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Gang in the Showers

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*All my stories are real experiences I’ve had unless otherwise stated. Glad to find a place where there are others who appreciate this kind of life!


My mates will tell you that I’ve been a horny fucker ever since I came out of the womb! As I was growing up I always passed for being a few years older than my actual age and that made me a hit with the ladies pretty early on. My high school years were what most people experience in their college years…party, party, party! Sure I did some pretty stupid shit but hell, that’s what it’s all about! I gotta say that I owe a heck of a lot to my Phys Ed teacher/rowing coach Mr. Taylor… or Kevin as most of us guys called him. He pushed us real hard in training right from 9th Grade through to grad but he compensated that with the best rewards any horny guys could ask for.

By 12th Grade, and just turned 18 years old, I was Kev’s right-hand man when it came to training sessions with the senior crew. We worked the guys hard in the gym and on the track through the winter months and out on the water in the summer. Every morning at 6:00am we were all working our asses off to get to the championships and by the time we had to clean up and get to class our muscles were tense as fuck and coach made sure we got that tension released.

Kev was still a pretty young teacher. At 27 he had a ripped bod and good looks that gave me a run for my money when it came to the chicks around school. After spending the first couple of years in competition we finally got our acts together and realised that we would work better as a team. For the past year Kev and I had been taggin this hot piece of ass from our casino şirketleri rival school. She was the girlfriend of one of the guys on their team and I had made sure to get her home when her boyfriend fucked off with his mates after a competition. Since then we’d been keeping her warm every few nights and kept saying to each other how much the guys back at school would like gettin their dicks into her.

On this particular morning Kev left the gym early to go back to his office and get some paper work done and he asked me to keep the guys going and let him know when we were about to hit the showers. The guys worked extra hard and I enjoyed pushing them to the limits, reminding them of the glory of the championship and how much the chicks around school were into guys like us with hot bods. That got them pumping the iron!

At 7:30 I called time and told the guys to clean up the gym equipment and head to the showers. On my way down the hall I stripped off my shirt and popped into Kev’s office to let him know we were finishing up. When I opened the door I couldn’t believe my eyes…spread out naked across his desk was Kelly, an ex-girlfriend of mine and one of the hottest cheerleaders in the school. The profile of Kev standing there buck naked, plunging his cock into her pussy left me mesmerized and frozen for those few seconds…”She’s such a sweet fuck bro!” Kev said to me laughing. “Why didn’t you share this one before?”

“Fuck Kev,” I replied, ” I’ll share her now… you offering?”

“But let’s get all the guys in on this one Jay,” he said, pulling her off the desk and pushing her towards me. I grabbed her hand and led her casino firmaları towards the showers while Kev was still grinding up against her ass.

All 8 seniors who were training that morning were stripped down and lathered up in the shower. We could hear them laughing and getting their cocks hard as we came through the doors. That wasn’t unusual. What was unusual this time was when I walked into the shower and stepped aside to reveal Kelly… drippin wet pussy…. hungry mouth…and an eager ass. Immediately my bros started cheering and high-fiving each other… knowing full well that this was Kev’s big reward for them. “Come on guys, make room for the floor show,” Kev shouted at them. He pushed her down onto the tiles, got down on his knees and nailed his cock deep inside her.

“YEAH!!!” we all shouted, and the grunting and groaning started.

Kev got off big time on having me watch while he fucked different chicks but this time he really had his audience…9 horny young lads with hard cocks in their hands and a beautiful chick on the floor in the middle of it all…. Fuckin awesome! I couldn’t wait any longer and so I got my shorts ripped off and lowered myself over her face, shoving my dick in her mouth while I was facing Kev. Jake & Ben got on the floor beside her and each took a tit in their mouth and started milkin her hard while the rest were jackin it fast and furious. This bitch was loving every minute of it… gagging on my cock…. moaning with every thrust Kev gave her and then…. oh then!

Kev pulls out, turns her around and up on her knees and tells me it’s my turn to fill her up…. She had already lubed me up güvenilir casino with her mouth and I was primed to pound some pussy so I fucking laid it into her while Jake, Ben, and Dave squeezed in front of her face to feed her their dicks. Kev was standing over all of us like a proud papa jerkin his cock, yelling at me to fuck her harder and I was more than happy to oblige! Kel and I always had good fuck sessions but this time, watching all my buddies drippin their precum in her face… now that got me going hardcore!

Finally I laid back and pulled her on top of me, still bucking up into her soakin wet hole and I told the guys to nail her tight ass one by one. Jake pushed in first and slammed his 7 inch dick in so hard I thought he was gonna break through. He fucked her for about 5 solid minutes then couldn’t hang on anymore and lost his load up her ass. Ben, Dave & Nathan all followed in quick succession dropping their jizz in with Jake’s while the other guys sprayed their loads all over the place, soaking me in the process. But hell, I didn’t give a shit… it was the most horny scene I’d been in for ages and what’s a bit of cum between mates?!

Kev was last in and we gave her the grand finale, splittin her apart for the boys with our throbbin rock-solid rods and they loved it… hootin and hollerin the whole time. We were both getting close and when Kev kept sayin he was ready to shoot I gave him the ‘all-clear’ look. He pulled out fast and rammed it up her cunt with my dick, spreadin that hole another few inches wide and we both released a fuckin huge wad of spunk. We collapsed in a heap and the rest of the guys jumped on to pile-drive her and get one last taste of her. The cum was practically pouring outta her holes but no one was shy; we cleaned her right out and cleaned ourselves up while she waddled out like a fuckin penguin! Oh, and 3 weeks later, we won the championship! 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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