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Halloween Screams

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Kari was excited the quarterback of the college football team had invited her to the frat Halloween costume party. Each year the frat held the must be seen at Halloween party. It you got invited to the frat party, you were instantly popular. And for Kari, the fact the David, the muscular, tall, blonde, a typical jock to look as. Guys envied him. Girls lusted for him.

Kari had chosen her costume when he picked up his. She had found a sexy black witch’s costume. Black mini dress, pointed witch’s hat. With her long legs and long black hair she looked fantastic as she dresses for the party. Kari chose to wear a black lacy half bra and matching panties. Running under the panties the straps for the garter for the black silk stockings. Looking in the mirror on her cupboard door she felt like saying the line from snow white. Kari laughed at herself. Happy with how she looked she locked up for the short walk to the frat house from her campus house.

The night was warm and around the campus students were coming and going many in costumes. Kari passed a few vampires, were wolves, a dead celebrity or two. Her own outfit had one werewolf baying at the moon. A few wolf whistles and an indecent proposal from a mummy old enough to know better. Kari just laughed. She had always loved all hallows.

As she drew closer she heard monster mash an old Halloween favorite tune. The party was already in full swing. Joining in soon she found herself dancing surrounded by bodies male and female. Now and the a hand would cop a feel. With no way to know who, she would shrug it off. Kari also found her hand never without a drink.

As she would finish one drink someone would offer her another. After a while she was unsure how many she had had. Not normally one for alcohol the endless supply took its toll. The first to suffer, common sense. Common sense would have told her to stop but it was the first to drown in a potent cocktail of beer and spirits. Slowly her inhibitions died to. The more alcohol she consumed the wilder the dance, bahis firmaları the more provocative. Soon she was surrounded by four guys, the quarterback and three team mates. In turn her hips and curved body rubbed suggestively against each of the guys.

The guys were obviously loving having Kari gyrate against them. Their hands running over her as she danced. All the while they winked and cheered as each became bolder with her. At one point she was wedged so tightly between them she was arousing them all at once.

The quarterback made his play whispering for her to follow. She did the other three bringing up the rear, laughing and commenting on her ass. As she walked her hips swayed causing the light hem to flick up. One grabbed it and held it high showing his mates the panties and the garter worn beneath to make it easier to go to the toilet.

Finally alone the quarterback put on more music and they took turns dancing with Kari. Again the games began, each seeing how much of her they could expose or grope. Kari was beyond caring, worse in away she was enjoying the attention of four of the hottest guys on campus.

They guys tired of their sport and left her to dance alone. “Hey Kari. Dare you to do a strip tease.”

They were stunned when the dress dropped to the floor. Jaws did too. Slowly, garment by garment she lost her clothes. Occasionally she allowed one to touch her before her dance moved her on.

Naked, her young body rotating and vibrating. Then they were on her. clothes piling at their feet as all of them groped her, kissed her. “Ohhhh yesss.” Kari cried when at the same time her nipples were tweaked and clit rubbed. This only made it worse for soon they had her begging. “Please FUCK ME!” Moaning. “Ohhhhhhh YESSSSSSS.”

On and on it went. Probing, touching. Soon a naked Kari is kneeling begging four guys for their cum. Below the party was still going strong. Hard male flesh slapped her face. One by one they used her mouth. Then the quarter back had her straddle his hips. His kaçak iddaa swollen flesh parting hers. She was pushed down onto him impaling Kari. Forced forward she screamed. Later a party goes said they heard what sounded like an old horror movies.

It was the sounds of her cries as her tight rear passage was opened up. A rhythm developed as she was fucked. Not one but three cocks penetrated her. Moving faster in and out. And like a whore she loved it. Crying, begging and screaming as the pleasure of each of her lovers used her. She didn’t care a party was happening below her. She didn’t even care she was not on the pill at that moment. She moaned and groaned begging them to use her body. Kari didn’t care that three guys were using her while the fourth films it. All Kari cared about was the fact that the drinks had made her relax, perhaps too much; and now she was hornier than she had ever been.

“Ohhhhhhh. God.” She cried. “Ohhhhhhh. Fuucckkkkkk. YESSSSSSS.”

From the perspective of the camera filming the scene Kari was a hot and sexy slut. To the guys fucking her she was a conquest as she had not slept with any on campus as far as anyone knew.

“Ahuh, ahuh. Ohhhh. Christ. Fuckkkkk.” She screamed out. Her body writhed like a snake between them. Her lips locked about one cock. Sucking as he drives his cock down her now sore throat. At first he was gentle, happy for her to bob back and forth. But not now. Now he was holding her head still and moaning as he roughly used her mouth. The strange part was she was enjoying it. Gasping she struggled between not being able to breath due to the cock in her mouth; to not being able to catch her breath as an orgasm ripped through her.

“Mmmmmmm. Fuck meeeeee.” One of the guys moaned. “Yessss.”

She was being opened up in ways she had not considered. Her body shook violently as another orgasm ripped through her. Then and there she was no better than a slut like her Momma had always said would happen to girls who drink. Momma was right. She was a slut in that kaçak bahis room that night the conservative Kari was reborn, instilled with lust she ground against the cocks between her legs and sucked feverishly at the guy in her mouth.

Sucking hard the cock in her mouth exploded. Gagging she desperately swallowed the thick stick globs. Limp he pulled out to be replaced by the cameraman.

Over the next hour the four took turns using different parts of her. Each enjoyed her body. She was licked, sucked and teased before being brought to orgasm again. Sweat coating her from her bodies labours on the warm Halloween night.

Her date savoured her body. Going from stretching her pussy to ripping open her used but still tight ass. He liked it a bit rough and mauled her breasts painfully as he enjoyed her struggles.

Throughout they would ask her if she was happy being fucked. Kari would say yes. Then they would have her beg them for more particularly when they could see she was close to another orgasm.

Then as they tired they would leave the room to refresh at the party then return. Occasionally not alone. How many used her. Kari didn’t know. But from the moment they went upstairs until an hour before sunrise she was never without a cock in her.

Kari was sure she must have blacked out at one point because she couldn’t remember getting off the floor and onto the quarterbacks bed. She also didn’t know where she had gotten the ten sore bruises from guys sucking on her skin. Later she was told it was one for each guy who had cum inside her pussy.

Finally the guys fell asleep. Kari, sticky, sore and hung over; dressed as well as she could and staggered painfully from the house. The fluids from countless orgasms running down her legs. Though she was in pain and wobbled as she walked, Kari smiled. She was now foggy due to the alcohol but she knew one thing she was popular. Passing a few hung over students some pointed and stared some laughed. Some looked shocked. Her appearance talked about for months her performance even longer.

When she finally was sober and had dragged her self into a shower she started to realize what had been done. Every part of her hurt. But strangely she felt pride in each sore spot.

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