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Harry’s New House Boi

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I had been at college for a couple of years now. The money I had saved up was starting to run out so I needed to find myself a job. I had grabbed the local paper on the way home from college to look for a job. I sat down at the kitchen table and started making my way through the adverts. One of the adverts jumped out at me.

“Too old to do my own housework, looking for a younger person to help, will pay a very good salary for a few hours work a day, must be open minded and willing to have lots of fun, prefer a male to reply to this advert.”

I picked up the phone and called the person placing the advert, Harry answered the phone and started to give me the information about the job. We chatted on the phone for about ten minutes, Harry sounded like a lovely man and we had a laugh as we chatted. The job sounded ideal for my needs and I told Harry that I would like to give the job a go. Harry gave me details of his address and a time to be there.

It was 6pm on Sunday night when I knocked on the door and waited. The door eventually opened and an old man stood there. He invited me in and told me to follow him into his study. He went behind his desk and sat down, telling me to take a seat.

“Hello Mike, I’m Harry, I live in this big old house on my own. I’m looking for a young man to keep me company, clean my house everyday, with a few extra things when I want them.”

“I am more than happy to clean your house and keep you company, but what are the extra things?” I replied.

“I want you to do the housework with nothing on, I want to see you naked all the time, are you willing to do this and anything else I want you to do?” Harry said looking directly into my eyes.

I blushed, I could feel my cheeks going red. I sat and thought for a while, I could handle doing the housework naked whilst this older man watched me, I agreed and said I would do it. The money was to good to refuse and I needed it. As I told Harry my answer, he smiled at me, telling me to stand up and take my clothes off.

I stood up and tentatively took my clothes off until I was standing there in front of him naked. I put my hands in front of me, hiding my cock behind my hands. I felt embarrassed and a huge shyness came over me, I found myself looking at the floor, unable to look at Harry. He slowly looked me up and down whilst standing up, walking around his desk he came over and stood in front of me. My nerves had really kicked in, this was going to be harder than I thought.

“Turn around and shut your eyes,” Harry instructed me.

I slowly turned around, closing my eyes, still hiding my cock behind my hands. I felt something cold being put around my neck and before I knew what was going on, I heard the distinctive sound of a padlock being closed. I quickly opened my eyes and looked in the mirror opposite. Harry had put a leather collar around my neck with the words ‘House Boi’ written on it.

Harry grabbed hold of my wrist and led me to a huge shower room. He handed me a tube of cream and told me to get into the shower. Instructing me to put the cream all over my body from my neck down. I started to cover my naked body in the cream, and as soon as I finished I stood and waited. A short while passed and Harry turned the shower on. I watched as my body hair came away from my skin.

Stepping out of the shower I stood there, my hands covering my cock again, my body silky smooth and soft. Harry towelled me dry and then took hold of a bottle of oil. He started to rub the oil into my naked body, taking his time and making sure I was covered, head to toe. Harry made me feel relaxed, I’d never had another man touch me before. Harry’s hands reached my bum and started to rub slowly, his fingers sliding into my crack and over my tight little virgin hole. His hands reaching around the front of me, moving my own hands away from hiding my cock. No sooner had he moved my hands he started to slowly casino şirketleri wank me, pulling my foreskin back slowly and with purpose. I froze but I could feel my cock getting harder in his hand as he continued to wank me, the oil making his hand glide over my now rock hard cock. It felt so good, it felt really good and wasn’t long before his expert hand had me cumming all over the floor tiles.

“Look at the mess you’ve made, lick up your cum boi, clean it all up with your tongue.” Harry ordered.

Shocked by Harry’s strictness, I looked at my cum on the floor, I had never cum that much before. Getting onto my hands and knees and using my tongue, I licked it all up and swallowed it, the taste was salty, but to my surprise I liked it. Standing up I followed Harry out of the shower room and into another room, which only had a cupboard and some drawers in it at the far end. Harry was looking into the drawers and pulled out what looked like a small black rubber ring.

Harry came over to me and grabbed hold of my cock and put the ring around the bass of it. He started to wank me until I was hard, soon the ring was so tight around the bass of my cock, which stood up against my smooth tummy. Harry went back over to the drawers and returned with another wider looking contraption. Grabbing hold of my balls he pulled them downwards, he unclasped what he was holding and it opened up on its hinges. Harry placed the stretched skin into half of this contraption and clasped it shut, keeping my ball sack stretched. My cock and balls were now throbbing in pain and excitement.

Harry smiled at me telling me to follow him. I followed him out of the room and down the hallway. At the end of the hallway he opened a cupboard and inside was lots of cleaning materials. He told me what he wanted doing and walked off. I got to work, cleaning all the bedrooms, changing the bed linen and cleaned the bathrooms. After several hours I had finished all the cleaning and went to inform Harry. As I was just about to walk down the stairs Harry was coming up them. Taking hold of my wrist he took me back into ‘that’ room.

“How do you feel? How are your balls and cock, they hurting yet?” Harry asked

“They feel painful, but it feels nice in a strange way. Did I do ok for my first day?”

“Yes, and I want to ask you something else, would you like to stay tonight, and we could have some fun and games.” Asked Harry

Why not I thought to myself, I’m having fun doing this and I am feeling a bit turned on by this older man. I nodded my head and Harry smiled with a gleam in his eye. Walking over to me he took hold of my balls and gave them a squeeze, I let out a huge whimper of pain as he started to twist them slightly. Leaning forward he planted a kiss on my lips, I found myself kissing him back. Our tongues exploring each other’s mouths, just as I was getting into kissing Harry he squeezed my balls so hard. I screamed out in pain as Harry continued to squeeze. After what felt like ages he released his grip and pulled me over to the drawers by my cock. He turned me around and told me to shut my eyes, which were watering with tears due to the pain I was in. I felt a blindfold being put over my face, covering my eyes and being pulled tight. Harry told me to bend over and not to move. Doing as I was told I bent forward at my waist, keeping my legs straight and waited.

I heard a sound in the air, then pain like I’d never felt before, I screamed out loud as another strike hit me, across my little peach of a bum. I kept my eyes closed tight behind the blindfold, as another strike landed on my soft ass cheeks. Ten strokes had landed and tears flowed from my eyes. I had never felt pain like it. Harry pulled me upright, my ass was burning intensly. I heard him walk around to the front of me then there was silence. All of a sudden I felt something cold against my nipples. My nipples hardened and then the pain casino firmaları hit me as the clover clamps were attached.

Harry took me by the hand and led me downstairs, I stumbled unable to see due to the blindfold. Entering another room Harry bent me over some sort of padded bench. Tying my wrists to the legs of the bench on the opposite side, Harry then spread my legs wide, tying them also to the bench legs. Unable to move, my tight peachy little ass was high in the air. I felt so exposed being tied to this bench naked unable to see or knowing what was going on. Harry spanked my ass, causing it to sting, as he left room.

It felt like hours had gone by when I heard the doorbell ring, again and again. I could hear male voices from down the hallway, Harry was talking to them and I could hear excitment in their voices. I started to panic, I was kinda happy being naked for Harry in the house but not for all these men. There was silence again I couldn’t hear anyone or anything. Then all of a sudden I felt several hands all over my naked body. I froze not knowing what was going to happen, but it soon became apparent to me.

“Use him how you please, but I’m going to have him first.” Harry said.

I felt a finger push against my little virgin hole. Then it entered me sliding in as far as it would go. It was painful, but in the same breath enjoyable. I felt some sort of oil being poured down my crack making my hole very slippery. Another finger entered me then another, stretching my virgin ass hole. The fingers were soon pulled out leaving my hole gapping. I felt the tip of a hard cock against my cheeks. My little cute butt cheeks were pulled apart and I felt the cock head against my hole. There was a slight pain as the cock head started to push against my hole. I felt him starting to enter me, going in deeper and deeper. After the short period of pain I felt pleasure like I have never felt before. A little whimper left my lips, which brought cheers from the men. It felt so good, my virginity was taken, I had Harry’s hard cock deep inside me, I was his boi.

Harry was fucking me slowing when I felt another hard cock against my mouth, I opened wide and took his cock in. It was so big and hard, I felt hands on the back of my head and he started to push his cock down my throat. I gagged hard but this didn’t stop him sliding his cock deeper down my throat. He held his cock there, in my throat as I gagged, tears streaming into the blindfold and spittle pouring out from my mouth. I felt my cock and balls swell against their restraints, pain shot through me as both Harry and the other male started to fuck my holes harder.

It wasn’t long until the cock in my mouth erupted and shot it’s hot cum down my throat, pulling out the last squirts of cum hitting my face. It was at that moment I felt hot cum shooting into my tight hot ass as Harry erupted filling my once virgin ass. Harry slowly pulled out, his cum leaking out of my hole and down my thighs, as another hard cock replaced him. He was bigger than Harry and fucked me so much harder, holding onto my hips and thrusting hard into me. I screamed out as he pushed in deeper, as my mouth was wide open, another cock entered and started to fuck my throat, stopping me from screaming further. Both my boi holes being used for their pleasure alone, as they fucked me however they wanted.

Over and over again, one cock would pull out of my ass and another would enter. They let my mouth and throat rest for a while as they just concentrated on my ass. My once tight butt hole was now slippery and easy to enter due to the amount of cum that had been pumped into me. I had lost count the amount of times that my ass had been fucked by these men that I had never seen.

I could feel the strangers cum leaking out of my ass and down my legs. When I heard Harry’s voice and my blindfold was taken off. There in the room were six older men all smiling at me güvenilir casino and wanking their cocks hard again.

“Ready for another go?” Harry said to the men.

There was a cheer and one of the men came around to my ass and slid his big hard cock into me. He fucked me hard and fast making me moan out loud. He was soon cumming and filling my ass with his hot cum. Then another man took his place and the first man walked around to my face. Putting his cock into my mouth I sucked and licked him clean, tasting him and the other men’s cum on him. I was doing this until the last man was finished using my body. My once tight little virgin ass was gapping wide open with lots of cum leaking out of me. I felt so dirty and so turned on and such a fuck toy.

I was blindfolded again and there was once again silence. I then heard the men talking again in the distance then nothing. Time went by when I heard Harry behind me again, then pressure against my ass as Harry pushed a large butt plug into my used hole. Taking my blindfold off he stood in front of me and put his cock up to my mouth.

I opened up and my tongue came out and started to lick around his cock head and up and down his shaft. Harry’s cock got harder and harder as I teased him with my tongue. I took his cock head into my mouth and gently sucked. He pushed his huge, hard cock down my throat and started fucking my face, until he shot his cum down my throat and into my cum filled belly.

Pulling out of my mouth he started to untie me from the bench helping me to my feet. Standing up I looked into a mirror that was in the room, I was covered in cum from head to toe. Harry pointed to a video camera that was in the room, telling me that everything that had happened over the past two hours had been filmed and that every man that was in the room, would be getting a copy.

“You boi, are now mine. You are my fuck toy, you belong to me, you will do everything I ask of you!” Harry told me sternly.

“Yes Harry,” was all I could reply.

“You don’t have the right to call me Harry, from now on you will call me Master.” Harry informed me.

“Yes Master,” I replied nervously.

Harry removed the clover clamps which shot bolts of lightening through my nipples. He then removed the ball stretcher and cock ring. Pushing me back onto a chair, quickly taking hold of my cock and started to wank me, I was close to cumming when Harry picked up a glass and continued to wank me. I cum so hard and Harry directed my cum into the glass. Harry didn’t stop, he got my cock hard again and wanked me, making me cum into the glass again. Over and over he repeated this, wanking me and making me cum into the glass. My cock was now so sore and my balls ached, but still Harry continued to wank me. I was cumming again, but my balls were empty, I was dry cumming. It ached so much, I screamed which made Harry laugh. Letting go off my cock he slapped my empty balls hard, bringing tears to my eyes.

Harry handed me the glass, “Drink up boi, drink all of your boi cum”.

I put the glass to my lips and drank all of my cum, swallowing every last drop.

“Good boi, now go and get showered and meet me in my study, do not take the butt plug out” Harry instructed me.

I entered Harry’s study and stood there naked as he looked at me. He walked over and I noticed something in his hand. It was a metal cock cage, I knew what was coming, I knew I had to accept it, my cock was no longer mine, it was now property of my Master.

Harry started to attach the cock cage, as he was fixing it into place, he told me “You’ve just cum for the last time, you don’t get to cum anymore unless I decide you can.” “Who do you belong to?” Harry asked

Looking Harry directly into his eyes “I belong to you Master. I’m your property, I’m your boi my Master.” Harry smiled, clicking the padlock shut, my cock now caged and locked away.

Harry made me get dressed, it was time for me to go back home. Standing on his porch my cock caged, my ass plugged and full of cum, I knew I was a cock craving fuck toy. I was my Master’s fuck toy and I couldn’t wait to get back to serve my Master again.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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