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Helping the Neighbor

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Thank you James89smith for editing and helping me with this story, much appreciated.


Mark Tanner was sitting in his bedroom, at his computer. He was supposed to be working on a research project for his Astronomy class, but instead he was watching out the window to the backyard. Out there, his mother, Linda, was weeding her garden. At 45, she has flowing blonde hair that was pulled back in a ponytail, stands about 5’10”, and is kind of thin. She is wearing a pair of cut off shorts and a green tank top that just barely covers her breasts. In his room, Mark is staring at her as she works, kneeling down in the dirt, pulling weeds out. He imagines what it would be like if she was kneeling down in between his legs. The thought makes him hard and he begins absently stroking his member. Wanting a better view, he scoots his chair closer to the window, his hand in his boxers, as he peers down at his barely dressed mother. He loved when she was outside in her garden because she usually did not wear much in the way of clothing and he enjoyed masturbating to her. He thought his mother was attractive and would love to be with her in a sexual way, but knew that could not ever happen, so he enjoyed his little wanking sessions watching her out the window.

At 20 years old, his second year at the local community college before he transferred to another school, he figured this would be one of the last times he would be able to enjoy the view out his window. He decides to pull his boxers off, and sits in his chair naked, pumping away while staring at his mom down below. She’s totally oblivious to what her son is doing, and gets up to stretch before moving to another part of her garden. The sight of his mother stretching, the way her small breasts jut away from her body, the shorts riding up a bit, he was hoping for a glimpse of her panties, but no such luck, made him more aroused. He glances to his bedroom door, which is slightly ajar, checking to make sure his sister isn’t out, then continues pulling on himself. Feeling himself nearing completion, he grabs a handful of tissues and stands up.

‘I hope she doesn’t look up right now.’ Mark thinks to himself as he feels the pressure build up within him. Closing his eyes, his passion unleashes burst after burst of his warm seed into the wad of tissues in his other hand. Finally spent, he sits back down, taking a moment to catch his breath. He looks out the window to see if his mother noticed, but she was facing away from him, talking to Mrs. Wilson who lived next door. Feeling a bit embarrassed that his neighbor might have seen, Mark hurriedly scoots away from the window. Mrs. Wilson is about the same age as his mother, a couple inches shorter, with flowing brown hair that cascades down her back, brown eyes, and a nice full figure. She was wearing a bikini that left little to Mark’s imagination, and he often spent time fantasizing about her when he wasn’t thinking about his mom.

Beth Wilson was walking across her yard to talk to her neighbor, Linda Tanner, when she glanced up at the windows at the back of the house. She stopped in her tracks as she saw Linda’s son Mark standing there, naked, with his swollen member in his hand, jerking away.

“Oh my, I wasn’t expecting a show.” She mumbles to herself as she feels warm between her legs.

“Hi Beth, how are you doing?” Linda is walking towards her, she must not know what her son is up to.

“I’m fine Linda, how are you?” Beth keeps glancing up towards the window where Mark is.

“Been a long week. Just enjoying some time out in the sun while I can.”

“Quite right.” Beth says absently as she sees Mark lean his head back, hot sticky seed shooting forth from his cock. “I wanted to ask if your son would be interested in mowing my lawn. With Dan gone, there’s a lot of things around the house that I need to take care of and I figured he could probably use some extra money since he’s going away to school this fall.”

“I’m sure Mark would be delighted to help you out. I’ll ask him later tonight and let you know. He’s working on an Astronomy project for school right now and I don’t want to disturb him.”

“Okay, sounds good. I’ll be waiting to hear from you. Thanks Linda.” Beth turns to walk back to her house. That was no Astronomy project Mark was working on up there.

Later that night, Linda calls Beth to tell her that Mark will help with her lawn.

“That’s great, Linda. I really appreciate it. Tell him to come by Saturday morning, around nine. I’ll be waiting to see him. Maybe he can help me with some other things around the house as well.” She pictures him standing in his bedroom, ejaculating. “Okay, well let him know it might be a bit more than lawn work. Thank you so much.” She hangs up the phone and sits down at her kitchen table, still wearing her red bikini that she had on earlier. She had a couple of glasses of wine and is feeling quite good. Thinking about Mark’s performance earlier, she feels herself getting aroused. Sliding a hand into her bikini bottom, she runs her fingers up and down her wet slit.

“Oh that makes escort kocaeli me so wet.” She rubs herself a bit, coaxing her clit out from it’s hiding place, rubbing little circles around it.

Moaning, she leans back in her chair. Beth slows down a bit and slips two fingers inside her, sliding them in and out while she reaches down with her other hand to continue stimulating her nub. Closing her eyes, she imagines Mark kneeling between her legs, his tongue exploring her down there, the thought sends a shiver through her body. She can feel her orgasm coming on quickly. Rubbing herself furiously, small sounds of pleasure coming from her, Beth enjoys the sensation that begins washing over her like a wave. She feels it building, then it releases, crashing over her, her body shaking, she cries out. She feels something warm all over her hands, running down her leg as she stretches out, letting out a cry of pleasure. As it begins to subside, she sits in her chair, catching her breath. Her hands are coated with her fluids and there’s a puddle in the chair, dripping onto the floor.

“Oh, I made a mess.” She clicks her tongue. “That was the most intense orgasm I’ve had in awhile.” She gets up and licks the fluids from her fingers, going to get some paper towels to clean up the mess she made.

Saturday morning, Mark heads over to his neighbor’s house. He is about 6’1″, 160 lbs, not particularly well built as he spends a lot of time playing video games and such, but still shapely in the way that young men are. He has blonde hair and blue eyes like his mother. He stands outside Mrs. Wilson’s front door and rings the bell. Letting out a sigh, he wonders why he let his mother talk him into this. Not that he didn’t mind seeing Mrs. Wilson or doing yard work for that matter, but it was Saturday! He could be at his friend’s house, having a Call of Duty marathon. In fact, that was originally the plan. His friends were disappointed that he bailed on him, teasing him about having to help his neighbor. Well, whatever, she said she would pay me, so I’ll do it. He thinks to himself.

Beth opens the door.

“Good morning, Mrs. Wilson.” Mark says.

“Good morning, Mark. Thanks for coming over. I really appreciate this.” She’s wearing a jean shorts and a low cut tee shirt that shows off a bit of cleavage. She takes him by the hand and leads him through her house, giving him a quick tour of the downstairs, before getting to the backyard. “The lawnmower is in the shed over there,” she indicates a small wooden shed at the corner of her yard. From here, Mark can see his own backyard, his mother’s garden, the back of the house where he lives. “It shouldn’t take too long. When you’re done, come inside and I’ll give you something to drink and we can discuss what else I need you to do for me.” She touches his arm.

“Okay. That’s fine, I’ll go get started then. Your yard isn’t much bigger than ours, so it shouldn’t be more than 45 minutes or so.” Mark heads over to the shed and gets the mower out, filling it with gas from a can that is in the shed. Beth watches him from the doorway, studies how he moves. He yanks the pull cord, getting it to start on the third try, and sets off pushing it around towards the front of the house.

“45 minutes, what to do until then?”

As he mows the lawn, Mark keep thinking about the view of Mrs. Wilson’s cleavage that he had when she met him at the door. She is quite attractive, in a bit of a different way than his mom, and he wonders what she looks like under her clothes. He pictures her between his legs, bobbing up and down on his member, him running his fingers through her hair as she does. He feels himself getting aroused, his erection pressing against the inside of his boxers. The mower kicks a small pebble back that hits him in the shin, bringing him back to reality.

“Good thing I wore jeans today,” Mark mumbles, wincing in pain a bit as he continues on, nearly done with the grass. This went a bit quicker than he anticipated. He finishes up the last bit and brings the mower back to the shed. Brushing off the grass and debris, he puts it away. Beth is watching him from the window, admiring the view. As he walks back towards her house, she steps outside and meets him holding a glass of iced tea out for him. He takes it and swallows it down in a couple of gulps.

“Oh my, let me get you another glass. Come on inside.” She leads him into her kitchen and seats him in the chair she got off in last night. The thought of him sitting there, where she unleashed a torrent of fluid, makes her warm down below. She pours him another glass of iced tea and one for herself.

“So, did your mother tell you I have a couple of other things around the house I could use a hand with?” She hands his glass back to him and sits across from him.

“Yeah, she said you did. What else do you need help with?”

“A few things that only a man can take care of.” She smiles at him as she says this.”Since my husband left, there are somethings that have gone neglected that need attention.”

“Okay. Like fixing up some stuff? I can do that. What happened gölcük escort to your husband? If you don’t mind me asking.”

Beth lets out a sigh, “Well, he decided to run off with some younger girl and leave me here in this house.”

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Wilson, that’s terrible. I can’t imagine why, you’re such a nice lady.”

“That’s very kind of you to say, Mark. And please call me Beth.” She smiles at him warmly.

“Okay, Beth.” Mark chuckles a bit. “I like that name. Anyway, what else did you need done? Anything I can take care of today for you?”

“Oh, I think there is,” she playfully slaps his forearm, enjoying this banter. Hoping he picks up on her cues. Instead he takes another sip of his iced tea.

“Such as?” Beth holds his forearm, rubbing her hand against it in small circles.

“Well, I have a light that needs a new switch.”

“Sure, show me where it is and I’ll take care of it for you.” Mark starts to stand up. Beth holds onto him.

“Why don’t we sit and chat for a bit first?”

“Um, yeah, we can do that.” Mark is a bit nervous, unsure of what her intentions are just now. He’s pretty sure she’s alluding to something, but is unable to guess. He sits back down,”what would you like to talk about?”

“Well, I would like to get to know you better. We’ve been neighbors for quite some time, and yet we’ve never really talked. I know you go to school, how is that going for you?”

“Pretty well, I made Dean’s List again last semester and I’m going to be transferring to another school in the fall.”

“Ah, very nice. You’re mom says you’re pretty sharp, she’s so proud of you. How about girlfriends? Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No, I’ve never really had a girlfriend.” Mark looks down at the glass, feeling a bit embarrassed to be admitting this to an attractive older lady.

“Really? You’re a virgin then? I find that hard to believe, such a handsome smart young man as yourself.”

“Well, yeah. I’ve only been on a couple dates and nothing ever really came of them. I’ve been too busy with school and work and everything…” Mark’s face is red with embarrassment.

“Oh, honey. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” She rubs his forearm again, then takes his hand in hers. “Have you ever kissed a girl?”

“Yeah, once. It was pretty cool, but that was it.” Mark isn’t sure why he’s telling her all this, but her touch makes him feel a bit more at ease.

“You know, there are some older women who enjoy the company of young men such as yourself.”

“Really?” Mark looks at her surprised. “I find that hard to believe. Why would someone want a guy who is a virgin?”

Beth gets up and walks next to Mark. She leans over, her face next his, and whispers,”So we can train them they way we want.” Mark feels a bulge quickly forming in his pants, and places his hands over it, trying to cover it. This was not what he expected when he agreed to help out, but it is kind of a welcome, if embarrassing, turn of events. “I saw what you were doing the other day. By the window. That really turned me on, seeing you cum like that.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know anyone was watching.” Mark’s face is burning, he can’t believe his beautiful neighbor saw that. “I won’t do that again.”

“Hmmm, I like watching that though, I hope you do do it again.”

“Huh? I thought only girls in videos liked that. Lisa told me it was gross, seeing a man ejaculate. That’s why she…nevermind.”

“Was Lisa the girl you kissed?”


“Well, she’s a fool then. I love watching a man shoot his hot load. I especially love when he shoots it into my mouth.” Beth starts rubbing Mark’s shoulder, she can see his pants bulging between his legs. “I can tell you’re getting aroused there.” She puts her other hand on the bulge and gently gives it a squeeze. “I can also tell that you’re rather large as well.” She licks her lips after saying that.

“Um, thanks. I don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything.” Beth leans in, presses her lips against his. “Do you mind this?” She kisses him again, her hand still in his lap. He returns her kiss, her lips part and she runs her tongue across his lips. Bringing her hand up, she caresses his cheek. After the show the other day, she wants him. Wants to feel him inside her, but, knowing he’s a virgin, she has to take it kind of slow.

“Wow, Beth. That feels really good.” Mark smiles at her.

“You have such a nice smile, Mark. Just do what I do, I’ll guide you.” She kisses him again, her mouth slightly open. As his mouth opens a bit, her tongue reaches forward into his mouth, searching to meet his tongue. Momentarily surprised, he meets her tongue. The sensation is amazing to him, he reaches up and puts his arms around her as they continue to kiss.

Her hands are gently rubbing up and down his back, her tongue exploring his mouth. She can smell the sweat and cut grass on him, and it smells delightful. Her hands untuck his shirt and pull it up, they stop kissing long enough for her to get it over his head. She kisses his jaw, his ear, down izmit sınırsız escort his neck a bit as her hands wander over his chest.

“You’re so sexy.” She breathes in his ear before pulling her shirt off. Beth hugs Mark, pulling him against her, feeling her breasts press against his chest as they resume making out. Mark’s hands wander down and grasp her butt, squeezing her a bit. “Not so hard, gentle goes a long way. Take off my bra.” She instructs, feeling Mark’s hand slide up her back, the sensation is most pleasant. He fumbles with the clasp for a moment, before finally getting it. Beth slips the straps off her shoulders and lets the bra fall to the floor, her breasts exposed.

“Wow, those are amazing.” Mark says in awe.

“They are, aren’t’ they?” Beth says, feeling proud. “Have you ever seen a woman’s breasts like this before?”

“No.” Mark hangs his head a bit.

“It’s alright. Go ahead and touch them.” Beth takes his hands and places them over her breasts, her nipples against his palms. He moves his hands slightly, feeling how the weight of her breasts, the sensation of them in his hands. “Squeeze them. Play with my nipples, that really gets me going.” Beth instructs her young pupil. Obliging, Mark firmly grasps her breasts, giving them a good feel before he starts rolling her nipples around between his fingers. Feeling how hard they got, he tugs them gently. After a few pulls, he leans over and begins suckling on her right breast.

“Oh, that feels good.” Beth tells him. “I bet I know something that would really make you feel good though.”

“Hmmmm, what’s that?” She pulls away, then lowers herself in front of him. She rubs the firm bulge in his pants,”Have you ever felt a woman’s lips on your cock?” She asks, unbuttoning his pants, pulling the zipper down slowly.

“No, never.”

“You want to?” She pulls his pants down to his ankles, revealing his Star Wars boxer shorts. “Nice drawers.” She teases, playfully slapping his hip. Mark’s face turns bright red.

“Um, I thought they were cool.”

“Relax, hon. I like them.” She hooks her thumbs in his waistband and slowly pulls them down, revealing his turgid member. “Oh, that’s nice.” She wraps a hand around him, and slowly strokes him, from the base to the tip. “Not too big, just the right size.” He gets a bit harder as she says that.

“I thought women liked bigger dicks.” He says sheepishly. She blows on the head of his sex, watching as it gently pulses in time with his heartbeat.

“Not all women, I like them this size. Too big is no good. You’re a good size.” She eyes his member hungrily, holding it up so she can blow on the underside of it.

“I like how that feels.” He moans softly.

“You’ll like this, then.” Beth kisses the head of his member as she looks up at him. Mark stares in wonder at what’s happening as she kisses him again, then licks the tip of it. “Feel good?” She whispers before taking the head of his swollen penis in her mouth, while gently stroking him. He leans back a bit, staring at Beth, enjoying the warm wet sensation of her mouth on him. She starts bobbing her head a little bit, Mark can see his stiffness sliding in and out of her mouth while she continues stroking him, her other hand cupping his balls. Beth feels him quickly getting more excited, feels his testicles move a bit and begins stroking him harder and faster. “Ohhhh, ohhh God!” Mark moans as he orgasms, his hot seed filling up Beth’s mouth. Spurt after spurt, he stares in wonder as she takes it all in her mouth. Panting, he can only stand there dumbfounded at what just happened as she sucks him, working the last drops out before letting him fall from her mouth. She stands up, swallows and kisses him on the mouth.

“That was just the warm up.” She tells him, nibbling on his earlobe.

“Oh, that was incredible.”

“You liked it?” Beth smiles at her young charge, her hands roaming over his body.

“That was the best, Ms…I mean, Beth.”

“I have so much more to show you,” She kisses his neck, her hand rubbing his member, trying to coax it back to life. Her other hand works her panties off. As they fall to the floor, she kicks them away. “Let’s switch places.” She pulls on Mark’s arm, he gets up allowing her to sit in the chair. She spreads her legs before him, showing her tender parts to him.

“I’ve never been this close before.” He stares at her crotch, her labia are a bit swollen from excitement, a small tuft of dark hair just above her slit. He can see that she is wet down there, as she runs her finger along herself.

“Give me your hand,” Beth instructs him. He reaches towards her and she places his fingers on her mound. Tentatively, he strokes her, feeling how smoothly shaven she is. His fingers play with the little tuft of hair above her slit, before sliding through her wetness. Beth leans back, watching the expression on Mark’s face. He’s totally enraptured with what is going on, staring intently at her crotch as his fingers explore her quim. He rubs his index finger from the bottom of her slit to the top, just below the hair, before going back down again. ‘Seems to be enjoying this,’ Beth thinks to herself, then gasp as his finger finds her wet hole and slips inside her. “Oh, there you go.” She smiles demurely down at him kneeling between her legs, his face inches from her hot sex.

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