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Girls Night Out

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After 3 sleep-deprived months it was finally Kelly’s first night out since she had the baby. John, her husband, had been deployed to Korea shortly before Tommy was born, so he had been unable to help, but they skyped every weekend and he adored them both. Kelly’s life revolved around her little man. She wanted to be the perfect mom, and had no regrets, but she desperately needed a night away.

A quiet knock on the door woke her. She had fallen asleep on the couch. After making sure Tommy was still in his playpen, Kelly picked him up and answered the door to find a pretty red head girl standing there.

“Hi, Miss Kelly. I didn’t want to ring the bell in case Tommy was asleep.”

Mary worked in the church nursery. She was the only other person who could hold Tommy without him throwing a tantrum. She looked very fit, but what 19-year-old didn’t. Kelly wished she still had that metabolism.

“Thanks, Mary. I must’ve dozed off.” She handed Tommy to the babysitter and rushed off to the bedroom. She called out, “I appreciate you babysitting on such short notice. There’s a list on the counter. He’s just started sleeping through the night, but if he wakes up just rock him a little and she should go right back to sleep. I pumped this morning so there is plenty of milk if he’s hungry.”

Mary read the list as she responded. “I’m sure we’ll be fine. I love that little cutie.” She laughed, booping him on the nose.

Kelly entered the room, buttoning her blouse. “Yeah, I’m sure you will. But if you have any problems, just give me a call. I’m sorry to rush, but I told them I’d be there by 6. Do you have any questions?”

“Nope, It looks pretty standard. Feel free to check in. Everyone tells me the first night out is the hardest. Have a great time!”

Kelly smiled. “I hope it gets easier. I’m just want to say goodbye one more time.” She gave Tommy a loud kiss on the cheek, and made faces that had him giggling for a few minutes before tearing herself away. As she walked out the door, she stopped to check her reflection in the foyer mirror. She ran her fingers through her curly brown locks, and checked her makeup. She was still working to lose the baby weight, so she couldn’t dress as cute as she wanted. Her blouse was a little snug, but her jeans looked pretty good on her. There just wasn’t time to hit the gym. She frowned slightly.

“You look beautiful!” She jumped at Mary’s voice.

“Oh! Thanks, I — ” She blushed. “I’ll be back before midnight.” And she rushed out the door.


When she arrived at Sarah’s apartment, the others had a head start on her. They cheered when she arrived and all hugged her at the same time.

“I’m so glad you made it.” April was a petite, girl-next-door type with blond hair and a pretty smile. She was wearing a skirt and pull over top.

“I was sure you’d bail.” Katie was a tall, confident brunette with porcelain skin and perfect D breasts. She was wearing jeans and a fashionable top.

“No, I knew you’d be here.” Sarah wore a simple sundress. Her makeup was a little too dark for her light complexion. She handed Kelly a wine glass. “You have some catching up to do.”

“The let’s get started,” Kelly said accepting the glass and moving to the counter to check her options. “Ugh. Traffic was awful. I didn’t think I’d ever get here.”

They laughed and talked till Kelly’s phone chimed. Mary had texted a photo of Tommy sleeping. The girls all oo’d and aw’d. Kelly was well into her second glass when Sarah noticed her touching her lips and nose. “Is your face numb? You’ve really turned into a light weight.”

“Hey now! Between pregnancy and breastfeeding I haven’t had a drink in a year.” Kelly giggled.

“We’ll fix that,” Katie retorted. “Hey — you know what we should casino şirketleri do? Let’s play Truth or Dare.”

“Where did that come from?” Sarah asked. “Anyway, I don’t know. I know how you think, and some secrets are best kept secret.”

“Okay then, how about Dare or Dare.” Katie asked with a sly smile.

“I’m not sure that’s any better.” April looked unconvinced.

Katie pressed on. “Come on. We’re all friends. Nothing dangerous allowed. We’ll play one round at a time. You can’t say no, but after every round, anyone can quit”

Sarah nodded, “I think it’s the wine talking, but I guess I’m in.”

Kelly smiled broadly, “I’m totally in. Who knows when I’ll get another night out.”

They looked at April as she stood quietly “I’m not sure.”

Katie threw her arm around April’s shoulder “C’mon. You can go first.”

April looked unconvinced, but relented. “Okay. I guess I’ll play one round.”

The four found their seats and got comfortable.

“Okay, April. Whatcha got?” Katie asked.

April thought for a moment.

“We don’t have all night girl.” Sarah prompted.

“Oh, I don’t know. I’m not good at this. Okay, Sarah, I dare you to do a sexy dance.”

Sarah replied, “Too easy.” She stood and began slowly swaying. Her hands began roaming over her own body, and she moved to Kelly pawing at her shoulders playfully and spinning around her chair. She sat briefly in April’s lap and slid up her leg.

“Gross.” April laughed.

Sarah moved on to Katie and straddled her lap face-to-face moving closer before breaking into a fit of laughter. Laughter filled the room. “Good enough?”

“Totally.” Katie caught her breath. “I told you this would be fun. Kelly’s turn!”

Kelly took a swig of her wine, “Katie, I dare you to brush Sarah’s teeth.”

Katie looked confused “What the hell? Your hormones must still be messed up, but I guess it could be worse.”

“You are so weird.” Sarah said with squinted eyes. “Good thing it’s my apartment. I love you and all, but I don’t want to use any of your toothbrushes.” She led them all the to the bathroom where Katie put some toothpaste on the toothbrush. Sarah put her teeth together and opened her lips.

Katie quietly sang the alphabet song as she gently brushed Sarah’s teeth before announcing, “Done.”

Sarah quickly rinsed out her mouth and proudly announced, “Minty fresh. My turn.” Kelly handed Sarah her glass and she took a sip almost spitting it back into her glass. “Oh yuck! Toothpaste and wine do not go well together.”

Kelly almost fell over laughing. “It was a slow burn, but the payoff was so worth it!”

Sarah mocked anger, “Not slow enough. My turn. And I dare you to swap bras with April.”

April’s mouth opened into a silent O. “I didn’t do it. And you can’t pick 2 of us. Besides I can fit 4 of my boobs in her bra.”

Kelly looked skeptical “What are you complaining about. I’m not even sure I could get yours on.” April’s face fell. “Sorry, I don’t mean that in a bad way. I took an unexpected nap this afternoon so I didn’t pump before I left.”

Sarah looked smug. “Well, let’s find out. Remember, you can’t say no.”

April hesitated, but then smiled as if she knew a secret. She undid her bra under her shirt and pulled it out through her sleeve.

Sarah protested, “That’s cheating.”

April stuck out her tongue “You should’ve been more specific.”

Kelly followed suit. It took more effort with the way her blouse fit, but off it came. She handed hers to April who held up the nursing bra. She looked at the tag — Double D. She frowned and slid it under her shirt and put it on. “Yikes! I feel like a little girl in this thing.”

Kelly also checked the tag and rolled here eyes — B cup. She casino firmaları loosened April’s straps as much as possible, took a deep breath and slid the bra under her shirt and struggled to get it on, but realized quickly it was in vain. She frowned, looked around the room, and began unbuttoning her blouse, before turning her back to the group. Katie whistled, but she ignored her. She struggled into the bra, but had to have April fasten it for her. It was comically small and her breasts appeared to spill out from above, below, and both sides. She raised her arms as if to ask “Satisfied?” and reached to undo it, but Sarah stopped her, “No one said you could switch back.”

Kelly looked grief stricken “Aw, come on! It hurts.”

“Maybe next time you’ll think twice before messing with a woman’s wine.”

Before Kelly could reply, Katie jumped in “I think I can help. My turn.”

Kelly looked uncomfortable, “Thank you.”

Katie smiled evilly, “Don’t thank me yet. Since April feels like a little girl and you haven’t pumped, I dare you to breast feed her.”

Sarah covered her mouth, “Oooo, Good one!”

April looked appalled “What!? No way!”

Katie smirked, “Yes, way. For a full minute.”

April stood her ground. “I won’t do it!”

Katie shrugged. “If you’re going to argue, then let’s get a look at just how big that bra is on you. You have to do it without your shirt.”

April, “But –“

Kelly tugged at her bra straps. “I don’t want to complain, but I have to get this thing off.”

Katie urged, “Hey, we all played.”

April would have none of it. “Yeah, but nobody had to do anything like this.”

Sarah tried to minimize it. “It’s just 60 seconds.”

Kelly looked uncomfortable. “Can we just get this over with? I’m in pain here.”

April seemed to be faltering “It’s not fair.”

Katie applied more pressure. “I can make it 2 minutes. Oh, or you can do it naked.”

Sarah pleaded. “We all agreed to the rules.”

April gave in. “Fine.” She said shortly.

Katie smiled at Kelly, “Okay mommy, dinner time.”

Kelly clearly uncomfortable looked at April, “Ready to do this?” April looked at her, but didn’t move.

“Now, April.” Katie insisted.

April moved toward Kelly, but just stood there and Kelly’s patience came to an end. “I’m sorry to do this, but we have to move this thing along.” She grabbed April by the hand and pulled her over. “Young lady, I said it’s time to eat. Now be a big girl and come here.” April looked like she would quit. “Dress up time is over. Now take off mommy’s clothes.” In a quick move, she pulled April’s shirt up and over her head. It caught at her chin and Kelly had to work to pull it over her head and arms.

Katie gasped, and Sarah giggled nervously. They could clearly see just how big Kelly’s bra was on her. It was just as comical as hers was on Kelly.

Once the shirt was off, April looked mortified, but was too stunned to react. Kelly deftly unclasped the bra and it easily fell off April’s shoulders. “Now.” Kelly declared. April blushed and covered her boobs with her hands.

“Damn!” Sarah whispered before covering her mouth with both hands. “Uh, I’ll time it.”

Katie remained silent, but her eyes were wide as saucers and she grabbed Sarah’s arm to steady herself.

“Are you done?” Kelly asked sternly? April felt tears of humiliation form in her eyes, but steeled herself and nodded her head. Why was this so exciting? Kelly unclasped the small bra and it sprang free, her boobs jiggling and wet from the compressing of her milky orbs. She exhaled deeply at the relief. She sat back on the couch making room for April to lie down with her head in Kelly’s lap. “Okay?” April nodded again. Kelly took her breast in one hand and guided güvenilir casino April’s head to it with the other. She felt April’s warm breath on her boob and she shuddered slightly at the feeling. For the first time she realized exactly what was about to happen and she hesitated before slowly lowering her breast to April’s mouth.

Something about this boob approaching her face was kind of erotic. April had never seen anyone’s tits from this angle. She closed her eyes and tried not to think about it. A drop of milk dripped onto her chin. She told herself she was not going to like this. Kelly placed her nipple in April’s mouth and her tongue found it. A quiet, “Mmmmm” escaped Kelly’s mouth, which startled April who briefly open her eyes and involuntarily reached up, accidentally grabbing onto Kelly’s other breast. She quickly removed her hand, but Kelly guided it back to her boob, so she left it there. Her eyes fluttered, and Kelly could feel the eyelashes against her skin.

Katie slid up against Sarah and whispered “I wonder what it tastes like.” Sarah did not reply.

April sucked tentatively and she felt the sweet warm liquid fill her mouth. She swallowed it. Kelly gasped at the feeling. This was not at all like feeding a baby. It felt very sexual. April had to admit that this was a little hot, but she refused to let anyone see that she enjoyed it in any way. She sucked again and felt Kelly’s body arch slightly into her. Well, at least one of them should enjoy it. So she started sucking more evenly. Kelly’s eyes slid closed. She didn’t want to see the other girls’ reactions. April felt Kelly’s hand now resting on her stomach. With each suckle, Kelly’s hand gripped her tighter. It then slowly moved downward till it reached her skirt, and she tightly gripped a handful of it. April began sucking faster and harder.

Sarah showed the timer to Katie. Time was up, but neither said a word. Katie’s hand slipped inside her own jeans.

April found herself thinking over and over, “Please don’t let them see I’m enjoying this. Please don’t let them see I’m enjoying this.”” Like a mantra. Kelly’s hand now moved to cover April’s hand on her breast and squeezed it tighter to her, forcing April’s hand to massage it. She felt milk leak into her fingers. “Please,” April thought again, and then realized she had whispered the word out loud.

Kelly gently pulled her breast from April’s mouth and her eyes popped open abruptly. She had hardly realized that the milk flow had decreased. April thought Kelly must have heard her, but she carefully maneuvered her other breast into April’s mouth. April didn’t question it as she latched right on, closed her eyes again, and sucked deeply. She held onto Kelly’s hand, pulling it from Kelly’s breast to her own pussy, and began rubbing Kelly’s hand into it slowly, but it rapidly became more urgent.

The interruption allowed Sarah to notice Katie’s body rocking slowly against her. She glanced over as if to say something, but was surprised to find Katie was lost in her own pleasure.

Kelly’s eyes were slightly open now to watch April, and her breathing quickened to match hers. April’s hand was stroking quickly now and she began to shudder as she neared orgasm. Her suction released, and her jaw shuddered slightly making it feel like she was nibbling Kelly’s nipple. That and the view of April on the verge of climax pushed Kelly over the edge. Her breathing increased and she called out, “Yes! Don’t stop!” At that outburst April came, too. Her hands instinctively tightened on her pussy and her breath caught as she panted to a conclusion. Both remained still and quiet.

A moment later Katie climaxed silently before sighing heavily.

Sarah breathily and quietly announced, “Time.”

That snapped April out of it and she sat up quickly bumping her head into Kelly’s breast. “Sorry,” she giggled.

“I told you this would be fun.” Katie panted.

Sarah glanced at all the tired, satisfied faces, “Anyone in for a second round?”

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