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Fun at the Oasis Ch. 02

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“Could I have dinner with you tonight?”

“As long as there’s something afterwards.”

He smiled. There certainly would be.

Willow smiled at the man, a look of sheer animal passion on her face. He was certainly good looking, tall dark and handsome with nothing on but his swimming shorts, his rock hard pole straining against the thin material of his trunks. She could imagine the fun and pleasure they would have in bed, naked and exploring their bodies. Willow pulled him close and kissed him on the lips, long and slow, enjoying the feeling of his tongue probing inside her mouth. Then she pushed him away and stepped back towards the edge of the rock, the wet T-shirt clinging to her body, her breasts poking erect and proud through the thin material.

“If you want me, you’ll have to come and claim me.”

The man looked puzzled.


Willow walked toward him and kissed him gently on the lips, allowing her hand to caress his chest, feeling down and into his shorts, grabbing his granite-hard penis, her fingers playing with the tip and then pulling it out. She kissed him again and tasted his pre-cum on her fingers. Then Willow roughly pushed him away again.

“I don’t like a woman who blows hot and cold in the same breath.”

“I think you’ll find I can blow whichever way I please,” breathed Willow.

She stepped back toward the edge of the rock, poised just above the surface of the rippling oasis. The water looked so inviting, cool and deep. Willow had enjoyed swimming in it and was looking forward to doing so again. She smiled at the man and quickly pulled up her saturated top, flashing her tits at him, giving him a full view of her breasts before covering them up again.

“Do you want to make love to me?” Willow asked.

The man just stared at her, taking in her beautiful form, wet and willing. He just seemed stuck for an answer. Willow walked over to him, forced her hand inside his shorts and gave his cock a squeeze, making sure she had his full attention. He gasped at the mixture of pleasure and pain.

“I said do you want to fuck me?” asked Willow.

“Oh God, baby, yes.”

“You want to taste my body and to feel it rub against you in the same way now?”

“If you carry on like this I’m going to cum all over your hand.”

She pulled her hand out again and ran to the edge of the rock, balanced and ready to launch herself into the cool waters of the oasis. Before she did Willow turned to the man.

“If you want my body, you’ll have to catch me and claim me as your prize.”

“And what is the prize?”

“You get to fuck me in whatever way you want. Clear on the rules.”

“Yes.” fatih escort he replied.

“Good. Now if you want me, come and claim me.”

Willow jumped and dived deep into the water, swimming down deep. She came up for air a few seconds later, just in time to see the man dive into the water after her. The challenge had been set and accepted. The man surfaced, breathing in a great lungful of air. Willow smiled at him and dived below the water, heading for the cave behind the waterfall. Glancing back, the man had dived behind her but was some way behind her as she pulled her way through the water with powerful strokes, her legs kicking wide so that he saw right up her legs to her fundament.

Under the water Wllow turned round, treading water and smiled at him in the water. Slowly she reached down and pulled her skirt up, showing off her cunt to him in even greater detail before turning round and swimming off again like an erotic mermaid. She knew she wanted him now more than ever but she wanted control. Willow knew how attractive she was and how to get the most out of a man. She loved the thought of wet sex, releasing the primal energy in hot bursts of passion whilst being immersed in water. What she liked most right now was the feeling of the thin white cotton as it clung to her body, revealing her breasts.

‘God,’ she thought ‘I’m going to fuck him like an animal when he catches me.’

Willow looked back and realised that the man was no longer in sight. Treading water, she looked round even further but still could not find him. She swam upwards, the noise of the waterfall growing with each powerful thrust of her arms until she broke the surface. She found herself swimming in the chamber behind the waterfall, which formed a curtain away from the rest of the oasis. Nobody could have come here very often and if they did, there wasn’t much to see apart from a small ledge. Willow drifted over and climbed out, her body tingling at the cold water but also feeling annoyed with herself that she had lost the man. Had she been too forward in displaying her sexuality to him. Maybe she should have waited for him to make the first move before giving him the come on. Behind the ledge by the water, there was a dark cave through which she could hear water lapping. The tunnels extended for miles underground and nobody knew much about them and although she would liked to have explored them further, Willow didn’t feel like doing so today. She was about to dive back into the water and swim back to the hotel when the man suddenly appeared. She didn’t know what was happening until the man had his arms around her body at the waist. Willow almost melted fındıkzade escort in his arms, enjoying the erotic warmth of his touch.

“Did you think you’d lost me?” he whispered in her ear.

“Yes.” She answered, “where did you go?”

“I was exploring the caves? There is more than one way to get behind this waterfall.”

Slowly he kissed her on the neck, making Willow tremble, his hands smoothing over the wet t shirt covering her abdomen.

“You’re going to tell me what you feel?” said the man, nibbling her ear.

“I can feel your cock in the small of my back.”

“Yes. I out of my pants as soon as I got here, knew that you’d join me soon. Touch it.”

Willow reached back and felt his bare manhood, she smiled with longing, desiring its thick shaft inside her.

“Tell me more about your feelings?” demanded the man.

“I’ve wanted you ever since I saw you this morning when I was naked on my balcony.”

“Would you like me to make love to you?”

“You’ve caught me now. You can fuck me anyway you to,” replied Willow.

“Lift your arms up, then.”

Willow complied with the order as the man kissed her on the neck again. She felt his warm breath and it filled her with yet more desire.

In one smooth movement, the man had found the hem of her wet T-shirt and lifted it clean of her head and dropped the sopping cotton garment on the floor. Willow found her top half naked and exposed. She tried to cover her breasts, but the mans hands were on them, squeezing them into hard peaks as he smooched her neck once more. Willow found herself getting more and more excited by his touch as his warm hands tweaked her water cold breasts. She closed her eyes, luxuriating in his touch as the man explored her body even more, leaving her excited breasts and travelling down her smooth abdomen to the top of her skirt. Slowly, languorously one hand pulled the skirt away from her waist while the other pushed down from her belly button to the area just above her sex. Her pubes were still wet from a mixture of the water and her earlier orgasm when she had pleasured herself in front of him. Willow was gasping now as her body responded to his touch, wanting to feel the release of another orgasm. Gradually she felt the skirt being pulled down leaving her naked before his lustful gaze and she turned around and looked the man up and down, smiling at his erect cock, standing ready to pleasure her. It would be fun to suck on it and feel his white cream erupt in her throat.

“You’re so beautiful when you’re naked. What is you’re name?” he asked.

“Sometimes I’m called Willow. That is what you can halkalı escort call me for now. What is yours?”

“I will tell you later. But believe me when I say that you’re gorgeous.”

His hands were on her body again, exploring.

“You’re breasts are perfect, I could suck your tits all day.”

“You should try my clit. That’s where I want your mouth, right now.”


He threw her to the ground with such a force that Willow thought for a second that he would just push her legs apart, slam his cock up her cunt and fuck her like a whore. Suddenly the lips of the man were on hers, kissing her with all the stored passion the pair of them had been longing for. He forced her onto the ground and crushed her beneath his bulk. His mouth found her breasts and soon his hot tongue was lashing the erect, cold nipple, warming them until they were hot. He kissed down Willow’s body until he was just above her sex. He forced her legs apart and pushed his face into her hot mound of curls. Willow leaned back and gasped as she felt his tongue probe her most intimate area, her naked breasts were thrust towards the roof of the chamber. In her head, she felt the full force of human pleasure as she came close to erupting in an all out orgasm.

“Oh God, baby, just there.” Willow screamed her voice echoing round them as his tongue explored deeper into her cunt. She ached to have his cock inside her, spurting its seed within.

“Baby, I’m gonna’ cum!” gasped Willow as she felt his mouth on hers again. She could taste the juice from her pussy as his tongue was replaced by the hardness of his cock. Willow was already hot and juicy and this spurred her on as she spread her legs as wide as possible, letting the man claim full possession of her body. With smooth, hot, easy thrusts, the man slammed his cock further into the welcoming socket of her cunt. When she couldn’t take it anymore he pulled out and she came, again and again as the orgasm shot through her body and just as she was coming down from the orgasmic high, he thrust into her again, making Willow gasp as she had the strongest orgasm possible as he shot his load into her desiring body in one long, smooth stream. When there was no more cum for him to shoot, he pulled out and they collapsed into each other’s arms, kissing tenderly.

Willow smiled at him just before they kissed again.

“That was the best fuck I ever had,” she said.

“It’s not fucking, it’s called making love,” he replied. “And the next time we do it, it will be with you, me and another woman.”

Willow felt nervous.

“I’ve never made love to a woman before.” She said.

“Have you ever dreamed about it?” he asked.


“Then look forward to it. Because it will be just like you’re losing your virginity again.”


“Yes. But I think before then I’d like to have dinner with you and then make love to you again.”

Willow smiled. She was much more comfortable with that idea.

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