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Ghost Memories Ch. 04

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Big Tits

To prevent Nancy from shutting down Teri reached up and gently began to stroke Nancy’s clitoris as though it were a miniature cock. “Just a sex toy but somewhat larger than you are used to,” explained Teri lovingly, “Allow yourself to adjust to the different girth. I know that you will enjoy the result when I insert the other end in my own drooling canal.”

“What do you mean, Teri?” asked Nancy as she raised her upper body for a look-see.

Taking the free end of the doubled-headed dong in her hand Teri raised it up and wiggled it back and forth. She chuckled as Nancy’s eyes went wide open and a groan escaped her lips. Teri knew that her actions had caused the other end of the dong to move inside Nancy.

Is that what a real cock feels like?” asked Nancy shyly.

“There is no comparison to a real cock. This is a lifeless tool.” Teri said shaking the dong again. “A real cock is warm, firm but yielding and most important is connected to a man who hopefully knows how to use it properly. Anybody can use a tool and push it in and out, but a caring lover has his partner’s pleasure in mind. We both know how we feel after masturbating.”

“I know what you mean,” Nancy said, “There is a distinct difference between masturbating and our love sessions. Are you saying that there is another level attained when you have sex with a man?”

“Most definitely,” Teri said as she slowly withdrew the dong from Nancy until just the head remained inside. “You and I share kindred spirits. That’s why over the years we fell in love with each other. With Bill I found a soul mate and love was something that happened even before I was aware of it. Have you adjusted to the girth of our new toy?”

Nancy shuddered as she said, “I can feel my pussy fluttering. It wants to feel more and my juices are making a mess of your bed linens.”

“Don’t worry about the bed linens,” Teri said as she slowly fed the dong into Nancy’s canal, “Just feel and enjoy the sensations.” Glancing down she looked at the dong going deeper into Nancy. Teri estimated that eight inches were firmly encased by Nancy’s silken sheath. Reversing directions Teri slowly withdrew again until just the head was inside Nancy. She did the same motion several more times and then began to gradually increase the speed of her strokes.

Teri smiled knowingly. She and Bill had measured the girth of this particular dong. The measurement was the same as his cock when it was fully aroused with passion. “Massage your breasts and nipples as you would want me to Nancy.” Teri said with a lust filled voice, “When you are ready to go over the top pinch your nipples hard. That will connect the dots as they say.” Teri again increased the speed of her thrusts in to and out of Nancy’s now sopping wet pussy. Leaning forward Teri took Nancy’s erect clitoris into her mouth and gently nibbled on it with her teeth carefully shielded. Finally she added enough forward pressure on the dong so that it began to nudge against Nancy’s cervix at its deepest penetration.

“Yes! Oh my God, you’re hitting me in all the right places.” screamed Nancy. She had been sensually massaging her breasts but now her kneading of them became forceful. Using both hands on one breast Nancy was molding it as a potter would work clay. When she got to the top Nancy tweaked the pebble hard nipple. She did the same to the neglected breast. That became too difficult so Nancy grabbed both breasts and started to squeeze rapidly.

“Please, Teri not quite so deep but faster and harder.”

Teri altered her strokes and as she looked up Teri saw Nancy savagely tweak her nipples. After receiving several hard and fast thrusts from Teri, Nancy flew over the top to her climax. Her eyes shed tears while her body convulsed in ecstasy. Nancy’s abdominal muscles rippled and a new flood of juices was forced out around the dong. “I can feel my pussy milking the dong inside me.” Nancy said breathlessly.

Teri smiled but didn’t stop the hard and fast thrusts of the dong in and out of the pulsating pussy below her. She wanted Nancy to experience another shattering orgasm. Her tongue leapt from her mouth and flicked back and forth across Nancy’s erect clitoris. At each pass of her tongue Teri felt Nancy’s body jerk with the added stimulation.

Nancy was going to climax again. She felt her pelvis bounce on the bed. While she no longer had a savage grip on her nipples Nancy felt them and her breasts swell even more. A gurgled scream tore from her throat, “Please stop! I can’t take any more.”

Teri released Nancy’s clitoris and stopped the thrusts but kept the dong firmly seated in Nancy’s quivering pussy. “That is a poor imitation of what happens to me when Bill’s rampant manhood is fucking me.” Teri said lovingly. “When he’s through blasting me full of cum and we have calmed down enough Bill will withdraw slowly so as not to cause another orgasm to rock my toes. He then slides down my body and cleans me up.”

Nancy shivered with delight because casino şirketleri she knew how well Teri did when they engaged in oral sex. “Oh my, you mean he tastes his own fluids?” she gasped.

“He shares with me too.” Teri said laughingly, “By the time he finishes Bill is usually hard again. After more intercourse and I’ve climaxed again Bill will pull out and spray his cum all over my belly and chest. He has even decorated my face and hair a time or two.”

“AAIIYYEE!” screamed Nancy as she experienced another orgasm. After calming down many minutes later Nancy hesitantly asked, “What happens to all that cum? Do you get up and take a quick shower?”

Teri said proudly, “Heavens no! Bill scoops it up and feeds it to me. He even takes some for himself. When we are finally finished we take a shower together. If we are very horny we even have sex in the shower. Usually I’m bracing myself against the wall and Bill enters me from the rear.”

“Well I certainly enjoy our showers together and we do make sure that we are squeaky clean.” Nancy blushed crimson red after those words were out.

“Yes, Nancy,” Bill makes sure I’m squeaky clean. My most memorable moment was when I willingly allowed Bill to ‘fuck’ me in the ass.”

“If Bill is the size that I have in me right now it must have hurt like hell. How could you stand it.” Nancy exclaimed.

“Two reasons, Nancy.” Teri said staring at her lover. “First, I wanted to experience it. Second, Bill made sure that I was properly prepared. Don’t you remember? I told you about our rules?”

Nancy said haltingly, “Yeah, something about you being in control, etc., etc.”

Giving the dong a couple of taps, Teri said, “Are you still interested in playing?”

“What have you in mind, lover?” Nancy replied.

Teri quickly rose from her crouch and sat down close to Nancy. “Sit up without removing your end of our toy.” Nancy did as instructed. She had to wiggle a little to get comfortable. “Now,” Teri continued, “I want you to take the free end of the dong and slide it into my gushing pussy. You should have no problems because I am quite ready.”

“Wow! That feels weird.” Nancy said with a shiver. Taking the dong in her hand she slowly brought it to Teri’s glistening pussy. “Lean back so I can get the right angle.” Teri leaned back while supporting herself on arms extended behind her. Nancy guided the head of the dong past Teri’s outer lips and by keeping up a steady pressure soon had eight inches inside Teri. “Now what?”

Teri started inching her way towards Nancy. When she felt the dong touch her cervix Teri stopped. Staring at Nancy she said, “You do the same thing. Push enough of the dong inside you so that it just touches your cervix. This toy is long enough and flexile enough that neither of us will be uncomfortable. Straighten your legs out and I’ll put mine over the tops of yours so we can snuggle together.” Teri brought herself upright after Nancy told her she could feel the dong brushing against her cervix. “Now we just hug each other lightly and let the fireworks begin.”

Nancy reached out and brought Teri towards her in alight embrace. When their breasts brushed together the two lovers experienced a mild tingling. Instinctively Nancy began a slow rocking motion. “Oh, this is so different.” she said rubbing her breasts across Teri’s.

“Bill and I use this position when we are tired.” Teri said, “We are connected and both of us are able to caress and fondle one another. We let the passion build and have wonderful orgasms together. The main difference between our using a sex toy and Bill’s cock is feeling Bill’s cum shooting up through the shaft and spraying out against my cervix.” Teri felt the ripples coursing through Nancy. “Talk to me. Tell me what is going on in that beautiful body of yours.”

“The dong rubbing inside me and your word pictures,” Nancy said breathlessly, “are making me climax. My breasts are more swollen than before and my nipples want to burst from my chest. I can feel the walls of my vagina rippling up and down as though it was trying to milk the dong. Hmmm! So nice! Oh, so nice!” Nancy’s head was resting on Teri’s shoulder as she allowed her body to work through a most pleasant orgasm.

Teri smiled after Nancy finished showering her with kisses. She put her arms around Nancy’s neck and leaned back. “Please love my breasts so I can go over the top and join you in the afterglow.”

“Of course!” Nancy exclaimed, “How selfish of me.” Nancy began a sensuous massage of Teri’s breasts. Using her finger tips Nancy started at the base of each breast and drew lazy circles around and up towards the nipples sitting atop them. At the apex she squeezed each nipple. Retreating to the base again Nancy started over. Feeling the change in Teri’s breathing and the slight swelling in her breasts Nancy changed tactics. Using both hands she surrounded one breast. Nancy squeezed gently and molded the flesh into a cone. “Ah, an ice cream sundae with a cherry casino firmaları on top. Lean back some more Teri so I can taste the cherry.” Teri did as requested and felt Nancy’s lips and tongue play across the breast and nipple. The same delight was lavished on the other breast.

Teri started to rock her pelvis as best she could under the present conditions. The change in position allowed the dong to rub the walls of her vagina and caused a ripple to run up and down her spine. “Nancy, don’t stop. More pressure, please. I’m almost there.”

Nancy knew the signs of Teri’s body and started to maul the breasts in front of her. Taking a breast in each hand she squeezed hard and pulled the breast away from Teri’s chest. When the breasts were stretched taut Nancy let go and savagely tweaked the nipples. After several repetitions Nancy saw Teri’s breasts quiver in sexual excess. She quickly pulled Teri against her own swollen breasts. “Let it happen!” she said lovingly, “This one is going to curl your toes.” Nancy’s body, as if in sympathy, blossomed into another orgasm. “Oh lover,” she squeaked, “we’re climaxing together”

After clinging to each other for what seemed like an hour Teri said, “We need to change positions before we stiffen up. I want to cuddle but I want to do it lying down. You have more room Nancy so why not scoot backwards toward the headboard.”

“Okay, if I have to,” Nancy replied with a pout, “but I don’t want to.” As she started to scoot backward her vaginal walls protested the removal of the dong. Scooting back some more Nancy felt delightful shivers course through her body. “This doesn’t happen ordinarily. My sex toys usually just slide out.” she said as another shiver ran down her spine.

Teri sat there giggling. She was experiencing the same shivers. As Nancy scooted away from her the head of the dong inside her had started to move. “I’m willing to bet,” Teri said huskily, “that this is the first time in your sexual life that you imagined a real cock was firmly embedded in your beautiful pussy. That’s the picture I’m getting anyway.”

“Oh my God!” Nancy screamed as she fell flat on the mattress. Her hands began to sensuously caress her breasts and tweaking her nipples. Nancy’s pelvis was pumping up and down as she was consumed by a massive orgasm. Teri watched her lovers’ abdominal muscles convulse. The final picture was the copious flow of juice that was forced out around the dong that was now being forced from Nancy’s pussy by the rippling contractions. Nancy’s eyes flew open she felt and heard the head of the dong pop out. She closed her eyes and lay there panting.

Teri changed positions now that she was uncoupled from Nancy. She stretched out beside her lover and tenderly stroked her face and smoothed back the damp hair from Nancy’s forehead. The dong was still inside her rippling pussy but Teri made no move to dethrone it. She wanted Nancy to remove it for her. Teri knew that her own orgasm would be good and it would allow Nancy a birds-eye view of how her body reacted when Bill withdrew his cock from her silken sheath. “Is your brain functioning yet, Nancy?” Teri asked smilingly.

Nancy opened her eyes and turned her head towards Teri. Teri saw a wonderful smile appear on Nancy’s face. “You have lifted a veil from my eyes. If what I just experienced is a third of what a real cock can do then I have cheated myself for many years. For the first time in my life I can acknowledge that Bill and I had a good case of puppy love.”

“I would like to hear more about that Nancy,” Teri said warmly, “but I need your help in removing our play toy.” Rising up on her elbow Teri gave Nancy a sensual kiss and a bit of tongue. Teri lay back down so that she was flat on the mattress. Her feet and legs moved into the usual position of ‘woman supine’.

Nancy got up and positioned herself between Teri’s thighs. She started to giggle as she scanned the beautiful woman in front of her.

“What’s so amusing?” Teri said while arching an eyebrow.

“If my sexual blush is as pronounced as yours my sweet lover,” Nancy replied, “we’re going to have hide out for twenty-four hours or every man and woman in town is going to be sniffing around with high hopes.”

Teri openly laughed, “Yours almost touches your navel and is very pronounced. What would happen if Bill came in here right now?”

Nancy blushed bright red but managed to say, “I’d probably be cuming and going at the same time.”

“Then I know that the two of you have unfinished business.” Teri said with an odd smile on her face. “Please remove the dong. I’m starting to feel uncomfortable having it in so long.

Looking down Nancy could see that Teri was drying out. “I’m going to provide a little lubricant before I attempt to move this monster.” Nancy gently licked all around Teri’s protruding inner lips as she nudged the dong further into her lover. Feeling a slight movement Nancy continued to lick Teri and push the dong. “Maybe if you caress your breasts güvenilir casino and rock your pelvis Teri it will help.”

“I thank you for giving me the key.” Teri said with a smile. She formed a picture in her mind of Bill fully sheathed and reluctant to pull out. He had a Cheshire cat grin on his face and he was flexing his groin muscles. Bringing her hands up to her breasts Teri began to sensuously caress them. With a very subtle motion she rocked her pelvis up and down. Teri smiled as she felt her breasts swell and her vagina began to lubricate anew.

Nancy both saw and felt the changes in her lover. When she gave the dong a gentle push forward Nancy’s eyes went wide as several inches slid easily inside. Not wanting to hurt Teri Nancy began to inch the dong back out of Teri’s now quivering vagina. As she continued the retreat Nancy was amazed at the amount of juices flowing out around the dong. Nancy was suddenly aware of changes in herself. Her breasts were swelling and her nipples had puckered up. She realized belatedly that her thighs were soaked with juices. At that moment a picture was implanted into her head. “My God, Teri! I can see an image of Bill slowly pulling his cock out of your pussy.”

Teri was only aware of the orgasm that flowed over and through her body. It wasn’t a rolling thunder type of orgasm. Instead it felt like a spring shower. When it finally eased off Teri lay there smiling and gently massaging her engorged breasts. As her senses returned Teri heard the squishy sounds of rampant sex. Raising herself and supporting her torso with elbows Teri saw Nancy savagely tweaking her nipples while thrusting two fingers in and out of her pussy. She was growling deep in her throat.

Suddenly Nancy’s eyes glazed over and she began to chant. “Come on you fucker! Give me what I need. Fill me full of your cum. Just thirty more seconds. Oh yes! That’s the right speed. Fuck my pussy. That’s it! Stay inside me until you go soft and I push you out. AAIIYYEE!”

Teri saw the orgasm burst in her friend and lover. As Nancy arched up her fingers were forced out of her vagina and across her clitoris. Teri watched her friend stiffen and faint. Quickly Teri scrambled out of the way as Nancy fell forward onto the mattress. Leaning over she turned Nancy’s head to the side to facilitate her breathing. Her movements caused a problem. She needed to relieve an overfull bladder. Taking shaky steps Teri entered the bathroom and sat down on the toilet with a thump. As she was finishing her toilette Teri heard a faint voice call her name.

“I’m in the bathroom, Nancy.” Teri shouted out, “Come join me.”

“Please help me. My body is not very cooperative.” Nancy called back.

Rising from the toilet Teri walked into the bedroom. Nancy was lying on her side but her legs and feet were dangling just above the floor. “I’ll help you into the bathroom,” she replied. “Then you can relieve yourself. After that we’re both going to soak in the pool.” Pulling Nancy up by her arms Teri made sure her friend was balanced. With another pull Nancy was standing on wobbly legs. “Put your arm over my shoulder for support. Several tense moments later Teri had Nancy seated on the toilet. “I’m going to see what the coffee situation is and fix us another plate of munchies. Anything special I can get for you?”

“A couple of Excedrin and a glass of water,” Nancy contritely replied.

“I’ll start the coffee and bring those Excedrin back with me.” Teri said with a smile. After performing the chore of getting Nancy her pain killers Teri began to put together a second plate of munchies. Retrieving a serving tray from the top of the frig Teri made sure everything was ready. Teri didn’t want her therapeutic soak disturbed. Pausing in mid-stride Teri began to add things to the plate and serving tray. A smile crept across her face. Her soul mate would be arriving within the hour. Picking up the serving tray Teri delivered it to the pool edge. When she returned to the bedroom Teri found Nancy laying across the bed. “Come on you. You need a good soak in the heated pool and something to eat. Oh, grab your smokes seeing as how you don’t like ours.”

“Okay,” Nancy said, but you’ll have to help me up.”

“Ally oop,” Teri said as she assisted Nancy to her feet. “Grab the cups and coffee carafe on your way to the pool. We can fill our tummies while we soak some of our stiffness away.” Several tense minutes later, both women were floating in the warm water of the pool. Neither of them spoke as they allowed the water of the pool to works its wonders. Because they were facing the sliding glass door they saw the white handkerchief waving.

“May I enter,” Bill said loudly, “without fear of bodily harm?”

“Advance and be recognized.” Teri replied with a stern voice.

Bill dutifully presented himself in the opening. “With your permission I’ll shower and shave first. My trip to the VA was not the most pleasant.”

“Permission granted,” Teri said, “You will present yourself for inspection in twenty minutes.”

“Aye, aye Sir.” Bill replied as he turned towards the bedroom.

When he was no longer in sight Nancy gasped, “Teri, the bedroom is a mess! Bill will see everything.”

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