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Harem Ch. 05

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Jelena’s body instantly began to ripple and groan, she arched her back with the insane pleasure that struck her inside like a huge hard cock. Gerig stepped back in awe, and Gill motioned forward to assist, but then fell over with spasms of her own.

Gerig got on the phone, and within seconds the male bartenders from the club rushed in, their eyes bulging from shock of what they were witnessing.

“Stop staring and carry them out!” Gerig screamed.

Then men hoisted Gerig’s wives up, and towed them out of them room and into the club. Before Jelena could recognize where she was being taken, she was lifted onto the stage, and then placed onto Gerig’s chaise lounge which had been carried in afterward. Gill was placed on the other side, staring in awe at Jelena’s girth. Then suddenly she too bent over her own belly, gripping it in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Gerig’s voice echoed through the sound system. “You are about to witness before your very eyes another live expansion. You saw it first with Jelena only a week ago, she was penetrated and popped with her first preggo belly on this stage. But that wasn’t all, she grew larger with four more babies after that. She has since birthed those children, boys, and her hungry slut pussy begged for more! MORE! Can you believe it? So I gave her my cock, and she’s now pregnant again four times over, and about to expand with another set of twins. And Gill here, new at the game, is already showing 9 months with her first which I gave her yesterday, and is just about to grow a second. Shall we watch?”

The audience grew silent.

Gill, always a loud one, was moaning silently until now, and then yelled out and clutched the tight skin around her round tummy. There was a tearing sound as the thin rags cupping her breasts tore open as her breasts engorged to the size of small watermelons, capped with perfect pink nipples. Her belly swelled beneath them, pushing them up and up, and finally settling at double it’s original size. Gill lay back exhausted.

Jelena’s belly continued to quake. And with a grumbling ripple it expanded once more, resting at about the size of a yoga ball, her now absolutely massive tits flopping to either side of her heaving chest. The tightness of her belly was unbearable, but the swelling in her pussy mediated it, keeping her sedate and numb.

The audience applauded and hooted. Every man in the club stood erect, not only at his table but in his pants as well. The lounge servers, those who were pregnant with other men’s babies, or looking to be, would get a lot of work tonight satiating all of the desires in the room.

Gerig mounted the stage, bowing as the men hooted and hollered.

“Thank you, thank you!” he continued to bow. “And please, thank my wives. Stand ladies and soak in your praise!”

Gill with a little difficulty stood under her new weight, her belly settling a little lower now that she was upright. She bowed, and was ushered off the stage. “A round of applause for my darling wife Gillian, casino şirketleri now preggers with her second child. Please come back tomorrow as I prime her with another!”

“And my wife Jelena,” he said, orating toward his most pregnant wife. “Please stand darling!”

Jelena groaned under her weight, and tried to stand up from the chaise lounge. Her wide girth held her down, and her pendulous breasts threw off her balance, threatening to force her to fall forward. After a few failed sweaty attempts, she laid back in exhaustion beneath her sextuplet belly.

“What’s wrong dear? Too big?”

“Yes Gerig. I need rest” she moaned.

“Well .. if you’re too big to stand …” he coaxed her. “It wouldn’t matter much if I pumped you full for two more babies.”

The crowd screamed with desire so loudly that they drowned out Jelena’s cries of desperation. Gerig dropped the mic and rolled her onto her back. Jelena was like a turtle on it’s shell, trapped under her massive weight. He parted her thighs, revealing her fat pregnant pussy. He plunged his hand inside, making sure she was wet and ready for another cock thrust. As much as she was sure she couldn’t grow anymore, her body betrayed her and began to lubricate her pussy, begging to be fucked. Gerig smirked, and pulled his pants down and off.

Someone from the crowd threw a bottle of oil on the stage. Gerig snatched it and poured the entire bottle onto the top of Jelena’s round expanse. He massaged the oil down and around the sides of her belly, along her thighs, and all over her huge floppy knockers. She glistened in the stage light like a whale, and only drew more attention from those in the back and the new patrons coming in the door.

“Gerig, please, let me rest.”

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” he said with a smirk, closing her legs together. The crowd began to boo.

“I have six of your fucking babies in me! Most women can only handle one or two!”

He considered this for a moment. And then stepped back.

“Gentlemen,” he said into the mic. “Sadly Jelena has had enough.”

More boos from the crowd rose up. Some even pelted Jelena with jeers like, “Take the cock bitch.” and “You know your juicy pussy wants it!”

“Nono … my wives are treated with respect” he said. “I do have another wife …. one that may have a fun time showing you guys something new.”

There was a buzz from above, as a mesh swing was lowered. Upon it was Baby, fully pregnant with her triplets, and a little plumper since that morning, having stuffed herself with some of Sani’s cookie dough. She was bedazzled in gemstones, catching the light and refracting throughout the room. The sex swing finally reached the stage, and Baby cut Jelena a nasty look.

“My second youngest wife Babylon

“If that cunt can hold sextuplets … I don’t see why I can’t as well!”

Gerig stepped forward, and thrust his powerful cock inside of her. The swing recoiled from the push, and then pushed back. Baby cried out in her high pitched anime moans, casino firmaları oh oh oh ohhhhhhh! He grabbed onto her swaying tits as leverage, using them to thrust her back and forth. And within a few minutes, he had dumped his load inside of her. He then stepped back to watch his masterpiece unfold.

Baby continued to gently sway, suspended in the swing. Suddenly her eyes popped as the intense waves of growth began to pulse under her skin. Like an inflating balloon her belt and tits began to rise. Her skin pulsed and rippled, pushing out from within. A few men within the audience couldn’t contain themselves anymore, a few whipped their dicks out and began jacking off under their tables, one man grabbed a waitress, shoved a few hundreds down her bra, slipped her thing aside and rammed her onto his stiff cock before she had a moment to object. He sat her down on his lap, and he delighted in rubbing her little 5 month buddha belly as she bounced up and down his shaft.

Baby leaned back and wailed as her skin stretched tighter and tighter, quickly bulging from a belly of triplets to that of sextuplets. The pain became too much, and she passed out as the growing stopped, slowly swaying in a circle, her head tilted back in exhaustion. The man in the audience who was fucking the waitress groaned out as he finished pumping inside of her, and leaned back, with his hands still on her tiny belly rubbing slowly.

Jelena watched the whole growth of Baby, still trapped under her own massive oiled belly, feeling the kicks of her six babies as they struggled for space within her. Despite the discomfort she was in, she realized that she was now even in pregnancy gain with Baby, and she couldn’t stand the idea of sharing her spotlight with the thieving whore. She sighed with resignation, and then decided to bite the bullet.

She reached up to her pillowy breasts and began to knead them and push them together. Within seconds she could feel the creamy ooze of her own pregnant wetness slide between her legs. She was panting heavily now, pinching her nipples and feeling them harden under her fingers. Eyes in the crowd started to drift from Baby to Jelena … and finally she drew Gerig’s attention.

“What’s this?” he said, coming up to her side. “You want some action now.”

“Forgive me master,” she said with a wink, recalling the role play he had been into. “I didn’t know just how much I wanted your seed within me until I saw someone else get it.”

“You’re a greedy little wifey, aren’t you?” He said, stroking his growing member. “Do you deserve my cock?”

“No master, I don’t” she said with a whimper, still massaging her breasts. “But if you’re willing to give it to me, I will accept it gladly”

This seemed to please him, and he stood again between her legs. Gill, still on the couch as well, took her cue to help and waddled to Jelena’s side and began to massage her tight skin, attempting to stretch it a bit before the next round of growth. Without watching Gerig rammed himself inside of Jelena’s wet pussy, güvenilir casino and thrust repeatedly with a drive that made her wail out loud. He lifted her chunky legs up onto his shoulder, and bit her calf while continuing to thrust. With each push Jelena felt her belly and breasts sway about a foot toward her face, and then slide back just as fast, her entire mass was being shifted with his powerful fuck.

True to form, Gerig’s job was always more about delivering his load instead of delaying, and within a couple minutes he blew his seed within her. Gerig looked drained, having fucked Jelena twice tonight, plus Baby and Gill, this was likely his last load of the evening. He lay back on the couch beside her, and Gill continued to rub and massage the oil into Jelena’s belly.

She knew it was coming, she waited in silence for the growth to begin again. The audience also sat in silence, interrupted only by a few moans of waitresses being fucked. The tension in the room could be cut with a knife, and Jelena began to break a sweat waiting with anxiety. Then it began, at first like a low rumble within her, then bubbling up as two new lives grew from embryo to full term in that matter of a minute. Her belly rose like dough in in an oven, growing and adding almost a full foot of circumference to her mass. As her breasts inflated they tipped back, covering her mouth and nose. She began to suffocate. Gerig and Gill struggled to push her upward into a sitting position, and her tits slid away to rest happily on her perfectly round giant yoga ball sized belly, her breasts the size of two large watermelons, and her nipples the size of tea cups.

The audience’s applause ripped across the room, rising to levels of noise that had never been heard before in the club. Jelena sat panting, her arms draped not even half way around her jiggling belly full of octuplets. Her wedding belly chain was stretched to it’s maximum length, gently tugging on her clit with every move she made, resulting as pure unbound pleasure.

“To those who believe their eyes are deceiving them,” announced Gerig, now revived from his little rest. ” Feel free to come on stage and feel for yourself, only a $10,000 charge for full non-cock related access.”

Within a minute there was a line-up 50 men deep running off the stage. One by one the men got on stage, swiped their credit cards, and then made a tour of the wives. They would start with Baby, uninteresting due to her unconscious state, then move on to Gill, and finally to Jelena. A crowd grew around her, dozens of hands reaching out to rub her oily belly, lift her weighty tits, or tweak her nipples which stood erect like two baby carrots. One man came up behind her on the couch and cupped her now massive ass, her cheeks almost as round and soft as her breasts.

Suddenly there was a loud growl of “NOOOOO!”

Everyone turned to look in the direction that Gerig was yelling in

Baby, still unconscious was being plowed by a man who had come on stage. Gerig was tugging at his back trying to pull him off her, but the swing she was hanging on just pulled back along with him. The man was getting of on the sneakiness of his actions, and being caught. With a guttural groan he blew his load into Gerig’s wife, and then was dragged off the stage by the bouncers.

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