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Her Hot, Slutty Playtoy

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This is my fantasy. Unlike most of my other stuff, which is real, this is a work of fiction. It is also my fetish, and has caused me to cum many times just thinking about it.

My fetish-fantasy:

I’m not an android or robot. I was created to satisfy her every hot, sexual urge…and to awaken some she didn’t know she had.

That thrills me to death and there is nothing I won’t do to her to make her cum…NOTHING. She is so fucking sexy, and I am devoted to being the hottest, sluttiest playtoy I can be for her.

It is a fetish for me, being owned by Blue as her possession! Being the woman delightfully tasked with fucking her anytime she wants makes me hotter and more wet than anything else in the world! Just writing this right now, between sentences, my fingers are busy on my pussy…

I am almost human, having been bred from scratch, genetically in a petri dish to Blue’s specifications. I have everything she wanted me to have: a pussy that’s always wet for her and easily dripping, a constant, never-ending hunger for her that makes me ALWAYS ready when she wants me…

…and a VERY long, strong tongue. Long enough to completely fill her and fuck against the back of her pussy and lick her there.

My tongue is strong enough to take total control over her body and fuck her into oblivion, giving her super-orgasms with an intensity no other human will ever know.

My lady also wanted my cum to POUR from my pussy, enough to cover her body. (we both cum a LOT anyway, but I want more)

…ooooooooo…I really love that…and there is no end to how many times in a row I can cum, and OFTEN without she or I even TOUCHING my pussy.

There is also no end to how many times I can make HER cum…she loves having one orgasm after another, her pussy taking every inch of my tongue…fucking it…riding it…always making her cum more times than other humans can even dream of.

I get so involved in doing that to her, that I get lost in it and will NOT STOP. Since you humans can only take just so much, Blue and I have a safe-word for that reason.

And, my brain…I can send fuck-signals to her pussy. I can make her cum without touching her, using only my mind to fuck the hell out of her. She didn’t know I would have that ability. casino şirketleri It’s nice to have that when I’m teasing to seduce her, which I am almost always doing.

We are madly in love!


“Oh…Sunny…don’t do that, baby.”

Blue didn’t have any clothes on. Since the day I appeared before her with nothing on and promptly removed her clothes for her, with which she had no problem, she hasn’t worn clothes at all. Good. I hate clothes.

Right now, I was standing about ten feet from her with my back to her, bent over, holding my ankles with my legs spread wide apart. My long, platinum-blond hair was draped on the floor. My oversize, tanned pussy lips between my legs, just in front of my dark-tanned ass. I was looking back at her, upside down from between my legs…

“Like what you see, lover?” (Okay, that’s what I do look like, so, it works.)

“Oh yeah…I do…a LOT. That’s why I’ll get nothing done with you doing things like…that.”

I raised up only enough to rest my hands on my knees, then threw all my hair back, letting it land on my ass…


I stayed in that position and let her watch my juices dribble down my inner thighs. As always, I wanted her badly!

“Sunny, please sit down, okay? And on your end of the couch?”

The couch was covered in towels. I smiled and plopped my ass on the other end of the couch. I leaned against the arm, sideways on the couch, facing her. Such an incorrigible little whore, I draped one leg up on the back of the couch and spread my other leg. Baby watched me through all this, and kept watching while I slid my fingers along my inner thighs, playing with my glistening, gooey juices…

Hmmmmmmm…busy though she was, she couldn’t resist turning herself around sideways, facing me. Interesting! I smiled at her, making my butterfly pussy lips quiver for her, even fluttering a few times, all without touching them. I saw her inhale quickly…

“Oooooohhhhh…baby likes my pussy. Baby likes how wet I am, don’t you.”

Baby cleared her throat and pretended to pay more attention to her work, but I could see her eyes shifting over the top of her computer screen, watching my steaming pussy…and watching me gathering my juices casino firmaları on my hand and spreading them on my tummy and thighs…

Squeezing my strong vaginal muscles, I made my large butterfly pussy lips flutter for her…she sat there and whimpered while they called out to her. They were so hot, glistening with my sweet Sunnyjuices. I just smiled at her…

“I know you want it.”

Blue’s attempts at working were getting more futile by the minute. She was now watching me more than her computer screen.

With my oversized pussy lips still fluttering for her, I kept talking…

“Wouldn’t you like to capture that pretty pussy in your mouth and suck it? I could fill your tummy with all the sweet, hot ladycum I could give you.”

Baby was breathing harder now, and two of her exhales carried my name…


“Yes, baby?”

She set her computer aside and leaned forward on her hands to start crawling to my pussy…when she got to her hands and knees, I used my brain to send a hard orgasm to her pussy…


She fell on her tummy between my legs, halfway to my pussy…she grabbed my thighs with her outstretched arms and gripped them tight with her hands…her face was in the couch, her legs spread wide…my brain rocked her body and made her cum with her ass muscles clenched tight…she screamed into the towel-covered couch cushion, her body bucking with the earthquake she had going through her…

When her orgasm finally passed, she raised her head and looked at me…

“Oh, I am soooooooo not going to let go of you!”

I patted my pussy and slid down, smiling at her…

“Sunnypussy belongs to Blue…you own me. Now, take me…make me your slutty bad girl.”

Baby slid between my legs and purred while she rubbed her face all over pussy lips, drenching her cheeks with my juices…my pussy throbbed for her and my body was already on the edge of orgasm. I gently wove my fingers through her hair, caressing her and loving what she was already doing to me.

When she opened her mouth wide and screamed while sucking me into her mouth…I raised my ass and screamed back at her.

My brain sent a hard sexual jolt to her pussy and I CAME LIKE HOLY FUCKING HELL WHILE SHE güvenilir casino CAME WITH ME!

Blue made my cum pour and pour lusciously into her mouth, my shaking body feeding her…I loved the sound of her hard swallows while she sucked me eagerly…hungrily swallowing mouthfuls my Sunnycum! FUCK! She always sucks me so good!

My ass fell back down on the couch, but, her mouth was still firmly attached to my pussy.

My hot, perfect lover was not done with me…

My oversize pussy filled Blue’s mouth, and she sucked me as though needing my juices and immense amount of cum for sustenance. Her arms under my thighs, her hands holding my hips, she kept my body in a hot state of spasm with short little

screams, whimpers and purrs. Baby sucked me relentlessly, pushing her face hard into me.

I was made for giving her ALL she wanted…my ability to cum for her knows no limit, and she makes me hot as fuck when she can’t get enough.

In fact, I wanted her to play a little rougher with me…I had to push her…

My brain went to work on her pussy, sending her fuck-signals no human can resist…

Teasingly, I tried to scooch away from her with hot little squeals rising from my throat…like a fucking hot animal, her face still buried between my legs, she growled loudly into my pussy…with her arms still under my thighs, she grabbed my hands, roughly pulling me back to ravage more of me. She savagely fucked me with her mouth, her tongue ramming ever deeper while she seemed to suck my entire pussy down her throat…

LOVING what she was doing to me, I screamed out loud…the hot orgasm my brain was giving her overtook her body while she sucked me to an earth-shaking orgasm, her own body shaking hard…the force of her mouth pushed my body and she hotly held onto my hands…I wrapped my legs around her while her mouth claimed her sweet slut as her possession…

My cum was burning hot for her…she swallowed and swallowed to fill her tummy, then sucked another mouthful and slid up to my mouth…we kissed wildly while she fed my cum to me…

I whimpered in total pleasure when she tongue-fucked my mouth, forcing my cum to overflow down my cheeks and neck. Baby licked me all clean, and Sunnycum covered her lips when she spoke close to my mouth with her eyes closed…

“You are mine. All…fucking…mine.”

“Forever, you shall own me…I am your possession. Sunny belongs to Blue until the end of time. I love you!”

“I love YOU!”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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