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Helping My Noisy Straight Neighbor Pt. 02

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Marcus shows teeth when he laughs. They’re really white, and perfectly straight, he’s definitely had braces at one point. It’s a weird thing to notice, but dental hygiene is important, right? Christ, I haven’t brushed my teeth yet. I was waiting until after breakfast. Between the coffee and last night’s booze my morning breath must be hellacious. I wonder if it bothered him. It didn’t seem to. I mean, if you eat ass, morning breath can’t be the worst thing to worry about. Oh god, I hope I was–

“Everything OK?”

Huh, guess I was chewing my lip again, “Yeah man, I was just… I think I’m still a little buzzed from last night, plus that was…”

He smiles, no teeth this time, and I can see it doesn’t quite reach his eyes, “I get that.” He rolls over and sits up. I immediately regret the loss of warmth, the amazing feeling of skin on skin, “Listen, I should probably get going.”

Distantly, I can recognize the after-orgasm regret on his face. A lot of girls get that way. Not because they suddenly sober up or something, I’m not a fucking monster. Just, sometimes you do something in the moment, and afterward it doesn’t fit with who you think you are.

I was feeling it a little bit right now.

No, that’s not right. I do not regret this, I reach out and squeeze his arm, “Thanks for coming over man, and for… that. That was awesome.”

He smiles again, with teeth, “Er… no problem. I’m not sure you need to thank me or anything. But, uh… that was a lot of fun.”

I grimace a little, but try to keep the expression off my face. Fun? Shit, thats what you say to girls when you’re never gonna call again. At least he didn’t give me the shoulder pat. I don’t know who made the rules, but patting someone on the shoulder after hooking up, and saying, ‘well that was fun,’ is basically the ‘well champ, you tried,’ of fucking.

Marcus gets out of bed, and stretches. I can’t help noticing his ass. Damn, most girls would kill for an bubble-butt like that. I want to grab it, but… he turns around again. Giving me another view of that cock.

I haven’t seen a lot of dicks outside of porn or the lockerroom, but that thing was massive. Even mostly soft, it would turn heads in a gym shower. How the fuck did he get that thing inside of me?

“What?” there’s a half smile on his face.

I realize I’m grinning, “You’re just hot, you know?”

He chuckles, “Thanks. You’re pretty fucking hot yourself. And you did pretty damn well for a first time bottoming.”

“I must be a fucking natural to take that thing all the way.”

He bursts out laughing, “I get that on occasion, but my dick’s not that big.”

“Man, if I pulled something like that out, most chicks would run the other way.”

“Well, if the soreness gets bad, a warm shower usually feels nice, and a little tylenol.”

Soreness? I mean, I guess it’s a little tender, “Thanks, I definitely didn’t think of that.”

He shrugs as he pulls on his shorts, “Its a learning experience, and I mean,” he looks away, “Well… I hope it doesn’t scare you away from trying it again… if you want to.”

“Shit man, if I thought I could get hard again right now, I’d probably go for round two.”

He smiles, takes a deep breath, “Well you know where to find me if you’re interested.”

After Marcus leaves, I realize I still feel buzzed, and I don’t think its the alcohol. As the door shuts, I notice that, despite my comment, I’m already hard as a rock again.

I spend the rest of the day just sort of bumming around and cleaning up. I end up being starving for breakfast. Despite Marcus’ warning, I don’t feel particularly sore. I just feel… well… I guess I just feel well-fucked. It’s a sort of stretched feeling, not in a bad way, you know? Just sort of satisfied.

I really did get fucked by my neighbor this morning. I mean, I had certainly been curious, I wouldn’t have forked out eighty bucks on a dildo if I hadn’t been interested in anal stimulation. But toys, and having sex with a guy were two very different things. Besides it wasn’t just the feeling of getting fucked that made that so amazing.

It was… well, just about everything.

I’d certainly heard Marcus go to it before. Hard not to hear it sometimes. I swear, I think he gets louder after I bring over a particularly shrieky girl. The sounds of the guys, were always so surprising. Sometimes they were whiney pleads for more dick (and damn, did he have more dick to give), but mostly it was just the sounds of guys just moaning, and it all felt so… raw. And the sound of Marcus’ deep voice. He liked to talk during sex. I’d heard him make a few jokes, but mostly a lot of questions and a bit of dirty talk.

Yeah, I listened sometimes. Sometimes I even jerked off, quietly.

Was I gay? Nah, girls were still hot. Maybe I’m bi? Did that even matter? People can do want what they want, and I really shouldn’t feel weird about it. Man, can’t I just be horny and not think about this?

Yeah, I wish it casino şirketleri actually worked that way.

Around nine, the texts started coming in. Jeremy and Aiden were thinking of doing another bar crawl, maybe check out that new club on Twenty Second. Despite spending the day entirely inside, I didn’t exactly feel stir crazy. Hell, I was just sitting on the couch, sipping jasmine tea, watching some Real Madrid game from early in the week.

I begged off, saying I wanted to spend the night in. Jeremy just sent me a picture of condoms, with the line, “play safe!” Hah, if only the knew.

By ten or so, the first group of girls started messaging. I made a Bumble account once, despite what my friends said, I never really saw the point. I was never shy with my phone number, and the phone was going to buzz either way. I’m not cocky, but I know what I look like. Still, the thought of Marcus calling me, “pretty fucking hot” still sent a quiver down my spine.

Hey babe, we still on for tonight?

Shit, I totally forgot about Jen. She wanted to come over tonight. We were gonna watch something on Netflix. Though that was probably just a subtext. Usually she came over, chatted for a bit, and then fucked me until we collapsed. The thought of the last time made me smile, and it definitely got me a little hard. Yeah… definitely not completely gay.

Despite the thought of spending a night grinding my face against her big tits having some appeal. I just… wasn’t up for it.

Hey, can I get a rain check?

Sure, everything ok? You got another lady over tonight?

Jen was many things, but jealous was not one of them. It was probably why she and I had been able to manage the whole fuck buddy thing for more than two years. She followed her question up with a line of kissy and winky faces.

Nah. Though I did kind of hook up this morning. My hands were a little shaky as I typed. But, gotta be real, you know?

Oh damn! (Smiley Face) She must have worn you out, if you still haven’t recovered. Did she use the handcuffs I gave you? You meet her over brunch?

Not exactly. I kind of had sex with my neighbor.

There was a long pause. Had I just fucked up?

You mean the hot black guy who lives next door?

God, I loved Jen. Yep.

Hah. I knew that was going to happen eventually. How was it?

Huh? Wait, explain.

A girl gets a feel for these things. You’ve mentioned hearing him fuck through the wall, just a LITTLE too often. But… how was it?

Really good.

You top or did he?

He did.

(Sunglasses face) Nice. You gonna do it again?

I was fully hard. I couldn’t help giving my cock a squeeze. Yep.

GET IT BOYYYYY! She sent a string of hearts.

I sighed. Despite my protestations, I was really horny again. I considered messaging her back but instead I turned off the TV. Sitting in the silent apartment with my jasmine tea, I strained me ears. It didn’t take much, I could hear the sound of Marcus’ TV. It was some sort of action show, the sound of bullets was practically in my livingroom. This building really had shitty construction, didn’t it? I waited for a while. I couldn’t hear the sound of his voice, no comments or the sound of kissing.

I got up, took another shower and dressed. Nothing fancy, just a pair of tighter jeans and a black tshirt. Jen had mentioned once, she liked how the shirt showed off my pecs. I grabbed an icy bottle of vodka, some limes, and a new local ginger beer I’d picked up at the co-op last week.

OK let’s do this.

I went down the hall and knocked on the door. Was the echo always this loud?

A few long moments past before Marcus opened the door. He was wearing a pair of basketball shorts and a star wars tshirt. Had definitely not pegged him for a star wars type.

“Hey, uh… what’s up?”

“Well, I was having a slow evening, and I wanted to know if you wanted a drink or something.”

Marcus blinked, “Yeah sure come on in.”

I stepped in, his place was, a little messy. Not terrible, but the shoes on the floor were all askew, a dish or two was out, and there was a pair of abandoned socks sitting next to the couch. “So, you like moscow mules? I have a new ginger beer I wanted to try with them.”

“Sure, love em.”

“Great, you got ice?”

“Yeah, but I don’t have the fancy copper cups.”

I did, but honestly they weren’t that important, “not a problem.”

I prepared the drinks quickly, and damn that ginger had some kick. We sat on the couch, on opposite ends. Drinking quietly for a moment. Marcus seemed to be mulling something over in his mind, he chewed his lip thoughtfully before speaking, “How’s your ass?”

I chuckled, “uh not bad. No real soreness.”

“Good to hear.” he nodded sagely, but there was a twinkle in his eye.

“I was wondering if we could try again.” My mom always said, ‘say what you want and you’ll actually get it.’

Marcus choked a little on his drink. casino firmaları It was more than a little adorable.

“OK, I’m guessing you mean right now?”

“Is that OK?”

“Yeah,” he set the drink down, “give me a second.”

“We don’t have to go right now, if you don’t want.”

I saw Marcus adjust himself, he was definitely getting hard, “No, I just… has anyone told you, you can be a little forward?”

I smiled, “I enjoy cutting through bullshit.”

“Well, you won’t get any complaint from me.” He began to scoot over.

“Wait.” I put my drink down and scooted closer to him, our knees touching, “Let me. I want to try some stuff.”

“OK.” He smiled.

I had to kiss that smile. Despite the unkept room, Marcus’ was all about the neat grooming. I kissed along the trim edges of his short-cropped shape up, and that perfectly trimmed little beard and mustache around his full lips. As requested Marcus sat on the couch, but as my kisses trailed down his neck, his hands were on my back.

I took off his shirt, he was broad shouldered and well muscled. Not quite gym cut, but he had that kind of burly-strong figure that was all about strength and power. I squeezed his arms. Christ he had some nice arms. And gently pushed him back to recline on the couch. Before I went any lower, I kissed along those broad shoulders again. It was so different than the sleek curves of a woman.

Just as he had done, I kissed down his chest. I felt his pecs pull as my stubble ran against his skin. Now, I don’t know how he figured out how sensitive my nipples were, but I decided to return the favor. First running my tongue over one, and then taking it in my mouth.

He sighed, as I took in a quick breath let the cold air harden the skin. I ran my tongue in lazy circles, as my hands worked those shoulders and those arms. I could feel his dick rising up and touching my chest, and my hips began to rock.

I nodded towards his cock, “Can I?”

He smiled and nodded. As I pulled off his shorts, and that thick cock sprang free. Damn, that thing really was huge. Although it had been inside of me, I hadn’t had the chance to give it a good look. It was thick, and cut, but not particularly veiny. His pubes were very trimmed but not shaven, though his balls were completely smooth. I took them in my hand and gave them a soft pull. I watched his cock jump. With my other hand I ran my thumb around the head, and up the bottom of the shaft.

“Fuck, that feels good.” his voice was a deep rumble.

As my hand squeezed his shaft and slowly began to work it up and down, a clear drop of precum emerged. With my other hand I grabbed the head and swirled the drop around with my thumb. In mere moments his head was completely sticky, and I marveled how I had two hands on his cock and they were still an inch or two from touching. Curious I tried moving both hands in opposite direction, bringing both of them together and swirling as I worked.

The effect was immediate, Marcus body went partially rigid, and his cock began leaking precum. I worked for a little while, watching his body move up and down. My hands were completely sticky, and in a moment of curiosity I brought up a pre-cum covered finger and tasted it.

It was vaguely salty, and tasted of skin, but I wasn’t sure what else I was expecting. Despite what everyone says, when I tried my own cum, it didn’t taste like much to me, and you don’t usually try to taste another man’s cum during a threesome, no matter how tempting.

Still the feeling of pre-cum in my mouth, seeing a guy get wet for what I was doing, and then tasting it, was a huge turn on. Marcus watched me intently as I tasted him, there was something going on his mind, I’d have to ask later, but now I had other things on my mind, “Is it ok if I…”

Marcus laughed, “Go for it. I’m not going to turn down a blowjob from a hot guy.”

His compliments made me my toes curl, and I bent down to try to suck his cock. Any porn star sloppy nonsense was definitiely out, and there was no fucking way I could deepthroat this thing. Instead I placed my mouth around his head, and slowly worked my way down, tasting him. I could feel another warm release of precum as a I descended.

I went down as far as I could go, but, that really wasn’t very far all things considered. How the fuck had he gotten this entire thing inside of me? But even as I felt his head press against my throat, I pulled back up, and began to work the bare parts of his shaft with my hands.

Marcus groaned and lifted his hips up.

“Hey… do you mind standing up?”

Without responding he stood up and stepped out of his shorts. His cock was too heavy to go completely up, instead it just hung forward, mere inches from my face. I kissed the underside of his head, and began to lick down its length. Without realizing it, my mouth flooded with spit as I worked, and I could feel my own erection struggling against my jeans. Soon his cock was completely slick in saliva güvenilir casino and precum, and I began to work my way down his shaft, trying to relax my throat, and moving one hand in circular motions as it traveled up and down his cock.

With my free hand, I grabbed his ass. It wasn’t as soft as a woman’s, but it filled my palm, and I squeezed and kneaded it. Feeling the shape of him, as I tried to apply suction. Less then a minute passed before I felt my cheeks and jaw growing a little sore, but each time I grabbed his ass I could feel his cock tick in my mouth.

I switched hands, and with my wet fingers I went probing around his hole. I began to brush it slightly with a pre-cum soaked finger when Marcus moaned, “Danny,” and grabbed my hair before working down the side of my face. I wonder what he could feel while I’m blowing him?

His voice was rough, but very quiet, “Do you want me to finish?”

I pulled off and shook my head, I stood up, and began kissing him again, “Do you have condoms and lube?”

He smiled against my lips, “give me a second and let me grab it.”

I watched his shapely ass vanish down the hall and peeled off my shirt, he returned while I was fiddling with my pants.

“So…uh… my bedroom is kind of a mess…”

I stared at him, he was still hard, and and all the cuter for the hesitant look on his face. “Does the couch work?”

He smiled, before coming over. He pulled off my pants but it took a little shimmying before they came down, and a little work to step out of them, with him kneeling in front of me pulling on the ends. I wasn’t wearing any underwear, and my dick was leaking pre-cum.

“Danny. Next time, maybe don’t wear skinny jeans?” he had a toothy grin.

Fuck yes, I wanted there to be a next time, and a time after that, “Sorry, girls seem to like when I wear them.”

“Well I’m not most girls.” He stuck out his tongue. I returned the gesture, but was definitely not prepared when he just dove on my cock.

“Holy shit,” I felt him moving up and down with expert care. It was a little abrupt, but watching my cock vanish completely between his lips was amazing. He sucked my dick for a while, swirling his tongue into my foreskin. I really needed to try to do more with my tongue next time. Mmm, next time. Just when my breath started to get ragged, he pulled off and turned me around.

He was a little more cautious with my ass, first kissing around the cheeks, and playing with my balls while he worked. Eventually he put his mouth on my hole, and I felt his tongue and the fuzz on his chin against my skin. I shuddered and my cock was leaking precum on the floor. I didn’t want to touch myself, because I knew if I started jerking off while he rimmed me, I wasn’t going to be able to stop until I came.

A very undignified moan escaped my lips as he grabbed my hips and pressed his face in. I might not be able to last much longer either way. Christ, after a year of not being able to orgasm with someone else, I was near to bursting without even touching myself.

“M-m-marcus. I need you to f-fuck me.”

He gave my ass a playful bite before he stood up and stared at me, he was grinning, a sort of self-satisfied smirk, “How do you want to do this?”

I motioned for him to sit on the couch, and lean back, after condoming and lubing up his cock, I put as much as I could on and in my hole, I straddled his legs on my knees and began to lower myself.

“Woah hold on there. How about I help you a little.”

I nodded, and I could feel him apply yet more lube on my hole, he began to trace it with his fingers before slipping one inside. My cock was so hard it was practically sticking to the hair around my belly button. He worked a finger and then a second insider for a bit, pressing until my legs grew weak. With gentle pressure he lowered me down, and I felt him enter, first a little, and then, through that second gate, where the pressure went from being strange to so damn good.

I relaxed and sank further, until I was sitting on his hips. The sudden drop made my eyes go wide, and I involuntarily gave a clench which made him bite his lip. I squeezed again, but that hurt a little, so I just relaxed and sat there for a minute.

Marcus grabbed my cock, and pulled on it, and the feeling spread all throughout my body. Slowly I lifted up again, before lowering myself. Almost subconsciously I let my hips begin to roll. Marcus leaned in and began to work my nipples with his mouth, making my toes curl.

I raised and lowered, and with each lowering I could feel my entire body shake, I bent forward and kissed Marcus, before I began to pick up speed with my hips. I kissed him and rode him for a while before his hips began to rise to meet me.

As the speed picked up and the force of my own weight pushed him in hard and deep, I ground my fingers into Marcus’ broad shoulders. I could feel his every hot exhale on my chest. It gave me goosebumps.

It started low, but with each thrust I couldn’t hold it in. I began shouting and moaning. It was loud, it was a little higher than I expected, and frankly it was a little embarrassing. But it felt too good to stop. Dimly I heard the sound of knocking from the ceiling and floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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