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Games People Play

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“This story is based off a dream I had very recently. I felt that with some work, I could make this into a worthy story. I woke up just as the good part was cumming (pun intended), but that’s where I took things to a completely new level. Hope you all enjoy this. Please rate and comment on the story and let me know your thoughts with personal messages. Thank you!”


Addison quietly slipped through the cracked door, looking around for signs of other people. The 18 year old high school senior, followed by another teen boy of similar age, slowly walked into the dimly lit hallway. Neither said a word as they picked up their pace, making as little noise as possible each time their socked feet hit the hard, tiled floor. The two boys were on a mission, and the least bit of noise could attract the kind of attention they so desperately wanted to avoid. Down the hall, the second teen noticed a room that had yet to try.

“There, the classroom at the end,” he whispered to his partner.

Addison nodded, but said not a word. He knew that it was likely in there, as one was usually in an open room in the middle of the floor. Obvious, but still a bit difficult without all the lights on. As they approached the room, they gave the hallway, which splits as it meets the classroom, another look to make sure the coast was clear. The second boy teen went in first, as Addison kept watch for a fraction of a second longer.

“This is almost too quiet,” Addison thinks to himself.

“Here! I found it,” the other boy whispers loudly from inside the room. Addison walks into the small classroom, which was even darker than out in the hallway. While everything is barely visible, he see the unmistakable shape of a flashlight head.

“Now we can go free people upstairs and they can find the other pieces too!,” the second boy says excitedly.

“It won’t be easy,” Addison replied. “The Gargons have found most of them, and there will be at least one sticking around that main group in the chapel. Let’s go up as quietly as we came.”

They both nod, and silently exited the room. The first one out was the first in; the ever excited Charlie Mann. Though his 6 foot frame might have people mistake him for a basketball player, poor Charlie was a huge klutz and had relatively few friends to speak of. Intelligence wasn’t his strong suit either. He was wearing his favorite green Zelda t-shirt and baggy jeans that didn’t fit quite right on his skinny frame.

For the most part, he stuck with his friend and game partner, Addison. Unlike Charlie, Addison was only about 5 foot 4 inches or so. To make up for his lack of height, he was a clever and talented young boy. Though he was considered “cute” by the other girls in high school, with short blonde hair and a face that would make Justin Bieber jealous in envy, Addison’s constant problems with shyness and confidence prevented him from forming close relations with said girls. He was wearing a short sleeve orange jacket and tan cargo shorts, which he felt were very appropriate for all the running he would be doing tonight.

Both boys were participating in a youth group game called Gargons. The game itself was rather simple and straightforward. There were two kinds of players: Gargons and everyone else. Gargons were essentially taggers. They traveled around the large church that Addison and Charlie were members of, having to yell “Gargon!” as they walked around to make their presences known. The entire church was in relative darkness, with only emergency signs, a few damp lights, and the moonlight to show the way. Gargons had the duty to find everyone else participating in the game and to tag those wandering players to freeze them. If everyone (other than the Gargons) is frozen, the Gargons win and gain exclusive privileges to Guitar Hero in the youth group’s den during free times.

The rest of the group had a mission to fulfill: find the pieces of two full flashlights, which were five pieces each, put them together, and shine the light on the Gargons to win the game. Another incentive to find the pieces was you could unfreeze a tagged person with a piece of the flashlight. Being tagged while holding a flashlight piece, however, could be detrimental to the whole group, as you cannot pass the piece to anyone else while tagged and frozen. Winning this game could indeed be very difficult for everyone else. However, the game was immensely popular with the group, and the overall size of the church allowed for many places to hide to avoid detection from Gargons. Running was also allowed by both, but shoes were usually taken off to avoid making lots of noise. Many people went barefoot or wore socks, like both boys were.

With that in mind, both boys were determined not to get caught with the piece they had just found. Since the game had started twenty minutes ago, the Gargons had pulled an early lead. While Addison was sure that there were at least four or five other people untagged people roaming the church, that meant that about twenty bahis firmaları or so others were frozen and couldn’t move. To make matters worse, their youth leader had not only chosen four of the most experienced Gargons he could find, but he had also done a terrific job of hiding some of these pieces.

“We were lucky to find this piece,” Addison told Charlie quietly, as they headed back to the stairs they came down from. The church had two floors, with the main floor providing one set for the flashlight, and the basement held the other.

“Yeah, but why haven’t we seen anyone down here?” Charlie asked. “Usually people hide down here, since it’s darker.”

Addison thought Charlie made a good point. However, he didn’t think that too long, as a voice called out to them.

“There is someone down here you nerds! Now get me unfrozen.”

Both boys knew the voice as one of the ruder members, Chris. They followed the voice to another classroom, and there he was on the floor, waiting to be unfrozen.

“About time someone came down and got me!” he said with a sarcastic tone. “I’ve been waiting here for almost fifteen minutes now!”

Charlie took the flashlight head and gently patted Chris on the shoulder, allowing him to get up. “You see anyone else around here?” Charlie asked.

But Chris wasn’t interested in staying around to talk, and as soon as he was unfrozen, he dashed off, heading upstairs.

“Wait! They are all upstairs, you’ll get caught!” Addison yelled at Chris. As if he didn’t hear, Chris went through the door leading upstairs, and shut it with a loud thud echoing throughout the basement halls.

“Great, now he’s going to get captured,” Addison said. “They’ll hear him from a mile away and trap him like they did everyone else.”

The Gargons, Addison knew, where working well together and cornering players. Most of the time they played this game, the Gargons chosen would go their own separate ways and do little to coordinate their efforts. This wasn’t the case tonight however. The four Gargons this time knew exactly what to do, as they had all done it before. For Addison, that made the game much more tense and exciting.

“Let’s not go up that way,” Addison said. “If they catch Chris there, they’ll come down and look for more.”

As per usual, Charlie agreed with Addison. The two friends went off to the southern end of the basement to find another way upstairs. While they traveled quietly, they looked around for other frozen members. For whatever reason, they found none on the way.

“Why did everyone stay upstairs you think?” Charlie asked Addison. By now, the two were getting close to the staircase leading up to the back area of the church.

“Well, no one really got much of a chance to even get downstairs,” Addison replied. “They ambushed everyone and blocked the main way down. That’s how I found yo-“

But before Addison could finish his words, they heard someone running towards them. Before they could even find a place to hide, another boy came around the corner and almost collided with Charlie.

“Ben, you’re unfrozen, how did you get away?” Charlie asked the boy.

“No time to talk, Marcus and Sabrina are following me, now hide!” he said as he ran back the way Addison and Charlie had came. Then, both boys heard voices from farther away. It was a boy and a girl each shouting “Gargon.”

Without delay, the boys went back to the next room to hide. Unfortunately, the room had an open window, throwing moonlight all over the place.

“Where do we hide?” Charlie asked, extremely nervous about being caught. Addison looked around the room, then found a spot where he couldn’t see into. Most of the desk and furniture had been put out of the way, so there was nothing on the floor. Nothing, except a battery for the flashlight. Knowing it wasn’t the best time to pick it up, Addison left it on the floor.

“Here, hide in here,” he said, pointing to the cluster of desks. Quickly, but as quietly as they could, they hid in between the desks. They lay in wait, hearing the Gargons approach closer and closer. Finally, the came around and stopped near the door. Addison recognized that they were indeed Marcus and Sabrina.

“Why are we even following him, he doesn’t have a piece on him,” Sabrina said to her companion between yelling.

Marcus, who was actually a college sophomore visiting back for the night, seemed to be a bit annoyed with Sabrina. “Because, I personally froze that kid. Unless someone is upstairs and has a piece, that little twerp cheated. Now let’s check in here.”

The two Gargons walked inside and gave it a look around. Both were very visible in the moonlight, with Marcus’ dark black skin contrasting Sabrina’s somewhat pale white figure. Although admittedly nervous, Addison kept his eyes on them. Sabrina approached the spot they were hiding, although looking higher than she should have been. Of the four Gargons, Addison knew that Sabrina wasn’t the most intelligent kaçak iddaa or aware. However, she insisted a playing, and usually got her way because of her good looks and overall charm. Sabrina’s blonde hair bounced as she walked around the room. She noticed the battery in the middle of the room, but Gargons were forbidden to touch flashlight pieces, so left it alone.

“Maybe it was Willie,” Sabrina said. “He’s always been really good at this game. Plus, he can be really sneaky.”

Addison held his breath, as she was referring to him and his nickname. Marcus gave a dismissing laugh. “That kid probably turned tail and is hiding somewhere,” he replied. “What a frickin’ little wuss.”

“Don’t be so mean to him!” Sabrina exclaimed. “He’s really nice, and kinda cute too.”

Another small laugh escaped from Marcus. “Yeah, you’re just saying that because you’re Kimmie’s friend. Just stay back if you’re not gonna look.”

Sabrina took a step back, placing her back towards the two hiding boys and also fully enveloped in the moonlight. Addison couldn’t help but glue his eyes to his fellow 18 year old classmate. However, he wasn’t looking towards her face, nor he butt, like other boys did. Addison’s eyes were where they were usually pointed at when he saw Sabrina: her pretty size 8 bare feet, wrapped around her lengthy jeans. Sabrina’s feet rocked back and forth, giving her unnoticed admirer a nice view of her pale, soft-looking soles. Her red-painted toes wiggled on the cold, hard floor, as if they were unpleased of being out. Sabrina noticeably liked to play this game barefoot, and that suited Addison just fine.

Addison’s admiration for Sabrina’s feet, as well as many others, was a contributing factor to his shyness. He didn’t want anyone to know, and kept it a secret since he noticed his fascination in fifth grade. Sabrina’s feet were some of his favorite, and he would often find himself staring at them in class or during church and youth services. Though he knew she was out of his league, he always fantasied about caressing those soft, beautiful feet, or sucking on those short, always painted toes of hers while she egged him on.

His fantasizing didn’t last long, as another Gargon could be heard coming down the hall. Marcus stopped looking and both him and Sabrina walked back into the hall. “Why are you down here?” Marcus asked the newcomer.

“Kimmie wants you upstairs,” said a new male voice. “Several people have escaped and that means someone’s got a piece. Sabrina and I are supposed to go to the other side of the basement and catch anyone who ends up down here.”

“Who do you think is doing this?” Sabrina asked. “Willie? Charlie? Alexa?”

“We don’t know,” said the male voice. “Just follow me. Marcus, head back up man. Kimmie will need you.”

“Sabrina, if it’s your boyfriend, I’ll go catch him for you,” Marcus said jokingly.

“He’s not my boyfriend Marcus!” she exclaimed. “I just think it’s rude when you and everyone else calls him that name.”

“What Willie?” Marcus said. “He should be happy about it. It means he’s got the goods hahahaha.”

Marcus walked off laughing, heading to the staircase. Sabrina and the other Gargon soon went in the other direction, yelling “Gargon” as they were required to. As their voices faded away, Addison debated moving. However, he couldn’t help but think about what Marcus said.

Willie was Addison’s given nickname at school, a nickname he personally hated. The name, as one might imagine, had to do with Addison’s junk. What someone outside of school might insinuate is that it’s made to poke fun at Addison’s lack of a dick. However, that was not the case with him. In fact, Addison was seen as the most well-endowed student at the school. His dick measured at a surprising nine inches, with a little bit extra. Despite his height and shyness, Addison knew he was bigger down there then he should be.

While changing for PE, many students over the years have taken notice at his immense length. Prompted by jealousy, surprise, or just to be a complete jerk, many people started calling him Willie in 8th grade. Since then, not only had his size grown, but also the rumors of his size. Soon, the girls came to find out, and also began calling him that dreadful name. Even teachers called him Willie on occasion, oblivious to the reason why their students did so. About the only people at school that called him Addison were Charlie, his few other friends, and noticeably his step sister.

Thinking about her jumped Addison back to reality. “Charlie, I think we’re ok to get out of here now.”

Trying as hard as they could to be quiet, the two teens crept out of their hiding spot and back into the hallway, but not before Addison grabbed the battery. He then began formulating their next move. They knew that there were two Gargons on each level now, and that there was someone else upstairs with a flashlight piece. Maybe even the whole flashlight, but that wasn’t likely in Addison’s mind. Not with Kimmie kaçak bahis around to stop them.

“So what do we do now?” Charlie asked Addison. “Your step sister is upstairs and we’ll get caught if she’s on the prowl now.”

Addison knew Charlie was right, but he also knew there would still be hardly anyone down here. They now possessed two of the pieces, so that meant that three more where probably still hidden down here.

“We need to find the other pieces down here, or we could meet up with whoever has the pieces upstairs,” said Addison. “I wish we knew more about what happened upstairs, but may-“

Once again, Addison heard someone coming towards them, not screaming Gargon. Like before, the person came around the bend and stopped dead in their tracks, surprised to see someone. Addison recognized the person as Becca, a sweet redhead that hung out with both Addison and Charlie during church.

“Oh jeez, I totally didn’t know you were both down her,” Becca said, regaining her composure. “Many of us got away, but Kimmie sprang into action and froze half of that large group in the chapel right back up. I just barely got away.”

“Who has the piece?” Addison asked.

“Blake has it, but I think he might have gotten himself frozen,” she replied. “I think I know where one of the pieces is down here, so that’s why I came.”

“We went to this and another classroom on the other side,” Charlie told Becca, indicating the direction of the classroom that had gotten their first piece from.

“Oh no, I’m not talking about the classrooms,” she said. “I’m thinking there’s one by the den area.”

Addison wasn’t quite sure if this would be true. “But that’s a bit obvious, and we aren’t allowed to go back in the den unless we quit.”

Becca shook her head. “It’s been done before, and I think I heard Kimmie say to check that out early on in the game.”

Charlie started walking in the direction of the den. “Then what are we waiting for?” he said. Becca soon followed him, with Addison at the rear.

The three friends walked in silence, being able to hear the echoes of the two Gargons downstairs with them. As they walked, Addison found his eyes wandering down to Becca’s feet. Like Sabrina, Becca was barefoot and hardly making a sound because of that. Addison had to admit, Becca’s feet were also really nice, though he didn’t find her attractive otherwise. Her toes were unpainted, but cute because of her smaller size. Once, during a bible study, Becca had propped her feet up in front of Addison, which he remembered made him nervous and very hard. He even had to use his bible to cover up his erection. Her soles had been confine in her sneakers, so there was a noticeable smell as well. Other than the look, Addison found the scent to enjoyable, rather than disgusting like others did. However, the occasional sniffing while that happened eventually caught Becca’s attention.

“I’m sorry Addison, I’ll put them back on,” she had said, believing the scent to be disturbing him. Boy, could she have not been more wrong.

The trio eventually approached the den, hearing basically nothing of the Gargons. As luck would have it, there was a bulb section of a flashlight near the entrance to the den.

“How could we have all missed it?” Addison said, amused at missing such an obvious part from the start.

Becca smiled. “I think that’s the point. We all wouldn’t think to look here.” She picked up the piece, then looked to Addison again. “I’m not sure it’s wise to have all three of us with a piece.”

“Yeah Becs, I think you two should carry the pieces,” Charlie said. He handed his flashlight head piece to Addison. “You’re a faster runner than I am, and you can hide like no one else can.”

Addison smiled, but he wasn’t comfortable with this necessarily. “What if I do get caught though? I’ll be frozen with two pieces.”

“Then I’ll come and unfreeze you,” Becca replied. “Charlie’s right, you are faster and overall better at this game. You should be the one go keep the pieces and go upstairs.”

Now Addison knew what was going on. As sweet and nice as Becca was, she was a bit chicken and it was only by dumb luck if she got through a game of Gargons without being caught at the beginning. She was trying to get him to do the hard stuff and keep herself safe. Of course, he also knew it had to be done.

“Ok, here’s what we’re going to do,” Addison said. His two friends came in closer to listen to the plan. “I’m going upstairs to find Blake, who has a piece. If I find him, I’ll convince him to come downstairs to that classroom down the hall.” Addison pointed to a room to their left, with both Becca and Charlie agreeing. “If I’m not back down in 10 minutes, that means I’ve been frozen. Becca, that’s when I need you to come and unfreeze me. If you can’t find me, come back down here.”

Becca gave a confirming nod. Addison then turned his attention to Charlie. “Ok, what you need to do is find another piece down here.”

Charlie’s smile turned upside down immediately. “But I have no idea where it could-“

“Charlie! I need you to try at least!” Addison interrupted. “Even if you get caught, that distracts anyone from finding me or Becca.”

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