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Fun Weekend At The Hotel

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It was a long weekend and I had off from school. My names James. Im a senior in high school. Im captain of the football team and president of the student council. Im very well built and muscular. Im 6’1. I have blonde hair and blue eyes.
Im also gay. Many people don’t know that but I am. I didn’t want people knowing so I dated this girl and dismissed the rumors of me being gay. This story is about me and my dad. Its just me and my dad now. My mom and dad are kind of on and off so it gives me more chances. I have a huge thing for my dad. Anyway the first morning I woke up I put on my shorts and went downstairs. I saw some guys in the house and my dad saw me and called me over. “ Morning James, These men are going to redo the floors in the house. All the wooden floors. Were going to have to leave and stay at a hotel tonight.” “Alright” I said. “Go pack your bag. Well have to leave soon.”
I went upstairs very excited. Maybe tonight was the night things got good between us. I stripped down nude. I got my bag and put a shirt, shorts and one of my jockstraps. I went to my draw put on the smallest tightest pair of underwear I have and stuffed my cock and balls into them. My cock is 9 inches hard and my balls were pretty big, nice sized. I put on shorts and a tank top. I began to walk out and close my door when I thought of my lube bottle. I ran back to my desk and pulled it out and put it in my bag. I went downstairs and stood by the door. My dad was apparently already in the car because he honked the horn. I walked out the door and walked to the car and got in.
“ I hope you don’t mind son, the only room they had available with a hot tub and a nice big shower was one with only one bed.” “Nah its no problem” izmir escort bayan I said. Now I was really excited. My cock started to get hard and I was happy it would be contained. We arrived to the hotel and checked in. We went into the room and it was huge. King sized bed, huge t.v. The bathroom was really big. Hot tub and a shower that took up a whole wall. I walked over to the bed laid down and kicked off my shoes. My dad was already planning on going somewhere when he said, “ Im gonna go to the pool, you wanna come?”
“I didn’t bring a bathing suit, I might go in the hot tub” I said. He said, “That sounds like a better idea, I can always lay out later on the patio.”
I got up off the bed and started getting undressed. I noticed my dad did the same things. He got to his underwear when he shut the curtains and said, “Cant have the people see my nads.” I laughed. He pulled down his underwear and I was getting hard already. My dad is in his late 30’s. He is very muscular and very defined. He had a 6 pack that was to die for. He was like any other 30 year old and had hair on his chest, which I didn’t mind cause I knew one day I would have as much as he did. His cock was huge and he was hard. I would have to say 11 inches.
He took off his socks when he started walking to me. He said, “ Come on! Hurry up ill go start the water.” He slapped my ass and chuckled. I hurried up and slipped down my tight small underwear. I sighed with relief as the boys hung loose and my cock was now throbbing. I was worried a little bit but than said screw it. I walked to the bathroom quietly and stood in the doorway when I saw my dads eyes closed and his hand sloshing in the water. I kept walking with my cock harder now. buca escort I made a sound and he opened his eyes. But he didn’t stop. I got in the hot tub and thought this was it. I made a move and moved over to my dad. I put my arm around him and started to jerk off. I started to moan and so did he. I went to switch hands when I felt his hand on my cock. I said, “Uh dad don’t stop, faster make me cum.” he went really fast with my balls slapping against his hand and I was about to cum.
“Uh dad YEAH im gonna cum Uhhhhh.” I must have shot 6 ropes of cum on his hand on in the water. I could see he had already came and we both decided to shower instead. We got out and into the shower. As we were washing off my dad spoke, “ Damn son, your hung just like your father. Your balls release a lot of cum and you have a great fucking body. We can have a lot of fun this weekend if you want.”
I said, “ Yeah dad yes we can. And thanks dad you have a great body too and your cock is so fucking huge.” We dried off and went to lay down I laid under the covers because the room was cold and I felt him get in next to me. I was laid on my side and he wrapped his arm around me and held me tight.
The next morning I opened my eyes to see my dad standing at the door with my underwear on. It was so tight on him and short. Mmm as if I wasn’t hard enough from morning wood already. He ordered room service but I wasn’t hungry, I was fucking horny. I got out of bed, naked and hard and saw the room service guy stare at me. I went to take a piss and came back still hard. By then the guy had left and I found my dad naked again. Spread out across the bed. I walked to the bed and said well what can we do. Just two horny grown men with hard cocks izmir escort naked with a bottle of lube do. I grabbed my bottle of lube and sat on the bed. I can tell you what were gonna do, he said. First im going to suck your cock, than your going to eat my ass out. Than im going to destroy your ass. Way ahead of you dad, I said. I got on the bed and started to suck him off. I licked up and down the shaft and tongued his hairy balls when he said, Turn over and get ready. I laid on my stomach and I felt his hands spread my cheeks. He licked the rim of my hole and than finally his tongue went into my hole deep inside. Uhh yeah dad that feels amazing. I said, enough I want your cock in my tight ass.
He grabbed the lube and lubed his cock up. He told me it would hurt but I said I don’t care. And to shove it in my ass and fuck like you never fucked before. He stuffed and shoved his cock in my ass. I felt pain and than pleasure beyond belief. He fucked my ass hard and deep. His balls were slapping against me. A lot of UH and yeah and fuck me harder were going on. Very loudly also. He was fucking me for a good 10 minutes when he was about to cum. I told him I wanted him to cum allover my chest. He pulled out and quickly shot his sweet cum allover my hairy chest. Some got on my chin which I licked. I sucked his cock clean.
He said, “ Well your still hard, this is a problem.”
He promptly sucked my cock. He rubbed my thighs and balls. He was an amazing sucker and fucker because I was about to cum. I said UH dad your amazing im gonna cumm uhh. He jerked me off until I cam all over his hairy muscular chest. We were very sweaty and covered with cum and lube, so we went into the hot tub.

* I needed to tell you that there will be a part 4 of the beginning of a great summer series of mine. I decided to tell you with a hot story similar to that series. Keep reading*

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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