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He Planned a Secret Ch. 03

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Inside Gillette Stadium we found our seats pretty easily. We brought jackets and three blankets in case we got cold. When we first sat down we sat Diane, Jose’, Almond, Kasumi, me and then Ann. Someone watching would have seen that at the end of the first quarter the ladies changed seats and it became Almond, Jose’, Kasumi, Ann, me and Diane. During half-time it shifted again and by the end of the game they had shifted again.

After the game we walked back as a family. We shared our thoughts and feelings. At Jose’s motor home we stopped and Diane asked him, “Which of us are you inviting to stay with you tonight?”

I saw the look on his face and knew his fear. What if he picked and the one he picked said, “No thanks”? We might be strong manly men, but rejection wasn’t something we’d ask for. I asked, “Raise your hand if you’d like to be picked.” All female hands went up.

Jose’ smiled and picked Almond and Diane. They high fived each other, kissed Kasumi, Ann and me good night and went inside with Jose’. I held Kasumi’s and Ann’s hands and we went to the bus. I opened the door and they climbed in, Kasumi first. As she climbed the three steps I patted her butt. Ann stepped up on the bottom step and offered her butt for my enjoyment. I used both hands for a minute and she said, “Come inside and start the furnace, please. We’re cold.”

Kasumi was still in her jacket when I climbed into the bus and shut the door. Two minutes later it was warm enough inside and the jackets came off. I held Kasumi and asked, “How do you feel, knowing Jose’ is next door enjoying Almond and Diane?”

She put her arms around me, squeezed a little and said, “I used to worry. He’s a good-looking man and he would be gone sometimes for weeks. I worried that he was with another woman. I don’t worry now. Both of you take good care of us, love us and only leave us to go kill something. I hope he has a good time tonight. I plan to have a good time, too.”

She kissed me and Ann joined the hug and the kissing. Clothes came off and we made our way to the back of the bus and the bed. They teamed up and got me on my back in the middle of the bed. Ann focused on my cock and used her hands and mouth to stimulate the reaction she wanted while Kasumi fed me her breasts, one at a time. Her breasts were small, with small areola and big nipples. They were very sensitive and I discovered again that the harder I sucked the more she liked the feeling. So, I opened my mouth and got most of her breast in my mouth as I sucked, hard.

Meanwhile Ann was doing her best to swallow all of my cock. I felt my hips responding and as she sucked they lifted, making a fucking motion. Her hands held my hips.

When I was hard enough for a different action she guided Kasumi’s hips and my cock to meet and greet each other. As I started to penetrate Kasumi’s puss she sat up, freeing her breast from my mouth and she said, “Ann, I love you! Ben, I love you!”

Ann swung a leg over my head and said, “I love you both.”

Her open, wet vulva lowered itself to my waiting mouth. They kissed and as Kasumi rode me I ate Ann.

I’m sure if we had been paying attention we would have heard people packing up, trucks and RV’s starting and driving away. We didn’t hear any of it.

In the afterglow of our romp we were snuggling in bed together and heard someone pounding on the outside of the other motor home. A voice called out, “You can’t stay here tonight! You have to get out by midnight!”

It was clear to me that we were next. I got up, pulled on some clothes and said, “Ladies, stay in bed. I’ll take care of us.” I swung the door open just as the man wearing a Patriot’s parking uniform hit the side of the motor home.

“I heard you when you woke my brother.” I said. “Give me a few minutes and we’ll be on the road.” He nodded, got back in his golf cart and drove towards two more RV’s.

Jose’ and I high fived each other, readied our vehicles and climbed into the driver’s seats. Almond came flying out of Jose’s motor home. Her Miata was parked between the RV’s! She yelled, “Go! I’ll follow!” She started the Miata and put the top up.

Jose’ laughed, put his RV in Drive and she followed. I followed her. Jose’ headed south, knowing that in the morning Almond needed to go back to D.C. and her cover job with a magazine. He drove for almost an hour, saw a Wal-Mart from the Interstate and ten minutes later we were parked.

Crawling back into bed with Kasumi and Ann was a joy. They had stayed very warm and willing to share their warmth and more. In the morning Almond came to us and kissed all three of us “good-bye for now”. Then she drove away. I wondered how long it would be until she was with us again. A month? A year? Ever?

We got together for lunch. Jose’ asked, “Who is number three?”


Diane smiled and said, “I am.”

Kasumi asked, “Where are we going?”

“North east. Boston, Maine, New England. bahis firmaları I want to learn about cooking seafood. Chowders, lobsters, crabs, fish, cioppino.”

I said, “I want to learn how to appreciate fish, lobsters, crabs, chowders, and that cioppino stuff, whatever it is!”

“It’s a tomato based sea food stew with clams, lobster, fish, scallops, crayfish, corn, onions and spices in it.” Kasumi said.

Jose’ got out some maps and we planned the next five days travel. Our first stop was Boston. Kasumi and Diane really learned chowders. Red ones and white ones. Ann found a place that taught her Italian pastries. Jose’ and I enjoyed Boston.

Our next stop was north towards Portland Maine. Less than two hundred miles between the two it still took us three days to make the trip. Diane was in charge. This was her trip and any whim she had was followed by us and enjoyed to the fullest. We turned north from where Almond left us and by mid-day we were slightly north of Boston. At Diane’s direction I headed towards the ocean and when we saw it we saw plenty of big, fancy restaurants and Bed fishermen, plumbers, electricians, two different construction companies and a truck from the City Parks and Recreation Department.

Diane said, “Find a place to park. This is it.”

She radioed Kasumi that we were stopping for lunch. We found places to park and walked a block back to Jenny’s. Opening the door was like stepping back in time. Formica tables washed and scrubbed until the color and pattern were gone from the Formica, matching chairs with plastic seats also worn smooth. Chrome napkin dispensers on the tables. The menu was a chalkboard on one wall. I held the door and Diane entered followed by Ann and Kasumi. A woman about fifty smiled and greeted them. She commanded three of the men customers to put two tables together and they jumped to as if she was “Mom.” I knew Diane was right. This was the exact place Diane had been looking for.

Diane and Jenny bonded in microseconds. None of us ordered. Diane told Jenny what she was up to and Jenny accepted the challenge. She turned to head for the kitchen. Diane, Kasumi and Ann followed. Fifteen minutes later they came back, carrying plates of food and looking as if they had been steamed as well. Diane’s sleeves were rolled up to her elbows, her eyes sparkled and she was in heaven. She put a sandwich and slaw in front of me and said, “If you don’t have an orgasm with the first bite I’ll be surprised!”

I grabbed ten napkins from the dispenser and stood to stuff them in my pants. The regulars all around me laughed. I sat back down and took a bite of a lobster roll. It was chunks of lobster, onion, celery, a light dressing inside a steamed, freshly made hot dog bun. Simple food that tasted like heaven!

I did my best to imitate the scene from the movie “When Harry Met Sally” when Sally faked an orgasm. I got a rousing applause and cheers. I also got a kiss from Diane.

Each of us was treated to something Jenny loved to make and serve. Her chowder was thick, strong and incredible! She didn’t skimp on anything. The breads were fresh and complimented the seafood perfectly.

I had noticed it was 1230 when we opened the door. Jenny closed the door to fresh customers at eight (2000 hours). Jose’ and I had bussed tables, washed dishes, swept the floor and run the cash register. The tiny restaurant was packed from before we arrived until almost ten that night (2200 hours). Jenny told us where we could park for the night and sent us home.

As we walked to the motor homes Diane and Ann bubbled over about Jenny, the food, the passion and the delight of working as a team. Kasumi walked a step behind them for half the block, and then Diane turned on her and said, “Do you guys know that Kasumi saw a way to improve something Jenny has been doing for years?”

Suddenly Kasumi was not just included, she was a star. We got her to tell us about it and we got to watch as she lit up and stepped between Diane and Ann and they put their arms around her.

We got to Jose’s motor home first. Diane said, “I know this isn’t exactly what you would call the best vacation ever, but I’m in heaven. Jenny invited us back for another day in the kitchen. Can we stay?”

Jose’ said, “Only if Ben and I can sweep the floors, bus the tables and laugh all day long.”

Diane kissed him and looked at me. I said, “I want more. I want another lobster roll and a bowl of chowder.”

She kissed me, turned to Ann and Kasumi and waited. Ann spoke first. “In the not too distant future I see a small restaurant in our path. A big wonderful kitchen where we dance with food and feed our new community. This is cooking school where we learn to dance together in a kitchen, making magic together. It’s Ok with me if we stay here a week. I cannot remember working so hard and having so much fun ever before in my life! The looks on the faces of the people we served made kaçak iddaa the heat and the rushing all worth while!”

Kasumi said, “The four of us were sisters in the kitchen today. No one was the Boss or the Queen. Jenny treated us all like sisters, learning and laughing. I never knew a kitchen could be like that!”

“So, You’ll stay too?” Diane asked. Kasumi nodded. All three women hugged. As they hugged Kasumi said something and the other two laughed. I asked, “What was that?”

Ann said, “Kasumi said we’d have gotten better tips if Almond had been serving the food.”

“Wear bikini tops and shorts tomorrow!” I said.

Kasumi said, “I’d need to put a lobster roll in mine!”

Jose’ grabbed her and said, “If you do, I get the first bite!” He unlocked their door and Diane said, “Jenny opens the door to start cooking at five. You can arrive whenever you want. I’ll be there at five.”

We walked to our home and went inside. We moved to the spot Jenny told us about and ten minutes later we were all asleep.

At 0445 the alarm woke us. Ann and Diane bounded from bed and at 0455 they were out the door, dressed in shorts, bikini tops, light cotton over shirts and athletic shoes. I heard the door to the other motor home open and close. I didn’t know if Jose’ had gotten up or not. I reset the alarm and at 0600 I was up, dressed in a t-shirt, shorts and athletic shoes. I closed and locked the motor home and heard Jose’ exit his. We walked quickly to Jenny’s and walked in to a packed house. I had thought we would eat and then start helping. I was wrong.

Ann came out of the kitchen delivering food and said, “You’re late! The fun’s already started. One of you take the register and one start bussing tables, Ok?” We both nodded. I pointed at the register and Jose’ went there. I got a tub and started filling it with dirty dishes. Every time one of our wives brought food out of the kitchen one of us got kissed.

Half an hour later I was elbows deep in hot water washing dishes when it hit me that the dishes weren’t dirty. I’d had KP in the military and guys threw food away. They’d take three eggs and eat two. Take two pieces of toast and eat one and a half. These plates had tiny bits of pancake, a little syrup, and a crumb of egg. The food here was worth finishing!

I reached for more dirty dishes to wash and Diane put a fresh hot cup of coffee in my hand. I took a hit and thanked her. She said, “I love how you say you love me.” We kissed and both resumed work.

It was about 0900 when the morning rush slowed down. Jose’ swept the place and brought me the rest of the dirty dishes. We wiped down all the tables, reloaded the salt, pepper, sugar and napkin dispensers and we ate breakfast. After the first bite I knew why the dishes had come to the kitchen so clean. Kasumi came and sat with us. She asked, “What do you think about the syrup?”

“I expected maple syrup. This is that, but with something extra added.”

“Ann added some cinnamon to the syrup. Then she warmed it and everyone raved.”

The day passed with Jose’ and I trading jobs and having fun with the patrons. We didn’t need to do anything to fit in. We were in. In the after lunch break Jose’ and I actually spoke with Jenny. She’d been so busy the rest of the time she hadn’t had time. We found out she inherited the diner. Her husband had bought it and ran it for five years when they first came to Maine, but he died of lead poisoning one night after closing and left her a stack of bills and a restaurant with her name above the door.

Jose’ asked, “Lead poisoning? Thirty-eight or bigger?”

She looked in his eyes and said, “Nine millimeter. Times three.”

“Damn! Sorry.” We said, together.

“You two act like brothers, but you don’t look like brothers. Tell me a story.” Jenny said. As she asked three women joined us at the table.

I said, “Jose’ and I met in the Air Force. He taught me everything I’d ever want to know about pushing a broom or a mop. We’re both retired and looking for a soft place to land, but not too soft.”

“So I’ve figured that Kasumi is attached to Jose’. These two, I’m not sure about.”

Diane smiled and said, “I’m two years older than my sister.”

“And the three of you live in a motor home together?” Jenny asked.

Ann answered, “It’s difficult to do anything separately in a motor home. There isn’t a lot of privacy.”

“Ben, are you married to Diane or Ann?” Jenny faced me for the answer. I hesitated half a second before opening my mouth and she said, “That I understand. You love them both. Since they both have the same last name as you, you found a way to be legal with both of them. They work in the kitchen like the three of them were raised together.”

I asked, “How long has it been since you had a vacation?”

“You mean two days in a row off? There was a hell of a storm three years ago and I lost power for three days. I was still here, keeping kaçak bahis water outside. I guess that doesn’t count, huh?” She paused. “About six months before my husband died we took a week and went to Nashville.”

“When did he die?” Ann asked.

“2002. August fourteenth.” Jenny looked at the table as she answered. Ann touched her shoulder and suddenly Jenny turned to her and they embraced. Diane and Kasumi joined them.

I motioned to Jose’ and we went outside. We walked down the boardwalk a ways and I said, “When we get settled we should send her some money and have her come visit. The four of them are family. They may not all be married to you and me, but they are sisters.”

Jose’ nodded in agreement, crossed the street and entered a bank. He stepped to a teller and asked, “How much cash can I withdraw on my credit card?” He slid her the card from his wallet.

“Sir, This card is not from this bank. It will take me a minute to find out.” Her fingers danced on the keyboard and it was just about a minute later she said, “One thousand dollars a day, Sir.”

Jose’ smiled and said, “No hundreds. Fifties, twenties, tens and even a few fives, please.”

I slid my card to her and said, “Double it, please.” She smiled and six or seven minutes later we each had a grand in our pockets. As we walked back I asked, “You got this money to leave Jenny for tuition for the cooking school she’s given, eh?”

“Jenny is the kind of woman who found herself on a dirt road with lots of rocks in it and instead of sitting at the side crying she pulled up her socks and went to work. We walked in and were unexpected and meant more work. She opened her arms and heart and took us in. The Hawaiians have a word for that attitude. Ohana. Family. It doesn’t matter that you’ve never met before, you’re already family. I think maybe the two grand we leave in the till tonight will let her know we see her as family, too.”

“We’re too soft to be warriors. Good thing we ran warehouses.” I said.

When we stepped back inside the women were in the back, cooking. The chalkboard said there were two chowders available, cioppino, crab cakes, lobster cakes, and two kinds of lobster entrees. Jose’ and I made sure the tables were stocked, cleaned and ready. We opened the doors and let fresh air in for a few minutes. It lowered the temperature in the kitchen about ten degrees and lasted about two minutes after we closed the doors.

A little after five (1700) four huge men came in together. They took one look at Jose’ and me and asked, “Where’s Jenny?”

“She’s in the back cooking.” Jose’ answered. “We’re just helping out out here.”

Jenny came out of the kitchen wiping her hands with a towel. “Mike, This is Ben and Jose’ they’re helping me out a little today. Ben, Jose’ meet Mike, Tom, Mike and Mike. They’re brothers.”

She disappeared into the kitchen. Jose’ took their orders and went into the back. I got their drinks. Three Heinekens and a Thunder Hole Ale. One of the Mike’s said, “Jenny hasn’t ever had hired help. Now she has two of you? I don’t get it.”

I said, “We don’t work here or for her. Our wives are in the kitchen taking cooking lessons from a master, Jenny. As part payment for her teaching we take care of bussing tables and such.”

“I didn’t know Jenny would teach!” Mike said.

“Maybe no one asked her before.” I said. As I spoke Kasumi, Ann and Diane delivered their dinners. Tom said, “Wow! This is service!”

Jose’ said, “Boys meet Diane, Ann and Kasumi. Enjoy your dinners and when you’re done I request you let them know what you think of their cooking.” While they ate more people came in and Jose’ and I got busy. When the brothers Mike and Tom were finished I got the three wives to come out and get their evaluations.

They blushed at the high praise. The older Mike asked if Jenny would teach his wife how to cook. Jenny said, “If I teach her how to cook the four of you will eat at home every night! These folks live a thousand miles from here. I make money teaching them. I’d lose money teaching your wives. Sorry.” She went back into the kitchen.

Mike said, “When you get back to wherever you have your place, call us. We can supply you with all the fresh seafood you’d ever want. He gave me their card. I figured he’d be getting a call from us. I thanked him and handed him another Heineken.

I went into the kitchen and found Jenny. “Jenny, we haven’t talked money. We need to. Two full intense days of teaching like this is worth a lot. Tell me how much you want.”

She looked at me for a few moments and finally spoke. “I want two things from your family. When your restaurant is up and running I want an invitation to come for a weekend. You pay my way and put me up.”

“That’s only one thing.”

She hesitated again and then said, “I want to be kissed by each of you. I’ve watched. Almost every time you pass each other in the kitchen here or out there, you guys kiss! The only ones who don’t kiss are you and Jose’. Even when y’all are in a rush it’s still a shared kiss. I want a no-hurry kiss from each of you. My last kiss was years ago and that’s just too damned long ago.”

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