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Help for a friend – part 2

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Help for a friend
Part 2

The doorbell rang at 5:00, right on time. Sue ran to the door and greeted her cousin Allison with a big kiss and hug. “You nervous?” she whispered.

“Yeah! I was jumpy on the way over, now I’m shaking.” She said to Sue.

I came in from the back yard, I had been filling the humming bird feeder with fresh syrup. I wiped my hands on my jeans and took Allison’s hand and kissed it. I gave her my best smile and told her she looked beautiful. Not a hard one to call, Allison is very beautiful. A bit over-titted for my taste, I like dainties with sensitive nipples. To be fair, I had not yet seen her treasures.

Sue said, “Dan, please give her a hug and kisses, she is very nervous about this evening, it might help her to settle down some.”

Another no brainer, I took her in my arms and we started with a very ordinary kiss. She smelled like fresh flowers, not too much of whatever the scent was, but too much for her own, natural aroma to break through. I would get to that later. We broke the kiss and I stared into the windows of her soul, wide, blue windows, deep and welcoming windows…we kissed again, this time, not so formal. I pulled her tighter and she pushed back.

“OK you two, enough for now.” Sue said. We broke off our kiss and I let her go, she continued to lock onto my eyes. “I have everything planned now, don’t SCREW it up. Hah! Screw it up, too funny.”

I took my queue, “Always a card that has to be dealt with.” We laughed it off. Sue was right, we all knew where we were headed, our mood became less tense and a super-relaxed mind set began to evolve. Allison put down her purse and shook herself as though she were wet. I had witnessed this before, Sue uses it to ‘shake off the heebee-jeebees’ as she puts it. It works, mostly.

Allison said, “OK. Now I’m feeling better, you’re right Sue, as usual. I’ve been so tense my mouth feels like it’s stuffed with cotton, could I get some cold water?” She raked my arm lightly with her nails as she passed by on the way to the kitchen. My hair was bristling along the tracks of her fingernails, it was going to be an interesting evening.

Allison wore a peasant blouse with embroidery on the front plackets and a stonewashed denim skirt, her long and shapely legs ended in tooled leather sandals, her painted toenails a sparkling red. I watched her walk ahead of me, I was checking out her hard ass swaying with an easy stride. Allison had been a gymnast in her early teens but had to give it up as her body matured, she continued to work out regularly and had a natural ‘spring’ in her step. Sue walked next to me and gave me a nice pat on my butt and a waist hug.

She spoke to Allison, “I made some iced tea, the kind you like with a hint of mint, and rum to make a nice Julep, if you want that.”

“Sounds yummy,” Allison said. “Not too much rum, I’m a cheap drunk.”

“I know, remember your pool party in June? You were tanked. Lucky you didn’t get nailed then!”

“Sue! Not in front of company.” Allison said in a put-on drawl. “Most of the boys drank so much beer they were puking in the bushes. No thanks.” She looked hard at me.

Whaat? I thought, I wasn’t puking in your bushes. If I were one of the boys at your party, I would have been drunk and tried to hump you through your jeans. I did not voice that, but gave her a manly grin. I’m not sure she bought it.

Allison and Sue were very close, as a result, Allison had joined us from time to time on our various ‘dates’ picnics and dinners in and out. It was easy to slip back into the familiar friendship we shared. Not that I had never given thought to boning her in the past. I’m not exactly a guy with a paper asshole when it comes to a beautiful, young woman.

We took our drinks out to the backyard, Sue and I sat next to each other on the small settee and Allison plopped on the swinging glider across from us. We all took a pull on our drinks.

“This is fantastic Sue. It has a nice, soft undertone, not too sweet, not too minty.” I said and gave Sue a kiss on her cheek. I could also feel the dark rum that gave the tea a subtle heaviness going down. I looked across at Allison, she had pulled her right leg up and hooked it behind her left knee. This left her skirt gapped open and I could see lots of tanned inner thigh. I took a long look and found both women staring at me when I looked up. Shit. Busted again.

We talked some about her future and her classes at Berkley in the fall. She planned to live at home and take the BART train to school each day. I did not think that would last long, it was more than an hours’ train ride on a good day. We talked casually for half an hour, suddenly Sue got up and stepped into her sandals, “I’m going to look after dinner and make the salad. You two get to kissing some more, but no funny business, yet.” She flipped the back of her skirt up as she walked off, flashing her bare ass at me. No panties again, what a tease.

I looked at Allison, she was already reaching over to put her drink on the glass table, the top of her blouse opened up to give me a flash of lacy bra. Truth be told, Allison did not need a bra, her tits looked as tight as bookshelves, even though she was graced with ‘D’ cups. She hooked her finger at me as she sat back down. There is a God, I thought to myself.

I moved across to her and sat very close, the swing moved a bit and we turned to kiss. This time, there was tongue, she set the pace as our lips locked on. I took her head in my hands, “You’re so beautiful.” I said holding her. I moved back in to kiss her again, this time I put my arm behind her back to pull her in tighter. I was beginning to feel some life in my dick as our kissing heated up. I ran my hand up the back of her blouse and caressed her velvet skin. I skipped over her bra strap without trying to get it unhooked, there was plenty of time. My other hand was on her bare thigh, I moved it up and down slightly, petting her leg. She moaned in our kiss and stuck her tongue out like a Popsicle for me to grab with my lips. I moved up and down on it like I was given her a ‘girl’ blowjob. She moaned again, louder.

My hand moved up her thigh and brushed against her pantied crotch, she flinched but did not break off our kiss. Her pussy was generating some serious heat, I could feel it right through her silk. I brushed by knuckles over her center and she shuddered. I did not press izmit escort bayan into her but slipped my index finger under the leg band and knuckled her bare cunt, it was very moist at the bottom of the down slide. She moaned again as my knuckle brushed against her clit at the top of my stroke.

Sue returned and sat behind me, she kissed the back of my neck. She circled her arms around my chest and toyed with my nipples, they sparked into hard points you could cut glass with. She moaned and kissed me on the ear. She took my whole ear in her mouth and tongued the outside. I felt a jolt of electricity spike down to my balls and my dick twitched in response.

“OK you two.” Sue said, breaking off from her rear attack. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we have all night.”

Allison and I broke our kiss and Sue gave each of us a hand getting up. Speaking of which, I was getting up, my pants were tented. I kissed Sue on the lips and her tongue flipped against mine, I inhaled her perfume and realized I probably had Allison’s scent on my lips. I slid my hand up under her skirt, I was more bold with Sue, I went right to her cunt. Her slit was dripping honey and I slipped my middle finger in her hole all the way. I pushed her clit with my thumb and she groaned and pulled away. She broke off the kiss. “Come on, let’s have something to eat. I have been working on a special birthday dinner.”

Sue had set a formal table, with sterling silver place settings, heavy crystal and crisp linens. A bouquet of flowers in a cut glass vase and two candles graced the table. She seated me at the head of the table, each woman close by on either side.

We started with a salad served on chilled plates, with an icy fork. We shared a bottle of Korbel Champaign. Our next plates were rare beef fillets, sliced thin, tiny herbed potatoes and steamed, fresh vegetables. With the entre, she poured a fine, blood-red Zinfandel, fruity and rich. The meal was light, doubtless it was designed to be so. We finished with well deserved compliments to the chef. Sue took it in stride and said, “I want this night to be perfect for all of us,” she held up her glass. “Here’s to virginity, may it die a glorious death tonight!”

“And to a happy birthday for Allison.” I added.

We drained our glasses, the fruity Old Vine Zin playing the final note.

Sue got up from the table, “Just leave this mess right where it is, I’ll clean it up later. Let’s go into the living room and get comfortable.” She walked barefoot to the couch and sat down. She patted the couch and said, “Now where did we leave off on the patio swing?”

Allison took her spot, leaving me room in between the ladies. I turned to Sue and we kissed hard, she took my hand and pulled it tight against her bare cunt. God! She was hot and wet! I ran my hand up and down her slit, paying special attention to her clit. She grunted and pushed my hand away. “Let’s not get too far ahead of Allison. Sue was not fooling me, she had that smokey, glassy-eyed look of a woman on the down slope to a good cum.

I turned to face the girl and we were right back in a lip-lock. I pulled her to me and ran my hand up and down her back, her skin was so smooth. I wanted to devour her right then and there.

Sue slid her arms around me from behind again. She reached over and pushed Allison’s skirt up to reveal sheer green panties, I could see her cunt lips smashed against the transparent fabric. I reached over and ran my knuckles up and down her slit. She pulled in a deep breath and took hold of my arm, running her fingers through the coarse hair of my forearms. I could feel Sue’s left hand pull away from my chest and go to her own cunt as she watched me caress her cousin.

Allison began to breathe heavily as I worked her pussy. She gripped my arm with both hands and shuddered into her first orgasm of the night. Sue’s hand was moving at a furious pace behind me and gasped just seconds behind Allison’s cum.

I let them slow down some and sat straight back on the couch. My dick was painfully hard. I had just been a part of one of the most sexy moments of my life. My dick twitched with thoughts of the delights yet to come.

Sue led the next move, “Let’s take off our tops.” She unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it over my head. Her top disappeared in half a second and was flung over the back of the couch, her breath-taking small breasts were a feast for my eyes. I reached out to cup one and rubbed my thumb over the nipple. The dusky rose colored berry tightened at my touch.

We watched Allison pull her blouse over her head and sat, chest bare, staring at Sue’s tits and my hand cupping them. She reflexively cupped her own through her lacy bra and squeezed at the tip, both nipples peaked in excitement. She reached around and unclasped her bra and flipped it over the back of the couch onto the growing pile.

To say her breasts were big and luscious, is like calling New York City an apple, it just is not enough words. Her breasts were uniformly tanned, in her own back yard no doubt, and capped with an areole that was very dark and slightly raised in her excitement. Her nipples were broad and thick.
I could not restrain myself, I bent and took one in my mouth. I sucked in as much of her tit as possible. I felt her shudder. I flicked a flattened tongue gently back and forth as the sensitive flesh hardened into long, firm points.

Allison cupped my head and fed her hot breast to me. Then she pulled my head away with a wet pop and guided me to the other side. I could feel her squirm. I dipped my hand down, inside her panties and pushed a finger into her cunt. She was tight and soaked with excitement. I sucked and fingered her for a few minutes and felt Sue’s hand reach around my waist to squeeze my dick. I had a diamond cutter going, it was so hard it hurt, the kind of hurt that is good hurt. I had to get a hold of myself or risk putting a dent in the party by cuming too soon.

Reluctantly I pulled away from Allison’s nipple, leaving it wet and standing at rapt attention. I think she might be able to come with breast play alone. I pulled Sue’s hand off my dick and sat back. “Just give me a minute here ladies. I’m getting a little too hot right now.” Sue considerately unzipped my pants and opened my boxer-fly to release my dick. It stood waving in the breeze, the pain was gone, leaving only lust and a set of fully loaded balls, the hammer back and izmit eve gelen escort ready to go off.

“There.” Sue said, “the poor guy was strangling in there.” She lightly moved her hand slowly up and down my cock. I took her hand away, this was going down the wrong road. Although I might be able to shoot my load over the back of the couch and never miss a beat, we were here for Allison.

For her part, Allison openly stared at my cock and hairy balls, she reached over and took a light grip on my dick. Sue gently pulled the girls’ hand away. “We don’t want him to come just yet. Let’s let him catch his breath.” The girl looked a little hurt by that move, but could not tear her eyes off my shaft and balls.

Sue leaned over me and pulled Allison in for a kiss. They kissed hard, I could see their tongues moving and their respirations picking up speed again. Sue cupped Allison’s breast and thumbed the nipple to rapt attention. She broke off their kiss and took the nipple in her mouth, working both tits for a quick tune-up. I gave them a hand and stroked their pussies, both were very hot and very wet.

Sue sat back and admired her work. “Have you ever had a guy go down on you, sweetie?”

“One time my boyfriend tried to do that, but he started slobbering all over my leg and I had to push him away.” She looked at my dick again, as it twitched in the air.

Sue looked at my dick and shook her head, she knew I was only a few strokes away from blowing my load. “How about you show her that thing you do, you know with your tongue, ‘The Butterfly’ you call it?” She said to Allison, “He drives me crazy with that one. I shoot straight to the moon.”

Allison rose up and removed her skirt and pulled off her panties. She had a small patch of pubic hair, the same auburn color as her hair. It was fine hair that formed a little curly peak down the middle, pointing right at her slit. There was no tan line anywhere. Sue reached over and put her hand on Allison’s vulva and ran her thumb up and down the slit. Her thumb came away glistening, wet with the girls’ juices. Sue put it in my mouth and I sucked off the nectar. I removed my middle finger from Sue’s pussy and sucked it clean. Both were mesmerized with the promise of my mouth.

Sue instructed Allison, “OK, now sit back and put your butt up on this pillow.” Sue slipped one of the small pillows under the girls’ bottom. This forced her legs open and her labia to unfold. I stood up and Sue took off my pants and pulled down my boxers. Sue took the head of my dick in for a deep suck and let it pop back out. She spoke to my cock in a baby voice, “Don’t worry, we’ll get back to you” and gave it a kiss on its bald head.

I took another pillow off the couch and used it to cushion my knees. I ran my hands up and down her thighs, savoring the moment. I bent forward and planted a kiss right on her pussy, just a regular smooch, no tongue. I kissed up and down her slit and put my hand on her vulva, above her lips. I stroked her back and forth with the flat of my hand.

She groaned as I pushed her labia apart with my tongue. I took her small lips in mine and sucked them in and out, kissing my way up and down her slit. Each time I reached the top, I batted at her clit and moved on, down the other side.

From my position, looking through eye-level bush, I watched as Sue knelt near me and began to suckle the girls’ tit and play the other breast with her hand. I felt her buck as this double attack took its toll on her. I decided to pick up the pace and went for a frontal attack on her clitoris. I pushed back the hood that sheathed her sensitive button with my thumb and first finger, and began a rapid flipping of my tongue, no pressure, just a rapid flutter on that sensitive spot. I put two fingers inside her hole and felt her hot, satin, woman muscles grip them. I pulled my fingers gently in and out as I continued to ‘butterfly’ her clit.

No woman can hold off under that kind of pressure. I felt her pull away and then push hard against my mouth as the first waves of her orgasm vibrated though her. I stopped my tongue, wrapped my arms around her waist and just held on with my lips. A quick swipe of my tongue and she was jolted to another squirt of pleasure. I held on, not moving as her cum subsided. Her hips came to rest and I carefully pulled my mouth off her over-sensitive mound with a wet smack. Her hips jumped in spite of my careful exit.

Sue and I caressed Allison as her senses slowly came back from that magical place we all seek. A minute or two passed and we let her go. We smiled as her eyes opened, my face still wet from her juices. “Well, how did you like that? Killer huh?” Sue asked.

“Gawd! I’ve never felt anything like that before.” Allison exhaled, he legs still splayed open to accommodate my head. Sue kissed her on the belly button and Allison’s skin prickled with Goosebumps, each hair a live wire.

Sue turned to me, “How is your tongue holding up?”

“Fine.” I said, wiping the back of my hand across my mouth, “Why, you want some?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” She said jumping on the couch and sliding a pillow under her ass. “Come to mama, big boy.”
I moved between her open legs and zeroed in on the man-in-the-boat, Sue was not big on small talk when she had her teeth set. I gave her the butterfly for only a few minutes, three fingers forced into her hole and she was cuming in waves, screaming like a banshee.

If there were ‘fuck’ Olympics and Sue was in the 100 yard tongue-till-you-come dash, she would be taking home the gold medal. I teased Sue’s pussy with a few taps on her clit as she settled down. She jolted each time and finally pushed my head away. “Stop. You’re killing me.” Allison was sill zonked out, having hardly moved a muscle since her orgasm but watching her cousin without blinking. Her hand caressed her own mound, but it was still too sensitive to play with. I leaned over and gave her a light kiss on her cunt lips.

I got to my feet and sat on the couch, my knees hurt and my cock was at half mast. As I recovered, I looked at both of them. Wacked out! I felt proud to get them on the ropes. Round one to me! I got up and excused myself to the bathroom. A splash of water on my face and a quick pee refreshed me. I came back to the couch naked, my dick and nuts just flapping along and sat between them again. “Now, where were izmit otele gelen escort we?” I said.

Allison looked at my loose equipment and asked, “Did you just cum or something?”

“No sweetie,” I said. “If I get close to the edge and then back off before I cum, it helps me last longer and gives me a bigger blast when I do get off.” She nodded her head and reached out to give my flaccid dick a gentle squeeze. She cupped my testicles and petted the curly hairs. I felt stirring deep inside again. Allison scooted to the edge of the couch and kissed my dick.

Sue said, “Go ahead baby, just do it.” Apparently they had been talking about me while I was in the potty.

Allison pursed her lips and sucked in my limp dick. It all fit, for the moment. She ran her tongue over it, getting a feel of the smooth skin as I began to stiffen in her hot, wet mouth. She backed off some as my dick began to stand on its own and could only get about half of me back in her mouth. She was still cupping my balls and began to slide her mouth up and down on my shaft.

Sue reached around the girl and massaged her tits. “You better let him go or you won’t be able to stop. We have other business right now. Later, I will teach you how to handle a cock.” Allison pulled away, my iron hard dick popped out of her mouth, dripping with her saliva.

“Dan, sit down on the floor here and let her sit on your cock.” Sue said. I slipped down and leaned back against the couch. “Give her a little kiss to get her juicy again.” Sue was in charge of the program, she did not have to ask me twice. Allison’s pretty pussy was right in my face. I pulled on her ass and stabbed my tongue into her slit. I gave her clit a few flaps of my tongue and her legs opened up for more. I put a finger in her cunt and felt her wet, drooling hole. My finger nudged against her hymen, no too much pressure.

“Ok honey, now sit down on his dick and just let the head inside. You can pull up or push down until he is all the way in.” Allison straddled me and sank down into a squat.

Sue took hold of my cock and aimed it at the girls’ silky hole. Allison put her hands on either side of her slit and opened it wide. I had a vivid image of an extraordinary, beautiful rose being opened, the fine, pink, slippery folds of the dainty flower opening up to receive my dick. I watched as the head entered her and felt her tight hole grip the head defensively. She pulled back and pushed down a bit further. Each stroke added more of her cunt juices, which made it easier for her to take me inside. I was mesmerized by the sight of my cock being eaten by her young pussy. Each pull back revealed my shaft, bathed in her wetness.

Sue began to massage her own cunt as she watched Allison work her way down my weenie.

Allison began to move up and down more quickly, her pussy now drooling for more. She gave a gasp as she pushed down hard and sat on my lap, her hymen in tatters. She put her hands on my chest and lay her head in the crook of my neck. I nuzzled her hair and drew in her musky scent. Her muscles gradually relaxed around my cock, I took her head in my hands and kissed her tenderly. No words were needed.

As we held our kiss, she raised her butt up and back down on my dick slowly a few times. An “Ohhh” escaped her as she began to push up and down on my shaft more quickly. The pain of her deflowering was finished. She pulled away from our kiss, intent on getting as much of my cock inside her as possible. Allison was on her first real fuck and seemed to get hotter with every stroke. Her eyes were squeezed shut as she surrendered to this new experience. Her athleticism kicked in as her ass moved at a blinding pace. She screamed as the first jolts of orgasm gripped her.

I was barely holding on myself, her tight, slick hole pounding my dick was unbelievable. I was able to let her get off without pushing back at all. She sank down, a light sheen of sweat on her skin and lay against me, her labored breathing beginning to slow.
I looked at Sue, she had come again, with Allison. I could almost see steam coming off her cunt as she lay back, next to me.

This was enough Mr. nice guy. I took her around the waist and turned Allison onto her back on the floor, without pulling my dick out. I took the more familiar spot, in the saddle of a woman’s wide spread legs. I noticed a bit of red at the base of my dick, the last of her virginity. I began with quick, short strokes into her tight hole. She responded by pushing back each time I buried my cock in her. My cum was not to be denied this time. I picked up the pace and she kept up, stroke for stroke. I was on my knees now, her legs around my waist as I pounded her tight pussy. Our pounding made a wet slapping sound and I grunted like a crazed animal. A sharp jolt of pain hit me as the hammer was finally released in my balls. My cum burned its way up and out of my dick as I continued pounding into her. I was gone mad with my release. All control was gone as gripped her waist, shooting jets of cum deep inside the girl. At last, I buried my dick deep and held her in an iron grip. My face was contorted, a grimace of ecstasy.

I held on as I slowly came back to earth. I opened my eyes to two women staring at my sweating face. I gave them a weak smile but held her cunt tight against me as the last dribbles leaked into her. I began to relax as my breathing slowed, my cock deflating inside Allison’s pussy. I did a pushup out of her hole and sat on the floor between the two women. I put an arm around each of them and sat quietly as I journeyed back from paradise.

I pulled them close and said, “Sorry, I kind of lost it there at the end.”

“No shit!” Sue said. “You came like a bull in full rut there at the end. It was great! What did you think of your first fuck Allison?”

She could hardly speak, her own journey back to earth was slow. “OH-MY-GOD! I had no idea. No idea it would be like that. You think it will be like that every time I have sex?”

Sue and I laughed, “You wish.” She said. “We have all weekend to teach you your way around a man, if you’re up for it. Right now we need to clean up and get in the bath.”

I got up and helped them to their feet. Sue handed Allison my boxers to drain into on the way to the bath. She gave me a hug and a sweet kiss, “Thank you for that.” And put her arm around me.

Thank me? I thought, I felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

As I watched Allison’s tight ass walk in front of us I said, “You came with her, that was amazing.” She pulled me tighter.

We could go on if you like. Constructive critique is a good thing.

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