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Gloria’s Friend Ch. 03

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We separated as we heard Ray come down the stairs; Gloria stood up and walked into the kitchen humming a happy tune.

I talked to Ray about a few things and he expressed his pleasure at me staying with them permanently in order to keep Gloria happy.

As they were a bit late back Ray went out to get us all some fish and chips, as soon as Gloria heard his car leave she pounced.

I was still sitting on the sofa when she walked into the lounge and sat on my laptop, we started kissing like 2 long term lovers. Our hands were all over each other, I was mauling her tits through the blouse and she shifted so she could rub my cock though my shorts.

“Wait,” she said and stood up and pulled my shorts and boxers down, I lifted my hips to make it easier, she knelt in front of me and in between my legs and started stroking my cock, I was in heaven and as I felt her soft hands gently shaft me.

My cock grew harder and harder at her gentle caress and she kept looking at it until she leaned over and kissed my purple bell end, I very nearly shot my load there and then.

“Gloria, I want you,” I murmured as she removed her lips.

“You will, when we have more time but for now you will have to be satisfied with this,” she replied and then opened her mouth and engulfed only the bell end with her mouth.

“Nnnngggghhhhhhhh,” I grunted as I felt her take me into her mouth.

She removed her mouth and said “Come in my mouth Harry,” and she sucked my head back in, she then started to wank me as she sucked hard on my cock.

I lay my head on the back of the sofa and enjoyed the felling of my own grandmother’s mouth and hands working my cock, I didn’t last long, I shouted a warning and she moved her hand up and down faster until I exploded in her mouth.

She swallowed the lot and didn’t let me go until I had finished, she removed her mouth and just said “Yummy.”

As she got up of her knees I pulled down onto the sofa and crawled between her legs under her skirt, I saw her white knickers and pulled the gusset to one side and attacked her mons with my mouth.

“Fuck,” was all she said as she felt me tongue lick up and down her slit, she held my head in place through her skirt as my tongue ran over her clit causing her to tremble. I kept licked and sucking and when I stuck a finger inside her, she experienced her first orally administered orgasm.

Her area was soaked as she convulsed though the orgasm and she released her hold on my head, my cock was by now reinvigorated and I pulled her forward so her bum was at the edge of the sofa. She looked at me through glazed eyes as I tried to move her skirt out of the way, she knew what I wanted to do and said weakly “Not tonight darling, soon.”

“Why not?” I asked as I lifted her skirt up.

“Because Ray will be home shortly and I don’t want our first time to be a quickie,” she replied.

“I understand,” I replied and stood up pulling my shorts and boxers up, making myself look presentable.

She stood up and smoothed down her skirt before giving me a deep kiss on the lips before disappearing into the kitchen to get plates, cutlery and sauces ready for when Ray returned with dinner.

He arrived 10 minutes later apologising profusely for taking a long time, we ate our dinners and drank a bottle of wine before all heading to bed.

I woke the next morning to the realisation that I was only just over 24 hours from finally getting to make love to the wonderful Gloria. I had a quick shower thinking of Gloria giving me a blowjob.

I was in the kitchen making myself a drink wearing only a t shirt and gym shorts when Gloria walked in wearing a pair of silky black pyjamas under a white satin dressing gown, she walked over to me and kissed me hard on the lips, I returned the kiss and groped her bum cheeks causing her to moan into my mouth.

We parted as the kettle boiled and I asked her if she wanted a drink, she smiled and asked for a cup of coffee. Once the drinks were made we stood leaning against the counter holding hands talking about colours I could decorate my room. Ray came in and made himself a drink

“I’ve just got a text to say that my sister will be leaving hospital Monday, I’m going to get her house cleaned up before going to hospital to take her home, so I’ll leave tomorrow and will be back Tuesday, sorry for the short notice,” he said to Gloria before kissing her cheek and making his way upstairs to pack a bag.

Gloria smiled widely as soon as his back was turned and said “Don’t worry dear, we’ll amuse ourselves won’t we Harry.”

“I’m sure we can find something to do,” I replied.

Ray looked at us and said “Look after Harry,” before he reached the bottom of the stairs, As soon as he was half way up the stairs my tongue was halfway down Gloria’s throat and she responded enthusiastically.

We parted and she said “As soon he’s gone you will be in my bedroom.”

She went upstairs and I heard her run the shower, Ray came downstairs and started to watch TV.

Gloria appeared wearing a green blouse and blue skirt before bahis firmaları saying that she was going shopping and could I go next door see her neighbour Linda who needed a hand with a broken shelf.

I had a drink and went next door to Linda’s. She was expecting me and opened the door before ushering me inside.

Linda was 43 years old, petite, very slim and only just over 5ft tall, long brown hair and a face that was line free, she took care of herself with expensive skin products and a regular visits to the gym. Today she was wearing a pink blouse with bow around the neck and pink and black patterned skirt, the skirt was tight around her butt and showed off that part of her toned anatomy very well.

She got straight to the point. “My Husband is crap at DIY, he makes a mess of everything he touches, are you sure you don’t mind helping me?”

“Of course not, I’m at a loose end today so why not help out a damsel in distress,” I replied.

She stroked my arm and said “Thank you, the broken shelf are in a cupboard in my bedroom.” she replied looking me straight in the eye.

I looked at her and thought to myself, slim and attractive. I wonder what else I could do for her in the bedroom.

“Are you sure you should be showing another man your boudoir?” I replied laughing.

She laughed back and said “You really are a sweet intelligent young man. If I was you I would be worried about resisting me.”

“I’m not sure I can,” I replied and went to have a look at the shelf.

The bracket holding it up had broken and I knew that Ray had a spare in his garage. She said she would leave me to it and she went into her back garden to do some weeding.

I replaced the bracket and within 30 minutes of arriving it was all fixed and I replaced the clothes that Linda had left on the floor when it had broken, the clothes were mainly bed garments, it seems she had a selection of silky night dresses that she wore for bed.

I held a black one with red spaghetti straps and lacing around the neck to my cheek and imagined her in it when I heard her cough, she was standing in the doorway with look of bewilderment on her face, “What the fuck do you think you are doing?” she asked.

“I’m sorry,” I blustered.

“I was placing your clothes on the shelf and this item looked so smooth I wondered what it felt like,” I replied.

“Really,” she said looking a mixed of angry and amused.

“I did wonder what you would look like in it,” my mouth said before my brain could stop me.

“You what,” she roared and I hastily put the garments on the shelf and made to leave.

“Wait for me in the kitchen, don’t think you are getting away with it that easily,” she responded and then let me out of the room before walking into her bedroom and closing the door.

I waited in the kitchen and after 5 minutes she appeared.

“Wow,” I said as she was wearing the night dress I had placed against my cheek, it was quite long and came to her knees but clung to her body and showed all her curves off.

“You think I’m pretty then,” she asked.

“Gorgeous,” I responded and walked over to her and kissed her cheek.

“So, if I asked you to do me a favour so I wouldn’t tell your grandmother what you did?” she said.

“Of course,” I replied and she took my hand and led me straight into her bedroom.

She pulled the straps of her shoulders and let the garment fall to the ground. Her stomach had a little roundness, her breast were probably an A cup so had no sag, her skin looked blemish free.

“But you are married,” I responded.

She smiled and climbed onto the bed and knelt on it and gesticulated with her finger for me to move closer.

I pulled my t shirt and over my head and she smiled when she saw my toned chest and flat stomach, she looked at me open mouthed when I pulled my shorts down revealing my already stiff cock.

“Be gentle, I have never had one that big,” she said and summoned me closer with her finger again before flopping on her back.

“I will be gentle if you want or rough if you want,” as I crawled between her open legs and up her body until I was looking her in the eye before leaning forward to kiss her on the lips.

“No kissing,” she said and pushed me down her body, I smiled and moved down her body and sucked virtually the whole of a breast into my mouth.

“Fuck,” she said and gently stroked the back of my neck as I did it, she then moved my head to the other one and then after a couple of minutes pushed me down so I could eat her out,

10 minutes later she was a gibbering wreck as she rode the orgasmic waves, she was looking vacantly into the air until I removed my mouth climbed up her body and guided my cock straight into her warm wet welcoming hole.

“Fucking hell,” she cried out as she felt her pussy stretch to accommodate this most welcome of intruders. Her legs shot out into the air behind me as I started to fuck her with long hard strokes; as soon as our groins met I pulled out until only the plum head was inside her, waited a second and then kaçak iddaa pushed back in.

“God, fucking hell, yes,” she screamed as my cock ripped across her clit. Her hands were grasping the bed sheets and then she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my face to hers for a big deep tongue swapping kiss as we fucked. She had got into the pace of it and was fucking me back as hard as I was fucking her.

“I thought you said no kissing,” I grunted as we fucked with abandon.

“Shut up and keep going, I’m very nearly theeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeee,” she screamed as she came.

I was close as well and after a couple of quick jabs joined her in coming.

Her orgasm gained in intensity as she felt my come fill her insides and she kissed me hard as her orgasm started to fade.

“Thank you that was very nice,” she said as she regained her equilibrium.

“Only very nice?” I replied and kissed her forehead.

We didn’t move for the next few minutes, her legs were wide open and she had a man young enough to be her son still with his cock still wedged inside her cunt. She asked me “Now you are moved in next door, fancy a repeat of this every now and then?”

“Of course I would,” I replied and flexed my cock inside her, she bit her lip and closed her eyes as I pulled out and asked her where the bathroom was.

She said “Out of the bedroom and first on the left.”

I had piss and washed my hands and my cock before walking back into the bedroom where she had picked up my clothes and had neatly laid them out over another chair in the corner of the bedroom and she had lay back down on the bed after removing her hold ups.

“What time will he be home?” I asked as I climbed back on the bed next to her and looked her in the eye.

She turned and looked at the alarm clock and said “He’ll be another couple of hours yet, do you have an idea of how we spend the time?”

“I could always fix that fix,” I replied smiling and leaned in and kissed her on the lips. She responded with her tongue and soon I was between her legs banging away like a mad thing. She was on her back swearing like a trooper and humping back at me in time with my thrusts.

“Make me come on your fuck stick, you bastard,” she screamed.

I stopped humping and pulled out, “What are you doing?” she asked as I rolled her onto her front and lifted her bum in the air. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh…” she said as I moved behind her and entered from the rear.

I reached round and held onto her breasts tweaking her nipples as I started to fuck her.

“God, that’s nice.” She hissed through her teeth as she felt my cock piston in and out of her pussy.

“I’m glad you like it,” I replied breathlessly.

She was pushing back at me and my cock flopped out as one of us moved too far out.

She moaned turned around before saying “On your back now.”

I lay on my back and she hopped on top with athleticism and took me deep inside her pussy. She didn’t move for a minute or so she just savoured the feeling of my cock inside her, I sat up and kissed her on the lips and moved back so my back was against the headboard, she then slowly started to hump me as we kissed and I played with her nipples.

“I love your cock,” she hissed as she used it for her own pleasure, she adjusted herself so she could rub her clit against it on every moment. The angle she chose meant I was deeper inside her.

“I’m going to come,” I said.

“Do it, I’m coming too,” she shouted and pressed her groin as deep into the bed as she could go which held me deep inside her as I sprayed her insides, I held her up as she came, she made grunting noises in time with my spurts.

“Thank you,” she said.

“No, thank you,” I replied and held her close to me as we both came down from our mutual highs.

“I mean it, really thank you, you have made me feel alive,” she said, before we had a 20 minute sleep with her lying on top of me, She woke with a start and looked at the clock and “We had better clean up, I don’t want us to get caught.”

I picked her up and carried her into the shower where we cleaned and dried each other before we got dressed , I helped her get dressed kissing the parts of her body before they covered up, which meant I tongued her to an orgasm before her knickers went on.

“You are insatiable,” she said after she was dressed in her blouse and skirt looking every inch the picture of modern respectable suburban wife.

We had a big snog before we heard her husband’s car pull up and I sneaked out of the back door as he walked out the front door.

I walked into Gloria’s house and found a note that said “Ray and I have to go and see his sister as she won’t be out until tomorrow. You’ll have to look after yourself tonight as I will be back tomorrow leaving Ray with his sister until Friday. Think about the fun we will have when I get back, love G xxxx”

I sat down opened a beer and watched TV; I fell asleep on the sofa and was woken up by the doorbell ringing. It was Linda’s husband, at the front door.

I opened the door kaçak bahis and said “Yes, can I help you?”

“Hi, yes I understand from Linda you are good with your hands, my washing machine has broken and I can’t see what’s wrong, would you mind?” he asked.

“Sure,” I replied and walked over with him after picking up my keys. Linda was cooking roast dinner in the kitchen when I arrived and sorted out the washing machine, it had a loose wire behind the main panel.

Linda asked “I see Gloria and Ray have gone out, what you like to stay for something to eat?”

“Yes please, that would be very nice,” I replied.

“Frank, “she said to her husband, “Would you mind making up an extra place at the table.

“Of course,” he said and wandered into the dining room, I stayed behind with Linda and groped her breasts as I stood behind her and she pushed her bum back into my crotch.

“He’ll be pissed by 8 and will be out for the count, Fancy fucking my brains out again?” she asked matter of factly.

“That sounds a perfect evening,” I replied and leaned in and gave her a quick peck on the lips.

She stroked my face before I helped out carry the pots containing the vegetables to the table; Frank drank nearly 2 bottles of wine in an hour and a half and was fast asleep on the sofa by 7:45.

Linda woke him and told him to go to bed, he mumbled understanding before we made sure he had crashed in the same bed that I had fucked his wife twice earlier that day.

Linda packed an overnight bag and walked over to my house where we went straight to my bedroom, she told me to get naked and in bed whilst she readied herself, she came out of the bathroom 5 minutes later wearing the same night dress as earlier and crawled into bed next me. We made love with her night dress bunched around her waist and her legs wrapped around my waist, after she had an orgasm we swapped with her on top with her chest crushed against mine, when I came it triggered another orgasm for he and we fell asleep with me spooning her from behind.

We fell asleep and woke with a start as my alarm clock made it’s usual irritating chirping noise. She came to rubbing her eyes and felt my morning wood poking her in the bum. She looked over shoulder and smiled as she stayed laying on her side and guided my cock directly into her cunt.

“Morning,” I said as I pushed fully into her.

“Morning,” she replied as I started to flex my hips so my cock started to slowly and gently move in and out of her willing hole. She relaxed and let me do all the work.

After a couple of minutes of gentle thrusts she whispered “Fuck me.”

Being the gentleman I pulled out she groaned until I lay her on her front, lifted her bum in the air, I then re-entered her and fucked her doggy style with long hard thrusts.

“Yes, like that,” she hissed as I ploughed her furrow relentlessly for the next 10 minutes before I emptied myself inside her again causing her whole body to twitch uncontrollably in a reciprocal orgasm.

We detached and held each other until we got up and showered together, she got dressed into a light green twin set and pearls, over a dark pair of trousers.

As we got dressed we chatted about a few things before I said “I need to find a job.”

She looked thoughtful for a minute and then went looking on her handbag, she gave me her business card, she was sales manager at a car dealership nearby, and she said “Come to my office at 2 this afternoon for a job interview.” She then kissed me hard on the lips and rubbed my crotch before leaving.

Gloria was due home later that evening so I cleaned up the house before I got dressed into my finest (only) suit and caught a bus to the car showroom.

I told the receptionist I was there for an interview with Mrs Crane and she led me to Linda’s office and knocked on the door, Linda shouted “Come in,” in a cheery voice and the receptionist closed the door behind me.

Linda walked behind me and locked the door before pointing at seat opposite her desk, I sat down expecting her to sit behind her desk but she sat on my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me.

After a minute we parted and she said “The job is yours.”

“Oh yeah,” I said and “what is that doing?”

“Trainee retail car sales executive,” she replied.

“Thank you, what are the benefits,” I asked.

“Well,” she said, “Benefit one is a company car, benefit two is 25 days holiday a year, benefit three, is £20k a year plus commission, benefit four is you get to shag the boss.”

“Sounds good, when do I start getting the benefits?” I asked.

“Benefit four you get right now,” she replied.

I smiled as she stood up and unbuckled my trousers before I lifted my waist up so she could pull my trousers and boxers down to my ankles, she removed her trousers and knickers, and straddled me on the chair before sinking down onto my cock, “I’ve got wet waiting at the thought of this,” she replied as she took me all the way in.

I kissed her hard and kneaded her bum cheeks before she started to fuck me; I left 20 minutes later with a big stupid grin on my face and balls drained of any semen. She sent me a text a little later to say that she working from home in a couple of day’s time if I fancied a second interview.

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