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Golden Meat

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I’d been working at the pool for, oh, maybe 18 months? Times had been hard. My wife Jane had left four years earlier, she’d found out that I’d been having an affair. In fact I’d had several affairs. I think Jane had known for sometime that I was unfaithful, it was only when I took a girl home and fucked her on the front porch while Jane listened upstairs that she’d decided that enough was enough.

I couldn’t blame her. In fact, I didn’t really care. It gave me freedom, stopped me having to hide my womanising. I could fuck around in the open with nothing to worry about. Briefly I’d moved in with someone, but that had ended much the same way. What can I say? I’m a man, I like to fuck.

People talked about me. It wasn’t a big town, a lot of people knew who I was and what I did. They knew I could’ve been drafted into the NFL if I hadn’t broken my leg, they knew I was divorced, they knew that at the age of 34 I still worked as a lifeguard and had no kids. I had a reputation for screwing around, I didn’t give a fuck.

The reputation helped score pussy. I was still a handsome guy, 6’2, 180 pounds of muscle, blue eyes and dark hair with just a few flecks of grey. I worked out everyday, I swam everyday, I had a few wrinkles but my body was just as firm and honed as when I was 22. The girls were attracted to me and because of my reputation, they knew I was a good fuck. Word of my cock’s size had gotten out too. Girls who dated me knew they’d be getting 8 and a half inches of thick throbbing muscle.

I kinda don’t mind gossip when it’s stuff like that getting spread around!

Anyway, that month I’d kinda been going through a bad patch. I’d just moved apartments, I was spending less time cruising bars and more time sitting at home, having a drink and watching football. I needed space to collect my thoughts. Things were getting stale. I needed something new in my life. New job maybe? New town? One thing was for sure, I needed a spark from somewhere. I’d even gotten tired of flirting with girls around the pool, somehow all the girls I met were just blurring into one continuous procession of perfect white teeth and perfect blonde hair that ohhhed and ahhhed over me like I was some kinda zoo animal. It was just getting boring.

That night, it was a Wednesday, the local high school’s swim team had been practising late. They were local champions and trained hard, using the pool until well into the evening. It was around 8pm, they’d just gotten out the pool and were heading to the locker room to shower. The place closed at 8.30 and I was kinda keen to get them out of there so I could lock up. I told Janice the receptionist she could take off. I went into the locker room, strode through, tapping on the lockers shouting out the time and generally dropping hints. It was time for everybody to get going.

I walked past the communal shower, there were three guys still in there, covered in shower gel foam and enjoying the hot casino şirketleri water jetting over their bodies. The guy in the middle I’d noticed before. His name was Adam. He had real talent, the star of the team. I looked at him now, completely naked with his back to me and soapy water running down his spine, over his buttocks and dripping slowly down his thighs. He had an incredible body. His skin was flawless. He was a deep, maple syrup tan from head to toe. Even his ass cheeks were stained a rich golden colour, such a contrast to the milky white shower foam spilling over his body. His hair was golden too, a bright, vibrant blonde, cut short. His muscles were exceptionally well developed for an 18 year old. He looked like he’d been carved out of one solid block of wood. Flawless, completely untainted and unblemished from the meaty shoulders which rippled as he moved his arms through the water to his tight, hard ass cheeks and taut leg muscles. His skin was smooth, hairless. He must have spent a lot of money on tanning salons and body waxes. He was like a 6ft, golden bodied cherub. He looked over his shoulder, catching me staring. I blurted something out something like, “Come on ladies, it isn’t prom night! Place is closing.” The other two guys started finishing off and quickly went to towel down and get changed. Adam just smiled at me, and carried on with his shower. I walked away, deciding not to hassle them anymore.

I walked around the pool complex, shutting off lights, locking doors. Then returned to the locker room. It was empty now, everyone had gone. But a hiss of running water was still coming from the shower room. One of the jokers was still there! I cursed under my breath and stormed off toward the shower area.

I saw Adam, still standing there as he had earlier, his head pointing upward, allowing the pulsing water to fall over him. There was no shower gel now, nothing to hide any part of Adam’s body from me.

“Look buddy, I know you’re some kind of star, but I need to get home.”

“You want to go home Mr Bradley sir? Why? Why dontcha come in here? It’s awesome.”

I looked at Adam again, he was actually arching his back and poking that tight ass out, drawing my attention to it as the running water filled the narrow cleft between his ass cheeks. He ran his left hand down his left buttock, slowly. Then he turned his head toward me, his hazel eyes looking deep into my blue eyes. I suddenly realised what he was doing.

“What are you? Gay?”

At the word “gay” a smile crept across Adam’s lips.

“I keep hearing what a real man you are Mr Bradley. I’d love you to show me what a man you are.”

With that he parted his legs and squeezed a drop of shower gel into his hand. He rubbed the soapy mixture between his buttocks, allowing the cream to foam and drip down his thighs onto the floor. I couldn’t help it, I was getting hard. I didn’t know how long I’d had the erection but now I realised casino firmaları that my cock was stiff and throbbing against my white cotton shorts. It was like an animal that wanted feeding. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was getting turned on by this beautiful golden body, and it was being offered to me freely.

I stepped out of my sandals and walked into the shower. The hot water began to splatter against my clothes, soaking my t-shirt and showing the imprint of my cock against my shorts. I pulled off my t-shirt, letting it fall to the floor and stood behind Adam. He remained motionless. I put my arm round him and felt the firm contours of his smooth wet body with my hand. I gently run my hand up his chest, over his sharp, firm nipples. Adam sighed, it was a sigh which told me I could do anything I wanted to him and that he would love every second of it. I moved my head to the taut muscle where his neck met his right shoulder and moved my lips over it, running my tongue over the warm flesh, hardened by hours of exercise. I softly bit into his skin. The salty taste of this gorgeous hard bodied teenager made me even harder. He exhaled sharply and turned round, allowing me to pin his arms against the wall, now the hot water spilled over both of us as the room filled with steam. For the first time I saw his cock. It was long, not as thick as mine and without the strong blue veins. His balls were small, he had no pubic hair, all had been waxed away. The cock looked beautiful, a piece of flawless uncut golden meat which pulsed with excitement. I pulled my own soaked shorts off, Adam’s eyes went down and examined my hard cock, longer and thicker than his own. For a moment we looked into each other’s eyes, searching for clues, wanting to know what the other was thinking. I moved forward, our cocks rubbed together then flattened against our hard stomachs as I put my hands on Adam’s ass and pulled him into me. My lips found his and our tongues danced together in a hungry, impassioned kiss. The taste of his saliva and the feel of his firm ass turned me into an animal. Adam whimpered as I broke off the kiss and spun him back around, pushing his face against the wall. With my right leg I pulled his legs apart.

“Stick that hot ass in the air for me baby.”

Adam presented his ass and braced himself against the wall. I placed my left hand on his hip and with my right hand guided my twitching cock between his buttocks. The cleft of his ass felt amazing, soapy and slippery like a hand covered in baby oil. I prodded the head of my cock against his asshole. My dick was slippery from the hot water and soap. His ass opened easily, I moaned with pleasure as the head of my dick slipping into his body. He gasped, his eyes closed, I looked into the side of his face, he was a picture of bliss as he experienced the pain and pleasure of a thick cock pushing into his ass.

“I’m going to show you how a real man fucks.”

Slowly güvenilir casino I pushed myself further up his ass. It opened gently, accommodating me while gripping my penis tighter than any girl had. Finally my cock was buried in his ass up to the hilt, my balls balanced against the underside of his rump. I whispered into his ear, “You make Mr Bradley feel real good baby.” I slowly withdrew, until just the tip of my cock lay inside him. Then I tightly gripped his hips and rammed back into his ass. He cried out in pain, I pulled out slowly, then banged into his ass again, my balls slapping his behind. I did it again and again, finding the rhythm. I was fucking him. I was fucking the star of the swim team in his ass and the dirty boy loved it. He moaned like he was having his cock sucked, with each thrust he groaned in ecstasy. “You love ii don’t you? You love having my cock in your ass.”

“Yes, yes, yes, YES!”

I started pounding him harder. I wanted to fuck him harder than he could take. I wanted to make it hurt. I pulled on his hair, pulling his head up as I screwed deeper into his tender boy pussy.

“Oh god yes, YES OH FUCK ME DADDY!”

When he called me daddy I lost control. I needed to cum. I needed to feel my seed flowing into this boy’s ass. I fucked franticly, the hot water helping my dick slide quickly in and out of his ass. Then it came, the flow of hot, creamy liquid and the beautiful release of my senses. I’d never had an orgasm like it. My cum flowed into his asspipe and overflowed. Spilling back out, dripping onto the floor tiles. We held each other, panting with exhaustion. I kept my cock inside him and put my arms round his waist, holding him close. My hand felt his long shaft, still rock hard. He moaned softly as my fingers touched it. I took the smooth sheath of tanned skin and muscle in my palm and stroked it, puling the foreskin up and down.

“Now cum for me baby.”

It didn’t take long, with my dick in his ass and my hand jerking his cock it took Adam couldn’t help himself. Soon my hand was filled with his sticky love juice. I washed it off under the flowing water as our semen pooled together on the tiled floor. I pulled my cock from his ass. He turned to me and wrapped is arms round me, he gently kissed my lips and put his head on my chest.

We got dressed together, it was getting late and neither of us wanted Adam’s mom asking questions. When I saw him fully clothed, I felt myself getting stiff again. It was so strange. I’d never looked at a guy sexually until that day. I’d never passed a guy in the street and thought “Yeah, I’d like some of that.” But now I’d enjoyed this beautiful young man’s body, I was alive to the possibilities. I looked at the coiled snake of his cock in his tight jeans, and the imprint of the muscles against his t-shirt. I’d liked fucking him, and I wanted more. I drove him home, we agreed that as far as his mom was concerned, I was giving Adam special extra curricular lessons at the pool from now on. We kissed goodbye and I watched his ass, that beautiful ass move down the driveway to his house. Then I drove off. I felt alert, alive and excited. The world seemed to be filled with new possibilities.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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