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Gumdrop Ch. 09

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Author’s note:

As absurd as the concept of a hucow is, I tried to take it quite seriously, to delve in the psychology of a hucow and her owner, in search of what this admittedly strange fetish means, at least to me. Therefore, beside the tropes of the genre (kinky sex, humiliation and de-humanization), you will find the musings of a young girl who chooses to become a cow in a quest for true love and a place in the world. I hope that the result is an original and refreshing take on the matter.

All kinds of feedback are appreciated, especially those about grammar, as English is not my first language.

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9. Don’t be scared, just breed.

The next day, we woke up at dawn, the crop lashing at our thighs, more gently than usual though. As I reluctantly opened my eyes and yawned, my suspicion was confirmed: Aaron, yawning himself, was standing on our bed. While we crawled to get up, I was thinking about the fact that the stable hand’s lighter hand with the crop could become a problem: how were we supposed to ease into being used to a hucow’s proper whipping as Aidan had said, if Aaron held us back? Anyhow our day started as the previous one, with Cupcake’s milking and me wishing I could be in her place too. Then, we had our slow, semen-based breakfast for champions, which, unfortunately, did not make us feel any better than the day before. Anyway, I tried to get out of my mind any doubt about us being able to adapt as Aidan had promised: he knew better, I reminded myself. Next, Aaron had a bit of a misfire when he groaned in disgust as we shat and pissed on the floor and he had to wash our insides. We reprimanded him with angry moos and he apologized again, blushing a little in such an endearing way that we had to forgive him immediately. Our mood got even better as he inserted our butt-plugs.

“These are new, custom-made for Aidan.” the stable hand declared.

They felt a little bigger than those we had used previously but the feature that impressed us most was a realistic-looking cow tail attached to their base, ending with pink hair in my case and cute tiny brown dreads for Cupcake. We both loved our tails and wiggled them happily.

Finally, we were thoroughly cleaned. I had to admit that the young man did everything perfectly. He must have known, because there was a definitely smug smile on his face when he kissed our foreheads at the end of the procedure. Aaron had not talked much all morning. Not that he was not in a good mood, considering the amount of groping on his part, especially with me. I imagined that it was hard to speak to a cow. Anyway we had no idea of what the day had in store for us, but we had to get used to that: we were hucows, after all, and our farmers would decide what to do with us. Apparently, we had to rest. Lying on the hay, Cupcake managed to fall asleep again. I knew that, according to the information Fergie had provided me, she had to be milked every three hours, which meant that, even though she had managed not to wake me, she had been woken in the middle of the night. For the same reason, we had to have slept exactly six hours, so I was not surprised to be very sleepy. I was just about to doze off with my chin on her back, wondering how her body had decided where to stop producing melanin and leave her skin white, when Aaron lashed our rumps once again. What now?

Both a little dazed, we found out that it was milking time again. Cupcake seemed to disagree and kept mooing quizzically. Maybe Aaron had made a mistake? Annoyed, the man decided to explain:

“Your owner thinks that it is wrong to milk you when you are full, because human breasts stop producing milk when they are. He is convinced that, even though your milk-enhancers try to avoid that, they are not completely successful. So he wants us to milk you every two hours, during the day.”

I looked at Cupcake with a lewd smile and she ironically shrugged as if she had said “if I have to make the sacrifice…”. She did not cum, though. I hoped we could rest afterwards, but the reason why I was up too was that we had to be fed again. Slop, fortunately. Only then we were allowed to nap. We repeated the cycle another time. Cupcake had the impressive capability of falling asleep whenever she wanted. I, on the other hand, had more difficulty to adapt to this fragmented rest.

After the next milking, the cycle was interrupted. Instead of feeding us, Aaron led us to the two structures covered by cloth that I had seen when we had arrived. Another surprise: I and Cupcake looked at each other quite skeptical. The man unveiled two identical exercise machines like I had never seen. For one, there was a wooden yoke. I, for the life of me, could not figure out how they were supposed to be used. They looked very articulate. Only when Aaron had strapped us on them, he could explain to us what we needed to do. We were in all fours and all our hooves and our knees were fixed rigidly on supports that could slide forwards ankara eve gelen escort and backwards. Our neck was enclosed by the yoke.

“The machine has the following cycle: push your forelegs forwards, then push your body forwards with your hind legs, pull your hind legs to your body, push your body backwards with your forelegs, push your hind legs backwards and finally pull your forelegs backwards. Every step must be followed by a loud click of the equipment, that tells you it has locked appropriately. If you don’t hear it, it means that you have to pull or push more. I’ll give you he time with the crop.”

He swished it and we tried to perform a cycle. The machine fought all our movements. Between its strong resistance and us not remembering exactly the cycle, we did very poorly.

“Shit, I gotta punish you now.” commented Aaron, still not as remotely disappointed as we were after he had administered it. It had not been harsh as Fergie’s, not even close, but was enough to make us moo painfully. Aaron repeated the instructions and we tried again, feeling a much stronger incentive to do it right. And so we did. He kept us at it for several cycles, enjoying himself with the view of our hindquarters going up and down. After that, we had to perform an easier exercise that consisted in spreading fore and hind legs several times. All in all, the two activities were a fairly complete workout and, when we stopped for Cupcake’s milking, we were panting heavily and felt every muscle of our body protest.

After we had eaten again, we were brought back to our enclosure and we found the cattle door open.

“Come on, go on if you want to have some air!” Aaron encouraged with a smile, as he went to store Cupcake’s milk away.

Excited by this new opportunity, we forgot how tired we were and we went through the plastic strips to explore the garden we had only seen on our way to the rooms where we had been mounted. It was another wonderful sultry summer day. I mooed happily, inhaling the good air of the countryside. Cupcake did not seem to share my enthusiasm. She mooed woefully, jabbed her head at the sun, that was now close to the zenith in the cloudless sky, and then she pointed at one of her white spots with a fore-hoof. Of course, she would get a sunburn! Maybe Aaron had been given some protective lotion? Like she had read my mind, Cupcake went inside the barn and started mooing loudly to attract Aaron’s attention. I wondered why she did not just push one of the red buttons, but then I realized that Aidan would have preferred us to behave as real cows, if we could help it. So I joined the mooing, until the stable hand came out of one of the rooms in the barn, rushed to our enclosure, and leapt over it, looking worried.

“What’s happening? What’s wrong?” he asked, panting.

Cupcake made an aching face and stretched out her left foreleg, which had two big white spots.

“What’s wrong? Does it hurt? I don’t see anything here.” replied the man, after having carefully examined it.

Cupcake then raised her head to the ceiling and mooed again. It took him a few seconds, but finally Aaron understood.

“Shit, of course!” he said loudly, patting his forehead “He even told me! So sorry!”

He fetched a short rope from his tool belt, grabbed Cupcake’s bull ring and pulled her closer to the wall, making her moo in discomfort. Once there, he tied her ring to another one on the wall and took off. We waited for him there. When he came back, he was holding an unmarked bottle:

“Top quality stuff, he told me.” he said and began accurately rubbing the cream he squirted out of it on Cupcake’s spots.

A few minutes later, he freed her and, as if we could read each other’s mind, we kissed him both on a cheek at the same time, making him blush. To hide his embarrassment, with a slap on our hindquarters, he sent us on our merry way, mooing joyfully. The corral was a big square meadow stretching between the stables and the main building and bounded on one side by the porch leading to the bedrooms and on the other by a wooden fence. Scattered on the grass, there were several big vases, each containing a different variety of flowers. At the center there was a fountain of running water, sprinkled by four marble erected penises and collected in a drinking trough. As soon as we saw it, we both looked at each other and burst into a moo-laugh. Between some mounds of hay and some cow chairs, almost identical to the milking rigs of the fair, we had plenty of places where to rest our sore muscles, but first we took a nice stroll.

Our bells were ringing and our pussies were tinkling merrily as we went around. Walking with a butt plug was rather unpleasant at first. The hooves forced us already to make short steps and with it stuck in my ass, I felt like I was impaled to the ground. Cupcake noticed and mooed quizzically. I wagged my tail and she understood immediately. She looked at me with her “trust gaziantep escort me” eyes and then relaxed her shoulders and half-closed her eyelids, exhaling loudly. I interpreted this as “relax”. I realized that the problem was that I was behaving as if I had to keep myself from shitting, clenching my asshole painfully as result. There was a butt-plug in my hole, though, not shit and if it fell, I could just ask Aaron to put my tail back. It did not fall and soon I could keep up with Cupcake and thank her with a kiss.

I liked the flowers, that were all of refined varieties, so we spent some time smelling them and watching fat and fluffy adorable bumblebees pollinate them. The drinking fountain awoke the prankster in Cupcake, who surprised me with a squirt of cold water from her mouth as I was looking at a car parking in the courtyard. I stood still, petrified by shock, just for a second, before I rushed to the drinking trough to get my revenge. A battle ensued, with no holds barred. We soon mastered the art of running on our hooves and squatting behind the vases to take cover. Both were not easy feats, I assure you. Peace came only when Kam entered the corral, to fetch us for milking and feeding. For the briefest moment we looked at each other, our mouths full of water, and considered squirting it on him, but our hurting rumps convinced us otherwise.

After that, we were just so tired that we headed for a big mound of hay, and lied down, almost sitting on it, under the refreshing shade of a tall tree. All of a sudden, Cupcake started to moo in a weird, musical way. I did not understand what was her objective, at first, but then I recognized a song that had been a hit the previous year, only sang in a lower key because of the mooing device. So I started singing too and we ended up trying to find all the songs we could both remember. When we ran out, we tried to sing to each other our favorite songs, with wildly varying degrees of fidelity.

We fell silent, afterwards. I had never enjoyed nature that much. I had been in the country so many times and yet I realized that I had never let myself listen to its sounds, smell its perfumes, feel trees, grass or hay. We stayed like that for a while, in each other’s arms, just recovering what we had never known we had lost.

I was about to doze off, when Cupcake rolled on her side and began kissing me, mooing in lust. I mooed a warning, meant to tell her that we could get caught, but I kissed her back nonetheless. She went for my nipples, I protested but I let her do. I was so fucking horny, damn it! It escalated rapidly: with a wicked smile, Cupcake hugged me and dragged me with her as she rolled to the ground, behind the mound of hay, hidden from most of the grazing ground. We were both moo-chuckling again and utterly incapable of keeping our lips off each other. She was on top and hastily rotated herself to put us in a sixty nine position. We laughed again at the sight of our pretty tails and in a few moments we were both swimming in the other’s juices. We had just started when Kam interrupted us:

“Here you are! Come on, time for milking!” he said, whipping Cupcake on her back.

I sighed in relief that we were not in trouble, but Cupcake did not want to stop and got a few more lashes. I tried to urge her not to push our luck and then she finally lifted her head and mooed in a way that for some reason sounded like she said “I’ve got this.”. She smiled teasingly at the man, wagging her tail and went back to work on my pussy.

“Damn it!” cursed Kam, undoing his overalls.

Knowing what was going to happen, I resumed my licking too. The stable hand removed Cupcake’s tail quite brusquely, she shivered but not protested, and all of a sudden his nut sack was bouncing over my forehead. My first threesome did not last long. Kam, perhaps worried that he was stretching his freedoms with us, came after a few minutes, but it did not matter, because we had had some head start and we preceded him. As soon as he extracted his shaft, I slid towards him, with my mouth open, offering to clean him up with my eyes. He accepted, shoving his member, still quite erect, in me. I licked him thoroughly and squeezed every remaining drop of his semen from his cock, while Cupcake panted between my thighs. When Kam was satisfied, I prompted her to sit on my face and cleaned her too, feeling more jizz dripping in my awaiting mouth. I just had time to kiss her cute butt-hole, before he hoisted her up and later he did the same to me. We both emitted an apologizing moo, but Kam did not seem angry at all.

“Best job ever.” we heard him mutter as he whipped us.

By now, it was already six in the afternoon. Our dinner consisted in semen and then slop. Aidan had kept to his word and had increased the amount of sperm in our diet. Speaking of the devil, he appeared as we were about to go back outside. He was with a stocky man, with a balding head and black mustache, dressed elegantly.

“I think ankara gerçek resimli escort it’s never been more appropriate to say: holy cow!” shouted the stranger, in awe.

“Yeah, I’m very proud of my herd!” replied Aidan, winking at me.

Kam had hastened to fetch us and bring us to the fence, so that the stranger could see us up close.

“You have the most unusual specimens, my friend.” went on in a rapt tone the stranger. I noticed that he was mainly looking at Cupcake, who lowered her eyes timidly.

“Well, why don’t you try one, then?”

“Ah, you tempt me!” chuckled the man, waving his hand as to dismiss the proposal “I just came here to taste your milk!”

Aidan then put one hand on his shoulder and leaned over the other, looking away, to murmur in a jokingly conspiratorial way:

“Who said that you wouldn’t? I just imagined that you preferred to milk it with your own hands.”

The man gasped, like a child being let do something formerly prohibited.

“Kam, why don’t you prepare Cupcake for this gentleman? I believe that in an hour she will have already some milk for him!”

The stable boy swished immediately his crop and he and Cupcake headed for the fence gate.

“In the meantime, you can finish dinner and perhaps relax in our jacuzzi?” proposed Aidan.

The man I now recognized to be our very first client, agreed wholeheartedly.

“Of course bathrobes and such will be provided by us.” he concluded “I trust you can find your way back? I want to check on my Gumdrop, who is still growing her udders!”

“Sure, sure!” conceded cheerfully the other.

As soon as he was out, Aidan jumped the fence and lifted me in a hug, kissing me and making me spin as I moo-giggled.

“It’s actually happening!” he said excitedly as he let me down “You should see how many people came for the milk tasting!”

I mooed questioningly.

“Come on, maybe you can see it from the outside.”

He led me back in the corral and pointed at the windows in the first floor of the main building. There were people inside the dining hall!

“I launched the farm with a milk tasting event! I invited all the enthusiasts of the area, a huge turnout! Later they are going to visit the stables.” he explained.

I mooed in awe.

“So, how do you like your grazing ground?” he asked.

I mooed happily.

Loosing his composure, he grabbed my hoof and began to lead me to one of the cow-chairs. It took all my willpower to stop him and show him my hindquarters.

“Oh, you like the tail?”

I mooed merrily and then eyed the crop. When he understood, he had the reaction I was hoping for:

“I forgot to use the crop…” he murmured looking at it, the realization of what was happening dawning on him. Then he raised his head and he lifted me again in a hug:

“You, Gumdrop, are a dream come true!” he exulted.

This time he did not let me go, but instead he hauled me on his shoulder, brought me to the same haystack where I had the threesome and let me fall on the soft hay with a loud moo.

I did not have time to catch my breath: he was already kissing me, his hands groping my boobs. I wished that I could undo his pants. I was already wet. No need, he was on it. As he started licking my neck and tickling my earlobes with his tongue, I felt like gloating some more and mooed questioningly. With his attention now back to my face, I eyed the dining hall: he was loosing his inauguration! He shrugged:

“Ah, I don’t give a shit! Penelope’s there anyway, she’s better with people than me.” he said “And this!” he continued, now whispering and stroking my cheek “This is what this is all about!”

I literally jumped for joy on him, he grabbed my hindquarters to hoist me and pushed me back on the hay, all the while I kissed him. Then, for the first time, he was in my pussy and started ramming ponderously. I was in paradise. I did not know if it was the butt-plug, the hormones, the piercings in my pussy, or the fact that I was madly in love, or all of these things together, but I had never felt so much pleasure in sex. No, actually that was not sex. We were making love. I kept looking at him the whole time, I wanted him to know exactly how much he was making me happy and sure enough I saw the joy I had brought in his life. I was about to cum already. I was going to moo so loudly that everyone in the farm could hear me, especially Penelope! I did not want Aidan to regret this, though, so I gave ample indication of what was soon to happen. He did not care. My climax moo was so roaring that I felt my nose and my jawbone vibrating.

He put me down with a grunt, turned me around and pushed me on the haystack. I was shivering so much that I was not sure I could still stand. No problem. My tail was ripped away and soon replaced by my man’s member and the ramming restarted. His hands found my nipples, now oversensitive, and squeezed. It was too much, I loved it and hated it at the same time, but I was his and he wanted my nipples and so he would have them. I plunged my face deep in the hay, as if it could help me calm down, stifle the storm raging in my erogenous areas. He was cumming, thank god he was cumming. His hand went down on my pussy. I came again, this time my moo muffled by the hay.

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