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Fun in the Spa

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It was a good night, me and Bob were out on the town and discussing our wives and sex lives over a few beers. Bob is always going on about how he is a voyeur and would like to see his younger wife have sex with another bloke. I always tell him I would give her one he just has to ask, ha ha. I think he would like it to happen but is concerned as us and our wives are close.

He told me that his wife was out tonight also with the girls and that she always came back horny and they had great sex. He says that she always flirts with blokes and she tells him all about it which he likes.

We headed back to his place to go in his spam and chill out. We hit the water drinks in hand and chilled out. We talked about the last time we had a bit of fun in the spa, I had fond memories. It was after a dinner party with the four of us and our other friends. 5 of us hit the water and I had a good idea of taking of my trunks in the water, Bob followed suit but Billy and the ladies declined, boo.

Things casino şirketleri started to hot up when Bob’s wife who had a few started to do the rounds with the blokes sitting next to us all and getting friendly. Nothing could be seen with the bubbles but her hands started to wander and sought out my legs and started to stroke them under the water. Her hand got higher until the minx was stroking my cock which was starting to get hard. She then moved on to my mate then back to her husband and started to kiss and cuddle him. My wife was sitting next to me oblivious to the action. Sharon came back to sit next to me and again started to play with my cock, I thought I could play this game too and started to stroke her legs, I got no resistance. As I worked my way up her leg her legs opened giving me the green light. I could not believe this my wife was sitting next to me unaware.

I started to sneek my hand under her bikini bottoms and rubbed my hand through her pussy hairs which were nicely casino firmaları trimmed. I then stroked her pussy lips and felt how wet she was. She started to react and was wanking my cock harder and playing with my balls. I could see Bob looking over smiling, did he know what was going on in front of him? By now she was helping keep her bottoms aside as I had a finger then two inside of her wanking her as she wanked me. We kept having to stop as the bubble cycle stopped god this was good.

Again she went away and done the rounds, was my friend and her husband getting the same I wondered. She came back again and sat on my knee, I wasted no time this time and pulled her knickers out of the way and stuck 3 fingers up her tight pussy as she gyrated on my now hard cock .I also got braver and started playing with her tits under her bra all hidden by the water, she loved it. My wife did not seem to mind her sitting on my knee, if only she knew. Sharon now went on her hands and knees In the middle of güvenilir casino the pool cuddling into her husband, I continued to fuck her pussy with my fingers right in front of my wife.

My wife and my mate now said they were getting out to get changed, me Sharon and Bob said we would stay a bit longer. Sharon then got between me and Bob and proceeded to wank both of our cocks as she removed her top so we could play with her tits as the other wanked her off. How I did not come I do not know.

Eventually the wife called and I thanked them and got out and got dried, I was still naked and they were in the water . Bob looked at my big cock and said that Sharon would love to suck on it, she agreed and I wanted it but it was too risky with the others watching from the house. She gave it a final stroke as her husband had his fingers in her pussy. I told them any time I could pop round for more they said they will think about it, I wanted more.

I met her in the house and we kissed in the kitchen as I got changed she had a last play with my cock and we were finished for the night. When we got home I pounced on the wife and we had the best sex for years, did she know?

I am looking forward to the next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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