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His rage was seductive. The way he looked at me scared me but still it drove me wild. He was going to force me to do it weather I wanted it or not. I went in for a kiss. It was a mistake. He looked so angry, but he grabbed the rim of my shirt and pulled me into him. I knew he wanted me as bad as I wanted him but he wasn’t going to admit it. He shaved off all of his hair the day before. I knew something was up but he would tell me anything. By the time I grasped what was happening I woke up in this room.

I rubbed his head hoping to get some sympathy but that was another failed attempt. He drove his hands under my shirt and choked me. I was sitting on his lap with my arms around his shoulders and my hands grasping his jaw. He continued to choke me until my hands got weak and I fell into him. I woke with him rubbing my cheek and as soon as I looked into his eyes his tenderness turned to the rage it was seconds bahis firmaları before I passes out. I wasn’t supposed to see him caring for me but I did and that pissed him off.

He ripped off my pants with an extreme amount of force. It tore some of the skin round the waist near my spine. It went unnoticed. He ripped of the rest of my clothes and unbuttoned his pants. He spit on his hands and rubbed my hole til he could stick a finger into me. I cringed. He took that as a sign that it would hurt me. He got up on his knees, pulled my face to his cock and smacked me repeatedly with it. It was thick and looked about nine inches. He got a good grip of the hair on top of my head and used it to pull my mouth along his cock. His eyes didn’t wander, not even for a second.

Our eyes were locked as he fucked my throat. I was gagging for a while. Soon his cock was easy to throat but he didn’t let that last for long. kaçak iddaa He pushed me back down and got back between my legs. Before I knew it he was balls deep and pounding me masochistically. I couldn’t stop tears from running down my face. He was hurting me but I knew that there was something inside of him that was being suppressed. It was his compassion, it was his adoration, it was the thing that I saw that no one would see, but me. The was a mirror on the ceiling and I could see the marks I was leaving on his back. We were in a cabin his parents left him and he wouldn’t let me leave. Even if I tried to I would have no idea where to go.

He put his hands on my sides. His grip was tight and I could feel his nails penetrating my skin. He sat back and pulled me back onto his lap. I wrapped my arm around his shoulders again and held him tight. It still didn’t make him stop and at this point I wasn’t going to try kaçak bahis anymore. He pulled out and flipped me onto my stomach. He pulled my hips into the air and took hold of my hair again. I reached between my legs and felt my cock leaking. He made me cum. I was in shock and he kept fucking me. I was shocked he could go so long and not take a second to breathe. He pulled me up to him and wrapped his arms around my torso and he started to slow down a bit. He was going to cum in me. I looked down at his arms and they were wet and the muscles looked worked. I suddenly felt his cum inside of me. It felt amazing. I lifted my head and we both fell back. He pushed me off of him, then got between my legs again and began choking me. “Please” I begged him. Things started to go dim and before I knew it I was dreaming.

He was smiling at me. “I’m sorry” he said. I was laying on the ground in the forest. He pulled me up by my neck and kissed me. I closed my eyes and as soon as they opened he was gone. I woke up with the sheets on. He turned on a lamp and I could hear a t.v. on. I was too scared to go and see where he was and I went back to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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