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Geek Sex Ch. 02

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As I was leaving the cafeteria I saw Renee walking toward the library. “Sorry about that, I’m going to be working most of the weekend, so I had to get some pussy when I could. She’s all yours now.”


“Amy, she’s still in the dorm, we can tag team her if you want.”

“What, I don’t…I would never…and not with a girl…not that there’s anything wrong with it…”

Renee laughed, “I’m just messing with you, I know you’re not a pervert like us. But listen, if you ever want to… you know…experiment, feel free to jump on Amy if you want, I won’t stand in your way.”

“Thanks, but I’m not really interested.”

“Oh…you’re just a voyeur.”

“What…I never….”

“Oh…come on, I could tell. You were listening to me and Amy. It’s all right. We’re cool with it.”

“Well…maybe just a little while.”

“Uh huh, well I have to get to work, I’ll see you later.”

When I got back to the room Amy was packing her clothes for the weekend. I was feeling kind of guilty for snooping on her, and I figured that if Renee knew so did Amy, so I might as well ‘fess up. “Hey” I said. “Listen, Amy, I’m sorry about before, I came in and heard you guys in the shower and I listened for a little while.”

“It’s alright, that’s the price of living in the dorms, everybody knows when everybody else is having sex.” Then she stopped packing, looked at me and smiled. “So, what did you hear?”

“AMY, I can’t tell you.”

“Can’t tell me? I was the one you were listening to. So what did you hear?”

“Well I don’t know…first you were moaning, then Renee was moaning, that’s about it.”

“So you listened for a while then?”

“Yeah I guess so.”

“Did you just listen?”

I felt the blood rush to my face. “What?”

“Did you just listen, or did you do something else while you listened?”

“AMY, I didn’t… I’m not going to tell you…”

“Come on” she laughed, “You were ‘playing bass’ weren’t you”

“No… well… so what if I was?”

“It’s alright…I think it’s hot actually…did you have a toy or just fingers?”

“What, a toy, you mean like a…you know…dildo or something? I don’t have anything like that.”

“Yeah, a dildo, or a vibrator, or anything, you don’t have one?”

“Well, no, I’ve never felt like I should, and I guess I never wanted to go into one of those stores to get one, besides, how would I know what to get?”

Amy looked at me for a couple seconds. “Jan, I’m going to show you something, but promise you won’t tell anyone.”




She got on her knees and started looking for something under her bed. She moved a few boxes around, then brought out a large shoe box. “I wasn’t sure if I should show you this, but obviously you’re cool with it.” She opened the box and there were about a half a dozen sex toys: a small silver vibrator, and a bigger metallic purple one, a smooth, blue rubber dildo, a little “pocket rocket,” two similar things that came to a rounded point with a flared base, one almost an inch in diameter, the other about an inch and a half, and vibrator with a smaller thing on the side of it with what looked like two little antennae at the top, plus a squeeze bottle of lube, and another bottle of some sort of cleaner, there was also some sort of harness. “I won’t be back until Monday, so feel free to use these, even after that, you know… whenever you want, I know how it is, just pretend I’m not here and enjoy yourself.”

“Amy, thanks…but I never…I don’t know what half of this stuff is!”

“Oh, dear child.” She laughed. “Well these are vibrators…this little one it nice on your clit…and these are kaynarca escort bigger ones, I don’t know what size you like, probably the smaller one at first, you can adjust the speed here…and this is a dildo…. this rabbit is my favorite… see it vibrates inside, and these things stimulate your clit.”

I was shocked, and fascinated. “What’re these, other dildos?”

“They’re butt plugs, dear.”

“You mean it…it goes in… uhh”

“OOOh yeah” she smiled naughtily. “Very nice when you’re in the mood for some backdoor. Just go slow and use plenty of lube. Start with the small one and work up to the bigger one.”

“I’m kind of afraid to ask what this is for.”

“That’s for a strap-on. See…the dildo fits in here and you wear it around your waist. Renee likes to fuck me with it. Well…use what you want, all I ask it that you clean them afterwards. What kind of porn do you like?”

“What? …Porn?” She reached back under the bed and pulled out another shoe box containing about twenty DVDs.

“Yeah, watch whatever you want…I don’t have anything too crazy. Half of its girl/girl…there are a couple nasty anal movies. Well, I have to get outa here. You have fun this weekend.” She winked at me and before I could say a word she picked up her bag and she was gone, and I was sitting there with a bunch of sex toys and a box of porn.

I didn’t know what to do, I just sat there and looked at the stuff for a few minutes, then got up and made sure the door was locked. I went back to the bed and picked up a vibrator, I turned it on. All the while it was like in a cartoon when the guy has an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, one telling him to do good and the other evil. Except in my case I had a nun from my Catholic high school on one shoulder, telling me that sex, all sex, is wrong unless it’s with your husband for procreation, and even then you shouldn’t enjoy it. On the other shoulder was a Cosmo girl, telling me that sex is natural, that pleasure is good, and that I should experiment.

I left the dorm and went outside to clear my head. It was almost five by this point and the campus seemed quiet. It was one of those weekends when a lot of people went home. My dorm wasn’t a big party house. I knew that I could lock the door and have some privacy if I wanted. I went back the dorm and took another look at the boxes of depravity sitting on Amy’s bed. The Cosmo girl won. I locked the door. “Where to start,” I thought.

I picked up each of the vibrators and turned them on to see how they worked. Then I took off my shoes and pulled my skirt up over my hips. I looked at my pussy and stroked it lightly. I was wet and horny. I picked up the smaller vibrator and turned it on to the lowest setting. It all seemed so strange and new. I placed it on my stomach and ran it slowly down across my navel to my pubes. I hesitated a little above my clit. I could feel the slight vibration before I actually touched my clit. Slowly, I pushed the tip downward through my bush until it reached my most sensitive spot. The pleasure of it took a second to register and I gasped. I stopped and realized that I was breathing fast. I set it a little higher and put it back between my legs. I placed it so that the tip was right at the opening of my lips and pressed it against my clit. It didn’t take long. In about five minutes my brain was on fire with orgasm. For a while afterward I couldn’t get up, my body kept spasming with little aftershocks. I don’t remember turning the vibrator off, or falling asleep.

When I woke up I didn’t know what time it was and didn’t care. I was satiated, if only temporarily. I was curious about Amy’s porn collection, so I turned orhanlı escort on the computer and opened the CD drive. I thumbed through the DVDs: “Six Days with Vera,” “Ass Eater Unanimous Vol. 10,” “High Desert Dream Girls,” “Disturbed,” “Deep Inside Felicia,” “Pink Velvet.” I had no idea what was on any of them. I put in “High Desert Dream Girls.” A lot of the sex was what I expected I guess, even though I had never actually seen it on a screen before. I had thumbed through Penthouse a few times, me and a girlfriend in high school would get into her brother’s porn stash and giggle as we looked at the pictures. But I had never actually watched a porno before. I wasn’t really shocked by the regular boy/girl sex: blow jobs, cunnilingus, vaginal sex in various positions. But most of the scenes had anal sex. I had never seen that before. I knew people did it, but I didn’t know How they did it. Even with lube I couldn’t imagine taking a guy in my butt. Almost half the scenes were lesbian, and in a lot of them the girls licked not only each others pussies but their assholes too. That was a completely new concept for me. I was shocked and a little disgusted at first, then fascinated and kind of curious. I always imagined anal sex as painful, or at least uncomfortable, but having your butt hole licked could be pleasurable. I couldn’t imagine being the licker though, I thought that it must taste nasty. The girls in the movie seemed to enjoy it though, they even tongue-fucked each others asses. I watched a couple other movies after that. Mostly I just fast-forwarded through them until I got to something that looked interesting. It seemed like the actresses had more fun with other women than they did with men. It got me thinking about what a girl’s pussy would taste like, what would it be like to make another girl cum.

All this had gotten me horny again, so I thought I’d try the rabbit. It was a strange looking thing, a small penis that vibrated slightly with an appendage on front that had two little “ears.” I stripped down and got into bed. I fiddled with the thing for a little while to see exactly how it worked. I turned it off and put it between my thighs, positioning it so that the tip of the penis was just below my lips. Then I pushed it slowly in. I wasn’t used to having huge things stuffed in me, so this was nice, just the right size. I was wet so it slid in easily. I put it in until I felt the “ears” on the hood of my clit, then I turned it on. It was incredible, it really took my breath away. The “ears” hit my clit from both sides, giving complete stimulation. I could see that this could be addictive. I wanted to make this one last, so I eased it out again, then slowly put it back in. I did this over and over, sliding it in just until it hit my clit, then back out again. My mind was filled with images of porn, men and women, all writhing together. I caressed my breasts, slowly rubbing them, then flicking my nipple with my thumb. I kept at it until I couldn’t resist anymore and put it all the way in, giving ultimate stimulation to my clitoris. I gasped and my body spasmed with orgasm.

In the afterglow, as I slowly drifted to sleep, I thought about everything I had done and seen in the past day, and everything I had found out about Renee and Amy. I was curious, but I wasn’t sure about how far I wanted to go. I thought I could trust them, but how much did I really know about them?

The next morning as I was showering, I spent a little extra time washing my pussy, not really masturbating, just kind of exploring and thinking about what could actually fit in there. Some of the girls in the pornos took huge dicks and dildos. I couldn’t imagine doing anything like that, but on tepeören escort the other hand I had never felt completely satisfied either. Also, all the girls in the movies had shaved pussies, some of them had no hair at all and some just a patch above the clit. I kept my pussy trimmed, so I could wear a bathing suit, but I have never shaved or gotten a Brazilian wax. It must be weird to have no hair at all down there. Then I washed my ass. I had some hair there too, just fine hairs around my anus. I let my fingers linger there also. I lathered up my index finger and circled the crinkled skin, then slowly inserted it. I always keep my nails short, better for doing lab work, so I didn’t worry about hurting myself. I pressed in past the first knuckle and held it there, then started to frig myself with my finger. I reached around with my left hand and spread my cheeks. Then I pressed in more past the slightly wider second knuckle. Again I began to move it in and out. I had never associated my anus with pleasure before, and I still wasn’t sure if I would ever take more than a finger, and probably only my own, but I could kind of see how people found it arousing. I realized I couldn’t cum that way though, not right then anyway. Plus I had a busy day ahead of me.

I had a work/study gig that morning, just doing data entry in the biology lab, and a paper to do that evening. Needless to say, my heart wasn’t in it. I had sex on the brain all day. I went out with some people from class that night and didn’t get back until late. I thought about bringing a boy back with me, but I knew that none of the ones I knew could give me as much pleasure as the rabbit. It was Sunday morning when I was finally back in my room with time on my hands.

I started with the rabbit. I set it a little higher this time, and tried to hold off on my orgasm as long as possible. I think I might have lasted fifteen minutes. God, that thing was good. After a shower and some breakfast I came back to the room for round two. I started with the vibrator this time. Teasing all around my pussy, then pushing it deep inside. Then I looked back in the box, and noticed the smaller butt plug. I picked it up and examined it. It was smooth and tapered and the widest part wasn’t too much bigger than my finger. Even by myself I was a little uneasy about this, but my curiosity overcame my embarrassment. I coated my finger in lube, then got on my bed in a “doggy style” position with my butt in the air. I reached behind me and inserted my finger in my anus. Slowly pressing it in, past the first knuckle, then the second. Somehow it felt different this time, more erotic than it had the day before in the shower. When my butt was lubed I picked up the plug and coated that too. I reached behind me and ran the tip of the plug along my crack, up and down a few times, until I felt it against my hole, and I pressed it in. The tip went in easily, but soon it was wider than my finger. I kept pressing, but I started to wonder if maybe even this small one was a little too much. Just at the point when I thought I would take it out, I felt it go past the widest part, and my sphincter clutch around the shaft. I didn’t move for a minute as my ass got used to this. Then I pulled the plug back out, about half way, I slid it back in, faster this time. Soon I was fucking myself with this little plug. I was really getting hot, but my clit needed attention too. I lay on my side with knees pulled up. With my right hand I used the butt plug, with my left I pressed the vibrator against my clit. When I came I felt my ass muscles clutching around the plug. It was an intense orgasm, and different, more of an “all over” orgasm and less centered on my cunt.

I went back to sleep after that, and woke up just in time for my study group. That evening I had time to watch a couple more movies and have another session with the rabbit. I cleaned everything just like Amy had asked and put the both boxes back under the bed.

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