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Halloween Ch. 01

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Sorry, meant to submit this for the Halloween contest, but forgot the due date!!


In the orange light of the Halloween decorations in Dan and Dana’s living room, I could see my ex-wife Emily take a break from kissing my friend Dan, lean up on her elbow and face me. Dan took advantage of this to take her nipple in his mouth and suck as she spoke to me.

“This is a one-time thing. Never again — deal?”

Dan’s wife Dana (they’d been introduced by a friend who thought it would be cute if the namesakes met) chuckled as she sucked my cock, and my wife Shelley took a break from kissing me to look down at me and say “One time only.”

I looked up at Shelley and over at Emily and said “I didn’t think this would be an any time ever thing, so sure, one time sounds just great!”

I lay back and thought about how I’d wound up in this situation, lying on a pile of comforters on the living room floor of one of my college friends and getting head from his hot blonde wife, holding my naked wife next to me, and watching my ex-wife neck with him.

Emily and I had been — somewhat adventurous. We’d had two children, and then didn’t have the maturity to make the relationship work once it was about being a family rather than a couple. But we’d stayed friends, and when Shelly and I had gotten together, they had gone to dinner and come home announcing that they were going to be friends too.

Shelly was more than adventurous. She was constantly testing boundaries, and in places where I’d been hesitant, she jumped in with both feet.

So when we’d just been married and been back in Boulder hanging with my college friends and we’d wound up naked in a meadow buzzing on Ecstasy, she’d happily shed her clothes and fucked me senseless in front of everyone. And when that turned into a press of naked bodies, she’d watched happily as I got fucked senseless again by someone else, and offered herself to a few people — men and women.

I hadn’t had sex with Dana that day, but I’d been captivated by her. More specifically, (and kind of embarrassingly) by her pubic hair. She was so pale she looked like an albino — her hair so blonde it looked white. When I saw her nude, her pubes were also fine, pale, and essentially translucent; you could clearly see her slit and a glimpse of her inner lips surrounded by a pale haze of hair.

Somehow, this riveted me. The fact that she was athletic had an amazing laugh, and nice slightly drooping mom-breasts with a pale tracery of blood vessels and bright pink nipples didn’t hurt.

I was interested, and Shelley knew it.

So a few months later, when we made a trip back to Colorado, she made sure that we stayed at Dan & Dana’s house.

We grabbed our rental at the airport, loaded ski gear, and headed to their house. As soon as we got there they said we had to come to The James and see some band. So we headed out and listened to two hours of headbanging Mexican metal. At some point Dana took Shelley away, and they came back with the bright eyes and runny noses that told me they’d done a few lines. I rolled my eyes, and we all danced together. I danced with Dana and took the chance of taking her by the waist and lifting her and then bumping hips and as danced.

Finally we headed back to their place.

They had no guest room — their house was only two bedrooms, and the baby and nanny slept in one, and they in the other. Guests slept on piles of comforters they’d put out in the living room, meaning you’d wake up to see the mountains through the huge back window.

On the drive back, Shelley had put some coke on her hand and I’d sniffed güvenilir bahis it and then licked it off, and then she’d done the same for Dan, so by the time we got home, going to sleep wasn’t a priority.

Dan went to tee up a movie, and we all lay back on the comforters to watch. We quickly ignored it and started necking with our respective spouses. Dana straddled Dan and was kissing him when she leaned over and started kissing me. I turned to Shelley who nodded and enthusiastic ‘yes’ and then leaned up and began kissing Dana herself.

In a moment, they had switched, and Dana was straddling me and grinding against me as Shelley began kissing Dan.

I ran my hands around Dana’s waist and pulled her shirt up over her head. While the shirt covered her face and trapped her arms, I leaded up and licked her nipple. Her skin tasted very different than Shelley’s — much sharper.

She rolled off me and unzipped her skirt and I pulled it down along with her panties. There it was — the magic pussy I’d fantasized about and that Shelley had made me tell her about as we had sex. The fine cloud of light hair that didn’t block my view of her glistening pink inner lips. I tossed the skirt aside and leaned down and kissed her mound. She spread her legs and offered herself to my mouth and I leaned in and licked with a pointed tongue from the back of her pussy and slowed to tantalize her as I got close to the nub of her clit and then sloooowly licked over it.

Dana tasted sharp, musky, divine. I went to work running my tongue over and around her lips until they were firm under my tongue and her wetness covered my chin. She was moaning, her red nipples fully hard, and as I lifted my head she sat up and began to undress me. As she did I looked over and saw Dan lying back as Shelly bobbed her head up and down in what looked like the final part of a serious blowjob. Suddenly his face turned red and he arched his back as she slurped in his come.

He gave one last agonizing thrust and lay back panting. Shelley lifted her head and stuck out her come-covered tongue to Dana and me. Dana immediately moved over to her and they kissed, sharing the come and a long deep kiss. Shelley reached out and caressed Dana’s breast and then pushed her back toward me.

Shelley then stood up and undressed. She took off her jeans, and stripped off her t-shirt, exposing the bra that she didn’t really need — her breasts were small but had immensely long nipples which the bra shielded from view. They were protruding now, erect, dark, a full inch and a half. Then she stripped down her underwear and revealed her dark bush, trimmed neatly into a triangle ending at the hood of her substantial clit.

She was model-slender, with a six-pack and a wide gap between her legs that showed her swollen red inner lips.

Dan immediately reached between her legs and began to caress them.

Dana turned back to me and stripped me. As my jeans and underwear came down, she circled the base of my cock with her fingers and went “yesss.”

She pushed me back and straddled me settling slowly onto me letting me feel her tightness and heat — her pussy was so warm! And moving down until she pushed all of me into her. Then she rocked back and I felt the smooth hardness of her cervix and suddenly we were both slamming into each other. I felt the tension building in her and suddenly her thighs were shaking as I heard her yelp and felt her pussy contracting around me, almost sending me into my own orgasm. Then I felt her stiffen and felt pressure on my cock, and looking up I saw Shelly smiling intently behind her and realized that she’d stuck her finger up Dana’s asshole. She leaned türkçe bahis down and suddenly I felt her tongue on my balls and I lost control, arched my back and shouted as I felt myself jet come again and again into Dana’s too-hot pussy.

This was too much for Dana who immediately started another orgasm, biting my shoulder and moaning as her thighs shook and her pussy squeezed the last of the come out of me. Shelly slowly circled her finger in Dana’s ass then withdrew it as Dana kept having contractions and mild shocks.

I was so aroused by all this that I’d kept my erection inside Dana. I pulled in and out a little bit to see if I was going to stay hard when Shelley dabbed her tongue onto the base of my cock, licking up the drops of Dana’s and my come. That settled it, and my erection held.

I pulled Dana’s head up and started kissing her. I kept myself buried in her as Shelley licked us and slowly began sliding in and out of Dana’s pussy. Shelly started talking about what she saw; alternating between licking us at our junction and lifting her head and telling us “Her lips are stretching as you slide in, and then as you slide out, they are pulling out and extending. I can see drops of white come and her clear juices all over your cock and balls (she pauses and licks my balls) and then I see her fine white hair matted with juices and tangled with your curly black pubes.”

I felt a motion and suddenly Shelley’s head pressed into us. I looked up and saw Dan behind her and assumed he’d slid into her pussy. Shelley gasped, and suddenly she was licking us and moaning instead of licking and talking.

The four of us had two rhythms going, and as much as we all tried, it was impossible to keep us all in synch. Shelley kept licking and in a moment Dana said “Oh, God, she’s licking my ass!” and started to come, lifting her head and arching her back. As she did, Shelly started licking my balls and in a moment I felt the pressure rise to the tip of my cock and spurts of slippery come and pleasure splash into Dana again. Dan began to growl and drive into Shelley, who just rested her head on us and held on as he drove into her and came in three or four intense thrusts.

We were all gasping and then slowly recovered our breath. Dan lay down and Shelly pulled herself up next to me and between us. She turned back and forth between us, taking our kisses as I turned back and forth kissing her and Dana.

I said “You haven’t come yet, baby.” Shelly turned to Dan and said “I don’t come vaginally…believe me, if I could have, I would have just now. Damn,” and we all laughed.

Then she turned to me and said “Remember, you have to finish the night in me. I hope you can do it again.”

I looked at her and Dana. “I’d bet that both Dan and I will do it again.”

Dan laughed and said “Let me get everyone something to drink,” got up and walked away to the kitchen.

Dana and Shelley got up and walked over to the table. They pulled out the coke and each did another line. They turned to me and offered, and I waved it off. I was already more than high enough.

Dan came back with a bottle of cognac and three brandy glasses. He poured and offered the two glasses to Shelley and me.

She drank deeply from hers, lifted her head and exhaled. “I can feel that going down my throat straight to my clit,” she said. She took a finger, dipped it in the glass, and slipped it into her pussy. “That stings!”

I laughed, and Dana leaned down, smelling. She leaned in and tentatively licked at Shelley’s clit. Shelley grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down.

“Girl, let me show you how it’s done.”

She kissed her güvenilir bahis siteleri way down Dana’s body, paying attention to each nipple, and then down the belly and to her pussy. She licked and drove her tongue into Dana, who stiffened in response. Shelley lifted her head and said “It’s so wild to taste my husband’s come and someone else’s pussy juice,” and lowered her head and started licking.

Dana lifted her head and said “Wait a minute. Get your ass up here so I can reciprocate.”

Shelley pulled herself around into a sixty-nine. As she opened her knees and settled onto Dana’s face, I could see her swollen red lips, glistening with her juices and droplets of Dan’s white come. Dana lifted her lead and licked the droplets away. “I see what you mean,” she said, squirming slightly as Shelly licked her. Then she pulled Shelley’s ass down toward her face and started licking her pussy and clit seriously.

I saw her slide her lips down Shelley’s labia and pucker as she took her clit into her mouth and sucked it gently. Shelley pulled her head up in response and arched her back silently. I felt my cock pulsing back to hardness and looked over at Dan, who was stroking his already hard cock. I moved over to where Dana was licking Shelley. “Can we join in?” I asked? She nodded. I looked at Shelly who looked back at me and nodded.

I moved behind Shelley. Dana reached up and took my cock and licked the underside, making me fully hard.

I pulled Shelley’s hips up and slid into her familiar cunt. She was slick with her juices and Dan’s come, and as I slid in I heard liquid squelching noises. Dana licked up the juices that dripped out and I pushed in, and then started licking Shelley’s clit.

Dan moved up by Shelley’s head, and Shelley took his cock into her mouth and licked him. Then the moved herself off of Dana’s hips and was on all fours at an angle — with her hips over Dana’s face, but her shoulders next to Dana’s hips.

Dana sucked on Shelley’s clit as I slid in and out of her, and then gasped as Dan slid in her as Shelley and I watched.

Watching him slide in and out of her just made me harder, and as I slid deeper into Shelley, I felt her begin to stiffen. Her orgasms were this process of tension building in her, her arms and legs getting tense, her back and neck, her face, her breath getting strained, and then her pussy muscles would get so tensed up she actually felt hard inside, and then suddenly it would release as this immense set of convulsions.

I drove myself as deep into her as I could go, and I felt Dana’s tongue working hard as Shelley arched her back and began the strained breathing that led to her bucking against me and clenching me with her pussy as she came gasping “Oh, Dana, oh DANA, oh Baby, oh oh oh, YES! YES! DAMN!”

As she finished I pulled her over so we were lying on our side. I kept moving in and out of her as we watched Dan and Dana fuck harder and harder. In a moment, Dan’s neck turned red and he drove into her and his orgasm trigged hers and we watched her legs shake in the air and her head toss back as she moaned out her own pleasure.

Watching — and hearing them — started my orgasm and I felt the heat in my balls rise through my groin into my cock and leak out in a series of spasms that were almost painful. Shelly tightened her pussy around me, and we softened into a spoon as I held her in my arms.

Dan lay on Dana as they caught their breath and then kissed.

Time stopped for a moment. And then Dana said “We’d better get into our own bed before we fall asleep.” And then they got up and walked away, a stream of juices dripping down each of Dana’s legs.

We spent some more nights with them, and then three years later my ex-wife Emily and the kids came to Boulder with us for a Halloween party.

…to be continued

Edited to clean up some sloppy naming.

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