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Gym Hard

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Hatsune Miku

I arrived in a new town for business this week. After checking in to my hotel I sought out the nearest gym to get a workout. Luckily there was place not but a few blocks from where I was staying. It was getting late in the evening when I walked into this place. It looked a little hard core for me, but luckily the place was almost deserted.

I normally start out doing some bench presses. I found an open bench and began my workout. Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone approach me.

“You really should have someone spotting you,” I heard the voice telling me.

I racked the bar and looked over to see who was talking to me. I nearly had my tongue drop to the floor. This guy’s chest was chiseled and he was good looking as well. He said he was Charlie and he would spot for me if I liked. I told him yes and I went back to lifting.

Charlie was standing almost directly over my face. I lost concentration as I looked directly at his package bulging from his trunks. His cock looked huge. After a few sets I moved on to other equipment, but I was keeping my eye on Charlie.

I know it was silly, but I was trying to time my workout to end the same time as Charlie. I guess I was hoping to see that bone of his in the shower. I was in luck that day. Charlie followed me into the locker room and entered the shower the same time as I did.

I like to keep in shape and I am fairly toned, but I looked nothing like Charlie did naked. He was rock hard in every department. His cock hung down and must have been nearly eight inches in length. His dick was as thick as my wrist practically. I was staring as we both washed up.

We casino şirketleri were the only two people in the shower at that time. Charlie was working the bar of soap he had all over his mid-section and down to his large prick. His dick looked as if it was almost erect as we both stood in the shower room. I had hoped I wasn’t caught looking to closely. It seems I was wrong. Charlie had noticed me looking.

He came over and said I should follow him out of the shower. I was confused as I took my towel and dried myself off. I followed Charlie down a hallway and we went into another room. Charlie flipped on a light switch and we were in a room with some tables that it seemed were used for massage.

Charlie then told me he worked part-time there at the gym. He had access to the various rooms there. Charlie then turned to face me and he placed his arm around my waist and pulled me towards him.

“I hope you like to kiss,” he told me.

I opened my mouth and Charlie slid his tongue into my mouth. We stood there kissing and Charlie had his cock pressed against my own. He was grinding it into my belly as he worked to get me red hot in the massage room. He was succeeding in turning me on. My cock was rock hard from all his grinding into me.

Slowly Charlie worked me towards on of the tables. He boosted me up onto the edge and pulled my legs apart. My eyes must have told him I was concerned.

“Don’t worry, I locked the door and it is late anyway,” he said.

Charlie then took his cock in one hand and used the other to have me lie back. My ass was totally exposed. Charlie then rub his mushroom head up and down my wet crack. casino firmaları I thought I might pop my load from the friction of his cock near my asshole. Then Charlie started to push into me.

It felt like someone was trying to push a tree trunk up my ass. His dick was thick and long, much bigger than anything I had experienced before. He barely got the head in and I was moaning. Charlie told me to stay calm and he would go slow. He worked that big pole in and out of my ass.

Inch after slow inch pushed past my ass rim. I was taking that huge dong into my bottom. I think I was crying out, I was so out of it from the pain of Charlie thrusting into me. I wanted him for sure, but I never had this big a cock inside me before. Charlie’s hands went to my ankles and he lifted then up. I was now wide open to him and he could take me however he wanted.

Charlie sped up sliding his big pecker into my ass. I soon felt his hard sacs beating against my ass cheeks. Over and over I felt his eggs rapping hard against me. He had me stretched beyond normal.

“Fuck me Charlie,” I told him.

I wanted him to take me however he wanted. I wanted to remember his giant cock in me for a long time to come. That is just what happened. Charlie started to thrust as hard as he could into my ass. I watched as his love muscle enter me all the way into my chute. Sweat was pouring over both of us by this time. My lover had complete control over my body.

Charlie must have took me for at least fifteen minutes or more before he started grunting loudly. I could feel him getting close to letting go. Then a few more deep strokes into me and he güvenilir casino erupted. I felt a shower of hot man seed rushing into my ass. I think we both moaned as his cock rubbed hard against my prostate. I was close as well.

Charlie filled my ass with his seed and he finally pushed me over the top as well. My erect dick began spitting out my load of cum. There was cum flying everywhere as we both orgasmed together. By the time Charlie finally finished me off, I was spent. My lover left his cock in me for many minutes until he finally pulled out.

I looked down and saw Charlie’s spunk dripping from my hole. It felt as if a giant object had been removed from my ass. My ass felt red and sore. Charlie went and got a couple of towels for us to clean up with. We had one final hot kiss and then Charlie peeked out the door to see if the coast was clear.

I went back to the locker where my clothes were stored and got dressed. My body was aching from all that fucking. I then saw Charlie dressed and walking towards me.

“How long will you be in town?” He asked.

I told him a few days more. Charlie asked me if I wanted to spend some time with him. I told him I didn’t know if my ass could take much more of that. Charlie laughed and said he would like to make love to me again if I was up for it.

It ended up I was in Charlie’s bed for the next few evenings. I can truthfully say no one ever fucked me quite like he did. My ass still hurt, but I ended taking Charlie in every position he could think of. I took it doggy style and I also mounted that giant dick and rode if for hours on end.

I never met a man who had so much cum inside him. Charlie flooded me numerous times and by the time I left to go home I could barely sit down. I have Charlie’s phone number and we plan to have more love sessions when I next come to town. I am hoping it will be sooner than later.

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