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Getting Directions

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It is warm sultry day in the south. I am on assignment for a client at a customer site but the client’s equipment is not working. She, the objective of my lust, will arrive in about an hour for lunch. I muse on the possibilities but know that she belongs to another. Nevertheless, it is pleasurable to consider what we might do in a few hours.

Time is drags on as I wait. A verbal report is made to the client. I will receive some parts tonight but I need to buy some hardware. I get directions to a hardware store nearby and to a serviceable restaurant. About ready to leave, I settle back to wait. I wonder if she will be as delectable in person as she has seemed when we chatted online. I smile knowing that I will learn soon enough. The appointed hour is approaching.

My cell phone rings. It is she. She is about 15 minutes away. Her voice sounds delicious. How I long to possess her for even an hour. Even better she will be about 10 minutes late. With an inner wicked grin, I realize that I may have the excuse I have been looking for.

After packing up my tools, I head out front to meet her. I see her drive up. Her smile seems so trusting and so self-assured. I welcome her with a friendly embrace that she allows to linger for just a moment longer than necessary. My pulse quickens just a bit wondering if it might be possible; might it be possible to possess her for a secret time.

It must be said that this delectable morsel lives the lifestyle. She has surrendered herself to a master. She wears his collar and likes it that way. She savors the special bite that goes with such relationships. It is part of what makes her such a prize. I have never possessed a woman in that way and I find the idea of complete surrender powerfully erotic. The idea of spanking her bottom or flogging her bottom fires my passions. I want to hear her gasps as the waves of passion wash over her. Such a fine line to walk; I do not want to rape or seriously injure but I do want to savor her passions.

We take my car to the restaurant, a nicer place but casual. We are seated at a quiet table. As we consider the menu, I purposefully rub my knee against hers to gage her response. I want to tempt her. I want to break through her walls. In my mind I know I am taking advantage of her desire to please. I will go as far as her nature will allow. I salve my conscience by thinking she will enjoy being punished for her weakness.

Her knee pushes back. Our conversation is filled with innuendo and suggestion. She is a bigger flirt in person than online. The banter is multi tiered. I pursue and she dodges, predator and prey. I am feeling the blood lust of the hunt. The physical touching adds that special spice. I want to take her back to my hotel room. I want to stop this dance and begin another; begin that ancient ritual.

The food arrives and we eat. The atmosphere is charged with sexual tension. It is like bahis firmaları she can read my thoughts. Her eyes convey many messages. I see flashes of passion and lust. Flashes of concern appear when she realizes that I have breached her walls. I know she will never say yes but will she say no. There is a risk. If I push too hard, I will lose her trust and she will never speak to me again. On the other hand, if I do not try I will never know her nor savor her passions.

Despite her protests, I pay the entire check asserting a bit more dominance. I tell her than I need to buy some hardware as I close her door. We drive off following the directions that I had received. At least I thought we were following them. In few miles, it is obvious that we made a wrong turn. We are heading off into the green hills outside of town, not a gas station in sight.

We crest a small hill and there is a business off to the right. As we pass by I note with particular glee that is an “Adult Superstore”. My partner in this adventure asks if they would have the hardware I need and we both laugh. My thoughts race for a moment as I consider whether this is an invitation.

Then I have a flash of brilliance. I announce that we need to turn around and get some directions. The only place is the adult store we just passed. My passenger just laughs. She teases back that it is unlikely to surprise her. I tell her she needs to come in so she can help me follow the directions. As we pull into the parking I lot, I extract her commitment to come and help me. Then she said the words that I wanted to hear.

“Yes, I will help you follow the directions”. The bait is taken and she did not even see the hook. I need to set the hook and reel her in. We could have an afternoon to remember. Just the idea stirs my passions.

The Adult Superstore is quite the place. We present are I.D.’s and gain admittance. The store is a little underwhelming but it does have some interesting hardware. We giggle about the oversized dildos and the exotic crystal dildos. After a quick tour of the store, I move to set the hook.

I approach the proprietor of the store and tell him I two questions and ask “Can you tell me how to get to a regular hardware store where I can buy some rubber hose? Second, can you tell how to handle a woman who is reluctant to surrender herself to me and was 10 minutes late for our lunch appointment?”

The looks I received from the proprietor and my delectable partner were priceless. She knew that she had agreed to help me follow the directions and I would hold her to it. The proprietor’s reaction is perfect. He considers for a moment and prepares to answer. . I have made a big roll of the dice but feel so close to success. I hope the proprietor does not fail me now. He needs to give me something to work with. He needs to tell me to take her and own her.

After a few moments of thought, the kaçak iddaa proprietor comes through. He seems to realize that there is something extra going on. He tells me in a deadpan voice ignoring the presence of this jewel that I am on the right track buying the rubber hose and that I should flog her bottom, one stroke for each minute she was late. Then if she is good about taking her punishment, I should console her by using her pussy and ass.

After thanking the proprietor, I take my prize in tow and head back out to the car. She is silent. I am a little worried that I have taken this game to far. I want her surrender to be a gift, not a trick. I want to possess her soul even if only for a time. Her silence weighs heavy on me.

In a few minutes we are back on the path to the hardware store. We had made a right turn instead of a left. Inwardly, I am hoping that my luck will hold. A right turn had been wrong but it had also been so right. I pull into the parking lot. I open her door and lead her into the store.

I make a big production about the type of rubber tubing to buy. I tease that is needs to be soft enough not to bruise but firm enough to sting. I am also thinking that her Master will probably punish her to her pleasure for being trapped by me. It is so good when a plan comes together.

With my purchases in hand, I head towards my hotel. I have three hours before I need to be back to the site. Still she does not say a word. I feel powerful and dominant yet I feel she is giving me a great gift of her trust. The conflicting feelings are exquisite. I am enjoying that wonderful stirring in my loins.

My room is bright and sunny. The maid left the curtains open. The king size bed looks so inviting. I know I need to play out the rest of the game before I can be gentle with this jewel. I need to assert a bit more control than I would normally exert.

In a soft yet firm voice of command, I tell her to undress. She pulls the dress over her head. She unfastens her bra. She wears no panties. As the dress drops to the floor I can see the soft flesh of her ass cheeks. I detect a slight trembling in her. I hope it is one of anticipation.

Hardening my voice I tell her to lean over the desk chair and present her ass for her punishment. She already knows what it will be. She learned that at the store. As she complies, I grasp the hose. My hand is sweaty. I have never struck a woman before. I have never commanded a woman to submit to my will. The feeling of power and dominance is erotic. The gift of her trust arouses intense feelings. I am so tempted to just take her.

She trembles as my hand runs across her bottom. Her skin is soft and warm. I caress each cheek gently hoping to create that special conflict in her mind. I want her to remember me always. I flog her bottom twice in rapid succession with the hose. I am pleased when she thanks me twice for punishing kaçak bahis her. I caress her bottom and touch her nether lips for the first time as I complement her on her good training. I am pleased to feel the wetness of her treasure.

I continue the punishment and caressing. I count each stroke. I get more invasive with my fingers with each stroke. I finger her clit reminding her that she does not have permission to come. She must make her Master proud. She must show me how well she has been trained. She must do it for Him. The hose leaves bright red lines across her ass and thighs. Her moans are a mixture of pain and passion. After the tenth stroke, I pull her face back so I can see it. I am thrilled to see fire in her eyes. She is enjoying this scene and everything that is likely to happen later.

All this aggression has aroused me. I am so hard. I toss the hose aside and begin to unfasten my pants. I undress with haste. I do not want the moment to be lost. I roughly grasp her hips and thrust my dick towards her waiting pussy. I am surprised when she pleads “No fill my ass…. My cunt is reserved for Him. It is his. There is KY in my purse.”

I am taken aback by this outburst but it makes my dick harder. She is surrendering to me yet being loyal to Him. I do not understand her logic entirely but am more than willing to take her ass. Nodding my approval I am pleased when she crawls over to fetch her purse and retrieves the KY. She begins to lubricate her backdoor more roughly than I would have expected. She applies a generous squeeze of KY and rubs it in and out with two fingers. She rolls to her knees on the bed. Her face is nestled in a pillow. Her ass is in the air. I want to use her.

I climb on the bed behind her and position my dick. She can feel the head touching her backdoor. The tight rose bud of her anus is open to receive me. In deed she has been well trained. As the head touches her, she pushes back firmly to swallow me whole. She takes my dick in one push. Her ass feels so wonderful. I begin to pump. Savoring her. Coming to my senses for just a moment, I free her to savor her passions.

She groans “Thank you” as I feel a tremor run through her body. She matches my pace as I build speed and force. I am fucking her ass, an ass that I thought forever out of reach. Her desire to please me is intoxicating. My dick is swollen harder than I can remember. I feel almost super human. She is mine.

The passion of the moment is too great. I loose my load deep into her ass. It feels so good. It is a sweet release. I just hold her hips unwilling to move. I do not want the feeling to leave. I want the world to stop. However, such wishes are always vain. Soon my cock is soon too soft to stay in and I slip out of her ass.

I collapse next to her on the bed and pull her to me and thank her. The look I get is priceless. I realize that thanking her was not the proper way to acknowledge her. So I thank her again for good measure and hold her tight. I praise her training and discipline. I am not yet ready to let her go.

As we cuddle in the after glow, I wonder what she will tell Him?

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