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Giant Roommates

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Disclaimer: This story will primarily focus on the giantess fetish, while there will be other aspects to it, they will never be the focus.


Sophie parked the car as close to the sidewalk as possible. She hesitated before turning off the radio. “Are you sure you’re going to be alright?” She asked.

“I will be fine, no need to worry about me,” I said. My body rested in the car’s cup holder filled with cloth.

“No need huh?” Sophie bent over and brought her face closer to my small figure. Even with her eyes blocked by her bangs, I could see her scoffing, “Remember how you got stuck in Britney’s flute for band practice and wound up a slobbery mess?”

“Okay, Tom put me there.” I stood up and tried to defend myself.

“What about when you got lost in a trash can?”

“The janitor accidentally swept me up.”

“Or during swim class when you got trapped in Ms. Jasmine’s bathing suit?”

“Fine!” I wanted to forget that embarrassing event. “I get it.”

“Do you really?” She crossed her arms, “Because who was always there to save you? She poked me knocking me back on my butt.

“You…” I said. I hated admitting she was right, but Sophie had a point. No matter how unlucky I seemed to be, she bailed me out.

“And now that you’re moving away from Talden you won’t have me anymore.” Sophie’s voice went softer.

“I feel like I have to do this. I needed to distance myself from family and see what independence is like. I got my business going and this apartment is right next to a bus stop. I can ride to work no problem.”

“I could give you a ride,” Sophie puffed her cheeks and pouted, “I drove you here didn’t I?”

“Everyday? You have classes and your own part-time job.” I never wanted to argue with her, but her chocolate brown eyes filled with betrayal. I needed her to understand.

“I’m just worried,” Sophie said, “You’re so small.”

“I will be careful,” I assured her.


“Promise.” She held her pinky out to me and I hugged it with both my arms. We sat in silence.

Was I supposed to say goodbye? This has to be hard for her… I was going to miss Sophie, we were friends for almost fifteen years now.

Sophie picked me up out of the cup holder. She opened the door and set me on the warm ground. The humid summer air meant I would be sweating by the time I ran to the apartment building.

I gripped the top of the concrete sidewalk and pulled myself up. The apartment building was right in front of me, now I just had to find the right room. “Two-one-eight,” I muttered, “Two-one-eight.” I ran alongside the concrete and would jump every time I reached the crack at the edge of the block.

Two hundred and eighteen. It was the fourth door down from the parking lot. I turned around to see if Sophie was still there, but she drove away. With a deep breath, I knocked on the gray painted door. And waited…

They must not have heard me. I knocked again.

Maybe I should have asked Sophie to knock on the door for me. I knocked once more. This time footsteps eliminated from the other side of the wall. They grew louder with each passing moment.

A hot Asian with a cold stare opened the door and rested her shoulder on the doorway. She looked around for a brief moment before slamming the door.

That was not even enough time for me to run inside. I wanted to be civil and get welcomed inside, otherwise, they might treat me like a robber, but if that was the only window of time I got, I would have to make a break for it. Resolved, I knocked on the door again.

“Bre, figure out where that irritating tapping is coming from.” Someone said from the other side of the door.

“It’s coming from outside.” A gentle voice responded.

“I just checked, but suit yourself.”

The door opened once more this time a blonde beauty greeted me. “Hello?” She asked bending around the doorway which exposed her bountiful cleavage from an ill-fitting green tank top. I stared up from the ground at the huge masses above me.

She looked down from above her emerald green eyes lit up with childlike excitement when we made eye contact, “You must be Ella.” She said with a warm smile, “You mentioned you’re small, but I didn’t expect you to be this short.” So she was Breanna, the girl I emailed about sharing this apartment.

Her surprise was something I got used to in my life. “Nice to meet you in person.” She picked me up in her gentle grip. Her pink painted fingernails wrapped around me and she carried me out of the spring heat into an air-conditioned room.

A simple light blue paint coated the walls. The room had a small kitchen in the corner with a wooden table nearby. On the opposite side, the room consisted of a flat screen television in the corner, a black leather couch in front of it, with an armchair beside the couch and a red bean bag in the middle. Everything looked standard. The Asian hottie from before rested in the armchair.

I got a better look this time without her being erzincan escort able to slam the door in my face. She had a fit and thin body, a petite nose, and thin eyebrows. Her brown hair tied into a ponytail and held up with a pink ribbon. Besides her small necklace and simple white earrings. Nothing about her was gaudy, and she carried a pure aura around her. Breanna spoke up, “Misumi say hi to our new roommate.”

“We don’t need another roommate, especially when we only have two bedrooms,” Misumi said without even glancing at us.

Bre loosen her grip on me, cupping me in her palm, “We won’t need another room,” She outstretched her arms towards Misumi, “see?”

Misumi looked at me with skepticism her cold expression and cold black eyes scanned me, before looking back up at Bre, “You do know pets aren’t allowed right?”

“Ella’s not a pet, she’s a human.” Bre defended.

“You mean he.” Misumi said, “Your pet is a boy.”

“Ella isn’t a boy,” Bre said.

“Actually… I am.”

Bre’s jaw dropped. How is my size normal to you but me being a boy is weird? “You see my birth name was Ellery. My nickname is Ella since most people in my school thought Ellery was a stupid name.” I explained, “I guess I just got used to being called Ella. It’s been years since anyone called me Ellery.”

“Oh so it’s like my name being Breanna but everyone calls me Bre.”

“No, it’s not like that at all,” Misumi picked me out of Bre’s hand by the back of my shirt. The collar pulled against my neck and shoulders, “We don’t need another roommate, much less a boy.”

“She- He will pay for rent lowering the cost so they can buy more things,” Bre defended, “plus now we know she- he’s this small, he won’t take up any space.”

“Yeah about that,” Misumi tossed me towards Breanna, my fall cushioned by Bre’s boobs. I slipped around the soft flesh trying to grab onto anything to stop myself from sliding into her cleavage. “How is he helping out with the rent?”

Bre tried reaching her hand in between her tits to retrieve me. Her hand silenced all light from above and her fumbling only made her boobs jiggle shaking my entire world. “She- ugh! He, he, he, he, he, he, he-“

“Now you just sound like a really smug witch,” Misumi noted.

“Shut up.” Breanna said, “He is a masseur.”

“Yeah,” Misumi scoffed, “and I’m the Queen of Mars.”

Breanna laid down on her stomach. Her body pressed against the floor. Her boobs crushed me as they expanded against the carpet. I struggled for air as I tried to pull myself out against the compressing walls of flesh. A familiar hand wrapped around me and pulled me out of the darkness. “Come on,” Bre placed me on her back, “Let’s show Misumi you’re the real deal.”

It took a moment to recover from my brief encounter with heavenly hell. But I resolved to prove my profession.

I sucked in as much air as possible as I got familiar with Bre’s back. Her long blonde hair flowed down to her hips, with thighs so big they could choke a bear. Her biggest factor was her ass. I thought her boobs were impressive but her bubble butt stood far above reason. “See,” Misumi said, “he’s not doing anything.”

Her words snapped me back into reality. I did not train for a year under Master’s intense regimen for nothing. I have my pride as a Massager on the line. I shut my eyes and let my hands graze on top of her back. I searched for the tension locked within her body. From my closed eyes, I saw a faint glow, I followed the light crawling along her body. The source emitted the bright glow and I applied all the pressure I could against it.

Breanna moaned and hastened to cover her mouth, her body shook me around and I fell to the center of her back. “Please, remain still,” I said.

“Sorry.” Breanna outstretched her arms against the carpet. I returned to my mission. She had very few intense knots that I needed to calm urgently. Yet each time I found them, her mouth let out more involuntary sounds. “How did you get so good?” She asked.

“I had a teacher who taught me their technique because she saw I had potential, but we did have to make a deal only I could provide,” I said.

“What deal?” Misumi asked.

“It is a long story,” I said as I worked away more pent up tension from Bre.

After fifteen minutes I was satisfied with my work and Breanna’s body looked much more relaxed. Not a single trance of stiffness in her back or shoulders. However, her breathing and panting on the floor was a bit worrying. She sighed, “That was amazing.”

“So you did all this for a free massage?” Misumi asked, “I wish you talked to me before making such a huge decision.”

“Let him give you a massage.” Bre said, “I’ll let you have the final say if he stays or not.”

“Better than nothing…” Misumi said, “If I approve of Ella, he can stay. Otherwise, he’s living in the dumpster out back.”

I wish I could pretend that I was offended they were acting like I was not even here, but I got pretty used to conversations erzurum escort happening without me. Bre set me on the carpet and flashed a big smile, “Best of luck.”

Looks like everything was riding on this. I had to make this the best massage I ever gave. I walked over to Misumi. Her dark brown eyes stared down at me. She rested against the armchair leaving me to wonder how I was even supposed to massage her. But I was not going to let her win. I grabbed Misumi’s pant leg and pulled myself upward.

Misumi shook me off and I fell upon the padded ground. She stretched her legs “No,” She smiled deviously and leaned back in the chair, “Massage my feet.”

Just like everyone else, she looked down on me. If that was the way she wanted to play it, fine. I will show her, she will have to recognize my skills. As I approached her, the strong smell of her feet caused me to hold my breath. They were ripe with pungent sweat, I hovered over them, making sure to get a feel for where I needed to begin. Misumi’s feet were warm and soft despite the terrible stench and a few rough calluses.

My arms stretched across her sole moving clockwise. I started with the right foot, making sure that my hands pressed every inch. My hands sank into her arch and I tried to focus on the job without gagging.

When I moved to the left foot, Misumi dropped it down on top of me. I was flattened on my back as her toes curled around me pinning my body against the floor. The carpet rose higher and Misumi’s foot pushed against my straining body. I wrapped my arms around her toe and got to work massaging them. I refused to let her win this.

Misumi spread her toes and my head fit through the gap, I breathed in as much air as I could, choking on the smell of sweat, dirt, and not so faint shoe. My nose burned and my body ached under the pressure. Misumi gave a mischievous half-smile, “Eh, it was okay, Ella can stay as long as he pays rent.” She lifted her foot off.

“Yay!” Breanna cheered, “Let’s go out to celebrate.”

The car ride was uncomfortable. Bre managed to drag Misumi along with us despite her objections about needing to work on her college papers. They spent a good amount of arguing about where to go, despite both of them saying they did not care. In the end, it was decided we would start at the mall, then get dinner, and finish the night with a movie.

Bre’s car was a messy surprise. Empty water bottles, worn clothes, and clutter littered the floor. The radio played inaudible in the background while I rested on the driver’s seat between Bre’s legs. This was a huge improvement over any cup holder. I never was able to see much out of the windows, only the sky, but that was just another thing I got used to being my size.

The car slowed down before halting, “So Ella,” Bre looked down at me, “Do you want to ride in my purse or my pocket?”

“Your purse,” I said my gaze fixated on her tiny pocket and tight jeans clinging to her wide hips. If I rode in her pocket I doubt I would have much circulation. As I stared at her pants, Bre slid her hand underneath my body. I fell back into her curled fingers. She set me into a black and tan purse.

Riding in her purse was a mistake, it was similar to her car, a cluttered mess. I found myself next to lipstick, bobby pins, and a small thing of sealed tissues. However, the purse’s contents shifted as she bounced with each step flinging different items. I had to dodge an incoming bottle of lotion and a sharp earring. A hairbrush larger than me smacked the back of my head.

I managed to grab onto her phone in the corner and hid behind it. The case blocked most incoming objects. I cowered lower every time I heard a thud. My back bent further and further, and right when my forehead reached my knees everything stopped moving.

From above Bre unzipped the purse, I rolled out from under the phone hoping Bre would not think I was hiding the whole time.

Battered and seasick, Bre pulled me out of her purse and set me down on a purple cushioned bench. I laid on the firm material, thrilled that the world stopped spinning for a moment. With my eyes closed, I stretched out my sore body in a futile attempt to recover.

The sound of footsteps and shuffling clothes kept me from sleeping. I should be trying to have fun with the girls. Bre is doing this for me after all, but my body ached and just wanted to relax for a moment longer. I forced open my eyes and sat up.

“Why are you looking at shirts?” Misumi asked, “You’ve got way more than enough.”

“I don’t have any with pockets in the front.” Bre said holding a white t-shirt with two front pockets, “Ella would probably be more comfortable there than stuck in my purse.”

“Yes please.” I thought to myself, not only would I not be smashed by random items, but I could ride up against Bre’s massive tits… My pants got uncomfortable as I entertained the idea of snuggling against a beautiful woman all day.

Breanna walked off to the changing room carrying a few esat escort shirts. Misumi sat next to me. Should I thank her for coming along? I mean I think she came because Bre begged her to, not because she actually cared I was staying. “Hey, Misumi…” A voice called out from the changing room, “I can’t button the shirt up.” Bre opened the door. The bottom of the shirt was buttoned, but halfway through the clothes strained, and near the top, her bountiful boobs were only concealed by a simple emerald green bra that matched her eyes. “The shirt’s too tight.”

“I wonder why?” Misumi said.

“I mean I did put on a little bit of extra weight recently,” Bre blushed, “But I didn’t realize it got this bad. Can you get me a bigger size?”

“Sorry Bre, they don’t make many shirts with real pockets for women’s clothes,” She held up a light blue long sleeved shirt with a rose on the pocket, “I think this is the biggest size they have. Try buttoning this one up.”

“Wow Misumi,” Bre said with her usual energic voice, “I think it would look good on you.”

Bre was right, Misumi held it in front of her trying to hand the shirt to Bre, but the blue complimented her skin tone. “You wanted a shirt with pockets,” Misumi said, “Just hurry up and try it on.”

“Please,” Bre said, “Ella you think it’d look good on her right?”

“Yeah,” I nodded, “You would look really cute.”

“Oh really?” Misumi walked over and gripped me in her fist, “So I’m not cute now?”

“No,” My breath diminished as her palm squeezed tighter, “You-you’re adorable.”

“Aww look at you, you little flirt.” Misumi dropped me on the cushion, “I bet you say that to every girl.”

Disoriented I grabbed my head. Is she actually trying to kill me?

“This is nice.” Bre grabbed a fuzzy brown hoodie with teddy bear ears. “It has pockets in the front so I could keep Ella there.”

Misumi’s raised her thin eyebrows, “Are you sure with how hot it is outside?”

“I’m sure.” Bre’s stomach growled, “can we buy this and then go get dinner?”

“Alright,” I said. Bre put me back in her purse on the way to the self-checkout. Everything was dark once again. Unfortunately, her phone laid flat against the ground and despite my full strength, I could not lift it. I spent the next five minutes in a futile attempt to dodge the incoming items.

Breanna pulled me out of the purse with a smile and slid me into her newly purchased hoodie’s pouch. Inside her warm pocket, I felt like I could fall asleep. I even enjoyed this more than Sophie’s cup holder and Sophie and I thought we perfected tiny travel in that thing with all the extra padding and velvet. Still, despite how warm Bre’s hoodie was, I found myself gazing up at her boobs with longing. “So close…” I muttered to myself.

The restaurant had a much more quaint feel than I expected for a big town. I leaned out from the comfortable pocket taking in the scenery. Simple booths lined the walls, dim yellow lighting above them.

“How many?” A waitress asked.

“Just two,” Misumi replied.

Just two… I hated being treated like I was not a person. I guess as far as space goes it was true, but sometimes it would be nice to be noticed.

“Right this way.” Bre and Misumi followed the waitress to a booth beside a window. The summer light poured in from the side. The sun still glared in the sky, but it was beginning to fall.

I fell out of the pocket and my heart panicked for a quick moment before I realized Bre just pulled me out. She set me down on her napkin. “So Ella is it comfy in there?”

“Yeah,” I said, “It’s warm and the inside has this thin soft fabric on the bottom and wool on the top. I feel like I could nap in there all day.”

“I’m happy to hear that.” Breanna flashed a bright smile, her teeth were a pearl white, and her eyes just brightened up everything. Her smile vanished, “so um… do you want to help me eat dinner? I don’t want to gain more weight so you can eat whatever you want of mine.”

“Here’s your drinks.” The waitress said before I could give my answer.

Misumi grabbed her glass and tipped it back, downing the booze and letting out a refreshed sigh. “More.”

“Right away.” The waitress said, “are you ready to order?”

“I’ll have the double beef burger,” Bre said.

“More drinks.” Misumi shook her empty glass.

“Okay…” The waitress wrote down the order, “More drinks and a double beef burger, I’ll be right back.”

“So Ella, tell us about your life,” Bre said.

“What do you want to know?” I asked not prepared to talk about myself.

“Well, what’s it like being so small?”

“Not bad I guess. Most people are actually pretty understanding about my whole situation. I guess it sucks not being noticed, and the fact that everything is made for normal sized people, but other than those things, being small is alright.” I lied. I hated it… I wanted to be like everyone else, but I spent my whole life needing the help of someone around me just to do the most mundane things. Just for a while, I want to be independent.

Bre and I talked, sharing past stories while Misumi just tapped her fingernails against the table impatiently. The waitress returned, a nearly overflowing and huge glass in front of Misumi.

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