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Hiding in the Woods

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When I was younger in college I hated football, but things were different now. Every Saturday I made my way down to the football field to watch my local team. I’d go early to ensure that I got a good view. I knew the perfect spot.

My vantage point was just inside the woods besides the field. I had a den of sorts there which concealed me from view whilst allowing me to observe a specific corner of the field, the one farthest away from the rows of spectators. That corner was where the players came to relieve themselves and that’s what I was there to watch.

I’d first noticed the footballers peeing in the woods several months back. I’d been out walking alone, as I often did, when I’d been caught short. I ducked into the trees next to the football field to have a sneaky pee but just as I squatted down to relieve myself one of the footballers had come striding towards me. I remember freezing, cowering close to the ground and praying he wouldn’t notice me. I felt dreadfully venerable squatting there with my knickers around my ankles and my pussy exposed to the elements.

I needn’t have worried. He stopped mere feet away from me but didn’t see me. I held my breath as he proceeded to pull down his shorts and take out his manhood holding it firmly in his hands. He stroked it once then groaned contentedly as he relieved himself, shooting a stream of stinking piss in my direction. The cascade splattered to the ground next to me sending splashes up onto my smooth bare legs and shaved mound.

The man remained oblivious to my presence as he busied himself emptying his bladder and I let out a sigh of relief when he shook his cock dry and ran back to the playing field.

I breathed hard. I was still in a squatting position and busting for a pee. I tried to relax and release my muscles but I couldn’t go. I rubbed my hand across my pussy, stroking it gently to coax it into relaxing. It didn’t work but my cunt felt hot and tingled in a strange way. I kept rubbing myself, feeling warm inside and suddenly realised that the sight of the footballer pissing so close to me had turned me on. It was wrong of me to have watched him like that, it was so naughty. My cunt began to burn and I felt the urge to plunge my fingers deep inside it but that would be unthinkable; finger fucking myself in the woods where the footballers might see me? It was too much. I just had to do it.

I felt my juices flowing as I pushed two fingers slowly inside my vagina and began fingering myself. My fingers moved slowly at first then gained momentum, thrusting frantically back and forth. I felt so bad, so dirty and so hot! A magnificent orgasm crashed through me and I cried out as I released my girl cum along with a wave of hot fragrant pee. The sensation was indescribable and my orgasm rocked me like nothing I’d felt before.

I heard a cough and turned to see a second man approaching, another of the football team. I became silent and concealed myself deep in the undergrowth. Then I watched as he too exposed his privates to me and began peeing. It was mesmerising and turned me on so much. I sat back and gently stroked my wet pussy as I observed him from ısparta escort my lair.

And that’s how it started. Now I’m here every Saturday without fail, watching those fat cocks pissing at the trees in the woods where I am hiding. I’m a dirty voyeur, a perverted slut. I finger fuck myself as I watch. Sometimes I get myself off with a drinks bottle and my orgasms wrack me one after another. And I pee myself, I love doing that. It’s so liberating. I drink lots of water so I can piss as often as possible. I never wear panties so I sit back on my heels and let it gush out of me whenever I feel the urge. I soak the ground at my feet and dig my bare toes into the wet earth. I love the way that feels it makes my cunt tingle.

Today was another Saturday and the footballers were training hard. They drank plenty of water as they ran around I had the pleasure of watching six of them relieve themselves in my woods. I drank plenty of water too, keeping my bladder filled up. I peed four times that afternoon and brought myself to orgasm each time. It had been most satisfactory. However, things didn’t play out as they normally did.

The football practice was over and players were leaving the field. It was time to go home. I crawled out of my piss soaked hiding place and stretched. Then I pulled up my skirt and opened my legs wide. I needed another pee before I set off for home and I wanted to do this one standing up out in the open. It gave me a thrill and besides, no one would see me, not now.

I bent my knees a little and licked my middle finger inserting it into my pussy. I could bring myself to orgasm quickly if I rubbed my clit in just the right spot and if I kept rubbing as I peed the sensations were magnified tenfold.

I relaxed my bladder muscles and squealed as a golden shower fell from between my legs. It felt exquisite. I stroked my clit, bringing myself to orgasm yet again as my pee dropped to the ground and splashed around my feet. I loved the smell of it, the taste of it in the air and the warmth as the last remnants ran down my legs. And the feeling I got, wow that was good!

Suddenly I stopped, my bladder muscles clamping shut. I heard movements behind me, a twig snapping. Alarmed at the intrusion I spun around only to find myself surrounded by six men, all of them staring at me. It was six of the football team and they weren’t happy.

“I told you she’d be here! Fucking little pervert! Look at her pissing herself!” shouted a blond haired football player.

I pulled down my skirt and backed away trembling but an angry looking brown haired man grabbed my arm roughly, holding me in place. I panicked and tears sprang to my eyes.

“Spying on us again were you? Watching us take a piss! What? Did you think you were invisible?”

“You knew I was here?!” I sobbed, scared by this confrontation.

“Of course we fucking did!” he yelled back.

I was in big trouble. This situation was bad. I tried to squirm away but a third man with dark hair pushed me roughly to the ground and pinned me down. He sat astride me, holding my arms above my head.

I didn’t struggle. There istanbul escort was no point. Resistance wouldn’t help me. Honesty seemed like the best policy. Perhaps they’d pity me.

“I like watching you,” I confessed, tears rolling down my cheeks. “I get off on it.”

It seemed to work. The dark haired man relaxed his grip on me but he didn’t let go.

“Oh yeah, is that right!” said a fourth man, walking towards me aggressively. “Let’s see how you like this!”

He stood beside my head and pulled down his shorts.

I watched, helplessly as he took his manhood, held it close to my face and pissed on me.

His acrid pee hit my forehead, stinging my eyes and running into my mouth. I gagged and spat it out but the saltiness tasted strangely good. I liked it. Fuck how I liked it! No-one had ever peed on me before, I’d merely dreamed about it. Now it was actually happening and I fucking loved it! I couldn’t help it. My cunt throbbed fiercely as I opened my mouth wide for more. I got it. A second man fired his golden stream directly into my mouth. It was delicious! I groaned with pleasure as I dared to swallow it.

The man who had been holding me down grunted with disgust and sprang to his feet to avoid the shower. Freed of my restraints I still didn’t move. I wanted to be pissed on. I liked it. I began to writhe and my hands slid down to my cunt. I thrust my fingers deep inside my wet hole instantly triggering a gush of juices as I came, hard.

“Fuck that’s good!” I screamed as my orgasm ripped through me. “Do it to me again. Piss all over me!”

I stripped off my dress and undid my bra, releasing my well rounded breasts. I fondled them and tweaked my nipples, feeling so horny that everything pleasured me.

A pair of hands grasped my breasts. Strong male hands. Then a tongue licked and sucked at my nipples. It was bliss.

I lay back and moaned, grinding my hips as my body responded to the intense stimulation. Another wet tongue found my other nipple and a finger pushed into my pussy, probing deep.

“Oh yes!” I cried, “Fuck me, piss on me, come on me. Do it all!”

I felt so dirty, so naughty and had never had male attention like this before.

A deep groan escaped from my throat as another jet of pee filled my open mouth sending me into spasms of ecstasy. I drank it down, gulping it fast as it burned my throat.

“On your knees slut!” ordered another voice.

I obeyed, kneeling at the man’s feet and opening my mouth wide for more delicious hot piss. A good strong jet showered down onto my tits and sprayed my glistening pussy.

Hands grabbed me from behind pulling my ass into the air and I moaned excitedly as a rock hard cock rubbed against my clit.

“Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” I begged.

I felt the throbbing member push past my pussy lips and smoothly penetrate me, sinking deep into my cunt. I cried out my delirium as I received a good hard fucking whilst another cock pissed more delicious pee into my mouth and over my back.

I was in heaven. Six men, six fit athletic men were fucking me and pissing on me. I’d never felt so izmir escort aroused. I’d never felt so desired.

A man grabbed my face and a swollen cock was pushed into my mouth. I instinctively licked it savouring the taste of the sticky pre-cum. I swirled my tongue around the swollen shaft and squeezed the tip with my teeth. Fuck this was good! I was being fucked in the cunt and the mouth at the same time whilst a third man was furiously jacking off over my piss soaked hair. I could just see him out of the corner of my eye as he ejaculated, shooting his creamy white cum into my long blond locks. He rubbed it in whilst I greedily sucked on the cock in my mouth.

The football player fucking my cunt withdrew and came over my ass. Another man took his place, fucking me hard and banging his balls against me.

I sucked harder on the cock in my mouth and swallowed back the lovely creamy cum as the man climaxed and shot his load deep into my throat. I hungrily licked his penis clean and continued to suck at it as it softened. My efforts were well rewarded. I dissolved into a state of blissful euphoria as the man released a flood of hot pee deep into my mouth. I swallowed it back and kept swallowing. I couldn’t get enough.

Another man took his turn in my soaking cunt and the fucking continued. I was glad. I didn’t want it to stop. The third man shot his load over my back, adding his sperm to the sticky fluids I was already liberally spread with. A fourth man took his place. This man fucked me roughly, gripping my thighs and thrusting deep. He paused for a moment and I felt a sharp pain as he inserted a finger up my anus. He finger fucked my ass as he fucked my cunt, hard. I loved it. I wished they’d all done that to me.

The other men backed off, leaving me alone with this one. He was unstoppable. He fucked me and fucked me grunting as he did. I was a piece of meat to him, a dirty little voyeur who needed to be punished. Yes I was; I was a nasty little peeping slut! So punish me! Keep punishing me. Do it more!

The man thrust hard and groaned loudly. His body went rigid as he came inside me, releasing his load as deep as he could. He filled me up with cum, so much that it spewed out as he withdrew, along with my cunt juices. I ran my fingers over my pussy then thrust them into my mouth, licking off the sweet mixture of cum and piss.

The man sat back on his heels in front of me. He was the same footballer who had first grabbed hold of me, the one who’d been so angry. Now he looked exhausted.

“That’ll teach you to spy on us,” he panted. “Hold still, there’s one last thing I’m going to do to you, fucking freak.”

He pushed me roughly onto my back then stood over me breathing hard. Then he pissed on me, running his stream up and down my body, soaking me. I began to squirm, writing around in a pool of pungent piss that kept on growing. It was heavenly.

The man’s pee slowed and he shook the last drops onto my face.

I licked my lips, eager to taste him.

He stared down at me, unsure what to make of the spectacle before him. Then he did something strange. He smiled. I knew it, he loved it too! He casually pulled his shorts back up and stood over me.

“See you next week then,” he said quietly, just for my ears.

He re-joined his football buddies leaving me alone, writhing with ecstasy in a pool of piss. See you next week? Definitely!

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