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Have You Ever Been A Cum Rag?

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Have you ever been someone’s cum rag? I don’t mean, has anyone ever cum on you? I mean have you ever had an understanding with a grown man that he was going to cum on you, and that’s all you were good for?

Me neither…until yesterday.

I’m 30, married, good looking, and very hairy. That’s all you need to know about me. Well, maybe a few more things:

1. I secretly love cock and have experimented off and on since I was 18.

2. I get super horny when I smoke weed

3. I lose all control when I inhale poppers

That pretty much summarizes everything you need to know. On to the story of yesterday…

I’ve had an account with a cruising site for several years, but never uploaded a profile picture until about 2 months ago. The picture didn’t include my face, but showed me on my knees wearing my wife’s lingerie. The caption read, “Fucktoy waiting to be used”

The effect of adding a picture was immediate and I started receiving a lot of interested messages from guys offering to lend their services. Most looked to be a little too old or out of shape for me, but I was flattered by the attention anyway. I started chatting with a few guys over email from time to time. Even though I’ve played with guys before, I’m paranoid about diseases and have some guilt about cheating on my wife, so I’d been hesitant to actually meet with anyone.

One day I checked my inbox and saw a message simply titled, “Cum carpet.” I was intrigued so I clicked to read it. The body of the email said:

“Was just wondering why my cum should ever hit the floor with you around…

Why don’t you stop by sometime – maybe some evening- come in, strip naked and just lie on the floor for me to cum on?

Very simple.

No long tease session, just a simple whack off together with you as a cum rag for my daily cum shot.

You get what you want, I get what I want. Win/win.

You’d make a good cum carpet. “

I was hard before I even finished reading the brief message. This guy had hit all my buttons. His language, his tone, even his very suggestion all screamed of confident dominance. I thought about his idea. It sounded so dirty. What kind of a cheap slut walks into a stranger’s house and lies down on the floor to get cummed on? And not even for money, or anything. Simply because she likes it. Anyone that would allow themselves to be used in such a filthy, degrading way would have to be a slut of the highest order. A true cock loving, cum addicted, worthless piece of nothing.

I was in.

The next day my wife happened to be working a late shift so I smoked a joint and logged on. The guy was online. Without thinking about it, I shot him a quick “Hey.” His reply was direct.

“Come over”

The weed was making me extra horny, and I thought about what to say next. His next message ended the debate.

“I have poppers”

My heart dropped into my stomach and my stomach leapt into my throat, as I realized all hope of backing out was gone. This was going to happen, and there was nothing I could do to stop myself.

I asked him, casino şirketleri “What’s your address?”

He gave me the facts and I quickly looked them up online. He was about 10 minutes away. “Give me 20 minutes,” I told him.

“Door will be open,” He said. “You know what you’re supposed to do.”

I quickly ran upstairs and changed into my fucktoy uniform. This is the outfit I like to wear whenever I’m going to submit to my filthiest urges. The lingerie had belonged to my wife, but she had so much lingerie she didn’t notice when a few things went missing. It consisted of a lacy, black and red, see-through negligee that came down just below my ass cheeks, black lace thong, fishnet stockings, and little black lace half-gloves that looked very naughty. My thick, black body hair was on display throughout.

I ran out the door, hopped in my truck, and raced to his house. I parked on a side street and smoked two full bowls before heading to the house. I was high as a kite and my inhibitions were quickly slipping away. Just as I had planned it.

I walked up to the house and found the front door open. I peeked in through the screen door and looked around. The entrance led directly into the living room, which was empty, but I could also see into the adjoining room. A man was sitting at his computer, fully dressed.

I opened the screen door and stepped in. The man looked up at me and we made eye contact, neither of us said anything. I broke eye contact first and bowed my head in submission. That’s when I saw a little brown bottle of clear liquid, sitting on a table to my left.

Without any direction, I picked up the bottle and unscrewed the cap. I made sure to exhale fully before lifting the bottle to my nose. I wanted to make sure I got a good hit. I covered one nostril and began to inhale slowly, switching nostrils after a few seconds. I held my breath and quickly replaced the cap on the bottle while I knew I still could. The effects started creeping in, slowly at first. I could feel the familiar warmth start to spread through my body. The poppers hit stage 2 once the warmth reached my groin. My thoughts collapsed into themselves, and my legs very nearly followed. I continued to stand there, eyes closed, head thrown back in ecstasy, as my silent admirer watched.

As soon as the poppers took hold, my purpose was clear. I removed the sweats I had thrown on and stood there in full uniform. He moaned in approval and whipped out his dick. Without hesitation, I walked to where he sat and dropped to my knees in front of him. My eyes locked on his thick, meaty cock and I had to resist the urge bury my face in his ball sack. Ordinarily, I would have, but today I wasn’t here for that. I was here to be used as target practice and cleaning equipment. I was to become his cum rag.

I lay on the ground, on my back, with my legs spread wide open, and started playing with my cock and balls. He stood up and removed his pants before kneeling next to my head. He proceeded to jerk his cock while exploring my hairy body with his eyes, and occasionally with his free hand. casino firmaları Sometimes he would slap his hard cock against my shoulder while he rubbed it. I focused on putting on a good show for him by rubbing my cock, pinching my nipples, licking my lips, whatever I could think of. I looked up at his face and saw pure lust. He was enjoying this.

I took another big hit of poppers, and just then he flipped one leg over and straddled my head, facing my feet. His balls hung about 1 inch from my face. I was still holding my breath from the poppers and the feelings were getting intense. Just then, he lowered himself further, pressing his balls sack firmly onto my lips and nose before dragging his balls across every inch of my face from forehead to chin. I finally exhaled deeply and the poppers brought the reality of my situation flooding back. I had never met this stranger before in my life. I didn’t know his name or what he did for a living. I certainly didn’t know where his balls had been. Despite all that though, here I was letting him pleasure himself by degrading me, and loving every minute of it. I nearly exploded at the realization that I was actively fulfilling my fantasy of being used as another man’s sex object.

Overhead, I could hear his breath getting shorter and his stroking quicker. His balls were resting on the bridge of my nose, directly over my eyeballs. He started sliding them forward, very slowly. When he reached my mouth he lifted his sack slightly, hovering directly above my lips. My tongue shot out of my mouth, seemingly of its own will, and began to bathe his scrotum with long, deliberate strokes. He moaned loudly and started stroking even harder. He also lowered himself back down slightly. This time I was ready for it and I opened my mouth wide. I guess he wasn’t expecting to feel his balls drop into my mouth because he cried out in pleasant surprise, “Holy fuck, yeah!” I started sucking his balls with gusto, and he was obviously responding to it. He started getting very verbal.

“Oh yeah, you love sucking on those balls, don’t you whore? Yeah, you’re just a little dirty pig that wants to be used up. Isn’t that right? Huh? You like feeling worthless?”

He pulled his balls out of my mouth.

“Answer me bitch!”

“Yes!” I cried.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I love feeling fucking worthless!”

“That’s good,” he said, “because you ARE fucking worthless.”

He spun himself around, straddling my chest, facing me now. He opened the bottle of poppers and took a deep hit in each nostril, then held the bottle for me. I breathed in as deeply as I could.

As the effects kicked in I looked up at his cock with complete admiration. He was a real man, that’s for sure. Suddenly, I saw the thick shaft rise up and come flying back down. I moaned like a whore every time he cock slapped me, which was a lot. He started talking again as he abused me.



“Jesus Christ, you really do like that, don’t you?



“Does your wife know? Huh? Does your wife know what a whore you güvenilir casino are?”



“Does she know that you’re a complete degenerate? That you’re completely addicted to being used like a fuck toy? Does she know that you’ll suck a man’s balls, just because he puts them in front of your face?”



“I’ll bet she has no idea, does she? She has no clue that her husband is a worthless, sissy, bitch.”







We continued to play like this for a few minutes, then he handed me the poppers again.

“Take one more hit, a deep one, and hold it.”

I did as I was told and held my breath. He put his balls back in my mouth and started stroking furiously. The feelings of degradation were glorious.

Just when I thought I couldn’t hold my breath any longer he pulled his balls out of my mouth, moved back a little, and started to explode.

His first two blasts landed all over my furry chest. It was thick, and white, and looked delicious. I exhaled and the poppers hit me hard. Just at that moment, his third and fourth blasts leapt out of his cock and landed directly on my face. The first hit my cheek, but the second landed directly on my hungry lips and I ravenously ate it up. He added 2-3 more good, heavy ropes to the mess on my chest.

I was now stroking myself furiously and was almost at my climax. I was still foggy from all the poppers and my dick was only half-hard, but I knew I was close to blowing my own load. I had my eyes closed and was completely lost in my own world when I felt him start to spread his cum around on my chest, working it into my chest hair. He leaned his face over mine and placed his cum-covered hand on my cheek. I opened my eyes and looked him in the eyes as I jerked off.

“You’re a worthless cum carpet.” He told me, before suddenly spitting directly in my face. His spit landed on the side of my nose, just below my eye.

This final act of humiliation triggered my explosion and my cock erupted with a volley of fresh cum that landed on my chest and stomach. As I lay there panting, trying to recover, I felt his fingers collect some of my cum and move towards my face. I instinctively opened my mouth, expecting that he wanted to feed it to me, but he had something else in mind. He put my cum on my forehead and spread it around. He continued transferring cum from my torso to my face, spreading it around and leaving me completely covered. The stench of filth was overwhelming.

We silently went about putting our clothes back on. He offered me a towel, but I politely refused. I wanted to drive home caked in dry cum.

As I moved towards the door he finally broke the silence.

“Do you have any naked pictures of your wife?” Confused, I nodded hesitantly. “Good, bring them with you the next time you come over. I want to look at them while I cum on you. I want you to lay there while I look at her exposed body. I want you to know that you’re exploiting that poor, innocent girl in order to satisfy your own twisted fetishes.”

I thought about what he’d just said, wondering if I could actually go through with something that sick. My eyes caught the little brown bottle sitting on the table.

“Can I come back on Wednesday?”

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