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Helping the Neighbor Kid Ch. 02

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Early Sunday morning, Tom and Maggie awoke from their sleep to to sound of their alarm clock. Tom was an elder at their church, and had to be at the church early to unlock. He whispered to Maggie that he knew it had been a long week and she should just sleep late. Maggie acknowledged Tom’s kind gesture and smiled. She asked him to set her alarm for 9:00, so she could go next door and check in on Jake. Tom obliged, and kissed Maggie goodbye as he headed off to the early service.

Maggie continued to lay in bed with a tinge of guilt running through her mind. Had she really given Jake, her friend’s son and her son’s friend, a hand job? Was his penis really that big? She started daydreaming about the incident recalling just how big Jake’s penis was and how it was attached to his body just below his rock hard abs…oh and those big muscular thighs…Jake even admitted to masturbating to her image when he was younger. All these thoughts were too hot for Maggie. Could she do it again? Would Jake let her or would he be feeling the same weird regret Maggie faced that Sunday morning.

Maggie rolled out of bed and headed for the shower. The naughty thoughts about Jake wouldn’t leave her mind. She couldn’t believe he used to stroke his huge dick thinking of her in her white swimsuit…wait, she still had that swimsuit somewhere. Maggie contemplated where it could be. She finished her shower and began searching. Not in the closet, maybe the bottom dresser drawer. Sure enough there it was. A white one-piece designer style with a thin gold belt that she bought at a high end boutique in Miami. She slipped it on. It was sexier than she remembered. Now it made sense that a younger man might be aroused by the sight of her in it. It had a nice push-up effect on her boobs creating some impressive cleavage for a woman with a mere B cup she thought as she admired her figure in the mirror. She turned around and was surprised to see how high it was cut on her hips. Yes it was sexier than she recalled. She found a t-shirt and jeans and put them on over the swimsuit. If she could find the courage, Jake was about to get a surprise. She called next door. Jake answered on the fifth ring.

“Hello?” Jake answered.

“Good morning. This is Maggie next door. Just seeing if you need anything. Maybe a morning shower?” Maggie asked.

“Oh my God. You know I’d love some more help!” Jake exclaimed.

“Great! I’ll be right over.” Maggie replied and hung up the phone.

Maggie kept the key Jake’s dad left under the mat for her. She casino şirketleri anxiously unlocked her neighbor’s door.

“Jake?” She called.

“In here Maggie!” She heard him yell from his bedroom. She walked down the hall and found him standing in nothing but his tight white t-shirt and a pair of sexy blue boxer briefs.

“Think you can help me undress so I can shower?” Jake asked with a wink.

“Of course” Maggie eagerly answered. She approached him. She gently peeled off his tight t-shirt revealing his sexy abs. She then sat down on the edge of his bed. Maggie grabbed the waistband of Jake’s underwear and began to lower them.

“Wait!” She screamed as she snapped the waistband back into place. “I’ll be right back!”

“Huh? Okay, I guess.” Jake stuttered as Maggie walked out of his room. She went into the bathroom and removed her t-shirt and jeans leaving only the white swimsuit hugging her mature curves. Jake confessed that he used to fantasizing about this very suit. Now Maggie was going to make it a reality. She returned to Jake’s room.

Jake’s jaw hit the floor at the sight of her. His youthful masturbatory fantasy standing before him. Maggie saw his dick stiffening in his tight underwear. She grabbed the waistband and released him from their confines. Jake’s young body looked so hot. She grabbed him by his now hard rod and led him to the bathroom. She turned on the water and adjusted the temperature.

“Go ahead and get in.” She ordered as Jake stepped inside the shower. Once inside, he turned to face Maggie. She stepped in with him. They leaned in and kissed passionately. Maggie had not felt that kind of passion from Tom in what seemed like years. She also felt his huge penis pressing firmly into her stomach.

“Let’s get you clean.” Maggie laughed as she grabbed the bottle of body wash off the shower shelf. She lathered him up from head to toe spending copious amounts of time on his sexy round ass, muscular chest and of course his huge package. She shampooed his hair and helped him rinse.

“Anything else I can help you with?” Maggie smiled.

“Well maybe this?” Jake laughed as he motioned toward his erection with his immobilized left hand.

“Oh of course,” Maggie laughed. She sat down on the seat built into the side of the fiberglass shower and began stroking Jake’s hard cock.

“I think you are bigger than yesterday!” Maggie laughed looking him in his beautiful green eyes.

“Well you look hot as fuck in that swimsuit Maggie. That’s probably why!” casino firmaları Jake responded.

“Really? This old thing?” Maggie laughed.

“Yes. Maggie. I love seeing how your nipples poke through the material and your ass looks so good in it.” Jake explained.

His words sent Maggie over the edge. Now she needed more. She dropped to her knees and took his huge cock in her mouth. She could barely take in more than just the wide head. Jake moaned in pleasure. He’d dreamed of this moment since he first oogled his friend’s mom at the pool years earlier. Maggie gave him her best effort. She alternated between sucking his head while jerking him off and licking his long shaft. She worked her way down to his balls sucking each one gently into her mouth.

She grabbed his long, thick penis with both hands and took him back into her mouth. From his heavy breathing, she guessed he was close to climax. She sucked even harder.

“Oh Maggie, I’m going to cum!” Jake exclaimed.

Maggie felt the first huge jet of semen hit the back of her throat before she could pull his dick out of her mouth. The next several blasts landed on her cleavage and swimsuit. Jake moaned in pleasure. After his orgasm subsided, Maggie stood up and kissed him firmly.

“Oh my God Maggie! That was the hottest blow job I’ve ever had.” Jake praised her.

“Well that’s the hottest cock I’ve ever blown.” Shie laughed.

Maggie turned off the shower and help Jake towel off. She found him a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. They laughed about how his old fantasy had come to life as she helped him dress. Jake left the bathroom and Maggie slipped out of her cum soaked swimsuit. She pulled on her jeans and t-shirt then found Jake in the kitchen.

“I’m just going to throw this in your washer with a white load” Maggie laughed as she held up the swimsuit. “How come I have to do laundry here every morning?”

She started the laundry then made Jake breakfast. They talked like old friends for another 30 minutes before Maggie realized she needed to head home to be there before Tom got home. She helped Jake get comfortable on the couch and headed out.

She took a quick shower upon arriving home to make sure she didn’t have any of Jake’s cum still on her chest. What a huge load it was she thought to herself. As she got out of the shower, she heard Tom pull into the drive way. Still horny, Maggie decided to surprise him. She dried off and met him fully nude in the kitchen.

“Well hello!” Tom exclaimed upon seeing his wife.

“It’s güvenilir casino been awhile, I thought you might like some fun.” Maggie suggested.

“Of course Maggie.” Tom said. “Should we go upstairs?”

“Let’s have a bit of fun here.” Maggie replied and she dropped to her knees. She unzipped Tom’s suit pants and fished his small soft penis out of his boxers. He moaned as she took him in her mouth. She loved feeling his hands on her head as she worked on getting him hard. A few minute later, Tom’s penis was at full attention.

“You look ready now.” Maggie winked as she thought to herself that Tom was maybe two thirds the length of Jake.

“Yeah baby. Are you?” Tom asked.

“I don’t know.” She answered.

“Well then, let’s make sure.” Tom said as he helped her to her feet then sat her down on the kitchen counter. She leaned back and he leaned down to lick her already wet pussy. Tom’s penis might be lacking in size compared to Jake’s, but he never failed to make her cum with his tongue. This morning was no exception. She laid back on the kitchen counter with her legs dangling over his shoulders. Tom expertly performed cunnilingus on his sexy wife’s pussy. As her orgasm built, she grabbed the back of his head and pulled him even closer to her. She screamed as it hit her like a warm wave curling her toes.

“Ready for my dick?” Tom asked as he stood up. He gave it a few strokes to help it get rigid enough to enter her. Sliding it in, they both moaned.

“We should do this more often.” Tom whimpered. Maggie laughed and he continued to fuck her. They continued in this position with Tom standing and Maggie on her back for several minutes. She could feel his entire length as he plunged in and out. She loved him dearly, but could keep herself from imagining Jake fucking her with his huge cock and sexy college body. The fantasy pushed over over the edge and she came for the second time.

“Oh my God! I’m cumming Baby!” She cried.

“Oh fuck yes! You are so hot when you come Maggie!” Tom yelled as he felt his own orgasm start. Within seconds he was cumming too. Filling her pussy with his warm cum.

“Oh my God Honey.” Maggie said as he withdrew his penis. “That was great.”

“Yes baby.” Tom replied.

“Ugh. Now I’m all sweaty. I’m going to go shower again.” Maggie said with a bit of irritation in her voice. Three showers already today she thought to herself.

“Sure thing Mags.” Tom said as he followed her to their bedroom. Tom threw on some jeans and his favorite football jersey and went downstairs to turn on the game. Maggie took her third shower of the morning after finally satisfying her own horniness. What an amazing morning she thought to herself as the warm water ran down her soft nude body.

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