And what is that?”

“She’s bi-sexual.”

“She is?”

“Yup, and damned if she doesn’t have her eyes on you.”

“How can you know this?”

“Like I said, I know the woman quite well.”

Rosa considered what he had said and putting her lipstick in her purse, said, “We had better get back there.”

He left the bathroom before she did, rejoining the Ruark’s with a grin on his face. When she emerged, she was walking carefully, and he remembered that she had no underwear on.

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