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Gunge Girls 02: The Experiment

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As an amateur filmmaker, I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities to get my name out there, and while it’s not always the most fruitful endeavor, I always make frequent posts on my social media pages about looking for related work, be it photography, videography, or just editing photos and videos together. What started as a desire to film pretty much anything got curiously focused however, by a DM I received through Facebook regarding my services.

The message I received was from a young woman who refused to tell me her real name until she was sure I was fully onboard. Apparently, she was working on a personal experiment and wanted it filmed so she could go back through for research and observation purposes, but was afraid of potentially damaging her camera if she attempted it herself. And again, she wouldn’t tell me what the experiment was, and I almost turned it down, except that she offered me a hefty sum of money for taking the job. For that, I couldn’t refuse. And for what happened afterward, I would never turn her down again. Needless to say I took the job and eagerly awaited the day we film this little experiment she had planned.


I arrived a the location we were to meet at with all my camera gear in the car. I happened to be familiar with the address from the start; apparently she prepared by renting a studio in the block where most of the local bands and artists did their rehearsals, I filmed some of them from time to time, so I was no stranger to that part of town. And for the fact that it was an experiment she allegedly came up with on a whim, she sure seemed interested in a professional setup. I opened the trunk of the car and pulled out my camera, a tripod, the good microphone, and an LED light, just in case. With the equipment bags on my shoulders, I approached the door and gave it a knock.

The door opened and I was presented with a young woman, couldn’t have been older than her early 20s, who smiled at me excitedly.

“Hey!” She greeted, “You must be Ronnie.” I nodded in confirmation. She held out her hand for a shake. “Thanks for coming,” she continued, “I’m Lexa.”

She was definitely a looker too, which had me more interested now. I’ve always had a theory that there are two kinds of attractive ladies: there’s the ones that I consider pretty; the ones with the cute, wide eyes, that innocent look about them, usually quite shy, overall the kind of girl who could dress themselves down everyday in a sweat suit and still be the best looking girl next door. Then there’s the ones I call hot. They’re the ones with those ever mischievous eyes, the high cheekbones, the straight, professional looking hair and nails, that overall femme fatale look. This girl, Lexa, was definitely the latter. She had her black hair slicked back into a ponytail, with her eyes done up with somewhat of that gothy look. Then there was her outfit. There wasn’t anything too special about it, just a tee shirt and a leather jacket, and some dark blue jeans; some impossibly tight dark blue jeans I might add. Of course, this shouldn’t even have been crossing my mind anyway, I was her strictly for professional business and nothing more. Get in, film what she wanted, leave with my paycheck, that’s all that needed being done.

“Welcome to my studio,” She said as she led to modestly sized room. “You can set your stuff over there, I think that will give us the best light and angle.” She pointed me to a spot in the room where a large beach towel was sprawled out of the floor. It was only then that I noticed a majority of the floor was covered by a giant, black tarp with a kiddie pool in the center. Weird.

“So, what exactly are we filming today?” I asked. Obviously, it was an ‘experiment’ that required a kiddie pool, but I still knew nothing more than that; not always the greatest way do decide how to film something.

“You’ll see.” She said. She was walking to a wash room in the opposite corner of the studio. Since, apparently, the only think I could do is just wait for more info from her, I decided to start setting up the camera. Based on the tarp, splashing was clearly a risk (probably why she didn’t want to film it herself), so I set the camera back a bit from the tarp. I figured the action was probably happening in this kiddie pool, so looked through my selection of lenses for the one that would allow for the best shot. Surprisingly, the lighting in the studio was pretty good, I hate setting up lights, so no complaints there. I attached a small external microphone to the camera and began surveying the scene through the camera, trying to get close to what the best angle would be. I didn’t think anything of the four 5-gallon pails inside the kiddie pool, but at the angle the camera was at, I could see that they were filled with something opaque. It was bright blue.

So focused on finding the proper place to start, I didn’t even notice that Lexa had returned from the wash room. She nearly startled me.

“Hey,” She said. She was holding a trio kütahya escort of… bathing suits…? “Which one should I wear?”

I was stunned. I didn’t even know what to say. What the hell was this girl planning on doing that she wanted a bikini. And I needed to be professional here, the last thing I want to do is be hypnotized by a twenty something hottie in a bikini while she does whatever.

“Well?” She waited.

She was very forceful. Clearly, I was picking out her attire for this project, and there wasn’t any way around it. I looked at the three options she held before me. The first was a black two piece suit with bright pink dots on the center of the top triangles, real subtle. The second was a plain pink top with a teal colored bottom, an interesting combo. The third was the one that stuck out most to me though. It was silver, like, really silver; kinda like those bizarre metallic ensembles I’ve seen around Halloween or at certain stores in the mall. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, it was shiny, reflective, it just looked like it would be perfect on her.

“I think that one,” I said as I pointed to it.

“I was hoping you might say that,” she smirked and went back to the wash room, presumably to change into it.

While she was away, I decided to get a closer look at her little setup a bit. I wanted to know exactly what I was getting into. The rubber kiddie pool looked brand new, nothing unusual there. I stared at the four buckets in the center of it. Whatever was in it was bright blue, and looked very thick. If this girl was changing into a bikini, whatever the stuff was must not have been harmful to the skin. With that conclusion, curiosity took over and I stuck my finger in it. It was exactly as thick as I expected, even a little stringy, and slippery. Suddenly, it all started making sense; upon feeling the substance, my brain immediately began replaying images in my head of the good old days of Nickelodeon slime, and all that good, gross, fun looking stuff they did with that. Clearly this girl had some memories of that too.

“Snooping around, are you?” She said. Again, I didn’t see her come back and I had a mini heart attack. “Yeah, that’s slime alright. Twenty gallons of it.” I stopped dead in my tracks and gazed at her in her new getup. Something about that shimmering, metallic bikini was just working for her. It was working for me too, I could feel my face turning hot, and I was struggling to focus on anything that wouldn’t result in me getting a boner in front of her.

“I see you watched a little Slime Time here and there too, huh?” I said, trying to recover from my red face.

“Not really,” she said, “When I was in college, the other girls in my sorority dared me to get dunked in a tub full of slime. I ended up enjoying it more than I expected.”

“So that’s your play here?,” I said, “A nice, clean-cut, sorority good girl gets messy and decides she wants more?”

“I never said I was a ‘good’ girl,” She replied with a stoic look on her face; a sexy, stoic look, I might add.

“So why film it?” I asked, “Seems to me like most people would opt to keep something like this private.”

“When I got slimed for the first time, it was a sorority party with half the block in attendance and watching. There was something just… invigorating… about having an audience.”

Interesting. So she liked being watched. That’s why she wanted me here, not because she couldn’t actually run the camera herself, she wanted another person present to watch her play. Nice.

“Well, whenever you’re ready, I guess.” I stepped behind the tripod and hit the button on the camera.


She lifted each of the four buckets and moved them to the side of the pool and stepped into the center. She faced the camera, and sat down with her legs crossed, knees out. Her shiny crotch was in full view of the camera, and me; there’s no way she didn’t do THAT on purpose.

She took the first bucket, it looked heavy, and lifted it just barely above her head and poured the slime over her hair, face and body. She let out a shocked squeal followed by a laugh. Her metallic bikini began to sparkle more as the slime started covering it.

She took the second full bucket and did exactly the same thing. This time, there was no surprised squeal, just a happy, muffled moan that broke into laughter yet again.

“Oh, god, this is just as fun as the last time!” She squealed.

She dipped her hands into the growing pool of slime around her and began spreading it around the pool and on her skin. She started by lathering her arms and legs in it. She scooped up a bit more and spread it around her belly, squirming happily at the sensations. Once she felt her bare skin was coated enough, she took a scoop of the slime in each hand and plastered it across her boobs, massaging it into the metallic fabric slow and deep; the money shot. She dipped her hands down into to the bright blue slime again and scooped it into a more escort kütahya concentrated puddle the best she could before pulling as much of it toward her crotch and massaging in there too; the second money shot. I have to say, I wasn’t really expecting to turned on by this, but goddammit, I was.

“Hey, Camera Boy,” She said, “Come over here for a second.”

Great, I didn’t really want to position myself anywhere where I might have ended up on the camera, but I guess I had to now. I cautiously stepped up to the pool. As I did, she laid down on her back completely. She pointed at the third bucket of slime.

“Take that bucket and pour it all over my body,” she requested, “please?” After all that, she sounded very coy about her request, but it seemed like she was also trying to be a tease about it too.

I picked up the pail and slowly poured it over her already slimy body; this batch was a bit thicker than the others. First, a little over her head, then down her torso. I dropped a little bit on each of her four limbs, but the bucket was still about half full.

Then she continued with her bashful, teasing voice, “Don’t be shy, Camera Boy, give me more.”

At that point, I couldn’t help but have a little fun with it myself. I rationed out the remaining slime and concentrated it where I wanted it. A deluge of slime plopped directly on her left breast. She yelped with shock. Then a deluge of thick slime plopped on her right breast. Another yelp, of shock… or pleasure? The remainder that I had in the bucket could only go one other place. I tapped the bottom of the pail and watched the remaining glob of slime impact her shiny, silver, slime-covered groin. “Mmmmmmmmm.” She moaned. Yep that one was pleasure. She pointed over to the camera with a look that said “go back to your post,” and so I did.

By the time I turned around, she was tossing, turning, and rolling around in the slime like a pig in mud. She was enjoying herself a lot, and surprisingly, so was I.

“God, I love the way this feels!” She exclaimed. “So slimy… so slippery… so… sexy.” She continued rolling around and rubbing her body in the blue gunge.

“So what’s the last bucket for?” I asked.

She replied with a combination of a laugh and a moan. “Do you want to find out?” She asked, “I do…”

She returned to her original position in the center of the pool, sitting cross-legged. She pulled the last pail next to her and grabbed a pitcher from outside the pool. She took the pitcher and dipped it all the way into the bucket of gunge; this bucket seemed to be even thicker. She pulled the full pitcher out and held it up to her chest. I watched with wide eyes as she pulled the gunge soaked fabric away from her breast and poured the entire pitcher over her bare tit before putting the fabric back in place. She scooped up another full pitcher and continued on her other side. She set the empty pitcher down and slapped boobs. Oh, God that was hot; I was half hard just from pouring the bucket on her, but now it was starting to hurt a bit to keep my growing dick down. She squeezed and massaged her boobs, and as she did, all that slime she poured into her top was oozing out. With all the moaning I was hearing, she was obviously enjoying it as much as I was.

It didn’t end there, though. She filled up that pitcher again and this time went down to her crotch. She pulled the bottom of her bikini away from her skin and poured the entire pitcher inside. Her entire face lit up as she did, clearly that slime was tickling some fun spots. She filled the pitcher up and did it again, fuck! Then she did exactly what I was hoping I’d see her do at that point: she put the pitcher down and began massaging her slime-filled bottom. The moans coming from deep within her told me everything I needed to know. This wasn’t just fun for her, it was a straight up turn-on. It was turning me on too, and there was no hiding it anymore.

“Hey, Camera Boy,” She said, “I take it you like what you see?”

I didn’t want to answer, but it felt like I was no longer in control anymore. “Absolutely,” I told her.

“That’s what I like to hear. Do you want to see more?”

“Like what?” I asked.

“Something I wanted to do from the very beginning.”

“I think so.”

She reached behind the tub and pulled out a vibrator. Damn, this girl was pulling out all the stops. Why was I even into this? I mean, any girl whipping out a vibrator for their own personal pleasure is hot, but for some reason, seeing her covered in this thick, blue slime was just… God, it was hot.

She turned the vibe on and began massaging her pussy through that hot, shiny bathing suit. She shuddered as soon as it made contact, and I did too. As she held it in place, she used her other hand to scoop up slime and spread it over her crotch.

“How’s this, Camera Boy?” She moaned, “Is this what you like to see?”

“Yes,” I replied. How could I not?

She continued massaging slime over kütahya escort bayan her groin and vibrator, breathing more intensely, and moaning and whimpering louder and louder. Despite her cries of pleasure, she still seemed to have control. She had control over me for damn sure. She tipped her head back with a wide smile, taking in the orgasmic wave that must have come over her, and thrust her body forward with a quick, loud scream.

“Oh, fuck, that was good!” She yelled.

And oh, fuck, it was. She didn’t stop there, though. She switched to a new tactic. She turned the vibrator up a couple of notches and, this time, shoved it into her bikini bottom, directly on her slimy pussy. She massaged more and more, and her breathing got heavier again. The was going in for the second orgasm. It was only then that I realized I was touching myself at that point too. Not too noticeably, I was just rubbing my bulge over the top of my jeans, but I was giving into my desires nonetheless.

Her yelps and whines and moans continued to increase volume and frequency as she turned up the vibrator yet another notch. She was practically convulsing in the pleasure. Just then, she took her pitcher again and filled it up with the blue slime. She angled her vibe so to pull open her waistband a bit further and dumped the entire pitcher on top of her clit. As soon as the biggest, thickest part of the stream plopped down on her, she dropped down on her back with a deep, loud moan. Then, just few seconds later, her whole body violently shook, as if a spirit was possessing her. She erupted in several, drawn out, ear shattering screams as the pleasure took over her.

“Oh, fuck!” She cried. “Oh FUCK!” She yelled again. “Oh FUUUUUUUUK!” A third time. And after a fourth scream, she turned the vibrator off and tossed it to the side, breathing rapidly as she regained her composure.

I quickly made an effort to stop touching myself, and hope she was too occupied to notice herself. I couldn’t believe I had just witnessed this. What’s more, the fact that I got it on camera had crossed my mind; I could literally replay this again for myself if I really wanted to. If I was really still into it. Damn.

“Hey,” she gasped, “Camera Boy… get over here.” What? Me? Why? “I said… come over her.”

I couldn’t say no. She was still clearly in control here. I sauntered over with a mix of excitement and fear. “Y-yes?”

“Why did you stop?” she asked. I had no idea what she was talking about. “I didn’t tell you to stop.”

“Stop what?” I asked sheepishly.

“Look at me.” I did as I was told, she was coming at me with those serious eyes. “Do I look stupid to you?”

“No, ma’am.” Really? Ma’am? Why the hell did that come out of my mouth?

“Then why are you playing stupid?” she accused. “I saw you over there touching yourself, don’t try to deny it.”

I looked down at the floor, unsure if I should be happy she didn’t want me to stop, or if I should be shameful for having done it at all; it was far from the professional image I was trying to set, after all.

“Pull down your pants,” she ordered. What? “Now.”

I did as I was told. I originally only lowered my jeans, but after an obvious cue from Lexa’s eyes, I pulled down my boxers too.

“Good. Now step closer,” I wasn’t about to argue, took another step and planted my feet at the edge of the pool. “If you’re not going to finish, then I’ll do it for you,” she said.

She reached out with her hand and began gently stroking my erect cock. Fuck, fuck, fuck! It felt nice. And the slime on her hands made them slide along so smoothly, it was like the slime was a sort of lube. A few gentle strokes quickly became more serious tugs. I was already in bliss, but each tug was taking me closer to where my primal state of mind wanted me to go. Then she got a little more enthusiastic and scooped up some slime with her other hand, plastering it on my dick as she stoked and tugged. Oh my god, I was getting so close to the edge. She tugged and tugged and tugged some more, rapidly scooping up slime and dropping it on my cock. The squelchy sounds from her hands squeezing my slimy appendage only made it hotter.

“Did you think you were going to cum today?” She asked. I couldn’t answer. My brain couldn’t think of words, and my mouth wouldn’t make them. “Well, you are now.” I couldn’t stop myself. I began grunting loudly as each pull of my cock inched me closer and closer and closer until…

A powerful wave rushed over me quicker than I expected. My eyes went completely blurry and I nearly collapsed to my knees. Once my vision returned to normal, I saw my handy work; three massive white blotches against her slime covered, silver boobs, and two on her face. She was grinning.

“Mmmmmm, I like you, Camera Boy,” she said. “You were so good.”

“You were good too,” I said.

“I know,” she retorted. “I think it’s time I go shower off.” She stood up and stepped out of the tub, rubbing as much slime off her skin as possible. “You’re free to go. Your money is on the table by the door.”

She stepped over the edge of the tub and walked back to the wash room. “You can email me that video anytime,” she yelled back, “and you can keep a copy for yourself.” Well, of course I was going to do that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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