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Head Lifted for a Neck Kiss Ch. 01

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To tease and denial fans and around, just here for raw femdom action: note that a fair part of the story might make you puke rainbows (but that will be worth it, I hope at least!). It is first of all a super cute romance story. It’s based on a “gentle femdom” dynamic where the dominant is loving and nurturing instead of authoritarian.

February 2018 edit:

– Shortened sentences

– 2 new paragraphs and a few more sentences

– Grammar and typing errors have been corrected.

– Same for dates and times that didn’t make clear sense and were confusing.

I’m very happy with the rates I had because I imagined it too cute compared to the overall content of the site, now I’m really happy this undoubtedly reached a further audience than raw tease and denial! I also decided to write a shorter alternate ending as of chapter 2.5.


Lisa and I were pretty good friends for some time now, both in senior high school’s last year, just 18.

She was the kind to remain alone on “her” part of the wall during all breaks between class, rather cute and shy. Friendless tho, and lightly bullied or avoided by pretty much everyone. Sure, I wasn’t the first and ever guy to ever talk to her and not be mocking or whatever, yet we weren’t many. For my part, I wasn’t the kind to judge people at all, it was something I never understood.

As much as I wasn’t an outcast needing to say “fuck” to norms, I never understood how childs and teenagers could be so mean to each other, and now that we had grown, she used to remain mostly alone, that’s why I used to talk to her like anyone the few times an occasion happened, and somehow the way it seemed to make her happy and smiling shyly with her soft voice was cute as hell for me.

I didn’t directly hang with her or even care about her because of it, just that I didn’t chose her last in sports class and often sit next to her on one of the two classes we didn’t kept our initial seat the whole year; and to be completely honest, she was rather very cute, quite thin with a little lovely voice, smiley when you’d talk to her. All that made me ask her if she wanted to be with me for the two-months-long team project of the second year, a random day I was sat next to her; and it made us become friends. I occasionally spent my breaks with her rather than my own friends and already got some irony about it from their part before anything happened… and now, a year later, is time for something to happen!


As we were back from lunch, which was in a different place that the school itself, we were discussing and joking about if humans could purr. We were both thinking that we couldn’t, and I said in the air that I would surely not be that far if I was caressed under the neck and chin like real cats do when you pet them, as I was really over-sensitive there. I never imagined people weren’t that much, I never asked wondered, I just knew I loved it as I imagined anyone did.

Still, masculine social norms made me say a “well, I mean… haha!” after it, even if I wasn’t the kind to pay attention to that, and really sincerely believed everyone was really sensitive at that place without need to hide it socially. And yet I found myself stopping right where I was and blushing intensely when she did so for a second, apparently doing it as innocently as I said I’d like it.

“Well, I.. sorry, I just wanted to tease you, I mean tease you not like… tease you innocently not…”

“I… I know, it’s not your fault, it felt just a… a little too nice to.. for… hum, for me to handle somehow… you couldn’t know, it’s alright”.

“I don’t want you to feel like I broke into you intimacy and… feel bad or whatever…”

“No… no, it’s not that intimate, I… you shouldn’t worry about it. It’s-it’s nice for you to not assume that I’d like any way a girl would touch me just because I’m a guy, however… the neck is… I thought it was a random sentence in the air, you’d say you feel like it too because you’re as sensitive as me and voila y’know but… well… maybe I’m a bit particular and hmm… just-just know I can’t not enjoy it in the… k-kind way you did… n-not asking anything y’know, just for you to not feel bad.”

We both could hardly blush more at this point, I’d kill to feel her soft hand again in my neck and she would love to do that again, but we both ignored we saw each other differently from that moment. She’d glance at me discreetly and half realize this was my neck she’d like to fondle again and not “a guy’s neck”, but I totally realized on my side that I wanted no hand but hers there, her delicate lovely beautiful left hand, a little hint about how my vision of her would turn to become very soon.

But as nothing was happening yet, she was the first to ask a question particular enough to not end the moment yet not risk to break everything into some weird silence and no hope to talk of that again:

“Did a girl already caressed you in.. in the… as I did?”

“No, never…”

“Sorry to have stolen it…”

“But casino şirketleri I told you it was nice, don’t be sorry… you shouldn’t feel bad. I’m not a pervert yet I admitted to you I couldn’t help to like it, you could even do that again to tease me if you wanted, I’m not asking at all, just really don’t feel bad for me… I’m not that… that pure and uninterested. »

“O… okay! I won’t feel bad then! You know how shy I am and you… always try to protect me a bit, I felt like I betrayed you when it happened. I took power over you… It must look ridiculous for you to think like that but I do… but now I feel like I can… do things too, it’s the first time I do you know…”

“I understand, I won’t just tell you to try to have more self-esteem, it must be very hard, just know I’m not really in power related to you, I’m not protecting you because I have pity, just because I sense it makes you feel better, but know you can be yourself, at least with me if it helps. Don’t play a role, and I don’t just say that to get pet under the neck again haha!”

To my surprise, she did, without even asking if she could do again.

“You are somehow!” She smiled shyly and laughed a little. ” But you’re still doing it to protect me, you’re helping me a lot to feel good, so well… now I can do the same another way!”

I can’t describe how cute she was at that moment, that totally shook me. “Insanely cute” probably, sounds weird but pretty much it!

“You just… jumped so easily into that part of me that wishes I can be taken care of like a cat you pet under the neck… If you like doing it, I won’t be able to resist anymore to tell you that you’re free to do that whenever you want… just promise me something.”


“Keep that secret for yourself okay…”

“Don’t worry. Are you asking me to be the one taking care of you like a cat?”

“No…I- I didn’t mean… just as you did because you wanted… and that would be selfish.”

“But you are asking for it, I can do that you know. You think you’re selfish the day you open to me about a part of you while you’ve been my emotional support and almost only friend for all that time, it’s not being selfish… it’s the contrary, It means I mean something for you”.

I looked at her and for the first time felt like comforted under her care and attention, a shiver rushing through my skin as I looked by the other side and waited a little before saying simply:

“You really mean a lot for me, please do…”

That’s where it all begun.


Three hours had passed since that moment, I was shyly sat next to her, on the floor of an old unused part of the school; our “roles” were totally reversed, seeing the gentle smile on her face contrasting to my anticipating look.

“I got to warn you if… if I don’t refrain myself it… I’ll moan, I won’t help it…”.

Her little finger teasingly ran to a side of my neck and immediately sent me to a world of wonders, eyes closed, a soft moan escaping my mouth.

“Maybe it’s how boys purr?”


“Guess it is…” she gently caressed me up and down the neck with the tip of four fingers, before letting me get back to the physical world. I opened to her with both sincerity and irony.

“I.. it’s weird to feel like I can be myself with you, while I never felt like I wasn’t myself until three hours ago.”

“I feel that way too, although I already wished I could be more than the shy weird girl that never says anything, I’m happy that person is you…”

“Thank you… I’m too”

“While you were just innocently being a guy that spoke to me and treated me like anyone , then becoming a real friend, which was probably nothing special for you… you helped me a lot in my life, and now I’m fondling gently that blushing kitten’s sweet neck!”

“Don’t make me melt right yet…” I said, feeling my muscles loosen and my eyes look shyly down, my body screaming what I didn’t realised I dreamed of yet. “I don’t know how I’ll get past the five remaining minutes left…”

“Just moan, just purr, close your eyes”.

Her heart was pounding as she saw me listen to her instructions instantly, instinctively, before even a finger touching me.

I bit my lips when I felt something on my neck that could in no way be a finger: five of them were delicately placed on the nape, while she was kissing the front part to seventh heaven.

She gently caressed my nape once she was done, her back hurting a bit from the position, to calm down the light trembling all over my upper body.

As I looked on the floor as an apology for not being able to say a word, she gently asked me if it was okay to get up, and caressed my neck with both her indexes while placing herself in front of me. She was yet a bit too shy to coo me more gentle cute things and just tried to have me back in a “normal” state with kind little caresses, which had rather the opposite effect.

The bell rang and she saw no other options than either telling me the harsh world had to casino firmaları come back whether I was ready or not… or hug me for a moment.

“Can I hug you? It would ease the tension I guess, I hope I’m not too bad at it…”

She did and welcome me warmly.

“Hmm, huh, thank you… I think it works quite well” I said shyly, against her warm care.

“Guess it… I never did but if feels natural with a kitten like you… I don’t feel out of place it the world doing it, I never thought it could happen”.

“… … … I’m probably very demonstrative of how I love what you do… must help… every human being who pets a kitten deserves a place in the world…”

“That’s cute.” she whispered, realising she didn’t want to leave more than I did.

“That morning I’d still have been the one saying it and you the one who blushes…”

“Hehe, seems like we both really really like finally being ourselves now!”

“Hummm, we do… … … Am I your kitten?”

My sudden question made her feel like she could go back to class happy.

“Sure you are!”

“No I.. I mean… your kitten, your — kitten?”

“My kitten?”

“I got safely that I could be a kitten while you just caressed my neck… I.. want to focus on the… the “your”, see?”

Her pretty smile told me I could go back to class happy too.

“I don’t know, are you a stray cat? You don’t really look like so.”

“Not quite much…”

“Then, didn’t you told me that all that was a secret between us?”


She allowed herself another neck kiss.

“You’re my kitten then, only mine.”


The evening happened, we texted each other a lot, opening ourselves more and more.

I wanted her to be sure I wasn’t asking to be collared and whipped but protected and stroked. I was also still telling her that her 180° shift between a shy introvert girl to my figurative owner, with the gentle teasy confidence in her tone when I blush and get fondled, had to be her own decision. What mattered the most was that she’d never have to force herself for me.

Yet, that was also very clear to her, due to the notion of being ourselves strongly implemented in the core value of our new game; as clear as when at school, the ” gentle teasy confidence in her tone when I blush and get fondled” became natural at the moment she climbed up the stairs next to me and looked at me anticipating what was happening.

So finally happened the one more delicate subject.


“Are we in love with each other?” I asked her matter of factly after it became a necessity to answer that question.

“Maybe… I don’t really know… I feel like we should get it clear too.”

“I have to propose you something: first we promise each other nothing will be ruined whatever the answer is, even if one of us is and not the other, we’ll just find a solution and keep playing…Neigher I know if I love you, if it turns out I do and you don’t, it won’t hurt as long as I remain your kitten, it won’t be walking on eggshells; and since we feel… rather the same about being able to be ourselves together… I hope it’s the same for you, so that would be the first part of the deal, are you okay with it?”

“Yeah, I’m scared too, It’s the safest way to avoid ruining everything.”

“Then, let’s call each other, no cheating by thinking of what word to write and how to say things, let’s call each other and know the answer.”

The answer took 3 seconds, or more like 0, and was yes without any surprise as we both took our guts and said “I love you” before “hello”! But it didn’t felt liberating past the apprehension of actually walking on eggshells unlike I pretended, I hated to say things I could feel I wasn’t believing on the moment I was saying it, failing to convince myself… ggshells were sharp as hell and we wre terrorized that it was unilateral… but it was over now! And still… that little something was still there, it still felt weird, out of tone, it puts you in the same mood that when you hope the mosquito has left and you wait in silence almost sure you’ll hear it in the coming seconds again. Finally, it matched with the fact that we agreed to a so rational and methodical way to not lose each other while deep down we both knew we were in love, yet we were also honest each time we said “I don’t know”.

Most of the call became a trial to find what that feeling was, how could it be possible, what did we want that we didn’t know. It took clearly its time but slowly made its way to become as clear as water: we didn’t want to melt that just discovered unconventional and unlikely match into a bunch of codified gestures and actions lovers do, however as good as it would feel.

“We’re freaking weirdos haha!” She laughed. “How can we both talk 30 minutes trying rationally to understand the unique way we’re in love with each other, and conclude we were blocked because we didn’t understand like, we both felt like feeling the taste of the other’s lips must feel so cool but… for a weird reason güvenilir casino I only want to feel the skin of your neck against my lips and you just want to moan at that feel haha!”

“Add to that we’re both virgins and never have had satisfying relations, even when I was a boring independent confident guy like this morning! We should definitely check if we’re really born of that planet, or maybe we are a different specie haha!”

So it ended happily, both of us wanting to share that unique experience purely and let time decide if we’ll become an actual couple one day, live together forever or stop before the first kiss and remember that unique experience of our early adulthood years forever.

All we wanted was to close our eyes and whisper some gentle things to do to a sensitive kitten’s neck or show how grateful and under the spell the said kitten was!


Days passed, my friends finished to know where I disappeared during the increasing number of breaks I wasn’t with them, some random people found us out in the old building and looked discreetly how that girl did carry me away with nothing more than a few fingers and her lips in the neck.

Anyway, we also often went on a bench inside another place which very few pupils tended to go, yet some, sometimes a couple or two, and a few professors passing by too.

There, I couldn’t let myself go as if I had an orgasm just like she could sometimes bring me to such a state, granted we were alone, mixing emotional and physical sensitiveness; but it was replaced by the possibility to sit on each other thank to a bench, often her on me since I was taller while both of us were really thin, so that she kisses my neck while I slightly let her push me backwards facing the wall, so that I don’t show my gaze to the world while she didn’t saw much more than my skin.

The last place where I’d get pet, just a bit, was with my friends, which she finally became part of the group after a week. We were mostly a group of 5 boys including me and a girl who tended to not get along with others.

We spent parts of our evenings either texting each other, calling or just being together since we just had to take 10 minutes of subway to get to each other’s house.

We’ve been honest to our parents, both progressive enough to not care; even if she had to cheer me up a bit when explaining mine (which I used to tell she was very shy) that I was actually taken care of by her in some cute games (the word kitten was too much) that didn’t even included kissing or more, but she was still equivalent to my girlfriend and that I was somehow her property in the cutest meaning it can have.

All that said, it remains that what happens in a world of flowers and rainbows doesn’t erase what a guy hides in his pants.

When she wasn’t there, the first big problem was masturbation. Since it was implicit to not have any word of what happens under the belt in our relation, I had no clue what she did or she felt in her intimacy when we were playing through phone or text. In my case, I didn’t wanted the erections I had each time we were together to be different, be it physically or not. I was of course hard as a rock at the mere thought of seeing her, and the whole time she pet me, it wouldn’t leave me a second, and painfully take minutes to fade, feeling awkwardly surrounded by my classmates waiting for the teacher to arrive. But I wanted to fully belong to her to that extent, never allowing myself to touch my cock a single time on evenings when I was in contact with her, when we played. I jerked off to porn or hentai strictly putting all images of her out of my mind, yet arriving at school with emptied balls was a necessity to survive the day, however the ratio of time spent by her side… I thought about her when I missed her anyway, which had the same effect down there.

On my friend’s side, it took some day for them to get I was serious when I said I didn’t fuck her last night, some more to explain that “fucking” was a shared act and not a trophy boys get, just as we share giving and receiving caresses. Last, what took the longest to explain was that our relations wasn’t intended to go further for now and that we lived in blissful heaven each morning we woke up with just that.


“Kitty kitty! Sensitive enough to get your present of two weeks of cute purring for my pleasure? Or more like my present?”

I blushed silently, sat on the “lone place” of the school, and tried to look as vulnerable as possible while saying “yes” with my head, and remembering yesterday evening on the phone while she pet my hair playfully.

“So… tomorrow will be two weeks and I… I… Lisa, you know… you’re the only one doing “things” in our relation, I just receive all that, and it’s gonna stay like that, don’t think I’m asking for change, but… I… “

“Say it, Kitty, don’t be shy.”

“I’d like to offer you a gesture to show you how much I’m happy to be your.. hm… little kitten…”

She laughed cutely and made me notice I was still reddening and mumbling when I said I was her “little kitten”, getting me almost “shaking of feeling secure and loved” after that, that expression being the most accurate to describe that state when I’m entirely engulfed into her cute and lovely teasing.

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