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Halloween Encounter

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It was slowly approaching nightfall on All hallows eve. I was getting a bit nervous. This was going be the first time for me. I was hosting a party. Full costume party. The first time I’d ever tried to do this. Invited to the party were 15 girls and 16 guys. No one knew each other and all of them single, just like myself. All were told in their invitation that they were to wear a costume that would be sure to get attention and that their face was to be covered from the nose up at all times. I myself had chosen to dress as Cleopatra, wearing a top that barely covered my breasts and if I were to lean back, would flash everyone a view of my breasts. The bottom part of the costume was simply a pair of thin satin pants that were almost sheer enough to be see through, but not quite enough. Underneath this costume, I wore nothing. On my feet I wore a pair of simple gold slipper sandals. My face masked with a sheer veil, covering all but my eyes and my lips, which were both decorated with gold makeup. From my ears dangled small slave bell earrings that made the faintest tinkling sound when my head moves.

A knock at the door distracted me for a few minutes while the caterers started to set up the food for the party. Everything was ready now, just a matter of waiting until the guests started to arrive. Everyone was due to arrive at approximately 7 PM. I looked up to the clock.

“Man It’s only 5:30.”

I walk into the living room to check again. Everything is in place and perfect. All the furniture is moved out. There are piles of cushions and pillows against one wall and a across the entire hardwood floor was a velvet blanket. Not a thin sheet that would cause you to slip, but, what you would think is a carpet if you didn’t know better. I walked out to the private sitting room and made sure everything there was ready in there as well. The private sitting room was also lacking it’s normal furniture, but was decorated almost like the larger room. Only difference was that the pillows and cushions were laid out as a makeshift bed big enough for three or four people.

I walked out to the hallway and double checked everything in there and glanced at the clock, noting it had only been five minutes since the last glance. I went up the stairs and checked each of the guest rooms to make sure they were in proper order and everything was there as it had been instructed to be. I keep walking down the hallway to my room and slipped inside. I walked over and sat on the edge of the bed and leaned back to stretch out some. güvenilir bahis As I lay there, I must have drifted off to sleep.

I felt something brushing against my legs, but I really didn’t think much of it, just mumbled a bit and stretched out more. I felt something brush against my breasts. I moaned out a bit and stretched more, thinking it was my top sliding up from my position. Then I felt it. A hand, cupping my breast from the underside. I groaned and arched against the hand, thinking it was my caterer, whom I had slept with on 3 previous occasions, coming to find me for this or that.

I arched up to meet the hand touching me without opening my eyes. I felt fingers on my nipple and I moaned a bit more, luxuriating in the feel of being touched. When I felt a hand brush against my pussy, I knew it was time to open my eyes and see who was teasing me.

I slowly opened my eyes, smiling, then I found I was alone in the room. Confused, I looked toward the door and all around. No one was there. I shrugged it off as a vivid dream and glanced at my clock, which now read 6:45.

“MMMmmmmMMMm, Time to greet my guests.”

I walked into the bathroom and checked my makeup, touching them up to make them shimmer. I shook my head a bit to hear my earrings tinkle. I smiled and slipped out to make sure the bed was perfect and glanced around to make sure that everything was perfect.

I slipped downstairs just as the doorbell rang. I opened the door to find all the guests standing there. All 31 had shown up on time, as requested. I invited everyone in and showed them to the living room. There was quite a range of costumes among the crowd. One that caught my eye was a pretty blonde girl wearing a short black dress, reminiscent of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. I glanced around at the other costumes. A Zorro caught my attention and I smiled. I stood up towards the table and smiled at the group, who were all looking at me, as if they expected something. So I started to speak to the group.

“First off, I’d like to thank you all for being so prompt, as well as for joining me this evening. As you all know, this isn’t your ordinary party. You were selected especially for this party. You will find that in total there is an even number of men and woman here. This is an Erotic Fantasy party. Your names were given to me by the owner of the local BDSM club. This evening is meant to allow you to fulfill your fantasy of having sex with someone you never met before or will ever see again, unless you somehow meet again. türkçe bahis There are a couple rules that you must abide by though. You can never let your face be seen in the company of others and you must all practice safe sex. There are guest rooms up stairs for everyone, but you will have to pair off for them if you stay the night. The last room on the right is my room and no one is to be in there unless are with me. There is plenty of food and drink for everyone. Enjoy everyone. Literally.”

I then walked over to the stereo and flipped it on. As I adjusted the volume to be just right, I felt a pair of feminine hands on my ass and grinned to myself. I turned around and was swept into the arms of the gorgeous blonde Elvira. I moaned as she pressed her lips against mine, while thinking in the back of my mind, just how perfect this was going already. Much to my surprise, the amazing man in the Zorro costume decided to join us. I smiled at my two companions, looking to see if anyone was left all alone. Much to my surprise, everyone was already in several stages of sex with each other. I took them each by the hand and led them around the bodies all over the place and drew them into my private sitting room.

As I turned back from locking the door, Elvira took me back in her arms and kissed me again, pressing her lips firmly to mine. I moaned out softly as I felt Zorro’s hands at the small of my back, pressing me against Elvira more. I pressed in closer to her as Zorro nudged my feet apart from behind. I allowed this to continue for a bit, then broke the kiss and stepped away from them both, smiling as I turned on the private stereo and started to do a private dance for them both. I twirled slowly to the music as my fingers unbuttoned what little there was of my top. I stopped twirling briefly to smile at them both as I slid it open, showing them my firm breasts.

I twirled around as the top slid down my arms and off into one hand and I threw it towards them as the stood there, gazing longingly at me. I brought my hands to my breasts and caressed them as I twirled and danced more. Then allowing my hands to drop lower, I brought them to the tie string on my pants. I slowly untied the bow and drew them loose. I let them slip down a bit in both the front and back. I grinned wickedly as I let them drop a bit more. Slowly exposing my body to the captive audience. I allowed the pants to slide down my body, finally finding their way to the floor and leaving me standing there in nothing but my slippers, veil and a smile.

I güvenilir bahis siteleri hear them both gasp as I bend down and wiggle my ass at them, exposing my opening to them. I giggle a bit as I stand back up and smile at them as the music comes to an end. I look at them, watching the entranced look on their face and smile to myself. I walk back over to them and step between them, placing a kiss on Elvira’s lips as my ass brushes against Zorro’s cock. I feel him harden more and wiggle against him again. I’m rewarded with a gasp and a moan as I trace my hand down the front of Elvira’s dress. I lean my head back and wink at Zorro and nod for him to start stripping. I find the zipper on Elvira’s dress and slip it from her shoulders, allowing her full breasts to come into view. I slide it down more, exposing more milky white flesh. I push further until it slides down to the floor, leaving her standing there in nothing but stockings and a garter.

Like me, she wasn’t wearing panties. A fact that didn’t surprise me much, knowing this party wasn’t exactly normal. I slid my hands over her body slowly, tracing fingers around her nipples until she moaned out. Then taking my hand down over her belly, and tracing around her navel. I let my hand roam further, against her silky smooth crotch. I grind my palm against her and let one finger slip gently inside as I guide her down to the cushions on the floor. I let my finger slip further inside to tease her clit while glancing back to watch Zorro undress. I feel Elvira arching up to meet the teasing of my finger and I take my head down to her breast, biting down just a bit on her nipple. As she moans and writhes on the cushions under my touches, I feel Zorro come up behind me and caress my ass. I feel his finger dip into my pussy. I groan and bring myself up, opening myself to allow him more access.

I suck harder on her nipple and slide my finger in deep then pulling out quickly. In and out, In and Out. Faster and deeper each time, brushing her clit each time. I gasp a bit as I feel his cock against my pussy. I press back against him and he slides deep inside of me. I start to thrust my finger in and out of her as fast and as hard as possible while sucking on her nipple. All while I’m finger fucking Elvira, Zorro is fucking me, hard and fast, thrusting in as deep and as hard as possible. My body is writhing hard against him, making it hard to focus on the prone body in front of me. I finally succumb and squeeze down hard on Zorro, orgasming hard. I continue to finger fuck Elvira, finally bringing her up one more time to a screaming orgasm that could be heard throughout the house. I laid down beside her and cuddled against her and drifted off to sleep.

I awoke some time later, alone.

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