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Harem University Ch. 04: Oral Teaching

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On Thursday I had classes again, starting with Sexual Techniques. When I stepped into class I noticed Mia sat with her back to the door, her back mostly exposed actually. Pink lace crawled up her back crossing in between her shoulder blades and disappearing past her shoulders. The only other cloth I saw was on her ass, a pink laced thong. She had white stilettos on, accenting the muscles on her calves and making her ass seem more plump. When I call to her and she turns around I saw the pink lace start at her shoulders and connect just under her belly button and connecting to the thong, barely covering her tits. She ran to me and wrapped her arms around my neck, her B-cup tits bouncing and pressing against my chest, as her lips pressed against mine. Her tongue penetrated my lips, and danced with mine. My hands moved to her hips, then gripped her ass. She parted us before the class got a real show. “I can’t wait to start today’s lessons!” she exclaimed, as she pointed towards the board which read ‘Blowjob Techniques’. She moved her hand across my crotch teasingly. She went back to talk to her group. I took my seat and waited for the professor. The rest of the class sat as he walked in.

“Ok, class, let’s not waste anytime. Men stand up and move the chairs to the sides of the desk. Drop your pants and, if you need you may use the desk to prop yourself up. Ladies take the pillows from off your desks and put them under you as you go on your knees. Today I will be teaching you about blowjob techniques,” the professor said. There was a lot of movement before eventually we were silent. I looked Mia in her blue eyes as she looked up at me eagerly. “Ok ladies the first rule is to start from his base. Take his cock in your hand and lick his cock from the base of his cock to his tip. Don’t be boring either. Move your tongue from side to side, lick up the sides of his cock. Make sure to use lots of that saliva, make it nice and sloppy for him.”

Mia wasted no time, taking the tip of my cock in her hand and licking from the base of my balls to the tip of my shaft. She let go and my cock stood on it’s own. She kept up her frenzied licking, moving her tongue side to side, licking the sides of my cock, and licking my balls too. I felt a small object massaging my cock as she licked it. I noticed she had a small tongue ring snapped onto her tongue. Her saliva dripped from my cock and her tongue. This is already one of the best blowjobs I’ve had in my life. Mia was doing a fantastic job.

“Remember to look them in the eyes every once in awhile. Moan and make other sounds. When you take him into your mouth make sure you don’t just move him in and out of your mouth. Massage his tip with your tongue while you hold him in your mouth. Kiss his cock. Make sure to pay attention to his balls,” the professor explained as he walked through the rows of students. Around me I could hear moans and slurps of our classmates. I felt Mia take me in her mouth and bob her head along my shaft. Her tongue ring massaged the underside of my cock as her lips tightened around my shaft. She moved her mouth to cover just my tip. I felt her tongue flicking around my tip and the small metal ball teased me as well, bouncing off of my underside.

“Remember you may use your hands. There is no need not to. Massage his balls or just grab his shaft and give his base a small handjob,” lectured our professor. I heard a guy in the corner grunt and he came, the girl taken by surprise, she flinched letting most of the cum fly onto her tits and face. I casino şirketleri looked down and saw Mia’s big blue eyes staring back at me, her mouth sucking on the side of my cock, moving it toward the base and back to take my tip into her mouth before she took my entire cock all the way into her mouth. She gagged a little but not much at all. She pulled back to my tip and again slammed her head to swallow my entire shaft, this time holding me there. I could feel her tongue ring flicking at the base of my cock and her tongue stuck out to slather my balls in her saliva. When she came back up she took a deep breath then started to lick my cock again. She took one of my balls into her mouth and flicking it with her tongue and sucking on it. She took the other in her mouth as well, sucking and licking them in unison. I saw saliva drip off my tip onto her own face. She took my balls and massaged them in her hand as her mouth took half my cock back into her mouth. The small ball residing on her tongue massaged my cock again as her tongue licked my cock inside her mouth. She slammed her mouth back down to the base of cock.

“Ah, good job Mia,” the mentor praised as he passed us, “That brings me to one of my last points. Go deep! Men love a good deep throat. And finally, when he finishes go slow. He will be sensitive, so suck him slowly as you milk the last of his cum. Keep going until he has cum. I will have him rate how well you did based on his opinion when you are done, but I am in charge of your final grade.” Mia kept me in the back of her throat for a small while before she started to bob her head, deep throating me everytime she took me in. When she got to my tip she sucked as hard as she could and moved her hand to give me a handjob. I couldn’t hold back anymore and came into her mouth. Her eyes showed surprise at first but then content as she swallowed all of my cum. When I finished shooting my load into her mouth, she slowly moved her hand along my shaft, dripping the last of my cum onto her tongue. She showed me some of my cum on her tongue before swallowing that as well.

The professor walked up to us and handed me a paper with questions on it. I pulled up my pants and Mia stood up. She fell on me and wrapped me in a hug. “I hope I did well,” she sighed.

“I don’t think you have to worry,” I told the blonde, “I’m going to give you the highest ranking. Who knew that a lesbian woman would be so good at giving a blowjob?” She giggled and wrapped me in a tighter hug. After a majority of us had finished it was only about 45 minutes into class. The professor flipped the board and began to speak again.

“Ok and for the last half of class, as the board says, you will be learning how to eat out a woman properly, men,” the professor started to instruct, “Women, lay on the desks, the pillow under your head, and spread your legs. Men, kneel down between her legs, in case that wasn’t obvious enough. Oh and don’t forget to take your pants off ladies.” We did as instructed, except Mia laid with her lingerie still on, just pushed to the side so I could see her slit, which was gleaming with juices. Her lingerie seemed so show signs of her wetness as well.

“Hey, Mia, I thought you were lesbian? How come you’re wet after sucking me off then?” I quizzed her.

“Well maybe it just took me the right guy to make me realize I’m bi,” she reported to me as she winked, “I’ve only really ever had girls be able to turn me on but after Tuesday I was soaked after class. I immediately went to find me some action casino firmaları after class, but I just wasn’t as satisfied for some reason. Maybe she was a bad fuck or maybe I really wanted you.”

I was flattered and now eager to give her what she wanted.

“Ok, men, start with broad strokes with your tongue,” the professor spoke, “You don’t have to stick to her pussy either you can lick her thighs for some foreplay. Tease the side of her lips with your tongue after your broad strokes.”

I did as he said and started with her thighs. I licked my way up to her slit, then licked her juices up with a broad stroke of my tongue. She tasted sweet, and her pink folds felt almost silky. My hands wrapped around her thighs and I pulled her as close as I could to my mouth. My saliva mixed with her juices to lubricate her.

“When you are ready you can make your licks more sharp and focused,” he said as he passed and observed Mia and I, “After that you can start to lick her clit, suck on it a little. Whenever you feel like go ahead and push a finger or two inside of her. You can even use your hand to rub her clit while your tongue slides it’s way into her folds.”

I moved my tongue to start licking the sides of her folds. My licks became more concentrated and I worked my way inwards, each time I did so I teased her clit with a flick of my tongue before repeating. I finally decided she had enough and my tongue honed in on her clit. As soon as it did I felt a rush of juices hit my mouth, not quite as much as when Ali orgasms, but definitely enough for me to know what happened. I swallowed most of her cum, what I couldn’t fell onto the desk below. I located her clit with my lips and started to suck on it, I heard her moans go from mild to excited. They echoed through the classroom and I felt another rush of cum fall down my chin onto the desk below. I pushed my finger into her folds, easily enough thanks to her orgasm, and felt around until I found a spongy area. I pushed on it and started to push and pull my finger out, running it along her g-spot as I did. She orgasmed again only this time instead of gushing out it geysered out, hitting my chest, soaking the desk and floor beneath us. Her moans were frantic and almost screams. I looked up and saw her pinching both her nipples. Eventually her moans and screams stopped and just became quick short gasps. I let go of her clit and took my fingers out of her pussy. My tongue wandered and pushed its way through her pink lips and tasted the juices slathered all over the walls of her pussy. I tongue fucked her until she came down from her high. I sat up.

“Very well done,” the professor exclaimed as he observed Mia twitching from her orgasm and the puddle of juices left on our desk, “Lucas, that is the way to do it!” After Mia recovered she stood up, taking off her heels because her shaking legs couldn’t keep balance in them, and fixed her outfit. She pulled a dress from her bag and slid it over the lingerie. She put the rating on the slip turned it in and came back to me.

“You know, I could still use a little more of that tongue if you’re interested,” she offered to me, “We could go back up to my dorm and you could show my roommate how amazing you are.”

“I’d love to Mia, I really would,” I assured her, “But unfortunately I have Pornetry after this, and I promised I’d meet my girlfriend for lunch. I don’t have anything going on tomorrow though.”

“Well, I guess I can wait until then,” Mia whined, “Tomorrow, first thing in the morning! güvenilir casino 10 AM sharp! Don’t be late!” Mia kissed my cheek and ran out of class.

After class I went to the mess hall to eat with Ali. Well more specifically I ate then she blew me, jealous that Mia got to taste my cum today and not her. Because of the blowjob I ran late to pornetry. Sorry about that sir… anyways, after that I went to Film studies and we got our first assignment; film anything of sexual interest and turn it in Tuesday. Easy as pie. After classes I went to my dorm to think about what I wanted to film. Lucky for me the answer fell into my lap.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Lisa!” I heard as the door to my room opened up. It opened fully to a nice view of Angel kiss a random brunette I haven’t seen before. When she came into the room she jumped on my bed, nearly knocking the camera I had to rent off the bed. “Guess what?!”

“You’re going to introduce me to that brunette?” I hoped.

“Who, Lisa? No she’s lesbian, however tomorrow you can see her in action!” she said excitedly.

“Oh yeah and how’s that?” I asked.

“Tomorrow the dorm building is having a giant orgy! One for each floor, as a kind of homecoming party. But we can hop from floor to floor as we please,” she explained, “Did you wanna come? I’d love to see your cock as one of the many I take tomorrow. Please?”

“Well, I don’t know,” I started, “I do have a lot of homework to do tomorrow.”

“You do?”

“No I’m screwing with you, of course I’ll go! It sounds like a bunch of fun so why not.”

“Great! It starts at 5 tomorrow and goes until sunrise basically,” she giggled, “You can bring any toys or anything else you want.”

I thought for a minute, “Can I bring a camera?”

“I don’t see why not,” she said enthusiastically, “It turns me on to know I’m being filmed.”

“Awesome I can’t wait. I’m going to the student store, did you need anything?”

“No, I’m set!” she paused for a minute, “Actually I do need a buttplug. Would you mind grabbing one that’ll look cute on me?”

I headed for the store and paused on my way to watch a very intense fuck session between two guys and one girl. She was quite petite, not very much of an ass or tits, but she must’ve gave a mean blowjob because not long after she started to blow one of the guys he came on her face and hair. The guy that was stuffing his cock into her from behind came not long after that. She laid there for a minute and the guys dressed themselves and left. She sat up and spread her legs, cum pouring onto the bench beneath her. She looked at one of the girls standing next to me and beckoned her to her. The girl knelt down and started to eat the cum out of the first girl’s pussy. I noticed the time and had to go before the store closed.

When I got there I looked around to see it mostly vacant, except the guy at the counter and a girl on top of it. She had her pants on the floor next to empty packaging. She also had a vibrator stuck in her pussy and she was moaning softly, giving the guy a nice show. I walked around a little and grabbed a couple things. I went to the buttplugs first and found a crimson red heart jewel on one. I thought that it was exactly Angel’s style so I picked that up. I walked by the bondage section, and decided to take a quick peek. I grabbed handcuffs, ropes, and a blindfold. I grabbed a couple bottles of lube and finally a body marker, red of course. When I went to check out the girl had just about finished up and was sliding back into her thongs, leaving a small puddle of her juices where she had been on the counter. The guy checked me out and because I spent 25 bucks he gave me a free porno dvd of my choice. I chose a Harem film fitting to our school’s name.

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