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Goth Chick Adventure

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When I ran into Christy in the club, she was drunk. She also let me know that she was single by waving her left hand in my face so I’d notice her bare ring finger. I had lusted after Christy for a year and a half, but she had been married with a kid. Now, I thought, if I can seal the deal, I’d realize this long-standing dream.

Christy is a waifish girl in her mid-twenties and could be a Suicide Girl. She has the jet-black bob hairstyle framing a beautiful pin-up girl face accentuated with labret and tongue piercings. On her arms, she has half-sleeves of colorful tattoos as well as one that extends down one of her legs. (These are the visible body modifications, anyway.) She has a sexy, smoky voice and loves to wear fishnets, garters, and black bondage gear. I hungered after her like a dog, but I felt like my lust was unrequited.

After a few drinks of my own, I offered her my half-hearted sympathies concerning her divorce, but quickly began to tell her hot I thought she was and how I wanted to make her feel good. Thank God for the courage alcohol can give, right? She looked me in the eye, took a long drag off of her cigarette, and asked me a question:

“How do you think I like to be treated in bed?”

“Rough,” I responded, hopefully.

“Let’s get out of here,” she said, bluntly.

After excusing myself to use the restroom and splash cold water on my bahis firmaları face, to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, I guess, I accompanied her back to my car and to my apartment. I honestly can’t tell you what we talked about or if we even talked at all.

We got to my place, and I offered her a seat on my couch. She took off her long, black raincoat and climbed on top of me, kissing me aggressively. I couldn’t believe that this was happening. I stood up and began undressing her, and she did the same with me. She was wearing a fishnet body suit and tall, shiny black boots. I didn’t want to take any more of her clothes off when I saw her like that. Through the fishnet, I saw her beautiful puffy nipples; she had ink on both tits and a big tattoo just below her breastbone.

I wanted to get at that pussy, and, unfortunately, that required the shedding of her bodysuit, but it was worth the trade-off. Her lips were thick and meaty, her mound completely shaven and smooth. I buried my face in there, put my entire mouth over her clit, and worshipped her cunt, watching her lovely face contort with each wave of pleasure.

I rose, and she reached over to her purse and handed me a condom. Of course, I asked for her help in fitting it over me. Here it was, the moment of truth, the moment I had jerked off to for over a year. I got on top of her, and she guided my cock inside. I’ll never kaçak iddaa forget that ecstatic, cathartic feeling.

“If you fuck me good, I’ll let you fuck my ass,” Christy whispered.

Startled, I had no response but just wrapped my mouth around hers and proceeded to rhythmically deepen my thrusts inside her, as her long nails dug into my shoulders.

At some point, we decided that the couch was getting old and moved upstairs to my bedroom. She got on top of me and rode and rode, her head resting on my headboard while I grasped her around her waist tightly and firmly. I moved my hand to her neck and began to squeeze lightly. She gasped and said,

“Fuck yeah. Do it.”

“You do like it rough, don’t know?” I asked, playfully.

“I’m a whore,” Christy hissed. “You can do whatever the fuck you want to me.”

” I want to be in your ass,” I said.

“Yeah, fuck me in the ass. You want to fuck my ass? Then do it,” she breathed.

She dismounted, and I got some lube from my nightstand (a leftover from a old girlfriend who also loved anal). We got into a sixty-nine, and I ate her pussy and clit some more while slowly and gingerly inserting a lubed finger(s) in her ass. She was returning the favor down below, her tongue massaging my balls and ass while she stroked my cock.

When she felt she was ready, we got into a spooning position, and she guided kaçak bahis my cock to the gates of heaven (or maybe hell?).

“Easy,” she directed. “Nice and easy.”

Shortly, I was balls-deep in her ass. I had forgotten how good a woman’s ass felt, like the tightest fist milking your cock.

“That’s nice,” she purred. I made a mental note of her at that moment: her face, her pale, thin body with its ink and piercings, her husky voice. I wanted to remember it as long as I lived.

I knew I was reaching the point where holding back would be futile, so I announced that I was almost over the edge.

“God, you are so hard. You’re gonna cum, aren’t ya? Are you gonna cum for me?” she asked.

“Where do you want me to cum?” I asked, hoping for the right answer.

“All over here,” she said, rubbing her stomach and tits.

“Good enough,” I thought. I pulled out and pulled off the condom. Christy put her hand behind my balls and applied steady pressure to area between my ass and swollen, full balls as I jerked off. I knew that this was going to be a huge load.

“Here ya go,” she said, smiling up at me. “Shoot all over me.”

I did.

My load landed on her face, neck, all over her necklace, her tits, and her belly and finally subsided in creamy drops on her cunt. I remember muttering “Fuck yes,” or something close to it, for what seemed like forever.

You know, I would love to say that Christy and I have continued our relationship, but we haven’t. I’ve seen her around, and it’s cool, she’s cool. And it’s not often that a dream comes true anyway.

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