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Goddess of Love

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I’m not your beauty queen, runway model, Barbie Doll or beautiful Princess in the storybooks. I am however to a lot of men a Goddess of sorts.

Webster defines a Goddess as a woman whose charm arouses adoration, and according to those who do know me, I have an attitude and outlook on life that can charm the best if them, just as a Cobra can charm his enemy.

I am a very happy person, I dont let things bother me. I just go with the flow and see what happens. Im not rich by any means as far a monetary things, but I am rich in love. Love of family, friends and a wonderful man.

Liam is a very strong, loving, romantic and compassionate man. He is the one we women dream about growing up. The one that will still open the car door for you, take you in his arms in a crowd and kiss you, hold your hand while walking in the park or across the parking lot, love you in the daylight and love in the dark and bedroom.

He is always trying to find new ways to romance me and show me how much he appreciates me.

Today I get a call from Liam, telling me he has a special treat for me tonight. He tells me to meet him at 227 RiverBend Road, Hidden Pointe around 7:30, not to worry about dinner that he will take care of that.

I dont know this place that he is talking about so I have to trust my GPS to get me there. I log it into my GPS and find that it will take me about 40 minutes to get there.

I get off work and run home and shower. Change into something comfortable, as Liam tells me to always dress for comfort, because he doesn’t expect me to have my clothes on for very long.

I arrive at the address about 10 minutes early. I see that this place is an old restored 2 story Victorian Tudor that is absolutely gorgeous on the outside and I am betting even prettier on the inside.

It has large double paned windows, big white Colonial Style white columns and a poarch that wraps all the way around the house as casino şirketleri far as the eye can see.

Shurbbery lines the edge of the poarch and ivy vines wind around the fence and lattice.

I step up on the poarch and all I can see through the window is the flicker of a flame from a fireplace and a few lit candles sitting around the room.

As I walk around the poarch taking all of this in, the doors opens and a strong hard voice bids me to enter and tells me that Master Liam will be with me shortly. He also tells me to step into the parlor and enjoy a glass of wine as I wait by the fire for Liam.

I step into the parlor, took off my wrap and took a glass of aready poured wine and sit down on the chaise lounge.

I was chilled to the bone from it being so cold out and the warmth of the fire eased my chill. I sipped at my wine and drifted off to sleep. I don’t know how long I had been asleep when I felt a quick kiss on my cheek. I knew from the smell of the cologne in the air that the kiss was from my Liam.

I raised up in time to see him stretch out on the floor in front of the fireplace a white bear skin rug. Still pretending that I was dozing I watched as he spread a white cloth over the hearth of the fireplace and placed a silver bowl of Strawberries, a bottle of wine, and a rose on the cloth.

He came over to me again and gently kissed me on the lips, took my hand and lifted me up from the chaise and guided me to the white bear skin rug, where he kissed me slowing, passionately and deeply. So deep that it touched my soul.

He slowly removed my blouse, unsnapped my bra and laid them to the side. He took first my right breast in his mouth and sucked on it for only a couple of seconds. Then took my nipple in his mouth and tugged and pulled on it for a couple of minutes. Moving to the left breast and doing the same with it.

When he stood back up to kiss me, I instantly pulled his casino firmaları shirt tail out of his pants, unbuttoned it and took it off of him. I wanted to feel his bare chest on my bare breast.

He then sat me down on the couch, pulled off my boots and my socks and began to massage my feet. He has wonderful hands.

Then he slowly and gently removes my pants and my panties. He stands me up and kisses me so passionately that my knees go weak. I somehow manage to get his belt undone and his pants off of him. He lays me down on the bear skin rug and begins to massage my whole body.

He actually starts with my temples and works his way down my whole body, front and back, stopping along the way to pay attention to my lips, my breast, my stomach and even my wet hot pussy as he massages.

He massages all the way down my legs and even back down to my feet, then back up again. This time when he gets to that place that is burning with such hot desire for him, he parts my legs and begins to gently suck on my clitoris as he slides two fingers into my hot wet waiting pussy. He stays there for what seems to be like forever and I moan in great delight.

He moves on back up to my breast to where he sucks and bites and pulls on my nipples and gives them suck much needed attention. He is moaning with desire and telling me that I taste good from my head to my toes and back again.

I am at this point wanting to take his now hard swollen cock into my mouth. So I push him away and he falls to his back and I climb between his legs where I do take his hard cock into my mouth and begin to slowly kiss on the head of his cock, then I slide my mouth down on it and suck on it hard a couple of times. Then I lick on down the shaft of his cock and take his balls into my mouth and suck on them, the moans out of his mouth are driving me crazy.

He pulls away from me and says that he must taste me again and crawls across güvenilir casino me into a 69 position. He begins to suck on my clit and finger my wet pussy again as I begin to ravish his hard cock and his balls with my kissing, licking and sucking. Things as starting to get hot a steamy.

He pleasures me till I cum all over his face, and I suck and kiss and lick until he erupts in a load of cum that is so sweet, yet salty and thick that I almost choke as I swallow it.

We are exhausted at this point and we take time to stop drinks a glass of wine, eat some strawberries and he takes the rose and hands it to me with these words. “I loved you yesterday, I love you still, I always have and I always will!”

I begin to cry, because Liam has never spoken these words to me before. After a short nap and a rest, Liam wakes me up with a kiss and slowly begins to run his hands over my body.

He moves his hands once again to the wet hot spot between my legs and begins to play with my clit and push two fingers in and out of my pussy again.

He then moves up my body to where he enters me with his hard cock and begins to slowly make love to me.

He moves in and out with ease. Until I tell him to fuck me harder. Then he goes to pushing hard and steady. I moan with excitement and pleasure. He has my legs up on his shoulders and he is going at it pretty hard with me, until I tell him that I want to be on top. He stops lays on his back and I crawl on top of him and begin to ride. I rode him hard and long till we both broke out in a sweat and I came with a force that was as strong as a tornado. He was not ready to go yet, so he ask me to get on my knees.

As I do, he enters me from behind, doggie style and fucks me until he cums so hard that it knocks me off my knees.

He collapses onto the rug and lays beside me basking in the pleasure that we have both just bestowed upon each other. He takes me in his arms, he kisses me on the lips deeply and passionately. He tells me again that he loved me yesterday, he loves me still, he always has and he always will. That I am truely his Goddess of Love, because I can charm his pants right off of him every time we meet.

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