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Having a Babysitter Ch. 01

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Our babysitter was a pretty 18 year old girl called Sarah. She was recommended by one of our friends and Sarah was due to babysit for the first time tonight. Sarah lived about five miles away from our house and so I had to go and pick her up and that was the first time I met her.

I rang the doorbell and it was Sarah who answered the doorbell, she called out to her parents that she was off and walked out of her house with me just staring. The reason I was staring was that she was gorgeous, with lovely blond hair and a curvy figure, and she was wearing a pretty short skirt that bounced as she walked. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her ass as she walked past me to the car.

“Hello Mr Matthews” she said, turning around to look at me as she got to the car. I quickly tried to regain my composure but I’m sure she knew that I had been staring at her. I walked to the car and opened up and we settled down in our seats. However by now I had a really erect cock in my trousers and I did my best to hide it but I caught her looking at it out of the corner of my eye. While I drove to my house I kept looking at her sexy legs when I had the chance which meant I had an erection all the way home. When we got back I excused myself and finished getting ready to go out while my wife chatted to Sarah and explained what she had to do. Soon after that we went out, leaving Sarah in our house.

The evening out at our friends was fun with a lovely meal and good conversation but my mind kept wandering back to thought of gorgeous sexy Sarah in my own house. I kept having to stop myself daydreaming about her lovely sexy legs and tight ass in her short skirt.

After saying goodbye to our guests we drove home and let ourselves into our house. I hung around in the hallway waiting for my wife to talk to Sarah and soon Sarah was ready to leave. I had to deliberately not look at her as we walked to the car in the dark, just asking her if everything had gone OK.

“Yes Mr Matthews, the evening was uneventful so far…”. I was startled at what she said, casino şirketleri and looked at her, but she was already walking around the car to the passenger seat so I couldn’t tell if she had said it deliberately to tease or not. But now I had an erection again as I settled into the drivers’ seat.

I kept quiet as I started driving, but Sarah started fidgeting in her seat and my eyes were once again drawn to her long sexy legs. Suddenly she said, “Mr Matthews, if you don’t mind me saying, but it looks like you have a problem.. a big problem.”

I glanced down at my trousers and saw what she meant. “Uh, yes Sarah, it is hard for a man to see such as sexy girl as you and not be affected. Don’t worry, I won’t take advantage of you.”

“Oh, that’s a shame Mr Matthews. Perhaps I can help you out,” and with that she put her dainty hand on my trousers and traced the outline of my hard cock.

Even though I was driving slowly I almost crashed the car when I felt her hand on my cock. I quickly brought the car to a halt by the side of the road and looked at her. She continued to stroke my cock through my trousers and said, “Don’t you like it?”

“Uh, no, I mean yes, I do like it, but you’re my babysitter!” I didn’t really know what to think; I was turned on by her, I had a hard cock and a beautiful girl was stroking it, but…. Well, actually, what was wrong with that?

“I know, it’s sexy isn’t it, having your babysitter rubbing you?” she smiled at me. “and anyway, I’m not talking about sex, just giving you a little helping hand,” and she winked, slowly closing one of her wonderful blue eyes. And that was it, I couldn’t resist her. I felt my cock getting even harder in my boxers and looking into her lovely, seemingly innocent blue eyes whilst being offered a hand-job was almost too much for me then and there. I didn’t even consider that she might be teasing or just making a fool out of me.

I smiled quickly at her and looked around where I had stopped the car, at the edge of a fairly busy road. We casino firmaları couldn’t stay here. “OK, but I need to find somewhere to stop”. I pulled away from the side of the road and turned down a road which I knew had a car park for a community center which was at the edge of our town. It was only a couple of minutes and she didn’t stop stroking and rubbing my ever stiffening cock through my clothes. She kept murmuring in pleasure and saying such things as “Mmm, I can feel a lovely cock in here.”

I pulled into the community center, which fortunately was closed at this time of night and the car park was empty. I parked a long way from the building and around the back which was the most private place I could find. I was really turned on and I hadn’t felt this sexy and aroused since I was a teenager. It felt so naughty but so wonderful the way this sexy teenager was stroking my cock while I was driving my car.

As we parked Sarah said, “I’m glad we’re stopped, judging by how hard you are I don’t think you will last much longer,” and she giggled.

Now she pulled at my zip and I quickly undid my belt and button, and pulled my trousers open at the top. This revealed my hard cock straining at my boxers. Sarah used her delicate fingers to reach into my boxers and pull out my cock. She gasped when she saw the size of it and let it stand there, on its own for a moment, while she looked at my hard cock.

“You have a beautiful hard cock, Mr Matthews,” Sarah said, and then she touched my cock. The feel of her soft fingers on my smooth cock was wonderful, and my cock twitched at her touch, eager for more touching. She wrapped her fingers around the top of my cock and pulled down the foreskin, revealing the smooth purple head of my hard cock. With her other hand she traced around the base of my head, exactly where I am most sensitive. My cock pulsed in her hand as it let her know how much I liked her touch.

“I…I…don’t think it will take long Sarah.” I gasped. And she smiled again at me, and I couldn’t help güvenilir casino noticing her skirt had raised higher, letting me see her sexy, shapely thighs. Grasping my cock firmly she started to pump her hand up and down my cock whilst rubbing my cock head with her other dainty hand.

And that was it. That was all I could take. I moaned loudly and the first spurt of my cum shot from my cock high in the air and landed back down again on my boxers near the base of my cock. “Oh, Mr Matthews, you were ready for me, weren’t you,” and she carried on pumping my cock and I carried on cumming. She angled my cock towards me and I didn’t care as my thick cum pumped out and over my shirt. Slowly it subsided, my cock becoming really sensitive and I had to hold her hand to stop her touching my cock head.

“Are you done Mr Matthews?” Sarah asked.

“Yes, Sarah, that is much better.” I replied and looked down to where all my cum had sprayed my boxers, trousers and shirt. There was some on Sarah’s hand and she wiped it on my trousers before sitting back in her seat. I got her to pass me the tissues from the glove compartment and I did my best to clean myself.

I didn’t really know what to say now, as I gradually came down from my orgasm high. I felt slightly uncomfortable but Sarah seemed completely relaxed. I did up my trousers and I drove to Sarah’s house where I stopped in the road. I found a coat in the boot of my car and put it on. It was really too warm for a coat but I needed something to cover up the stains of cum on my trousers and shirt. I walked up to the door of the house where Sarah was already letting herself in. Sarah’s mum was there at the door and I couldn’t really ignore her.

“Did Sarah do a good job, Chris?” Sarah’s mum asked and I almost choked until I remembered the babysitting.

“Oh yes, Sarah was really good.” I replied. Sarah was standing behind her mum in her hallway and turned and winked at me.

“Mr Matthews said that he would like me to babysit for him again,” Sarah said.

Immediately I agreed, “Yes, that’s right Sarah, I would love to have you over again.”

And at that, I quickly walked back to the car, because I could feel a familiar stirring in my trousers as my cock once again thought about spending some time with sexy Sarah.

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