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Grant and Mariah

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Mariah was aware of the time she didn’t want to be late. The day got away from her. She had to quit taking last minute calls. Swishing sounds greeted her as she opened the double glass doors to her last appointment. One she wouldn’t miss for anything.

That’s when she saw him. He was dancing with a woman. His movements were so sensuous. A gasp caught in her throat. She envied the woman she must be a new one. She opened the inner door Grant never looked away from his partner. The song was from Luther Van Dross Dance with My Father Again. Mariah swayed with the music not even aware of it. She was a born dancer. She couldn’t believe she won dance lessons with Grant in a rally. She laid the ticket down before remembering the lessons for over a month. She smiled at her first phone call how it was so unlike her. Being tongue tied was so unusual for her. She lectured everyday there wasn’t anything she couldn’t explain clearly for anybody.

“Yes, this is Mariah I won Grant.” Mariah said without realizing what she just said.

“Mariah? I don’t understand how did you win Grant?” The man said casually.

“Oh I won him in a rally.” Mariah ignorantly answered, but then the light came on.

“Oh I am so embarrassed I didn’t win Grant. I won, dancing lessons with Grant.” Mariah hurriedly answered.

The man laughed so deeply, Mariah’s ear enjoyed the sound. She oddly felt comfortable with this man.

“Well, I am Grant. So, when would you like to start?” He said casually.

Mariah turned beet red oh she didn’t know whether to hang up or make the appointment. She decided.

“Hello Grant. I’m Mariah I would love to start as soon as you have an opening.” Mariah said with a softness in her voice.

“I have an opening this bahis firmaları evening at 7pm. I would like to meet the woman that won me.” He teased her.

Mariah couldn’t believe that was two months ago. They gelled immediately she knew what he wanted before he even had to make a move. They danced with the grace of two swans on a still moon lit lake. Doing the mating dance. Mariah had thought of how Grant would be in bed. They did some foreplay on the dance floor. Got to know each other sometimes after a lesson over coffee.

Mariah thought if you always did the same old same old. You would always get nothing but the same old same old. So she stepped off the cliff, Grant caught her. She had learned life wasn’t not all bad not all good. So she let the good times roll, that brought Grant to her.

“A penny for your thoughts” Grant whispered in her ear.

“Haven’t you heard a penny cost more than a penny is worth?” Mariah was startled

“I want to go change why don’t you set some tunes out that we can dance to?” Grant asked as he walked away.

Mariah caught a look at his ass, it was so fine. Walking like a panther she went to the sound tracks hitting songs randomly. She wondered if he would tell she wanted to be danced fucked. Her choices were for Tango, slow dancing, some jitterbug. Two step, she wanted him to put her through her paces. She wanted their bodies to mesh, glide and touch at every note. She stepped back and hit something hard but yielding.

“Look’s like you want some intense emotional dancing tonight?” Grant said smiling.

Mariah stepped away commanded his eyes to look at hers. Their intensity on the dance floor was so immense people either looked away from embarrassment. Thinking they were watching kaçak iddaa two people have sex. While others sat down to be showed what the art of fine dancing was all about. Eroticism blew the people minds watching. Grant and Mariah quit noticing anybody or anything the instant they connected on the floor.

“Yes, Miss Mariah you have my attention.” Grant whispered.

Mariah laughed a deep throaty laugh, smiling she walked towards him awaiting their first touches of the night.

“Take me I’m yours.” Mariah threw her head back and moaned.

Grant whipped her into her dancing space. Letter perfect they danced a close, slow dance to Take me to the Moon. With every move Grant was more taken by Mariah. She was elusive, yet she touched his soul. Another song came through them fastening them thisclose. Save your last Dance for Me. Her footwork matched his with so much vigor eye contact was a must. They had already danced two songs and hadn’t missed a step. She challenged Grant. He made her strive to be better than she could be.

After they did the dance of the tango the consensus in the room. Well, sign of the times a few people took out some nicotine gum and felt relaxed. They had danced so hot. His hand scorched her skin, his feather touches. They had made her shiver from anticipation. He felt her breathing being erratic at times. He seen her bite her full luscious lips. He was so taken by the scent of this woman. He commanded her to respond by just the slightest signs.

A small pressure on her back would mean a change of direction. An elbow rising and his footwork would cause her to float without effort. The music surrounded their senses. Both were hungry tonight, not for coffee and a piece of cake.

“Mariah I need you tonight.” kaçak bahis Grant was hoarse.

Mariah would have acted coyly, yet she was ready for his intimate touches. Her body had become tuned into his voice. She could get her nipples hard, hearing him tell her hello. He made her become wet, if he lowered his voice and laughed. His commanding presence was very erotic to her. She felt that nothing could ever hurt her again. He would save her from any pain. They laughed at the same moments.

Mariah, had wanted to initiate the next step. He was married, she only dreamt of his taking her. Never going over the boundaries. Oh, some flirting. Yes, she came close in trying to seduce him into her bed. Being the temptress wasn’t in her nature with Grant she always felt the prey. She wanted his body, he already impressed her with his intelligence.

A few times she was certain she had felt his love muscle stiff. Rubbing on her hip she all but dropped down then to take care of it. Restraint wasn’t a virtue she possessed. She was a lady she mildly flirted to show him her interest.

“Grant, I want you tonight.” Mariah breathlessly whispered.

She was glad she had taken care with her lingerie. Grant must see her at her most sensual in every way. The fact she was 5’9″. Long cascading curls past her hips. The red hair looked like a blaze when the lights caught it. Her long thirty-four inch inseam dancer’s legs could make a grown man cry. His muscular, over six feet tall body. Was so well chiseled. Mariah couldn’t care less she was older than Grant. Grant was a handsome man, graying temples. A very sexy hot lover for sure, Mariah had thought many times in two months.

“Let’s go to my place Grant. I think you have some things to show me.” Mariah said with a husky sexy tone in her voice.

“Are you sure, Mariah?” Grant said. Thinking to himself that was the stupidest question to ask a beautiful woman.

“Yes, I’m ready for you.” Mariah whispered.

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