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Gordon and Angela Pt. 01

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Every Friday night Angela always goes out with her sister Amanda and her friend Ashley.

I watched her as she got herself ready. She brushed her long brown hair and looked into the mirror pouting at her reflection, her lips emblazoned with ruby red lipstick. Standing up she turned to me and smiled.

“How do I look?”

“You look gorgeous, absolutely and utterly gorgeous.”

And she did. She was wearing a white mini dress which showed of her long tanned legs and her drop dead gorgeous figure.

I kissed her on the lips and held her to me, “Now, you behave yourself, do you hear?”

She nodded into my chest and I realised that saying this to her was as much of a ritual as the actual Friday night out itself. Of course, I knew she won’t behave; Angela couldn’t behave herself to save her pretty life.

She has always been a bit of a rebel and I knew that once out on the town with a drink inside her, she would do the usual stuff. Outrageous flirting, dancing with other men and then more drinks and more testosterone in the air and well, I never knew from one Friday to the next what tale Angela was going to regale when she finally arrived home.

That evening I sat and watched a film and had a few beers. I had experienced a hectic week at work and was tired so I decided to go to bed.

At two a.m. I heard the door slam and then the sound of Angela’s footsteps climbing the stairs, which by the sounds of it, was no mean feat. She walked into the bedroom and put on the light.

“You awake?”

“Well if I wasn’t, I am now,” I replied.

My eyes squinted as I tried to readjust them to the sudden light; once they had, I looked at Angela and what a state she was in. Her lipstick looked as if it had been smeared across her face by a heavy hand and her mascara had started to run slightly. Her dress was creased and had various stains on it. I noticed they were a mixture of dirt, beer, grass stains and come. But despite looking as disheveled as she did, Angela looked hot and I could feel my cock start to harden.

She threw down her handbag and walked over to the bed and stood in front of me.

“Do you want to know what I have been doing?” she asked, her speech slightly slurred.

“Well casino şirketleri I am wide awake now and feeling horny just looking at you so you may as well tell me.”

She reached over for my hand and roughly pushed it under dress, “Feel.”

I was shocked to discover that Angela wasn’t wearing knickers and her pussy was absolutely dripping wet.

“Where are your knickers?”

Angela shrugged, “I dunno, probably in the alley at the side of the club.”

“And why would they be there?” I asked as I pushed my fingers inside her pussy.

She leant over and kissed me dipping her tongue into my mouth.

“Because that was where I got fucked for the third time by some hungry, horny nineteen year olds with massive cocks.”

“Umm,” I pulled the duvet back and showed Angela what her revelations had done to mine. “Well maybe you should jump on this and start your story from the beginning.

Angela hitched up her skirt and climbed on the bed. Expertly she straddled me and guided my cock inside her come filled pussy.

“I have fucked four men tonight and I still wasn’t satisfied so I fucked the taxi driver as well on the way home. I told him I had no money for the fare and that I would suck him off. However, his cock was so nice I needed fucking again.”

Angela rocked on my cock and gasped as she closed her eyes like she was reliving the whole evening there and then.

“I was in this club and I lost Amanda and Ashley. This guy came over to me and asked me if I was okay? He was quite fit actually and he asked if I wanted to dance with him so I did. Then he pulled me to him and pressed himself against me and whispered in my ear asking if I could feel how hard I was making his cock.”

I watched as Angela licked her lips at the memory.

“Up until then I had been behaving but just that one little whisper and I felt horny. So horny all I could think about was this guy fucking me. The question was, where would we fuck? I didn’t want to go to his house and all that stuff, getting personal after a drink etc. I just wanted to feel his cock inside me and his hot come. So, I was quickly thinking where? The club was packed but that was turning me on even more, the thought of fucking casino firmaları someone in such a public place.

I took hold of his hand and led him up the stairs at the back that led to the fire exit. I started kissing him and took his cock out of his pants and started wanking him and I could feel the pre come on the end of his cock within five minutes.

I hitched up my skirt and turned round and asked him to fuck me. He pulled my knickers to the side and felt my pussy with his fingers remarking on how wet I felt and I was. I was totally soaked by this point.

He pushed his cock inside me and started to fuck me really hard. It was so turning me on by the fact that we could get caught at any minute. Also, I just liked the feeling of a fresh cock inside me.”

I pushed my own cock up inside her hard, “You’re a dirty bitch. Did he wear a condom?”

Angela laughed like I had asked the most ludicrous thing in the world, “No of course not, you know I like feeling the hot come inside me after a fucking. Anyway, his cock was nice, not too big and not too small and he hammered my pussy really hard as he built up to an orgasm and finally shot his load inside me.”

I could feel myself building up at the thought but managed to repress myself, I didn’t want it all to end before all of Angela’s antics had been divulged.

“So, what happened next?”

Angela got off my cock and turned round onto her all fours, her pussy looking red and beaten.

“I fucked him off after that, because now I was in the mood for multiple cocks.”

I pushed my cock hard inside her and grabbed her hair, “So go on…”

“Well, I managed to lose him, as easily as I had managed to lose Amanda and Ashley. I bought another drink and had a look around and decided to have a walk about.

I walked past a group of three guys who were in their early twenties, as I passed; one of them cheekily slapped my arse. I turned round and walked over to him and just started kissing him. The whole group started to cheer as I reached down and felt his cock. I turned to them all and asked if they wanted some fun?

Of course they agreed so I led them all outside and took them to that dirty alley at the side of the night club. I turned güvenilir casino and asked which one wanted to fuck me first and which one wanted me to suck him at the same time. I knew what I was asking was as filthy as the alleyway floor but by this point I didn’t give a fuck. They decided between themselves and then we got down to business.

It was fantastic feeling having a cock up my pussy and one in mouth even though the alleyway floor was killing my knees. The guy fucking my pussy came first so I took his friend out of my mouth and turned round to let him know it was his turn.

The other lads were now all stroking their pants and I could see their hard bulges, their cocks desperate to get out of the confines of their pants. After he came I stayed where I was and asked who was next. The other two had their go and came quite quick as well. I guess it’s not everyday they would get asked to do something as filthy as I had requested.

Finally my pussy was filled with come and I stood up and pulled down my dress forgetting to pick up my knickers. They all told me how great I was and then we walked out of the alley and I joined the taxi queue. I must have left my knickers behind.”

I gripped Angela’s hips tightly and started to ram her hard until she started to groan and grunt with the power of my cock inside her.

“So tell me about the taxi driver.”

Angela gasped and buried her head on the bed.

“I was still horny, so I pretended I had no money because he was quite fit and looked like he had a big cock. I told him I would suck him off in the quiet lay by as pay back for his services.

I have never seen a guy swerve his car so quickly and unzip his pants so fast, come to think of it. My pussy was burning but yet I needed just one more cock. Luckily his car was quite roomy so I jumped onto the back seat and let him fuck me.

He pumped away and panted like he hadn’t had a fuck in a decade. When I told him that I wanted to feel his hot come inside me he came there and then with his hands gripping my tits tightly, I think he might have bruised them actually.

I watched Angela’s ass move back and forth, her pussy pushing against my cock like she hadn’t been fucked in a year – let alone in less than an hour. Thinking of her in all those erotic scenarios made me come a lot quicker than I should have, but when Angela turned to me and smiled licking her lips. I knew it would only be a matter of minutes before I was hard again.

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