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Fun with a Mature Couple Ch. 03

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Stephanie stepped into the rec. room and announced our arrival. I held back because she deserved to be the center of attention, and attention is what she got. The oohs, aahs, and accolades were what you would expect to hear for a woman so provocatively dressed. All of her friends were drinking in the site of this incredibly beautiful, mature woman.

Tom tried to grope her. She kiddingly slapped his hand away and playfully said, “If you don’t behave, I’ll have to send you to your room, and you’ll miss all the fun!” Everyone laughed.

Turning back to her friends, she said, “I hope everyone has a good time tonight, I know I will, because I began to party a few hours ago!”

Introductions were made, and I noticed a couple of things right away. The men were all dressed alike; jeans or slacks with polo shirts. The women were all dressed differently.

Bill and Chris were in amazing shape for a couple in their early seventies. They were both blonde, Nordic looking, and around 6′ in height. Chris was wearing a floor length skirt that draped low on her hips, and a crop top. Her slim tanned midsection sported a bellybutton piercing. I would find out later in the evening they were the one’s with the pool, and bathing suits were never worn in or around the pool area. Joe and Noreen were about the same age as Tom and Steph. Noreen was almost as round as she was tall. Her black hair, complete with bangs, framed her round face. She squeezed herself into a pair of yoga pants with a transparent print blouse. Her chest was massive. We could see thru the thin material of her blouse. Soup bowls don’t have the same circumference as her bra cups. Rich and Ginger, the youngest couple in attendance, were in their fifties. They both were on the cusp of showing signs of middle age. He had a small belly, she had the start of that muffin-top look. Ginger was in a mini skirt with a lacy, off-the-shoulder top. Her reddish hair was long and wavy, her green eyes sparkled.

Tom made sure there was a full drink in everyone’s hands. We talked in small groups about everything under the sun. When I thought the time was right, and buoyed by a few more rounds of drinks, I called for everyone’s attention.

“Ladies and Gent’s” I began, “We all know why were here tonight. Let’s not prolong the inevitable. We need to make a little room for a game we’re all going to play.”

I continued, “Guy’s, would two of you move the card table to the wall near the bathroom. I also need a hand pushing the couch down the far wall. We need to make as much room as possible. Now let’s move 4 chairs to the middle of the room, and place them like points on a compass.”

After the chairs were placed as instructed, I said, “Everyone knows how to play musical chairs. This is a variation of that game. Guys, would you go over to the couch and remove all of your clothes. I’ll get naked here.” I was standing near one of the chairs opposite the couch.

Tom almost knocked people over trying to get to the couch. He was like a kid at Christmas, all motion, moving at the speed of light. The women stood off to the side and watched their spouses disrobe. Steph looked my way and winked at me. Soon there was pile of clothes on the floor, and all of us guys were displaying our dicks. Bill’s member was long and narrow, almost arrow like, pointing straight down toward the floor. Tom’s dick looked like the same mushroom cap hiding in hair, as it did 3 months ago. Joe’s unit looked to be average in size, but on the thick side, and it rested on a huge pair of hairy balls. As a matter of fact, Joe was covered in hair. Rich’s dick was about the same size as mine, but where mine hangs slightly to the left, his hangs slightly to the right.

“Pick a chair, get comfortable, and grab the bottom of the seat. You won’t be using your hands, until much later in the evening.”

I turned to address the ladies. “Your turn to show us what you are bringing to this gathering. Please leave your clothes on the other side casino şirketleri of the couch, walk slowly to your spouse, and stand next to his chair facing the man behind him.”

Surprisingly, Noreen was the first women to shed her clothes. Her tits were humongous. They looked like 2 Met Life Blimps hanging under her neck. I began to wonder what kept her from constantly falling on her face. Her tits were so big there wasn’t any skin to be seen between them. Her pussy was surrounded with dark black hair. Steph stepped out of her gown, and never lost eye contact with me as she walked toward Tom. Any man watching Chris was destined for an early erection. Her 72 year old body was flawless. Her B cup tits were perfectly symmetrical. The hair around her pussy was the same light colored yellow, as on her head. Ginger’s tits were a little smaller then Steph’s, but with large brownish nipples. She had a landing patch of auburn hair, above her pussy. All eight friends for the first time, were together naked.

I addressed the group by saying, “I’ll monitor the game from here. The rules are simple. I’ll explain what you ladies will do to the man you are facing. You will walk to him and have 15 seconds with him. He can’t touch you, so let your imagination run wild. When I stop you, you’ll get ready to walk to the next man. Every fourth move will bring you to your spouse. Stand next to him and listen to what comes next. Now ladies, you’re actions will cause each guy to get an erection, if they’re not sporting one now. Here’s where the fun really begins. Try your best to make a man cum. Guy’s when you cum, and you will, use the bathroom to clean yourself up, then sit on the couch and watch. Ladies, you also will be given an opportunity to clean up, but you’ll return to the game. Should you land on an empty chair, play with yourself for our enjoyment. The winners of the game are the couple who are together, when the third man climaxes. They will be the center of our attention. Any questions?”

Stephanie asked, “What about you?”

“Oh, I’ll get involved once we have a winner. Remember, this is about you folks. Besides, my partying started a few hours ago, too.”

With each naked wife standing next to her equally naked husband, I said, “This first

walk-around will be kissing only. Guys, no hands. Ladies, kiss anywhere you would like. Walk to the man in front of you.”

There was no way, I could watch all four women, and keep track of the time, so I decided I would focus on one wife each round. Stephanie was my choice for round one. She sat on Bill’s lap, pressed her tits to his chest, and put her hands on either side of his face. She began kissing his lips lightly. Before anyone got overly involved with someone’s spouse, time was up. Joe was the next husband for Steph. She stood in front of him, placed her hands on his shoulders, and slowly kissed his forehead, eyes, cheeks, lips and chin. Once again, 15 seconds flew by, and the women were on the move. Rich was clearly sporting an erection, when Steph reached him. She kissed each of his nipples, then placed kisses all over the head of his dick. With time up, the women were back were the round started.

“Round two is the oral round. Ladies, you have four naked men waiting for your lips and your tongue. Don’t forget you’re trying to get a man to cum,” I said.

Noreen clearly had an aggressive side. I watched her almost march to Rich. She covered his pulsating dick with her lips, and sucked him with reckless abandon. Before time was up, Rich grunted, and deposited the first load of the evening into Noreen’s waiting mouth. She swallowed, raised her arms, and yelled out, “Yes!” Rich retreated to the bathroom and the round continued. Chris sat on the empty chair and began playing with her nipples. Noreen was attempting to do what she did to Rich, with Tom. Time was eventually called, and the wives were on the move again. Steph was in the empty chair, and her attention was on her clit. Noreen’s final target was casino firmaları Bill. She knelt between his legs, and licked his long thin dick like it was an ice cream cone. She then put as much of it in her mouth that she could. I was just about to call time, when Bill cried out, “I’m going to cum.” Noreen caught the first and second wad, but before she could swallow, Bill’s dick slipped out her mouth, and the rest of his cum landed on her massive tits. 2 Guys out of the game, 2 guys still in. Bill and Noreen headed to the bathroom. She was rubbing his ass the entire way.

We took a time out, while Bill and Noreen cleaned up. We refreshed our drinks, and got ready for the next round. It was amazing how comfortable nine naked people were with each other. Every person, including myself was walking around naked, socializing as if we were all clothed. Tits swayed and hard dicks bounced with every step.

I got everyone’s attention by saying, “Round three is the physical round. If you end up on an empty chair ladies, please continue to pleasure yourself. Otherwise, enjoy the hard dick that’s being offered to you.”

Noreen and Steph played with themselves because they sat on empty chairs. Ginger sat on Tom, facing the rest of us, and began grinding her ass on his dick. Chris straddled Joe and lowered herself on his stiff, fat dick. We all heard the unmistakable sounds of two people on the verge of climaxing. Chris bounced up and down sighing the entire time. Joe met each of her bounces with an upward thrust and a grunt. She whispered something in his ear, and he came with a loud yell. It was now their turn to walk to the bathroom together. Tom and Ginger were the couple left, when Joe blew his load. Ginger stood up next to Tom and they High-fived!

“We have a winning couple,” I declared. “Guys, would you move the chairs out of the way so Ginger can kneel on her hands and knees in the middle of the floor. Tom, lay on your back and place your mouth directly under one of her nipples. Ladies, you have some decisions to make. One of you needs to be under her other nipple. One of you needs to spend some time with Tom and with me. I will enter her from behind. Finally, one of you needs to be with the guys on the couch, getting and keeping them hard. Once they’re sporting an erection, they can join us.”

Noreen went to the couch and started licking Rich’s ball sack, while she worked Bill’s dick with her hand. Joe positioned his face under his wife, and licked her pussy. With Tom licking one nipple and Chris sucking on the other, Ginger immediately had an orgasm. She was still in the middle of it, yelling not to stop, when I grabbed her hips and started fucking her doggy-style. This caused her to cry out even louder. I felt a familiar hand lightly squeezing my balls, licking my ass, and rubbing my ass-hole. I knew it was Steph. The folks from the coach joined us. I came inside Ginger and was quickly replaced by Joe. I had to taste Chris. Noreen was sucking Tom’s dick, when I knelt in front of Chris. I began kissing the inside of her thighs. As I worked my way up to her wet pussy, she raised her knees toward her chest. Just before I covered her wet gash with my mouth, I saw that Steph had replaced Noreen. Her head was bobbing up and down on her husband’s dick. Noreen meanwhile was having her ass-hole stuffed with Bill’s long thin dick. The moans, and cries of satisfaction were ear deafening. I can honestly say that I never experienced anything like this, and I would bet neither had the others.

I helped to get Chris off. Her body was still bucking when Rich knelt between her legs and started to pound his dick in her. Steph swallowed a mouth full of Tom’s cum, and laid on her back.

Chris moved away from Ginger’s nipple and began enjoying Steph’s pussy. Rich repositioned himself behind Chris and slide his dick back into her. Chris never lost contact with Steph when she climaxed. Steph started bouncing up and down in the throws of an orgasm, when Rich grunted and filled güvenilir casino Chris up with cum. All three fell into an exhausted pile of flesh.

Noreen was now riding Tom’s dick and called Joe over. Standing above Tom, Joe’s dick was mouth level to Noreen. She grabbed Joe’s ass and jammed her mouth over his dick. Joe eventually stiffened, let out a loud grunt, and filled Noreen’s mouth with cum. She swallowed every drop and kept sucking him until he had nothing more for her. At one point, she placed a massive tit on either side of Tom’s face. She made her tits sway enough to slap each cheek. When Noreen crawl away from Tom, Ginger lowered her mouth on his glistening dick and took her turn sucking him.

Ginger’s round ass and swollen pussy were directly in front of Bill. He positioned his long pointed dick on her wet slit, and in one easy motion buried himself in her. Steph extracted herself from Chris and Rich and moved over to Joe, who was on his back catching a break in the action. She ground her wet, hairless pussy on Joe’s face. I offered my dick to Steph. She kept her head from moving and opened her mouth. I took full advantage and slid my dick past her strawberry scented, pink lips and rocked back and forth. I continued pumping her face until she came. I popped my hard dick out of her mouth and turned to find Noreen reaching for it. My dick quickly disappeared between her lips.

On and on throughout the night everyone enjoyed the forbidden pleasures of swapping partners. On and on throughout the night new thresholds of sexual behaviors were being experienced.

During the evening, I remembered sucking on Noreen’s huge nipples. I’m pretty sure both Steph and Chris enjoyed those same nipples too. I think every conceivable sexual act was performed multiple times. The women enjoyed each other, as much as they enjoyed the men.

Taking this all in kept me harder than I’ve ever been. The sights and sounds of what was transpiring, coupled with the alluring aroma of sex were exhilarating. Gone were the days of quick multiple climaxes for us older guys. To the delight of the ladies, little blue pills were keeping us guys hard, and there would be a considerable amount of time between ejaculations. Plenty of stiff dicks were being offered to be used and abused!

I knew I was done shooting cum in or on someone, so I gathered up my clothes and quietly headed upstairs. I got dressed listening to the cornucopia of sighs, moans, and groans coming from downstairs. The last words I heard were, “I’m going to cum again!” and “Me too!”

I was lost in thought on the drive home. No radio tonight. I wanted to process the evening while all of the events were fresh in my mind. Every time I would try to think about what went on at Tom’s party, my mind would drift to the blissful hours I spent with Stephanie in the hotel. When I was able to concentrate on what happened, I smiled knowing that I enjoyed the sexual charms of all four mature, married women. That level of enjoyment was the reason I walked into my house with yet another raging hard-on.

In the shower, I replayed the evening in my mind one more time. With my soapy hand, I began to slowly stroke myself. The more I recalled from the evening, the faster I stoked myself. I wanted to cum thinking about what I had experienced, but there was nothing left in my nuts to make that happen.

Before falling asleep, I began to wonder if I heard the last from Tom. (Probably) I also wondered if I would ever see Stephanie again. (Not likely) Tonight would be the first of many nights that I went to sleep thinking about Tom and Steph’s coming out party.

When I opened my laptop the next afternoon, to my surprise, I had an e-mail from Tom. Thanks, was the subject and there was an image attached to it.

The image was taken and sent to me at 3:45am. All four women were standing side by side locking their arms together, facing the camera. All four women were completely naked. Their pussies were either reddish in color, puffy or swollen from a night of passionate, uninhibited sex. All four women looked content and satisfied, smiling that Mona Lisa smile.

To steal the words from a Frankie Valli song, “Oh, what a night!”

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