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Guys Trip, Lace Causes a Stir Ch. 05

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Ben and I had awoken from a nap following some fantastic sex, the first sex of the trip where I was the top. It was amazing in so many ways. His cock was fantastic, his cum was delicious and pumping a huge load in his tight man-pussy was another thrilling new experience. There was more to that story, with me once again on the bottom, but I want to move to what happened that afternoon back in mine and Steve’s room, back to yet another new discovery.

I was famished and Steve and Ryan were already getting started on lunch down in the cafe. Not wanting to spend more time running back to my room to change I borrowed a pair of pants, some loafers and a shirt from Ben so we could head directly down to meet them for some lunch. I pulled the pants on over the thigh highs that I was wearing and my thong that I picked up off the floor. The heels, skirt and top would have to wait for later. Ryan and Steve were both done eating by the time we got our food but they stayed to hangout with us for awhile.

I wasn’t planning on going there yet but while we were eating the topic of Steve’s and my bet came up. There was no lead up to it though. We went from a casual conversation about what games were going to be on that day to Steve blurting out, “Alright Jimmy, you won.”

Ben and I were both a little shocked at the sharp left turn that the conversation had taken, enough that we didn’t respond immediately. Nodding his head toward me, Ryan jumped in instead, “While we were walking back upstairs earlier, Steve clued me in on the bet that you and he had going so we figured we’d come by the room and see if anything was going on.” Seeing that Ben already knew what he was talking about he continued on, “Shortly after that we walked in on you two sleeping naked in bed together.”

Steve jumped in with a quick comment, “Not exactly the proof that we were hoping for but, with you both laying there naked, one could easily make the leap.”

Seeing that Steve was done Ryan kept on, “Not wanting to feel left out, after seeing a hint of what must’ve been going on, we headed back to Steve and Jimmy’s room for some quick play time and a shower before coming back down here.”

Ryan kind of sped through that last part. I’m not sure if he was trying to sneak it past us or if he was just a little nervous about saying it out loud. Regardless, I was relieved that everything was out in the open for all of us. “That’s great to hear man. Regardless of the suspicions I had, it’s still a relief having confirmation that you all are cool with everything that’s been going on, even though I’m pretty sure you don’t all know the whole story.” I held up a hand, asking them to wait until I was done, “Before you ask…To be honest, I’d rather keep some stuff private for now.”

At that last statement, Steve smiled. I think he liked the idea that we would still have some secrets. If so, we were definitely on the same page. I’ve always found it a little more exciting doing stuff that nobody knows about. He replied before anyone could object, “Sounds fair.”

That pretty much wrapped up that topic and Steve started to get up. “Well, you two got your post workout nap in. I think it’s my turn to get one in as well.”

Ryan nodded his head and stood as well, “I think I’m going to head back to the room and do the same. Let’s figure out dinner plans in an hour or so.”

“Sounds good. I’m going to finish eating and hit the tables for a little bit. I’ll head back upstairs in about an hour or so to take a shower.” Then, with a little laugh I followed up, “and maybe put on some of my own clothes.”

Ben seemed to like my plan as well, “I think I’ll do the same. See you guys a little later.”

At that, Steve and Ryan headed off toward the elevator. Ben and I quickly polished off the last of our lunch and then headed for the casino. I went to a nearby table to play craps and Ben went off to find a blackjack table.

I’m not sure how long Ben lasted but I only played for 20 minutes or so before I had enough and headed back up to the room to get cleaned up and relax for a bit. The room was dark and quiet when I got there, the curtains drawn tight and all the lights off. Not wanting to disturb Steve’s sleep, I went straight into the bathroom to take a shower. My plan was to take a quick shower and then lay down for a short rest myself.

I cleaned up in what seemed like record time and did a once over to make sure there were no hairs growing back that needed a shave. Satisfied that all was still adequately smooth I got out, wrapped a towel around my waist, then smoothed out my hair a little and put on some deodorant. I didn’t take anything to wear with me in the bathroom but I didn’t want to leave a wet towel laying next to the bed so I decided to just hang it up and climb back into bed naked. I could worry about clothes later when I didn’t have to fumble around searching quietly, worrying about waking Steve up.

With the bathroom light on I could have some more light to move around without casino şirketleri tripping over stuff. I walked into the kitchen area and grabbed a glass of water to take with me. The bedroom was still dark enough to sleep but now I could make my way to the bed more easily. I quickly walked across the room and turned to sit on the edge of my bed. Even after taking a nap I was still a little tired and so ready to sink into the bed and fall asleep again.

I lifted my glass to my lips and took a drink while looking around the room. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, just scanning the room while I sipped on my water, when my eyes caught sight of Steve laying on his back in the middle of his bed. His arm nearest to me was up on the pillow with his hand above his head. It was bare, as was his chest and what I could see of the top of his stomach. He was naked to the waist at the very least, and based on what I knew about him from the earlier part of this trip, he was sure to be naked the rest of the way down as well.

It was a little surprising to see someone napping naked but I couldn’t really say much considering I was about to do the same. I put my glass on the nightstand and stood up so I could pull the covers back and climb into bed. But standing there looking across the narrow passageway that ran down the middle of the room a better idea came to me. There was plenty of room in Steve’s bed and his covers were already untucked while mine were still tight from when the cleaning service had come by some time this morning.

With surprisingly no ulterior motives I crossed the gap between our beds. Pulling back the sheets as gently as I could I slipped in next to him as quietly as possibly. There was plenty of room but once I was on my side, facing out, I scooted back until there was barely any space between us. I glanced over my shoulder to see that he was still sound asleep, then turned back forward as I let my head settle into the pillow and I started to drift off to sleep.

It seemed like just a few minutes had passed when I woke next, but I when I opened my eyes to take a quick glance at the clock, it revealed that it had been more than 30. As the fog of afternoon sleep lifted a little I noticed Steve’s arm laying gently on my side, his hand crossing over the front of my hip and his fingers angling down but still resting there innocently, not quite reaching my crotch.

I wasn’t ready to get up but I had to hit the restroom really quick or I wasn’t going to be able to fall back asleep. Reluctantly, I lifted the covers to slide out. When I moved I could feel Steve’s arm and hand sliding off my hip, his fingers sliding across the top of my cheeks as gravity pulled them down. I quickly finished up and washed my hands and was heading back into the room as Steve was heading out.

“You had the right idea. I was having a hard time relaxing.” With that he walked into the bathroom himself and swung the door most of the way shut behind him.

I walked over to the nightstand to grab my glass and then went into the kitchen to fill it back up. I wasn’t really thirsty but I wasn’t sure if he was going to get back into bed after so I was really just stalling to see what he was going to do next. I could hear the sink running when I called out to him in the bathroom, “I’m grabbing some more water. You thirsty?”

“Not too bad, but I’ll take a glass since you’re already in there.”

Just as I started filling the second glass I heard a faint squeak from the bedroom. I hoped that it was the sound of Steve getting back into bed. I let the glass finish filling then followed Steve back into the bedroom, where he was sitting on the bed. He wasn’t laying down but he wasn’t quite sitting up either. Rather, he was leaning back on his elbows with his knees just over the edge and his feet resting lightly on the floor.

I reached out with the glass as I approached the bed, “Here you go.”

He started to sit up, “Thanks! Where’s yours?”

“Huh? Oh. I must’ve left it on the counter.” I was a little flustered. “I guess I get a little forgetful when I’m nervous”, and I made to turn to go back to the kitchen.

He stopped me before I even took a step. “Don’t worry about the water. Just have some of mine.” He settled back but not all of the way. Instead, he rested his weight on his hands which kept him more upright, still looking way more casual in his nakedness than I ever have, or ever will for that matter. His manhood was front and center, draped down between his thighs, resting on his smooth balls and he didn’t look like he had a care in the world.

Meanwhile I was anxious standing there in the middle of the room. In my anxious state, I was feeling so small. It was one of those typical, unwarranted thoughts of mine that alway seemed to intrude when they were most unwelcome. I needed a second to try to relax and my mouth was feeling dry, so once I stopped walking I took a slow slip. When I finished I realized that I had closed the rest of the distance casino firmaları between us and I was standing in front of him, between the two beds, with the nightstand on my right.

He spoke first, “Man, with all that has happened since we got stuck at that little motel in the middle of nowhere on the drive up here, what could you possibly be nervous about?”

I had been absentmindedly looking at the glass in my hand, not focusing on it for any real reason other than to keep from looking at Steve. Finally, I made what felt like a herculean effort to speak. I laughed nervously and then started to respond, “Yea, there really has been a lot, hasn’t there?” I started to settle ever so slightly once I got those first few words out but I was still staring at the glass in my hand like it was the most interesting thing in the world.

“There are a couple things really. For starters, everything has been going non-stop since we got here. I just don’t know what things will be like once things slow down again. Will everything go back to normal?” I shrugged my shoulders as I slowly looked up.

Steve was pretty calm in his response, “I can see how that might worry you. It’s a lot to take in. I can’t speak for the other guys, but I don’t see anything changing because of a little unconventional fun.” Of course he framed the word ‘little’ with air quotes, and I couldn’t help but chuckle at that.

I reached over and placed the glass of water on the nightstand. Looking back up I moved on to the part that I was really nervous about. “I’m glad to hear you say that.” Steve’s calm, matter of fact, demeanor helped keep me from losing my nerve. “You’re not lying about us having some unconventional fun, and it definitely hasn’t been a little by any means, but there’s something else that I want to try. It hadn’t really dawned on me until I was in the shower after I came back up here, and then it really didn’t take hold until I woke up from the nap a little while ago. And a great nap it was I might add.”

Steve smiled wickedly, “Okay. I’ll admit, maybe a lot of fun, so I’m a little confused. You’ve initiated your fair share of the activities, so what could there be that you would be nervous to try at this point?”

“Fuck. Maybe in a minute you’ll understand why this is the biggest leap yet. Well, I guess it’s now or never.” Hoping it would make things a little easier I asked, “Close your eyes please, and don’t move.”

My logic was that if he couldn’t see what was coming then I wouldn’t have to deal with any looks of trepidation on his face as I initiated one more new round of experimentation. And if I’m being honest, I would also be spared the embarrassment of him seeing the fear on mine.

“Okay,” then he closed his eyes, “as you wish.”

Seeing him sitting there with his eyes closed, the urge to turn and go tried to surface one more time but I quickly pushed it back down. I inched forward until my legs met the bed, my right in between his, and my left just to the side. I shifted my weight from one side to the other as I climbed onto the bed, finally settling on my knees, straddling Steve’s thighs.

I didn’t settle in immediately. I placed my hands on his shoulders to steady myself as I inched forward, “Keep them closed.”

He just quietly nodded and let me keep control. Once satisfied with my position, I let myself come to rest on his thighs, the head of my soft member resting gently on his. When the soft head of my penis came to rest on his, Steve sighed but he kept to his word and didn’t move or open his eyes. He didn’t even speak, but the soft sigh was all the encouragement that I needed to continue on.

This was the moment that absolutely no-one had been waiting for, the moment that had never even flitted across my mind, the moment that had just come to me today for the first time. I steeled my nerves even as I loosened my already light hold on Steve’s shoulders. Letting me hands slide, I leaned forward until even my elbows passed the tops of his shoulders, until finally I pressed my lips lightly against his.

I was still moving ever so slowly, ready for Steve to recoil. Everything until now had been purely physical, with neither of us making any indication that we were interested in more. I had dressed up in panties and lingerie. Steve had touched me and taken me like I was a woman. We had groped, stroked, sucked and even fucked, but this was so far beyond any of that.

For the first time we were naked together, naked together as two men, not a man and a woman, or a man dressed like a woman. And that wasn’t even the scariest factor of the moment. I would have been just as nervous in this position if we were both fully clothed or if I were dressed up and playing a part again. What had me petrified was that for the first time, I was kissing another man, and I had no idea how he was going to react.

I kissed his lips hesitantly. I waited anxiously for any kind of response, positive or negative. Finally, Steve’s head tilted slightly güvenilir casino to the left and he gently pressed his mouth against mine, not enough to take away any control, but enough to let me know I could continue. And continue I did.

My movements started getting more hungry, even as I tried to remain calm and take my time. I wanted to experience every last bit of his lips but I also wanted them all at once. A battle was raging in my mind, a battle that I had no idea was coming. Patience was winning out, but only barely. I continued to kiss all across his lips, and he was kissing back, both of us still gentle in our movements.

I let things continue that way for some time while it set in what was happening. Steve seemed content to let things flow that way as well, but when I licked softly across his lips he quietly moaned. The sound of his pleasure spurred me on and I reached behind his upper back with my left arm while I reached behind his head with my right hand to hold him against me.

As his lips pressed into mine I pushed my tongue between them. The hunger was trying to take over but I managed to keep somewhat calm. I could feel his tongue searching my mouth even I was working to taste all inside his. When Steve’s tongue joined in on the action I could feel the excitement course through my body, a shockwave shot through me, straight from Steve’s mouth into my loins.

As our tongues wrestled and darted around each other, Steve sat up straighter so he could have the use of his hands. With both of them he reached around my back, pulling our bodies together as he caressed. Time went by as we remained tight together while we kissed, my right hand still caressing the back of his head and my left arm still wrapped behind his shoulders. The kisses were tender but also had a rougher feel, soft yet masculine.

Things had become cramped until I moved slightly to readjust so that my penis could sit more comfortably. When I first settled in our shafts were resting comfortably together between us. There had been no stroking, no grinding, but we both sprung free when I moved and I was shocked at how hard I was and how hard he felt against me. We had only been kissing and I could feel my heartbeat pulsing in my rod. It was clear to me that this was what I wanted and I could only guess by his condition that Steve felt at least somewhat the same.

As much as I loved the feeling of his rock-hard cock against mine I had no plans to do anything other than what I was doing right in that moment. I didn’t think of reaching to take either of us in my hand. I didn’t even move to grind against him. Instead, I wanted nothing more than to continue kissing, but I took my mouth from his so I could finally talk again.

Both of us loosened our hold so we could lean back slightly while I spoke. “Oh my god!” The hunger was obvious in my voice.

Seeing that I wasn’t done yet, Steve just smiled and sat still in order to let me say my piece, “Okay, so you did a great job keeping your eyes closed, check. And you held out and didn’t really move any more than was necessary, check. I think it’s safe to say both restrictions can be lifted now.”

With the ice broken, I carried on, “Now, do you see how that was potentially the biggest leap of all for this entire weekend? Physical interactions, experimentation, happens all of the time. That,” and pointing back and forth between our mouths, “doesn’t. I was petrified of how you might react.” I finally reached between us to briefly grip our rods together, “But based on this I think you might be okay with this.”

He twitched when I squeezed us together but otherwise didn’t move then or after I took my hand away. “You’re right about everything. That bone pressing against you should speak my response loud and clear.”

At that, I smiled again, “Now that we’ve made this discovery, there will definitely be more where that came from. You still look tired. Why don’t you lay back and get a little more comfortable. I’ll be right back, give me two seconds.”

“I suppose I can wait that long”, and then he loosened his grip.

I did the same and then got up to leave the room, “Be right back.”

It was actually more like two minutes that I was gone. I wanted to grab something and get something else ready.

When I got back into the bedroom Steve was again laying in the middle of the bed with the sheet at his waist. This time he was halfway between laying on his side and laying on his back. His eyes were closed but he looked like he was really relaxed, rather than asleep.

I lifted the sheet enough to slip in like I had before but I stayed more on my right side as I slid up next to him, stopping just short of touching him once again. My right arm was up under the pillow as I lay mirroring his position with mine. Comfortable in my new position, I closed my eyes to relax. The stress that I had felt leading up to that kiss caught up to me and I dozed again but didn’t fall completely back to sleep.

Not too long after I felt some movement next to me and then Steve’s lower leg met with mine. When I cracked my eyes to take a peak I saw that he was turned more in my direction, not completely on his side but enough that I could tell he was facing me.

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