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Getting Our Friend

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Hi honey, just thought I’d call because I was looking at the movie we made the other day and it has made me feel really randy. I’ve had to masturbate six times with my rabbit while I’ve been watching it.

Colette! You dirty sod. I’d love to have seen that. I can just imagine the state of your pussy as you push that vibrator in and out. God what a turn on!

Well, come round here and you can not only see it but you can help me when I wank. How does that sound? I’m feeling so sexy and I’ve got my fingers inside me as I’m talking to you. Listen to the sound of the juices as I push them in and out like the vibrator.

Great chick, but I’m shaving my pussy at the moment and then I’ll just have to use my own stuff first. Why not talk me through it doll? I’ll soon be finished and fingering my smooth pussy lips. I can tease my clit while you talk smut to me.

Have you got yourself nice and smooth yet? Is all the hair gone and is your cunt completely open for view? Is it soaking wet and ready for any cock that comes near you?

Just finished. In goes roger and I’m switching him on? Talk filth to me Colette sweetie, help me cum. Jeeze, that feels so good, the vibration is such a bloody turn on.

Lindsey, just imagine that’s my tongue on your sweet cunt. Imagine my fingers are inside you instead of roger and that I’m going to stick my other hand into my own cunt while you wank with my help. Are you going to cum for me are you are you? You can imagine the smell of my fingers as I take them out of my pussy and place them to your lips. I’ll lick round your anus for you if you like.

Oooh, chicky, the juice around roger is really sloppy. I’ve got his prongs on my clit, oooooh, that’s so nice, it’s making me making me ahhhhhhh.

I casino şirketleri think you came babe.

You know I did. Did it make you wet listening to me? I’ve still got my fingers in my pussy anyway. I love cyber sex, it can be nearly as good as the real thing, though a cock does have the advantage of having a man on the end of it.

I showed Louise our video. The one where John fucked us both in the arse.

Innocent Louise! What did she think?

She had to go to the toilet! I could hear her masturbating while I stood outside with my hands in my pants, but I ran off when she came out. She is so sweeet. I’d love to have watched her fingering her pussy, but we aren’t that close, so I’ve got an idea.

Which is what, you filthy bitch?

Less of the bitch, do you mind?

I think we could get Louise into a movie with some Lads I’ve met. Three chaps who are up for anything. I’ve had them all one by one and even managed to get two of them to fuck me in the car park the other night.

Both together? How?

One in my mouth and one in my cunt. It was great, but neither could manage seconds so I had to go home and get Steven to fuck me in the arse to finish me off and even then I had to use Roger for a while and he helped me with his tongue. I made sure that Steven could smell the other men’s spunk on me and it really turned him on.

I’ll bet it did. I’ve never had the pleasure of your Steven’s cock. I reckon I should have him fuck me while you watch sometime. Preferably while you masturbate very loudly. Does he like it when he fucks a woman in her anus? I’ll be he does! Anyway, So, what is this about Louise?

How about we get the three guys to just accidently turn up on one of our girlie nights in. casino firmaları Get Louise pissed and in her nightie and they are visiting on their way home. She’s daft enough to believe that it might happen. We could be watching a porno, so we are already talking sex and if we are all in nightclothes….

With you so far babe.

Then we make sure Louise has got some very sexy pants on with a short nightie which she cannot cover her arse with properly and we’ve spent the time talking to her about what it is like to be shagged by more than one bloke at a time and how much fun it is to be fucked in the arse. If we show her enough pictures she can see it is done all the time. I’ve got some great shots of double penetration of some really red hot babes.

You think that you can get Louise to have a cock in her arse?

You like saying that, don’t you?

That’s because I love doing it. A cock in my anus and one in my cunt and one in my mouth all at the same time. Lovely! Do they fuck us too?

Not on this time, but well, that’s how we get Louise done. We get one of the guys to come on real strong with each of us and start snogging. If you and I start sucking two dicks then Louise won’t feel upset if the other chap gets his hand into her knickers.

Yep, ok up to there.

Then once he gets her good and wet he takes her nightie off and we watch him as he fucks her. We can encourage her once he gets her naked by telling her what a good body she has and how lovely it is to see a cock going into her wet pussy.

Ok so far. Does she have a good body?

Don’t know doll. Haven’t see it yet, but I reckon from what I’ve seen in underwear it will be really sexy. I could quite fancy licking her out at this stage, but she probably güvenilir casino won’t be up for it, but then I mention to Louise there is another guy here who can stick his cock into her mouth if she wants to see what it is like.

How do you get her to do that.

This is the clever bit. Manoeuvre her on top of the guy so that she can sit on him and then she can suck the other guy by leaning forward. We can say that we’ll have a better view of her beautiful cunt being penetrated if she does it like that. We could even grab the guy’s dick and push it into her in the process of helping.

Brill. A great view. Does she have a shaved pussy?

Doubt it, dut the best bit comes next.

Which is?

We get guy number three really hard with our two mouths and he comes up behind her, pushes her forwards and the other two hold her down while he goes straight into her anus dry!

Fucking hell. That will hurt her like heck.

Exactly. She’ll scream like a stuck pig. Then, he whips out instantly, we cover her hole and his dick with lube and he goes straight back in again. It’ll be incredibly sexy to see the cock going straight into such a tight hole.

And the other two keep her held down?

Yep, then he’s out again, lubed and in again.

Which we repeat until he is fucking her deep in her arsehole. I could go for that, for sure.

And by this time she is really enjoying it and we sit back and watch these three studs take turns to fuck her in the arse. If we can we can show her what pleasure we can give each other and then maybe she’ll let us get at her cunt and arse too.

So while they do that I can be fingering your cunt.

And I can be wanking you off with my hands too.

Colette, you are a genius, let’s masturbate together over the phone now.

I’ve got a much better idea, why don’t you come round here and stick that tongue of yours on my clit and roger into my cunt.

Ok, chick, stay wet for me, I’ll be there in five.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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