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Going For A Ride

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Hi guys. I’m a happily married middle aged guy. This encounter took place last month while my wife was out of town on business.

I’d been feeling pretty bored sitting around the house for the last few days. There’s not much to do here without her around. Yeah, right. We have a lot of friends in town and seem to always be busy with some one or another.

I was going out of my mind so I figured what the hell, I put on a nice shirt and a pair of shorts and headed out to the new neighborhood bar for a beer or two. It was a real nice place. A sports bar kind of atmosphere. My favorite.

I began talking to a couple of different people there, and after a while a young guy walked in and sat down next to me. His name was Jimmy. He was in a t-shirt and shorts. Typical for south Florida in June. Jimmy’s in his early 20’s and works in the next town over as a computer techie. All he could talk about was his new truck. A 2004 Ford F-250 4X4.

As we talked some casino şirketleri more he seemed like a very likeable guy. He all but begged me to go outside and take a look at his new truck. So off we went outside. I have to admit it was a beautiful truck. It was jet black with dark tinted windows. Something he said he always wanted. Even the interior was black with an oversized bench seat.

We went back inside for another beer when he suggested we go for a ride. At first I declined. Then figured why not, and off we went.

We stopped to fill up and grab a six pack for the ride. Jimmy said he wanted to go out west of town to try the 4-wheel drive. So I directed him to a plot of land I used to 4-wheel on years ago.

After a while Jimmy was like a kid in a candy store. A big smile as he easily went over every sand dune he could find.

Inevitably the beer took it’s toll and Jimmy had to piss. We were way out in the middle of nowhere so he jumped out of the truck, casino firmaları walked about 20 feet and went right there. Not really odd in itself, but instead of unzipping he just pulled his shorts to the side as if he hadn’t any underwear on. Oh well, to each his own I thought to myself. I used to do that myself. Oh, to be young and single again.

I hadn’t noticed before, but when Jimmy got back inside the outline of his shaft was visible through his shorts. I’ve never really thought about guys before. Must have been the beer.

As we continued driving my eyes were drawn more and more towards Jimmy’s cock. By then I was buzzing pretty good. Another 5 minutes later it was my turn to piss.

When I got back inside the truck my whole world turned upside down. Jimmy had taken off his shorts, his legs were apart and was openly stroking his cock and squeezing his balls. I quickly shut the door.

All I could do was to nervously watch his hardening cock rise. güvenilir casino Jimmy didn’t say a word as he turned sideways on the seat, sitting towards me now still pumping his shaft. He even went as far as sliding to me some and then lying almost flat on his back.

Then Jimmy spoke. “Come on man” he said. “Suck it for me. I see the way you look at it.”

That’s all it took. I knelt forward, with plenty of room I might add, and kissed and licked Jimmy’s hard on. I never knew a cock could taste so good.

I quickly got into a rhythm and was soon bobbing up and down on Jimmy’s big cock. Man, he felt so good in my mouth.

He was watching me take more and more of his cock. Moaning louder as I went deeper and deeper. I started gagging and had to back off some, but had a good amount of his pole on my mouth sucking up and down.

Jimmy warned me that he was about to cum, but I didn’t care. I wanted it. By this time Jimmy had a hand on the back of my head fucking my mouth. His cum filled my mouth quickly. I had to swallow fast to keep up. My God, I wanted that.

Any of you guys who live in and around northern Palm Beach county in Florida e-mail me. Let’s get together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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