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He Came Back To Me

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I never thought two short sentences could have such an effect on me. That one can make up for so much lost with such simple things, such as paying attention to each other. Again, I read what he sent: “I can’t wait to get back home. I want you so much.”

I count how many words there are. Thirteen. About equal to the number of months we’ve lost each other. How such a thing can happen? No idea. Of course, you can always come up with excuses like work, stress and a young child, but a people sometimes just grow apart. Luckily, such a thing does not have to be permanent. Things can be mended. People can grow close again. And I could not wait for him to be physically close to me again. My beautiful man…

This morning I had decided that things couldn’t go on like this, living in the same house, but not really together. One of us had to do something. I had the option wait for him to do something or I could take the initiative myself. So right before he walked out to work, I stopped him and pressed myself against him, then kissed him full on the mouth. Not a dry, passion-lacking kiss like I normally gave him these days, but a kiss like we used to exchange back in the days. This kiss was far from a decent one. A kiss with tongue and saliva and, oh so good. It was still there, I felt that immediately. Passion and longing still lurked beneath the surface. And he felt it too, I could tell from the way he pressed himself against me, as if he wanted to leave a lasting impression. When I whispered in his ear: “When you come home, we’ll be alone”, I almost felt as if was going to have his way with me then and there. If his carpool colleague hadn’t come up at the time and honked his horn, that might actually have happened.

He must have sent his text before he even had left our block. And if our kiss had sparked the embers, these words were the reason the sparks ignited in fire. The longing for him returned so fiercely, so quickly, that I doubted for a moment whether it was real. But we had missed each other so much in recent months.

The day was long … of course I had the usual distractions; administration for my work, our daughter of course, who demanded my attention and some things to do around the house. In the afternoon I took the little one to my mother, where I stayed for a short time to drink a cup of coffee. But all the while my phone seemed to burn a hole in my pants and every so often I checked it. Every time I reread his message, I felt butterflies sparkle in my belly again. It felt like my cheeks were on fire, my breasts escort ataşehir longing for his mouth, my body aching for him. I just hoped my mom didn’t realize how much my thoughts were already at the time later in the day, because I’m pretty sure I’ve given some strange answers to questions she asked.

In the car back home, I considered going into town to buy new lingerie for that evening, but I decided not to. It could put too much pressure on the evening and actually I felt sexy and desired enough already. So I drove straight home to take some time for myself. A long, almost sweltering shower that made me glow even more than before, then run the razor over my legs and shave a little above it. A wonderful moment for myself. I hummed a song softly, drying my hair… what time would it be by now? When will he be with me?

I put on jeans, a smooth model like I used to wear more often and a tight t-shirt. In the mirror I saw the girl he had once fallen in love with as well as the woman, the mother, whom I had become. His so clearly expressed desire for me had given me confidence. Suddenly I understood very well why he had chosen me. And why I had chosen him.

But the clock was so slow today. I regretted not going into town after all, because this waiting was tedious. And at the same time also delicious. The anticipation of everything we would do, did its job just as well, if not better, as all the foreplay that the experts prescribed. As the flames swept through me, I forced myself to do my administration some, hoping I wouldn’t make too many mistakes while I did it. I didn’t text him, neither did he me, probably to increase the tension to even higher levels. I wondered if he was as distracted at work as I was here at home.

And then I heard the key turn in the lock. I almost flew to my feet, out of my chair, from my study to the living room. He just entered the living room from the hallway. He threw the bag he still had around his shoulder to the ground and all but ran towards me, a look of pure lust and love in his eyes. There was no modesty or restraint in our kiss, it was pure passion that had to be dealt with. We kissed as if we were a teenage couple in love again and everything was new and exciting. I could vaguely smell the soap from the gym where he worked, but also sweat. His scent possibly excited me even more than his lips and tongue almost devouring me or the hands grabbing my buttocks and pressing my lower body against his. I felt his boner press against my mons pubis.

Kissing and feeling kadıköy escort each other, we fell on the couch. My hands slipped under his shirt and pinched his nipples, I knew how crazy that would drive him when I did. He growled, almost like an animal and gently bit my bottom lip, strangely controlled when you realized how horny he was. But his hands were out of control and he almost tried to reach my pussy through my pants. With one hand I unbuttoned my pants, just as awkwardly, and slumped down a bit. He slipped into my panties and started fingering me. Again the scene reminded me of our first steps on the erotic path and I clutched his arm. Incoherently I whispered: “Yes, my love … oh my love …”, followed by a sighing moan.

I plucked and pulled on his shirt until I could pull it over his head. It caught on his elbow because I didn’t want him to stop fingering me. I arched my back, felt my hard nipples almost pierce my bra and shirt. His free hand rubbed it roughly, first above the fabric, then under my shirt. I bit his ear out of sheer passion, maybe a little too hard, but he didn’t seem to mind, because in response he pushed two fingers inside me. Just when I was about to cum out of sheer lust, he stopped. He probably didn’t know how close I was to my orgasm as he was never selfish in that area and enjoyed my orgasms almost as much as I did. But he probably wanted to be satisfied now. He shook his arm so that his shirt fell to the floor and unzipped his own pants, which he quickly pushed down. How beautiful his cock was when he was turned on. Hard, stiff and throbbing. I wanted to feel it. In me. Deep! But not immediately. So I leaned over and took it in my mouth.

With deep, greedy strokes I started to suck him. The taste of his pre-cum acted like an aphrodisiac, because I felt more horny than I already was. I never thought that possible. Yes, he clearly still wanted me, because with gentle compulsion helped me stand up. He lay down on the sofa and motioned for me to sit on him upside down. I lowered myself onto his mouth and sucked him back in while he touched my pussy with his tongue. This was a way we rarely made love, I’m not very good at giving and receiving pleasure at the same time, but now it was perfect. There was also something obscene about it, in a good way. When I felt his fingers spread my lips and he licked the soft inside of my pussy I let the storm come. I came faster and deeper than I ever came. I groaned, threw my head back, but still jerked him off. “Stop, stop!” I heard stifled from between maltepe escort bayan my legs.

I recognized that way of speaking; he was about to cum. Still shaking from my orgasm, I let go of him. His cock was still trembling violently and a drop of semen, not pre-cum, dripped onto his stomach. I leaned over and licked it up, also the first time I did this. He must have noticed, because his fingers kneaded my butt like he was a man possessed.

“I don’t want to wait,” I said, “I want to feel you inside me. I want,” — and I turned and looked at him — “to get fucked by you.”

He sat up, I straddled him. I led him in. Without a problem my pussy opened for his cock. I pressed my forehead against his, rubbed my nose against his, breathed in his breath. I used my arms to put my weight against the back of the sofa so that I could easily keep my balance while I rode him. His hands slid over my breasts, kneading them firmly. They had grown bigger now that I was a mother. An unintended side effect was that there were a few drops dripping from my nipples, but neither of us paid any attention to that. We just focused on each other, on the synchronized rhythm of our sex. We kissed again, then I buried my nose in on his neck and sniffed his delicious scent. His mouth touched my neck and shoulders. There was no talking, but all the more moans and panting. It was the perfect way to communicate. Every time I noticed he was about to cum, I stopped moving for a moment so I could prolong our pleasure. And when he calmed down a bit, we started all over again.

However, the time between two breaks was getting shorter and he became more and more passive. The look in his eyes was one of total surrender and I felt like the sexiest woman on the planet as I kept pushing myself back and forth over him. His jaw tightened as if he was in pain and I decided to relieve him by going this time until he squirted into me. “Let it go baby, cum inside me,” I whispered in his ear and accelerated my pace.

No sooner had I said and done that than his whole body tightened. He almost cried out in pleasure and squirted so intense that I imagined I felt it squirting against the wall of my uterus. I got wetter and slipperier. I made squishy sounds, a sound that could be called vulgar, but that was precisely why it sounded so horny. I leaned forward slightly so that my pubis rubbed against his. With his cock still inside me, my husband enjoying beneath me, I rubbed myself into a second orgasm that almost brought me to tears.

Peace returned. I was still on him, he was still in me, but slowly our hearts beat a little easier. He gave me short sweet kisses and his fingers played with my hair. “Honey,” he whispered, “Are we home alone tonight?”

He smiled mischievously and I felt him getting hard in me again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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