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He was Right Ch. 02

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I left Chris’ room without much further discussion. As I was making my way back toward my room the enormity of what just happened started to hit me. After that workout, the alcohol was worn off and I was starting to be filled with doubts and concern. I checked my phone to see if there were text or calls—especially from my husband Mark. I couldn’t tell if I was relieved or not when I saw no new text, but then it also put me into a decision. What do I do now? It’s almost 1 a.m., which makes it 2 a.m. back home. I had just gotten fucked by another man and, even though Mark knew, he’s going to want information and details. That was always a part of this idea for him.

Still, I hadn’t even had time to process it. I was still reliving the sex, but also feeling lost without Mark and unsettled by the whole thing. Yes, I enjoyed it. Yes, Mark said that if I could let go then I would, but then what? How could I tell my dear husband that I gave myself to another? That I wanted him to use me and that he did. How could I confess that I wanted to please him and that in doing so I was pleasured myself—several times over? On and on my mind went until I came to a compromise conclusion for the night. I text Mark when I got into my room, “I am back safe and alone in my room for the night. That it was nice but I’d like to talk details tomorrow. Love you and hope you’re ok.” Immediately Mark text back, “Good. I love you.” Never had those words from him meant more to me as I drifted to sleep.

The next morning, I was more composed. I was comforted my Mark’s text and getting a little sleep helped me. Thinking about it I realized that the only thing I really did was have some fun with my husband’s prompting and blessing. I didn’t commit capital murder and so with a long shower and a fresh mind I felt, better. I mean, it feels good to have been really fucked well. It lasts a day or two and today was certainly that kind of day. So, with a few check-in text with Mark and an time set for us to talk later that day, I was feeling good by the time I got down to breakfast. To be fair, I was only living under the rules men have lived by since the beginning of time. If I wanted and enjoyed sex and my partner gave his blessing, why should I, as a woman, be in some category of self or public shame. Again, I could hear Mark’s words echo in my mind and he was right.

I was just finishing ataşehir escort up breakfast when I got a text from Chris. It read, “Hi there. I hope you or all is ok. That you’re not going to shoot daggers at me today. If you’re coming to my seminar it finishes at lunch and if you are open to it then I’d like to talk and check in after. Please say yes.”

“Huh,” I thought, “that’s a bit odd of a way to say good morning the day after we smashed.” I wondered if I was back to dating rules and all the bullshit that went with it. Then I reminded myself that I wasn’t. I could do whatever I wanted here. As I was reflecting on what to say I also started to think back about last night. “Damn it was good!” I quietly purred under my breath. Then I shot a casual text back, “ok.”

Chris was in full command on stage. He talked about his product, made the right jokes and just strutted his stuff. I was back to a swoon moment for him while admiring him in his element. Damn he was hot and I was just all over him a matter of hours ago. Still, with his weird text, I put a lid on my imagination not knowing what was going to come next from him.

When the applause finished Chris approached me while I had waited in the back of the room. “Um, hi there.” he spoke. “Um, how are you. Ok I hope.” he gingerly got out.

“What the fuck, who is this and what have you done with the man-sized version of Chris?” I thought. Then I said, “Good. I’m ok. What’s up?”

“Listen, um, I, ah, want to talk but can’t really here or in front of a bunch of people. If we have time we can maybe go out to lunch somewhere, or, um, maybe I could talk to you in private, like, um, in my room? Not for that, but just a place, you know?” Chris stammered his way through.

Feeling interested and not worried about him taking advantage of me or something I decided not to press him about anything and just said, “Ok. I’ll meet you up there 5 minutes after you leave.”

A relieved Chris scampered off after a moment of thanks for my cooperation. It was all so weird to me, but having said that, what did I know? I had never been in this position before. All I felt was in control. I felt only positive about what happened and had no lingering sentiment or future expectations. Seeing Chris, a man normally full of composure, scrambling, was, empowering and liberating. I had that effect kadıköy escort bayan on him!

I knocked on Chris’ door and he welcomed me in. I was immediately flooded with the fresh memories of last night. My whole body was flush and I was stimulated by just being there, in private, in the day time, with him once more.

In the little hallway leading into his room Chris began to talk about his feelings over last night. He said, “Thanks for coming up. I just wanted to clear the air. I know last night got wild and I really enjoyed it. How could I not? But I know you’re married and I want you to know that I’m sorry if I was a part of something wrong for you. I don’t want you hurt or to be in a bad spot. I promise to never tell a soul. You were such an amazing lover and are such an amazing woman that I still can’t believe you would find me enough to be so intimate with.” He went to add to it, but I stopped him.

“Sshh.”, I said. “I appreciate it, but I’ve already told someone. I told my husband already. Mark is an amazing man. I love him totally. He will always be my guy. But, if I ever find a situation I want to have fun with, he’s always said its ok so long as I exercise my good judgement and am safe.” I continued, “Does that bother you?”

Chris was gobsmacked, but found a way to return with, “Wow, well, um, no I guess not. I guess that’s kind of cool and ok with me.”

Then I crossed the 2 foot space between us and dropped down to my knees while unbuckling his pants. Looking up I told him, “In that case, let me have a little fun with this big dick of yours.” I pulled his pants to the ground and watched his already hardening cock spring forward from his body. I pressed him against the wall and without using my hands I took his cock head into my waiting mouth. I honestly don’t know why I did all of this. I could have told him “thanks”, or “it’s ok”, or even scheduled another date. Instead I started to suck his dick without any prompting. It almost felt like an extension of last night. One more fill of his sexuality. One more chance to blow his mind. A chance to assert myself and to enjoy sex myself.

I was going to suck his cock and leave him to remember the kind of lover I am. I was starting to moan some as I was alternating between deep throating his member and giving quick bursts of head bobbing right around escort maltepe his mushroom tip. He was fully hard and moaning himself when I finally took ahold of his dick with one hand and gently stoked it as I lowered my mouth further and began to suck him balls. One at a time I went back and forth while my hand felt his precum starting to form at the tip of his dick. I hovered my mouth over his shaft again as I licked and played with his precum before diving all the way down the shaft until he was fully lodged in the back of my throat. Then, with slight moments of force I was pushing my face against his body so his cock could feel the bucking pressure of the back of my throat. With the slightest of gag I would release his dick only to smear it over my lips and cheeks. I had never felt like I had more power than at that moment.

Deciding it was time, I pushed back on his cock. When my lips reached his base I took ahold of one of his hands and put it on the back of my head to indicate that he could use my mouth hole however he wanted. He knew it and wasted no time in continuing to drive his cock into my waiting mouth. I was determined to show him that I could take it all, and he was determined to test my limits. It wasn’t that much longer when I felt his balls tighten and his moan deepen. He pulled me off his dick at the last moment and I opened my mouth wide for his load. His first two pumps were just too strong and shot over my lips and up to my forehead. The next three or four shots went perfecting into my waiting mouth. As he collapsed against the wall I took his dick back into my warm mouth and cleaned him. As he regained consciousness enough to open his eyes and look down at me I realized that I must be a mess. Half of his creamy white load was on my face, my makeup running down my eyes and the rest of his juices smeared over my lips and cheeks. These are the hallmarks of a hot blowjob. I bore them all as I finally released his cock from my mouth.

I cleaned up in the bathroom and returned to see him asleep on the bed. Without wanting to wake him, I slipped out the door as quietly as I could. As I walked down the hall I knew that I was also done with Chris. I took everything he had to give and gave him everything I wanted too. He was a good fuck, but he wasn’t Mark and, maybe someday, I will be able to say, he’s not like other people as well. I am ready for that conversation with Mark now. I’m ready to tell him how much I love him and only him. How fun this was and how, maybe, I can find fun in the future. This is what will keep us both young at heart and, of course, I will reward Mark for being so right about it all along.

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