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God of Whores Ch. 06

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Big Tits

Hey all, sorry it’s been a little longer than usual since a new release, I’ve been working on lots of stuff and I’m pretty excited about all of it. All comments or questions, greetings, and whatever else you’d like to send my way massively encouraged via the e-mail you can find in profile page. I hope you all like!


Pericles stalked the halls of the third ring, his still-hard cock slapping at his washboard abs with every step, the rigid tension of the thing only overshadowed by the acute ache in his testicles. But to his dismay, as he roamed the gardens and baths he found only well-paired off couples getting it on… and a little part of him held more sympathy for the lesser men now. Sure, he could insert himself into any ongoing sexual situation and take control over it with his insane size and stamina, but then he’d be no better than those two at the head of the order, he didn’t want to make anyone else feel how he felt in this moment.

After he’d roamed the whole of the third circle, he considered other options. He could try to rub one out on his own, but his cock was so familiar with getting off between lips or tits or stuffed deep inside the hot recesses of a cunt it always felt so disappointing to use his hand. He thought about going to the second circle where he could easily find some easily overwhelmed acolyte or lower priestess, but he knew that would just delay his gratification and he’d still be left with his hand and a gaped-out unconscious girl.

He’d never before considered how working to become such a sexual conqueror had put him in a place where sex with those not as well adapted would become so disappointing. For the second time since leaving the orgy of the Elite, he was struck by a pang of empathy, this time for Aphrodite and Kassandra. He had just ruled out half the temple for sex, and he wasn’t nearly so high up the erotic food chain as those two Apex predators… how would it be when he WAS able to fuck them to satisfaction? Would he know enjoyment with anyone else? It was hard to imagine, and Aphrodite, as a Goddess, had been literally born to such elevation above others.

Pericles yawned. Now that his massive cock and hard-working brain were fighting for all the blood in his body, he could no longer even keep his eyes open long enough to consider getting off. He wandered back to his new quarters and got under the covers, hoping that perhaps something in his dreams might finally cause him to climax.

But there was nothing erotic in his sleep; rather, he found himself standing on a high cliff, a vast temple with lightning-bolt emblems lay below while storms raged overhead. There was no rain, but booming thunder and cracks of lightning were all around, scaring Pericles a bit. He’d never before seen a storm like this, and it seemed any bolt might strike him from the earth at any moment.

Suddenly, Pericles jumped, startled by the feeling of a hand upon his shoulder. Before him stood a giant man, easily nine feet tall with rippling muscles and a long silver beard stood before him. It took only a second for Pericles to realize he was looking upon the King of Gods himself, Zeus. Instinctively he dropped into a cowering sort of kneel; stories had led him to believe the God to be unpredictable at best, quick to anger and dangerous as the storm themselves.

“Get up, Pericles,” Zeus’s voice was calm and gravely. It was easier in tone and far less commanding than Pericles expected.

As Pericles stood, Zeus moved to sit on the Cliffside, dangling his legs over the edge, beckoning towards the young man.

“Join me. Let’s watch the storm together,” he said.

Hesitantly, Pericles did as he was bidden, feeling strangely at peace as they silently took in the flickering bolts together. With the lord of Lightning by his side, Pericles was confident that he was safe.

After a time, Zeus spoke again, “I know the daughter of my head and the foam was harsh on you, but what she is doing is for your own good.”

Pericles shook his head, snorting contemptuously, “Forgive me the blasphemy, but I think that’s a load of crap. She’s not doing anything for my own good, she just wants to humiliate me because it gets her clit stiff. She’s using me to get off. Nothing more.”

Zeus shook his head, “That’s where you’re wrong, boy-o. You’re correct that my daughter can be quite the pervert… to be fair, she is *my* daughter, what else would you expect? And you’re right that she is getting off on you, but not how you think.

After her marriage to Hephaestus, she still got around, taking lover after lover with the Smith’s consent. Then she met Hercules.”

Pericles took in a little breath; of course he’d heard of the legendary demigod hero, the idea of that man among men meeting the sex Goddess who’d tortured him was a little overwhelming to say the least.

“I know what you’re thinking, and you’re absolutely right, Hercules was the one man who was able to fully dominate Aphrodite. Like any other great challenge, that man could rise to it.”

Pericles escort ankara blinked in confusion, “Wait, I don’t understand. Aphrodite has fucked the gods themselves, right? How in the world could a mere mortal, even a god-blooded one, possibly have more power over her than any of the other denizens of Olympus?”

Zeus nodded as he listened to the question, “You humans do have one thing we gods do not, Pericles. Some call it “The Spark” or others a soul… but something about mortality is important. It makes you seize life by its very throat, pour yourselves into something, sacrifice yourselves utterly… in short, while we Gods may have greater power in every objective measure, we are constants who know that we will always be here and always represent the things we are the Gods of. I might have the power of the lightning, but that is always what I will be, nothing less, but also nothing more. I could not turn around tomorrow and choose to be the god of wisdom or wine and song. Your kind are not so limited, and when the passion of “The Spark” is combined with the power of a god in mortal form, there is a fire that burns which no Goddess, not even Aphrodite, could ever hope to control. Instead, it consumed her.”

Pericles sighed, wishing it were a power he could command.

Zeus continued, “Anyway, the Love Goddess was so overwhelmed by Hercules’ strength and demeanor she dwelled with him for a long time, aroused by the things only he could do, satisfying him sexually better than any mortal woman ever could have. In the end, their union produced two children over two years, a strong and strapping son who Hercules would have surely trained in the ways of war, and a beautiful daughter who Aphrodite saw herself in like a living mirror. In the end, she vanished, taking her children with her and Hercules’ returned to his wandering ways.

“Why are you telling me this?” Pericles had a strange feeling in his chest that he couldn’t identify.

“On her own, Aphrodite realized that she did not know the first thing about raising a boy, and feared that Hephaestus would smite the offspring of one of her flings. He might have agreed to let her roam when it came to sex, but the idea of raising another’s offspring like some kind of cuckoo bird’s would not have gone well with the great Smith, so she left the child on the road to Athens.”

Zeus paused, smiling down at Pericles. That feeling in Pericles’ chest grew to where he was struck by the full realization,

“I’m… I’m her son. That’s why I’m so good at fucking!”

Zeus beamed wider, “That’s right, Grandson. You’ve the cock of the gods, and not just any god, the most sexual of them all.”

Pericles felt himself flush with pride, it was a giddy emotion to realize he too was a Demi-god.

“Wait, is this why she chose me? Doe she regret abandoning me?”

Zeus shook his head, “Regret is a mortal emotion, Pericles. She couldn’t feel it if she wanted to; the gods do not ‘do’ things, we simply ‘are’. More likely, she saw the incredible man you’ve grown into and wants to bring you to your full potential, which is even greater than Hercules himself?”

Pericles laughed at that, “How could I be greater than Hercules? I’m *his* son!”

Zeus chuckled too, “Tsk Tsk, boy, use your head! Hercules was the son of me and Alcmene, a mortal woman.”

Pericles blinked, “So?”

“So YOU are the son of Aphrodite, a Goddess, and Hercules, a demi-god. The blood that flows through your veins is three quarters that of a god’s, not just half. Your potential is greater by far!”

Pericles gasped, “Wait, is that why she wants to fuck me? Because I could be even greater than her greatest lover?”

Zeus winked, “That’s right. And she thinks you and your sister combined might just be the greatest sex that anyone has ever experienced for all of time.”

“Wait, what happened to my sister?”

“Well, she was born a year after you, and because she was a girl Aphrodite felt much more comfortable bringing her up. When she struck out on her own, she raised the girl at her temple, in time making her the high priestess above all others.”

Pericles’ jaw dropped, the beautiful Kassandra was his own flesh and blood!

Zeus continued, “So you see, there’s more to it than mere perversion. Aphrodite wants her whole family joined together in love and lust, bound by the very things that she is Goddess of. She loves you intrinsically on a level no other being could… and she’s probably subtly reared Kassandra to feel the same way, even if she doesn’t even know it yet. To give their longing completion you will have to fuck as only gods and legendary mortals can, an epic savage kind of sex that the Titans themselves intended for us.”

Zeus paused again, smirking as a slow grin spread across Pericles’ face, the possibilities of such a union no doubt running through his head, but he seemed to shake it off as he asked another question.

“Wait, so if I’m so blessed with God’s blood, why do I seem so much esenyurt escort lesser than the Elites that Aphrodite and Kassandra keep close? I haven’t their stamina or even their endowment. Why am I lesser?”

Zeus clapped Pericles’ shoulder, “Because you’re still not to the end of your journey. When those mere mortals started their journeys, they were like you, well-endowed and eager for sex, but they have only achieved what they have through hard work and dedication, as well as the oils of Dionysus.”

“The oils of Dionysus?”

“Yes, an application will increase the size of a member prodigiously, but mortals can only benefit so much from it.”

Pericles’ mind flashed back to the massage rooms of the temple, to the little locked cabinet he’d never seen the inside of. He’d been told what lay inside was only for those who had earned it; this must be the oil!

Zeus continued, “Anyway, the biggest of the Elites you’ve seen probably started out around ten inches or so and grew almost double that only with the oil and lots of time. You’re already larger than where he started, are you not?”

Pericles nodded, grinning.

“So, have you decided what you’re going to do? Leave the temple because of Aphrodite’s humiliations or stay and show her what she’s really messing with?”

Pericles stood, the answer obvious. “I’ll make you proud, Grandfather. I’m going to have Aphrodite begging for mercy!”

“That’s my boy! Now then… you’ve shown you’re willing to be dedicated and do the work, but I don’t see why you should have to spend years…”

The God placed his huge palm and Pericles’ forehead, and the stud felt a strange warmth, a tingling sensation that left his muscles feeling refreshed and his balls abruptly different… not bigger or heavier exactly, just deeper somehow.

“I have gifted you with the Blessing of Potential, Pericles. Now you should be able to take those two on in no more than a month, if you work hard, of course.”

Pericles bowed his head, “Thank you all-father, I will not fail you.” He paused, adding, “Just one more thing; is Aphrodite worth it? All the work?”

Zeus looked around surreptitiously before he answered, making Pericles’ wonder what the God of Gods could possibly have to fear, “See that Hera never hears of this, but if you fulfill your destiny, you are in for the ride of your LIFE.”

At that, Pericles awoke with a start, gasping at just how good he felt, burning inside with the desire to make Kassandra and Aphrodite herself his bitch.

He sat for several moments on the edge of the bed, contemplating how much things had changed from just that one dream. Slowly, it dawned on him that as a demi-god, he needn’t worry so much about overworking himself. In fact, if he was going to make this work he would need to stop underworking and really push his limits to grow more powerful. He sketched out a new rough schedule for himself, changing his plan of attack on the daily routine, then frowned at what he’d made.

He bolted from his chambers, searching through the temple until he’d found Zoe eating breakfast.

“Got a moment to help me?” He asked her.

She looked up and down his gorgeous frame, “Sure, should I leave my clothes behind?” she asked back.

He shrugged, “Up to you. C’mon!” He led her through the temple until he found Xenia helping to tend one of the gardens. He was a bit closer to Xenia at this point and simply wrapped an arm around her waist, hauling her over a shoulder and carrying her, giggling through the temple with Zoe in toe. Together, they all arrived back in his room. Both girls began to strip, but he raised a hand,

“No no, not that, ladies, sorry. I need your help with my plan.” He brought them to what he’d been working on, and together, the three of them created a new schedule, a schedule Pericles knew would help him to conquer the unconquerable Goddess and her daughter.

After the planning session, Pericles began to forge himself into a new man. He requested to be moved into the temple’s Quarry for his daily chores. Here, instead of hauling sacks of grain, he was instead needed to help move huge blocks of stone. They laughed at him when they saw him trying to move blocks that should take two men by himself, but they stopped laughing when after much struggle, he managed to actually do it. Soon these were easy for him and he moved on to blocks that would take three men, and so on, until he could be found every morning, his incredible muscles bulging, drenched in sweat as he pushed, pulled or carried every rock in the quarry all by himself.

Then, after a light meal and a bath he’d move onto the part of the day that used to be reserved for sex lessons.

Only now it was Pericles who put himself in charge. Each day, with Zoe and Xenia’s help, he’d pick anywhere from a handful of women up to a dozen, all the hottest and willing matriarchs, priestesses and acolytes would be tapped for this duty, herding them like horny cattle into one eskişehir escort of the grander chambers for an all-out fuckfest that he would work hard to push into morning. In the beginning, it was tough to last, but after weeks of effort and dedication he would find himself pounding every woman into cum-covered submission, their sprawled bodies looking like the aftermath of a violent battle more than a collection of lovers.

All Zoe and Xenia asked in return for their help in all this was to be included in the fuckfests. Some nights, he focused on just keeping from cumming one time the whole night; at others, he would orgasm and refract as many times, always trying to push himself to just one more erection each night. The combined effect of both approaches was making him monstrously hard to get off, and always ready for more when he did finally spunk off.

Pericles snacked during the orgies, as was common, stuffing down great mouthfuls when opportunity presented itself. Over time though, he weaned himself from drinking water during, limiting himself only to the squirted nectar of every cunt he finger-banged, fucked or sucked. Making his very life dependent on bringing his partners to gushy orgasms was another powerful incentive to fuck better indeed.

One morning as he was basking in the oral attentions of Zoe and Xenia, Pericles spoke to them of his final concern,

“There’s something I don’t understand,” he said. Zoe looked up at him, his huge left ball gaping her lips wide as she sucked it. Xenia pulled back from his cockhead with a slurpy popping noise.

POP, “What don’t you understand, stud?”

He playfully pushed her back down as he spoke, voice getting louder when her gagging noises did.

“Why don’t they just give everyone all the Oil of Dionysus they want? Aphrodite could have a whole temple of superstuds!”

Zoe pushed Xenia down more as she came up from his sack in a trail of slobber,

“Oh no, Pericles, that would be terrible! You have to understand, the oil is extremely potent. A single drop may be diffused into food for the whole temple and that is still enough to subtly but surely increase the size and stamina of every man who eats it. That same single drop if applied directly to a cock would instantly give a single man an erection that could make you blush, but then it would never go down and ultimately kill that man. The combination of a bigger cock and an endless erection is far too much strain on the human body. We call it the curse of Priapus.”

Pericles thought back to the famous carvings of the god Priapus, a figure of mockery and derision, the giant wooden penis towering over his body in clear perpetual agony. He shuddered at the thought. But then he remembered the blessing he’d received in his dream. Some part of him had doubts that any of it had been real, but another, far stronger part had faith that it truly was Zeus who had spoken to him, truly blessed him, and that it truly was three-quarters the blood of a god that ran through his veins.

“Ladies, I think it’s time for me to put this to the test. I want you to wait for me and judge for yourselves.

He covered his humongous, slobber-covered cock and walked awkwardly from the room.

Zoe and Xenia were left alone then, and they blinked, looking to one another.

“Do you think he’s about to try and use too much oil?” Zoe asked.

Xenia nodded, “Most definitely. Men.”

“Men,” Zoe agreed. “But hey, if he comes back with a much bigger dick and a permanent erection, at least we can let him core-us-out until he dies, right?”

Xenia smiled, “You think of everything Zoe. Now I want breakfast; come feed me that cunt while we wait.

While the two women were getting intimate, Pericles stalked to the 3rd ring, walking the out circumference until he found himself at the familiar, inviting warmth of the massage room. He entered, eyes locked to the chest, wondering where he might find a key. He was interrupted when a familiar voice spoke out, saying, “Good Morning. Did you want a massage?”

He began to wave her offer away, but then did a double-take; it was Phonita!

“Sister!” He exclaimed, moving in to give her a hug with arms that could crush lesser men. He had seen Phonita only in the flitting glimpses of a face in the crowd after they’d parted ways during initiation. He was surprised by the sheer volume of titmeat he felt crushing against his powerful chest.

“Hades’ balls you’ve grown!” He pushed her to arm’s length to get a good look at her.

She preened, turning this way and that beneath his gaze, gathering up her hair, her chest standing out even more with her arms raised. She’d always been one of the bustiest girls he’d ever seen, but months in the Temple had caused her to fill out even dramatically more! As he ogled, she boasted,

“Yes, I know! When they took me in for my first Aphrodisian Measurement I was a generous G cup. Now, thanks to all the training I’ve swelled up to a J! Aren’t they incredible?”

It made Pericles proud to see her so proud of herself; he knew that prior to their time in the temple Phonita had often just considered herself cursed to a life of slutty indulgences thanks to her stupendous rack. Now she’d accepted her business and embraced it in a way that didn’t seem to have a trace of shame! He was happy for her.

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