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Getting Dirty With My New Cleaner

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My apartment is always a mess and I never have the time or inclination to clean it so it seemed logical that when I got a promotion at work and a subsequent boost in salary that I should hire a cleaner.

I went through a service who sent over a couple of different cleaners for me to interview and it is fair to say that one was the outright winner although I have to admit my brain wasn’t the part of my anatomy that called the shots on the decision!

To put it crudely Samantha, or Sam as she preferred, was the stand out, or should that be stand up, winner with my dick as soon as she walked in the room for our chat.

Aged 22 and around five feet nine inches tall, she had dark blonde hair tied in a ponytail, green eyes and a fantastic figure.

Her boobs were around 32c and looked firm and proud under the tight white T-shirt she was wearing. She also had on khaki colored shorts that, despite being far from typical job interview attire, did allow a great view of her silky smooth and nicely tanned legs.

Rounding off her outfit was a pair of light green sneakers and she was carrying a small rucksack from which she produced her resume.

The interview did not take long as my twitching dick had already decided Sam was the woman I was looking for.

After a few questions I offered her the job and she accepted. “Sorry to be cheeky but could you start immediately as it’s a mess in here and I’ve got company coming over tonight for a business meeting?” I asked.

“Sure thing. I’ve nothing else planned. Do you have a vacuum and cleaning supplies?” Sam said with a smile.

“Whatever there is you’ll find in that closet,” I replied pointing to the large walk-in cupboard in the corner of the living room.

“Ok,” she said getting up from her seat.

As she stood and walked away from me towards the closet I got my first proper look at her shapely butt that was squeezed into her tight shorts.

It looked very firm and perfectly round. My dick began hardening as I watched her saunter across the room casually tossing her rucksack on the couch as she passed it.

Doing my best to rearrange the growing bulge in my pants, I stood up and headed for the spare bedroom which I had converted into my office.

“I’ve some work to do to prepare for my meeting so if you need anything I’ll be in here,” I said.

“Ok. Thanks,” replied Sam who was looking through the closet for cleaning materials.

I left the door slightly ajar so I could keep an eye on my attractive new cleaner and then sat at my desk to look over some papers.

A few minutes passed by and I have to concede my attention to my work had been far from good.

Instead my gaze had been drawn regularly to the living room where Sam had been dusting and was now vacuuming.

It was a hot day and she was working up a sweat that was turning her thin T-shirt increasingly transparent. By now I could see the outline of her perky breasts under the material and it was clear she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Her nipples were poking out against the shirt and her boobs jiggled gently with every movement.

My dick was fully erect and straining to be let loose from my pants at this tuzla escort stage and I was just contemplating giving it its way when the sound of the vacuum stopped.

Sam knocked on the door to my office and I squirmed in my chair trying to return my dick to a less excited state.

“What room would you like me to do next?” Sam asked politely.

“The bathroom please,” I mumbled.

“Ok. No problem,” came the cheery reply.

With Sam now out of view I tried to get back to work and my dick gradually softened making it easier to concentrate.

However, only a few minutes had passed when my mind returned to Sam and I began to wonder if her shirt was by now totally see-through.

Unable to shake these thoughts and with my dick starting its re-assent, I decided to find out. Casually I made my way to the bathroom and walked in. Sam was bent over the tub scrubbing away with a cloth.

Her butt looked even better at that angle and it was all I could do not to reach over and grab it. I admired the view for a few more seconds then coughed loudly to alert Sam to my presence.

“Sorry to interrupt but I’m getting myself a drink and wondered if you’d like anything?” I asked as she straightened up.

Turning to face me Sam said, “A water would be great thanks.”

And there was the answer to my earlier question! Yes indeed her shirt was now drenched in sweat and clinging to her skin rendering it practically transparent.

Trying not to stare I nodded and said, “Water coming right up.”

Sam smiled and got back to scrubbing while I made my way to the kitchen yet again rearranging my pants to accommodate my excited dick that was sticking up like a tent pole.

I took a cold bottle of beer from the fridge and held it to my groin in a futile attempt to settle my manhood down.

Putting the beer back, I grabbed two bottles of water and returned to the bathroom.

“Here you go,” I said handing Sam one of the bottles.

“Thanks,” she replied. “It’s certainly a hot one today.”

Sam undid her bottle and put it to her lips taking a long drink. I stood motionless watching as she gulped down the liquid.

She continued to drink and as the bottled empty she pushed back her shoulders and head to take in the last few drops.

This of course forced her boobs to push tighter against her already skin-tight shirt and it looked as though her nipples were going to cut right through the material.

With a final gulp, Sam finished her drink and handed the empty bottle back to me before turning away and resuming cleaning.

A wet patch was beginning to form in my underwear as pre-cum leaked from the tip of my rock hard dick.

Reluctantly I left the bathroom but instead of returning to my office, I darted into my bedroom. There was no point attempting to work with Sam around and I lay on the bed day-dreaming about what I would like to do to my beautiful new cleaner if given the chance.

I lowered my pants and underwear to relieve the pressure of my hard dick and I was just considering relieving it further when there was a knock on the bedroom door. Before I could speak or cover up in walked Sam.

“I’ve finished the tuzla escort bayan bathroom. Which room would you like doing…” she cut her question short as she finally saw me laying on the bed half-naked with my dick standing to attention like a well-drilled soldier on parade.

“Sorry,” I started to mumble reaching to pull up my underwear.

“No I’m sorry for barging in here. It’s your apartment,” she replied.

I was still fumbling with my clothing when I noticed Sam was smiling and staring at my dick with a hungry look.

“Is that on my account?” she questioned with a grin.

“Err well yes. Yes it is. Sorry. I know I’ve been inappropriate,” I said as I at last managed to pull up my underwear and pants.

“It’s no problem. I’m flattered,” Sam responded. “Can I see it again? Close up.”

“You what?” I said taken aback by her remark.

“I want to see your cock,” she said. “I’ve already seen it so don’t go all shy on me. Anyway you wouldn’t want this incident to become public knowledge now would you?”

“Was she blackmailing me?” I thought.

“Come on get it out,” she said.

I didn’t like the idea of her threatening me but I also quite relished the prospect of her seeing my dick so I brushed off any negativity and lowered my clothing once more.

My dick was still hard and twitched with excitement as Sam came closer and stared at it. Without a word being exchanged she grabbed my shaft and squeezed tightly.

Her hand was soft and felt good. Cupping my balls with her other hand, she began stroking my dick bringing it fully back to attention.

“Now you’re going to do exactly as I say then this whole incident can stay just between us ok?” she said squeezing a bit tighter around my throbbing shaft.

“Ok,” I agreed accepting that Sam had completely turned the boss/employee dynamic between us on its axis.

“Good,” she said with a grin as she stroked my dick a little faster before bringing her head down and licking some pre-cum off its tip.

To my disappointment she suddenly relinquished her grip. Standing up she slipped off her shorts.

She was not wearing underwear and with her shorts discarded I got my first look at her pussy which was clean shaven except for a thin strip of hair that proved she was indeed a natural blonde!

Hopping back onto the bed she sat on my chest and looked down at me. She pulled her shirt off over her head and flung it to the floor.

As I stared up I could see her boobs with their perfectly formed nipples sticking out tantalizingly. I reached up to grab them but Sam swatted my hand away.

“Now, now I’m in control here remember?” she said. “You’re going to lick me out and when I’m ready you’re gonna fuck my ass got it?”

I just had time to nod in agreement when Sam slid down my chest and put her moist pussy over my mouth. I began licking, gradually working my tongue inside her hole which was rapidly growing wetter.

She tasted sweet and I was obviously hitting the right spots as she started grinding her hips and moaning with pleasure.

I couldn’t say how long I ate her out for but I certainly enjoyed the time and even more so when Sam reached back escort tuzla and started stroking my dick once again.

Just as she seemed on the point of climaxing she stopped grinding and moved her pussy from my mouth. Hauling herself up off the bed she walked over to a chair and bent over.

Looking back at me over her shoulder she said, “Fuck my ass right now and do it hard!”

I didn’t need telling twice and almost leapt up off the bed and quickly made my way to her. I rubbed my hands on the soft cheeks of her bubble butt and enjoyed the feel of her silky smooth skin on my fingertips.

Then I positioned my dick at the entrance to her anus and gently probed the opening. Sam was hurriedly rubbing her clitoris with intense vigour.

“Come on. Put it in. What are you waiting for? I want your cock in my ass right now” she yelled.

Realising my softly softly approach was not to Sam’s liking; I used my hands to spread her butt cheeks and pushed my dick into her anus.

It felt tight and warm as the first few inches of my shaft entered her passage.

Sam let out a loud groan as I pushed my dick further into her hole and started to thrust. I pumped her slowly at first but then she pushed back onto my dick letting me know to quicken the pace.

My balls smacked against her cheeks as I thrusted in and out of her gapping anus. Sam was panting heavily and rubbing her clit with even more fervour. I could tell she was close to cumming and this time she wasn’t going to stop.

I pumped her butt faster and faster until she let out a scream as she orgasmed. I too was getting near to release and with a couple more thrusts I could feel the cum rushing up my shaft.

“Don’t you dare pull out!” Sam snapped as she gained her breath back. “I want to feel your cum in my ass.”

With that I thrust as hard as I could pushing deep into her anus as the first squirt of cum shot from my dick.

She gave out a yelp as she felt the hot liquid enter her body followed by three more spurts as I deposited my juices into her anus.

“Fuck yes that’s it!” Sam shouted.

As we came down from our orgasms, I pulled my softening dick out of her hole and sat back on the bed. Cum began trickling out of her butt and down the inside of her legs. Sam dipped her finger into the liquid and put it to her mouth.

“Your stuff tastes pretty good boss man,” she said with a wry smirk. “Good job I just cleaned the shower. You don’t mind if I dirty it again do you?”

“Go ahead,” I replied.

Sam headed off to the bathroom while I grabbed a towel and cleaned myself off before putting my underwear and pants back on. Then I went to the kitchen and took out that beer from the fridge.

I was just finishing off the last few drops when Sam appeared. Dressed again but with her hair still wet from the shower she smiled and said, “Well I enjoyed my first day. I presume you’ll let the service know you’re happy with my work?”

“Of course,” I responded.

“Oh and like I said I won’t mention your exposing yourself to me. It’ll be our secret. Although I might need you to do a few more things for me to keep it that way ok?” she said.

“Sure. What’s a little blackmail between friends?” I joked.

“Oh no we’re not friends. You’re still the boss,” she said with a sly smile as she made for the door. “Well you’re the boss most of the time. See you next week boss man.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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