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Going Black at the Park

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Going Black at the Park

My name is Steve, I am 41, and in a long-term relationship with a wonderful woman. I am also bisexual. My girlfriend does not know this side of me. I am 6’2 240 pounds, a little heavyset, clean shaven, I had started losing my hair in my twenties and as a result I keep my head permanently shaved.

We have been dating for about 10 years, and prior to meeting her I had had many experiences with men. Since we have been dating however I have only occasionally indulged in my sexual urges with other men.

Whenever I would have the urge to be with another man, I would head down to the baseball park near where I live. There are hiking paths which circumvent the park. In the evening men would come to the trails to meet and engage in sex. I had been going to the park since my early twenties and knew many of the men, most of whom were older than me.

For me sex with men always came down to one thing, sucking cock! To be fair I had never thought men attracted me, but the feeling of having a nice juicy cock harden in my mouth, was something I craved badly.

It had been a few months since the last time I had been to the baseball park, I had rarely been these past few years as a matter of fact since I have been dating my girlfriend Julie. It had even been a few years since I had actually done anything at all with another man. The last few times I had been I had done nothing more than spectate, when anything happened at all.

I pulled into the baseball field’s parking lot and parked my car. I hopped out and decided to go for a little walk, thinking as usual to maybe watch a bit of action. I set out down the secluded forest path and walked over to the nearby lake, where the action usually occurred. I spotted a pair of men almost immediately, two older men I had both enjoyed on separate occasions. I moved a bit closer and smiled at them. One, a taller lean gentleman with glasses was leaning against a tree as the other man, a more heavy set guy with his long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail was on his knees already busily sucking on the former’s hard cock. The taller man smiled at me in acknowledgement when he saw me and I moved a bit closer, sliding a hand into my pants and rubbing my cock through my boxer briefs. The sex in that place we pretty anonymous so I had never learned either of their names

I caressed myself through my pants, imagining myself in the cocksucker’s place. I knew the standing man had a thick bulbous cock, not especially long but with a thick mushroom head that just begged to be sucked. I watched transfixed as ponytail moved his head back and forth in a sensual rhythmic motion, sliding glasses cock in and out of his mouth expertly. I licked my lips in appreciation as I lowered my pants a bit and started to gently stroke my cock. Both of them knew that I very rarely engaged in anything more than watching since I had been dating my girlfriend, as we had crossed paths a few times on some of my previous visits.

Ponytail looked over at me and slid glasses cock out of his mouth, holding it up so I could see him lick it from base to tip before plunging it back into his eager mouth. Glasses reached for his ponytail and held it, using it to guide the mouth on his cock. My hand settled into a rhythm and slid back and forth on my own cock at the same speed as Ponytail’s mouth slid on Glasses cock. My breathing was getting a bit labored as I stroked to the hot scene before me. Glasses thrust forth and pushed his cock in as deep as Ponytail could take it, and even from a few meters away I could hear his gag reflex as the cock hit the back of his throat.

A voice behind me tore me suddenly from my reverie, “I see you are enjoying the show.” I turned quickly to see a tall lean black güvenilir bahis man, maybe in his early twenties. He was only about 5 feet away from me and I had not even heard him approach. I did a double take and looked him over. He was a few inches taller than me even, with a strong muscular physique hidden only by a wife beater t-shirt and a pair of black jogging shorts. I was stunned by his appearance and struck speechless.

Now I have to pause for a few seconds in the story for some background. I come from rural Quebec in Canada and the population of the region was almost exclusively white caucasian and french Canadian. This was certainly the first time I had ever seen a black man in this neck of the woods, no pun intended. There just were not really any around.

He stepped closer to me and I could not help but take a quick peek at the bulge which was already forming in his boxers. He reached down and rubbed it through his shorts, showing me he was interested in more than just watching. I barely hesitated a second before motioning him back to the path. He shook his head and smiled. “They were giving you such a good show, I think it’s only fair you give one back.” I hesitated for only a second before nodding, the lump in my throat still preventing me from speaking.

We moved next to Ponytail and Glasses, who smiled knowingly at me. The black stud gave me a hard slap on the ass and told me to get down on my knees in the dirt. The hesitation was gone as I kneeled before him and looked up into his face. He had dark eyes and a short shaved haircut with a small well trimmed beard. He met my gaze as he looked down at me, “Get it out, white boy.” he said in a commanding tone.

I was a bit stunned at being called a boy by a guy maybe fifteen years my junior but nonetheless obeyed, reaching for the rim of his shorts and slowly lowering them. His cock caught in the shorts for only a moment before popping out, slapping me in the face as I leaned in. I was treated to an amazing sight.. 8 inches of semi hard dark black cock which had my mouth watering already. He slid a hand behind my head and pulled me ungently to his cock, it brushed against my lips and I felt instant arousal unlike anything I had ever known. My breathing came hard as I was face to face with the first big black cock I had ever seen and I knew I just had to taste it.

I opened my mouth and slid the tip between my lips kissing it for a moment and running my tongue over its swollen head. My black stud let out a soft moan as I swirled my tongue around the head, intent on taking my time and savoring every moment. I slid my lips further down his cock, his musky smell and taste overpowering my senses. I was instantly hard, my own cock swelling with arousal as he hardened in my mouth. HIs strong hand slid behind my head and he pulled himself into my mouth deeper. I started to slide my mouth back and forth, oblivious to everything but his growing size in my mouth. I was in cocksucker heaven as I slid my mouth back and forth, not so much sucking as worshiping the thick dark member

Truth be told I had never really had fantasies of sucking off a black cock like many do, but now that I had one deep in my mouth I could truly see the appeal. His massive member seemed to swell even more, my mouth was opened wide and I felt the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat making me gag a little. I opened my eyes wide and to my dismay and arousal I saw that I barely had half his cock into my mouth. I reached down to caress myself as I sucked him off but his stern voice broke through my cocklust dulled senses, “you just suck white boy, this is all about my pleasure not yours. You’re just the bitch servicing my cock today.”

My erection hardened at his words and I almost güvenilir bahis siteleri blew my load right there without touching myself. I knew he was right of course, I needed to focus on his beautiful cock. I was lucky to be the one allowed to pleasure him, I truly felt so at that moment. Leaving behind any thoughts of my own pleasure, I focused fully on his, I brought a hand up to caress and massage his heavy balls, drawing a soft moan from his lips. His arousal drove me wild and I pushed forth, fighting through the gag reflex until his dark meat was buried in my throat. My whole body was shivering with lust for his massive black cock.

His next words almost made me choke as he whispered in a deep raspy voice, “That’s right white boy, get that cock nice and moist cause it’s going into your ass next.” I whimpered into his cock. I had always been in my ass before. I had never felt the desire to do so before.

At that moment though I had no doubt whatsoever, I was about to be fucked in the ass by a real cock. A thick beautiful big black one. And I wanted it badly. My mouth was working his cock a hundred miles and hour, sliding back and forth. My black cock lust was driving me, I wanted his meat wet and hard to be able to drive into my eager ass. I heard a laugh from the side and noticed that Ponytail and Glasses were done and sitting side by side on a rock, watching me turn into a black cock addicted slut.

Glasses smiled and looked at the black stud forcing his cock deeper down my throat, “Seems like Tyrone is about to break in another white ass.” Ponytail smiled at the comment and I felt my raging hard on get even harder. For a few minutes the only sound was the sloppy noises made by my eager blowjob. I felt Tyrone’s hand on my shoulder as he roughly pushed me back from his cock. I looked up into his eyes and saw him smiling down at me.

I didn’t even have to be asked as I turned around and leaned against the nearest tree, bending at the waist and spreading my legs. In my head, I asked myself what I was doing for only a moment. HIs cock was massive and I felt like he would tear me apart. I glanced back at it over my shoulder and for the first time I saw it in it’s full glory. A good ten inches long and nearly as thick as a coke can, with a thick mushroom head that glistened in the sun with the saliva I had coated it with, and his precum.

Tyrone stepped behind me and slapped his hard cock over my chubby ass before grabbing both my ass cheeks and pulling them wide. I closed my eyes and awaited my fate, I knew he would be in me soon. I was so aroused as I felt his thick cockhead press against my asshole. I gave a little push back to show him how eager I was to feel him buried inside me. His voice broke the silence of the forest, “You want this white boy? You want this thick black cock inside your tight little fuckhole?”

My lust was overpowering and I whispered. “Yes, show me how good a thick black cock can feel.” He gave my ass a hard slap and just laughed as I begged him to take my anal cherry.

In his deep commanding voice Tyrone told me not to move and walked over to my discarded pants, rummaging through them for a moment before pulling out my smartphone” he laughed as he turned it on and said, “You really should lock it white boy, you don’t want just anyone going through your things.” with a wicked smile he tossed it to Glasses and told him this really needed to be filmed.

I was panicking by then. Yes I wanted his thick black cock buried in my ass so bad, but no I did not want it to be filmed on my own phone. My brain was no match for my arousal at that moment though and I said nothing as Glasses pointed the camera at us as Tyrone stepped behind me and put a hand on each of my hips. He once iddaa siteleri again pulled my ass cheeks wide. This time I was not disappointed as with a hard thrust I felt my hole open to welcome him. I must have done a good job getting his cock wet and ready cause he slid in so easily, or the tip did at least.

My ass suddenly felt like it was on fire as it opened up to welcome his thick dark head. I felt a bit more enter me and the pain was overwhelming. I had been right earlier and he was going to rip me apart. The pain subsided almost immediately and was replaced by an amazing sensation of fullness as he pushed in a little more and my asshole adjusted to his girth. One of his hands cupped the side of my face and turned it sideways so I was looking right at the camera which Glasses was holding. He gave a sharp thrust and yet more of his thick cock slid into my suddenly open asshole. I let out a moan of pure arousal as my cock twitched at his penetration.

He started to move back and forth slowly, sliding in and out of my ass. The pleasure soon overpowered the pain completely and I was eagerly pushing back to meet his thrust as I leaned against the tree. Every stroke got his cock a little deeper into my ass. My whole body was burning with lust for this man. I could not believe how amazing it felt.

He reached out and pushed my head a bit lower as he drove into me over and over. I was pushing back with passion as I felt him inside me. I was delirious with arousal. Nothing had ever felt so amazing as his thick black cock pounding my tight, no longer virgin ass.

It must have gone on for at least fifteen minutes. HIs thick cock was coming and going faster and faster and every time he pulled back I felt and emptiness which he never once failed to immediately fill. I came three times as he repeatedly assaulted my back door, spurting cum from my hard cock onto the ground at my feet, thick loads of arousal from the amazing sensations he was sending through me. My legs got weak and at one point I was hugging the tree in front of me to keep from falling over. After three orgasms my body was shaking and wobbly.

I heard him grunt and I felt an amazing sensation of warmth fill my ass as his seed poured forth from his cock. HIs orgasm was powerful and I could feel the thickness of his cum inside me. He pulled into me as his cock emptied and held me that way for what seemed like and eternity. I could feel some of his cum pouring from my ass and running down my legs. When he was finally done I felt his member pull out of my ass, still semi erect and I instinctively turned around and dropped down to my knees to take it into my mouth, not caring it was just in my ass, as I sucked the last few drops from his cock. I could taste the strong odor of my ass on his cock but I did not care, all that mattered were those last few drops and showing him my gratitude for the amazing sensations he had just shown me.

I leaned back against the tree as Tyrone walked over to Glasses and took the phone from him. He walked over to me as he looked down at the phone, punching in something on the keyboard. He stood before me, as I was seated against the tree and looked down at me, “I just texted myself and sent myself the video white boy. From now on your ass is available for me at all times. If I text you, you come running. I texted myself your girlfriend’s number too and if you ever don’t answer my call, I am gonna send her the video so she can see what a black cock loving whore she has on her hands. Is that clear?”

For a moment I panicked. I started to argue but the words stuck in my throat. What could I say to make him stop this?. But then I felt my raging hard on and it hit me. This was what I needed, this was what I wanted. I had never had such pleasure as I had had today and I knew that I wanted very badly to have Tyrone’s cock again. I looked up at him and nodded, “yes Tyrone, perfectly clear.”

Truly I had no idea what I had just gotten myself into…

To be continued

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